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TA #7-8: Recruitment [Unbirthing] 
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Post TA #7-8: Recruitment [Unbirthing]
The door opened, and a hulking creature stepped forth. Greenish-brown, it had eight, four facing front and four back; it was impossible to tell which way the creature faced, or even which way was up, as the limbs were each as dextrous as arms. In place of a head it had a bulbous projection studded with glowing yellow eyes in several rows.

The creature stepped into the room and shut the door. On its back it carried a squirming girl. The four backward-facing limbs pulled the girl off and tossed her to the floor.

She tumbled down with a wet sound, squelching in the blue goo covering the floor. Panting, she raised her head and pushed her purple hair back, looking around.

"Good," the goo beneath her burbled. It seemed to cover the entire floor, even the walls. Tendrils stretched between the floor and the ceiling. And something not a tendril.

A girl was held, arms above her head, hands and feet concealed by goo. Her blue uniform had burst open, exposing startlingly large breasts, hanging like udders waiting to be milked, looking completely unsuited to her small frame.

Her dull eyes didn't give any sign of thought.

"How is she?" the greenish-brown creature growled.

"Coming along well," the goo burbled. Neither entity seemed to have a mouth, yet they conversed. "She was the first we captured. She will have a place of honor as our First Mother. And now...what shall we do with this one?"

The new girl panted and pulled her knees up to her chest, trying to conceal her nakedness as they stared at her.

"A breeding box?" "Packed up and sent to the home world?" "Living fortification?" The girl panted and scrabbled backward in the goo. She had to get away, she couldn't stop, her heart was beating so fast--

"Let ME see her."

She turned. In the corner was darkness.

The room vanished. She was alone. There was stone beneath her, black sky above. An island of stone, the top of an infinite pillar. Nothing but blackness above and around--except for tiny stars. So far away. She was alone.

But the stars looked down and tore out every part of her, laying it down to scrutinize and catalog. Nothing was left hidden.


She was sobbing. Her tears were mixed with the goo sticking to her cheek. Strong hands propped her up.

"I have decided." It was a dark voice, somehow familiar. "Her greatest fear is being alone. I will grant her mercy. She will never be alone."

She blinked back tears. There was something there. A bug, or a crab; white, with red limbs. Long and slender.

It pushed in. She whimpered and arched her back. In, further in. She was being stretched so far. How was this even possible? Did the creature get narrower? She couldn't bear to look how it fit. But it went in. Further, deeper...

A warmth radiated from between her legs. She could feel it. It wriggled, gently. There was a feeling of, of affection, almost. This thing, this...little life form. It liked being inside her. She could feel the warmth.

It wriggled further. It must be in her womb. She opened her eyes; her stomach was swollen. A smile tugged at her lips. The creature squirmed a bit and she laughed.

A small tendril stretched forth from her vagina. It reached up and found her clit, bringing a gasp.

"Never alone."

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