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TA #39: Milk Farm 2 [Masturbation, Domination, Not Much Sex] 
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Post TA #39: Milk Farm 2 [Masturbation, Domination, Not Much Sex]
Amy sat on the floor, breathing heavily. She was completely nude, except for shoes and socks; a blanket was spread under her, making the concrete floor slightly more comfortable.

Her breasts hung heavily from her chest, pale and swollen. The nipples glistened; moments ago they had been giving forth milk, the fluid sucked from her by slimy tentacles. Amy looked over to the side of the room.

The thing crouched there. Was it animal or device? Oblong, pulsating and slimy, a green monstrosity squatting against the bare wall. Tentacles hung from it, gently wriggling.

The creature held several large, translucent spheres, sloshing with white fluid.

"What's going on?" Amy murmured.

The other occupant of the room, another young woman, turned to face Amy. Ellen had been on the other side of the room, where a door led to a bathroom. She had long black hair and glasses, but other than that she was just as nude as Amy. Her breasts were just as enlarged as Amy's, and her stomach was swollen as well. "What, Amy?"

Amy shook her head. "Nothing..."

"The bathroom hadn't been used in a while," Ellen said. "But I think someone came in to clean it every now and then. It was just dusty." She walked over and sat down on the blanket next to Amy, putting her hand on the other girl's shoulder with a smile.

Amy shivered. Her eyes flicked toward Ellen. There was something in the way Ellen looked at her, something hungry. And she hadn't tried to resist them at least not that Amy had seen.

Ellen began rubbing the other girl's shoulder. "How are you doing, Amy?"

Amy shuddered again, then she forced herself to relax. "Okay, I guess?"

"That's good." Ellen leaned closer, sliding her arm around Amy. The other girl tensed. Ellen's flesh was brushing against her--her skin right next to Amy's. It made her feel warm...especially in her breasts, which were beginning to ache again. And between her legs, yearning for touch, for--The aliens had done something to her; that brown one had mentioned 'hormones'. Was that why she was feeling so odd?

There was the slightest wet sound, and Amy saw movement between Ellen's legs. She trembled and closed her eyes. Apparently some alien being had, not grown inside Ellen but merely inhabited her. Amy couldn't even begin to imagine what that was like. Why was Ellen so comfortable with it?

What were the hormones doing to her?

"Ah! Amy..." Ellen gripped her a little more tightly. Amy stole a glance downward--there was a red tentacle sliding back and forth between Ellen's legs. A tentacle that extended right out of her vagina. It was the most disgusting thing Amy had ever seen.


Amy could feel the same desire inside herself. Her nipples...her clit...they almost felt like they were on fire, literally burning for stimulation. Lewd thoughts ran through her mind--Maybe she should just reach down and...After all, Ellen surely wouldn't mind. The other girl was practically humping her; Ellen would certainly want to 'help' with Amy's feelings. How dexterous was that little tentacle?

But Amy knew, inside her she knew that would be giving up. She hadn't thought about it before now, hadn't consciously decided, but now she knew. She might be restrained, guarded, forced, but Amy hadn't given up. Not yet.

Ellen shivered and jerked. She gripped Amy tightly and whimpered loudly. Then, long moments later, she let out a sigh. Amy sighed as well.

"Um," Ellen said. "Sorry, I just..."

"It's okay," Amy mumbled. Then she glanced up toward the room's main doorway. The aliens had covered it with a film of blue slime; Amy suspected it wouldn't let her through. Beyond it she heard a noise; soft, almost stealthy, but definitely footsteps.

The brown creature appeared at the door, the film irising open and then closed to admit him. He carried a bundle on his back, which clanked as he walked. "Don't mind me," the creature growled, stepping toward the bathroom. "Just got some work to do." Amy found herself wondering how he spoke with no mouth.

The creature entered the bathroom and soon more clanking was heard. Amy looked quizzically at Ellen, but the other girl shrugged. Amy looked the other way instead, finding herself looking at the green milking 'machine'.

That thing was obviously there to get milk from them. So, the aliens wanted milk, for some reason. But you couldn't just create milk from nothing, surely there was some conservation of mass involved...

The brown creature moved out of the doorway, then closed it. The two girls watched him work; his hands were quick, but strong. Amy saw him twist his finger like a drill, making a hole in the door frame. Metal pipes were strung together, attached with a green paste that gradually turned translucent and apparently stiff. It was several minutes before he finished, but it seemed faster.

"There we go." The creature closed and opened the bathroom door; the pipe sticking out of the door frame didn't block the door until it got close to a 90-degree angle. The pipe ended in a mass of black slime, which was attached to the side of a long wooden box...a trough.

Water trickled from the slime into the trough, filling it. Amy felt a sudden stab of thirst, almost painful, and her mouth suddenly felt dry. "Good," the brown creature said. "You will have water whenever you like."

"Hmmmm," Ellen said. She smiled and pulled away from Amy, then she moved over toward the trough. She actually looked she was waddling, with her swollen stomach and her breasts swaying like udders. Finally she leaned over and began to slurp from the trough.

Amy grimaced. "You've got to be kidding. You want us to drink pigs, or cows?"

"They don't tell me everything," Brown said. "But...yes, I think that's the idea."

"What if we just drink from the sink?" Amy snapped.

"If we catch you doing that, we'll be angry," Brown said. Amy blinked. The creature's tone was matter of fact. But she could hear a hint of coldness...perhaps anger. She hadn't really seen the aliens' anger, not much at least. But she did not doubt it.

"And," Brown said, "There's this." Out of his bag he took several small round objects, placing them in a pile on the ground. It was startling how quickly he could unload them with four hands; one was tossed to Amy, and she caught it.

It looked like a peach, but larger. The skin was a mottled burgundy and orange, but not fuzzy like peach skin, and tougher. There was a stem on one side. Amy looked at the brown creature. "Fruits?"

"Of a sort," Brown said. "Go ahead, peel and eat. You should be able to eat the peel too, though you don't have to."

Amy peered at the fruit and pushed at it with her fingers, trying to break open the skin. Then she noticed several score marks, near the stem. Pulling on these made it easy to open the peel, exposing the flesh; it was a light pinkish-purple, almost salmon. There was a sweet smell. Amy looked up at the brown creature, who was watching her, then she looked down at the fruit again. Finally she put it to her mouth and bit.

The 'flesh' was actually quite soft, a paste; it was like nougat from a candy bar. Amy took a bite, letting it dissolve in her mouth. It tasted like a blend of fruits, peach, mango, others she didn't recognize. And there was a hint of something salty, just the slightest bit rancid. Still, it was rather pleasant.

Amy watched the brown creature as she chewed. Were there more hormones or chemicals in the fruit? Were there some in the water, flowing through its slime-spigot? If Amy didn't eat or drink, would she become too weak to resist?

Amy swallowed, then grimaced. She placed the fruit down on the blanket. Then she moved forward onto her hands and knees and crawled over to join Ellen at the trough.

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Post Re: TA #39: Milk Farm 2 [Masturbation, Domination, Not Much
YAY an update!! I'm so happy I might just add something myself. Looking forward to more!

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Post Re: TA #39: Milk Farm 2 [Masturbation, Domination, Not Much
I keep meaning to write stuff, and life keeps interfering. But I've got some good ideas for upcoming stories. Heh, heh, heh...;)

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