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TC Rules v1 
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Post TC Rules v1
Tentacle Conflict

YOU are an alien force attempting to enslave human females at an all-girl school. Unfortunately for you, you're not the only sinister power at the school. May the best tentacles win!


Cards: Monster, Girl and Action cards have identical backs. These cards are referred to as "Fate cards". During play, players hold a number of Fate cards in their hands and do not show them to other players. All Fate cards have a Combat Value ("CV").

Ritual cards are separate from Fate cards. Ritual cards represent the Rituals that may be performed by various monsters during play. Any player may examine the Ritual cards at any time; it should be assumed that there are an infinite number of them.

Players will accumulate "MP" during the game; these points are held by the player until used. MP totals are public and may be examined at any time by any player. Use coins to keep track of MP, or just write them on a piece of paper.

Counters will be needed to keep track of various quantities.

One 6-sided die will be used.

A Game Board is also needed. See Board 0, "New".


Separate Fate cards into Monster, Girl and Action cards.

Shuffle Monster cards and deal 5 of them to each player.

Shuffle Girl cards and deal 3 of them to each player.

Now shuffle all the remaining Fate cards together and deal 3 to each player. The rest of the Fate cards form the Fate Deck.

Each player begins with 3 MP.

Choose a game board and choose starting spaces on the board. On Board 0 "New", there are 2 possible starting positions: One player chooses "Classes" and the other chooses "Storage", OR one chooses "Showers" and the other chooses "Language". (It's probably possible to have 4 players starting on all 4 spaces...) The spaces are set up to be equal.

Each player places 3 Monster cards and 1 Girl card from their hand facedown in their starting space.

Once everyone is ready, all cards on the board are turned up at the same time.

Decide who goes first; play alternates or goes around the table (depending on number of players). On the first turn of the game, that player may perform only 1 Action. On the second turn, that player may perform only 2 Actions, and so on. Once all players have had a turn, the Action limit is removed.

Playing a Turn

On each turn, a player has their Monsters perform Actions. Each Monster may perform one Action. A Monster cannot perform an Action on the turn it comes into play. (The starting 3 Monsters are assumed to already be in play, so they may act on the first turn of the game.)


Actions are the heart of the game. Everything that occurs in the game is the result of Monsters performing Actions.

Each Action is performed by a specific Monster. Whenever Scores or Attributes are called for, use the Scores of the Monster performing the Action.

No Monster may take more than one Action in a turn.

The Resolution Chart

Many Actions call for rolls on the Resolution Chart, given below. Usually the chart will call for the roll of a 6-sided die added to some number, but occasionally the die roll will be used by itself. Examples: "Roll, gain that many MP" means to roll the 6-sided die once, find the result and gain that many MP. "Roll Harvest, gain that many MP" means to roll the 6-sided die once, add the "Harvest" Score, find the total on the chart and gain that many MP.

If a roll calls for a Score or Attribute that does not exist, use 0. (For example, a Monster with no Research Score is considered to have a Research Score of 0.)

Die Roll + Score - Result
    -4 or less   -   0
    -3 to 3      -   1
     4 to 10     -   2
    11 or more   -   3


Monsters have Scores in various areas. If a Monster does not have a Score, it is assumed to be 0.


Monsters can accumulate Damage counters during play. Damage counters act as penalties to every score a Monster has, to a minimum of 1.

Examples: A Monster with Harvest of 3 and 1 Damage is considered to have Harvest 2. With 2 Damage, Harvest 1; with 3 or more Damage, also Harvest 1. A Monster with no Harvest Score is considered to have Harvest 0, no matter how many Damage counters it has.


Each Monster has a Health Score. If, at any time, a Monster has Damage counters greater than or equal to its Health Score, it is Banished. Remove the Monster from play and place it in front of the player who dealt the last point of Damage to it; Banished Monsters count as 1 Victory Point each for the Banishing player. (If you manage to deal the last point of Damage to your own Monster, it is not considered Banished, it is simply discarded.)

Action - Research

A Monster plots and plans. Roll Research, draw that many Fate cards.

Action - Hunt

A Monster attempts to capture Girls. Roll Attack, play that many Girl cards to the room the Monster is in. (If you don't have that many Girl cards in your hand, too bad! Just play the ones you have.)

Action - Summon

A Monster summons allies. You must have at least 5 MP to perform this Action. Roll Summoning - number of Monsters you have in play, pay 6 MP minus the result. Play a Monster card from your hand to the room the Monster is in.

Action - Move

You may move your Monster to any room with no enemy Monsters connected to the room the Monster is currently in. This does not count as an Action, so the Monster may perform an Action after moving, BUT a Monster may NOT move twice in one turn.

A Monster may take 1 Girl along while moving, OR a number of Girls up to the Monster's Leash Score.

Action - Combat

A Monster fights and attempts to Banish an opposing Monster. Monsters may only attack adjacent rooms.

1) Acting player declares attack; they choose any number of their Monsters in the same room (the "attacking Monsters") and one Monster in an adjacent room owned by an opponent (the "original defending Monster").

2) Defending player chooses any number of their Monsters in the same room to defend, including the one named by the attacking player. These are the "defending Monsters".

3) Players choose Fate cards from their hands. Attacking player chooses up to two cards; defending player chooses one or none. These choices are made secretly.

4) Cards are revealed simultaneously.

5a) Attacking player rolls (sum of attacking Monsters' Attack Scores) - Defending player's card Combat Value to get a Damage Score. Damage is applied first to the original defending Monster; if the Damage is enough to Banish the Monster, it is Banished, then the defending player chooses another Monster to apply Damage to; if that Monster is Banished, defending player chooses another, and so on. If all Monsters are Banished AND there are other Monsters in the room, the Attacking player may choose Monsters to apply that Damage to; otherwise, it has no effect.

5b) Defending player rolls (sum of defending Monsters' Attack Scores) - Attacking players' card (or cards) Combat Value total to get a Damage Score. Defending player chooses an attacking Monster to apply Damage to; if that is enough to Banish that Monster, defending player chooses another, and so on. If all attacking Monsters are Banished, excess Damage has no effect.

5c) Steps 5a and 5b are considered to happen simultaneously. (Even if a Monster is Banished, it still counts in the rolls.)

6) All cards that were revealed in step 4 are discarded, unless they have the "Tactical" Attribute; cards with the Tactical Attribute are returned to the owner's hand at this point.

Action - Raid

A Monster attempts to steal a Girl from an opposing Monster. This uses the same rules for Combat, but with the following exceptions:

Steps 1 & 2: Attacking player chooses the single attacking Monster and single defending Monster.

Step 5: Once Damage totals are calculated, Damage is applied to the attacking Monster first. If that Monster is banished, the Raid ends. If not Banished, look up the attacker's roll result on the following chart:

0 or 1: No effect.
2: Girl is stolen!  Move to attacker's room.
3: Girl is stolen [i]and[/i] defending Monster receives 1 Damage!

Action - Harvest

A Monster attempts to harvest MP from a Girl through deviant sexual activities. Roll Monster's Harvest plus Girl's Lust minus Girl's Resistance and gain that many MP. (Be sure to count Training Counters, if any.) A Girl may be Harvested a number of times per turn equal to her Stamina (or 1 if no Stamina Score).

Action - Train

A Monster attempts to make a Girl more tractable. Roll Monster's Training plus Girl's Lust minus the Girl's original Resistance; place that many Training Counters on the Girl. A Girl's Resistance is considered to have a penalty of the number of Training Counters she has, for all purposes except Training (as noted above). For example, a Girl with 4 Resistance and 2 Training Counters would be considered to have 2 Resistance.

A Girl's Resistance cannot be lower than 0. A Girl cannot be Trained if her Resistance is considered to be 0.

Action - Heal

A Monster attempts to heal itself of Damage. Spend 1 MP and roll the higher of Research and Summoning; remove that many Damage counters from that Monster (excess has no effect).

Action - Corral

In certain instances, Girls can be "uncontrolled". Any Monster may spend an Action to claim Girls in the same room. The number of Girls that may be Corraled with each Action is equal to the number of Girls the Monster may take along when Moving (in other words, Leash score, minimum 1).

Action - Action Card

Most Action Cards have the text "Action: Do something". This means that in order to play them, a Monster must perform the Action, as if it were taking any of the other actions specified by the rules. This Monster is referred to as the "Acting Monster". After the Action is completed, the card is discarded.

Some Action Cards have the text "Modifier:". These can only be played when you are playing a different Action; they do not require a separate Action to be played. They are also discarded after use.

Some Action Cards do not have the "Action:" text, so they do not require a Monster to play them as an Action. They have text describing how they are played.

Ritual Cards

The rules for Rituals are printed on the cards, but they're reproduced here for reference.

Ritual - Brainwash

A Monster attempts to turn a Girl to the Monsters' cause. The Girl must have a Resistance of 0 (usually through Training Counters). You must have at least 3 MP to perform this Action. Roll Monster's Training plus Girl's Lust, then pay 4 MP minus the result of the roll. Remove all Training Counters from the Girl. Place the Brainwash Victory card and under the Girl card. This Girl is now permanently Brainwashed; she has +1 Lust and +1 Stamina, and her Resistance is 0. The Brainwash card provides 1 Victory Point to whoever controls this Girl (she may be Raided!).

Ritual - Transform

A Monster attempts to Transform a Girl into a new Monster. The Girl must already be Brainwashed. You must have at least 6 MP to perform this action. Roll Monster's Ritual plus Girl's Lust (including Brainwash bonus), then pay 7 MP minus the result of the roll. Remove the Brainwash card and replace it with a Transformation Ritual card. This Girl is now permanently considered a Monster and not a Girl; the card will show the new Monster's Scores based on the Girl's Scores. (When the card refers to, for example, "printed Lust", that refers to the Lust printed on the Girl's card; in other words, Brainwashing and such things do not apply.) The Transformation Ritual card provides 3 Victory Points to the player who controls this Monster (also if Banished!).

EDIT - I forgot to put in these stats for the Transformation first time around:

Harvest equal to printed Lust.
Research equal to printed Resistance.
Health equal to printed Stamina + printed Resistance.
Attack equal to printed Lust.
3 VP to player who controls this Monster. (If Banished, put this card and Girl in front of Banishing player; that player does get the 3VP!)

Ritual - Impregnate

Roll Monster's Ritual plus Girl's Stamina minus Girl's Resistance; pay 6 MP minus result. Place an Impregnation Ritual card under the Girl. The Girl may not be moved, Harvested or Raided while impregnated. At the beginning of each of your turns, roll the Girl's Stamina and place that many impregnation counters on the Girl. Then, if there are 6 or more counters, you may play a Monster from your hand to the room the Girl is in, for no cost. (Once there are 6 counters, you may perform the "birth" at any time during any of your turns.) Once the birth takes place, remove all the impregnation counters and place the Impregnation Ritual card in front of you; it provides 1 Victory Point.

Ending the Game

The most common way to win is to accumulate Ritual cards. Each Ritual card is worth a number of Victory points. If, at any time, a player's total Victory points are 6 or more, they win.

If a player loses all their Monsters, they lose. All their Girls become "uncontrolled", but stay on the board; all their Ritual cards are returned to the pool of Ritual cards.

If a player is the last remaining player when all others lose, they win.

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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