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TA #9: Shower Room [Capture/Rape/Submission/Engulfing] 
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Post TA #9: Shower Room [Capture/Rape/Submission/Engulfing]
Miya peeked around the wall. The changing room was empty, though she could hear the patter of showers and chatter of girls. "It's clear."

Green stalked into the room, startlingly quiet for his size. Yellow eyes flicked back and forth, then he nodded. Another figure walked into the room, a hulking humanoid of translucent blue material. The reptile pointed to the opposite door.

The changing room connected to the gymnasium with a hallway, but no door. The blue figure stretched and flattened out, forming a wall blocking off the hallway. Then it stepped back, a smaller form, only about the size of a football player, leaving part of its mass as the translucent blue wall.

"Now we capture the rest and secure this area," Green said. Miya nodded. The creature gave her a smack on the ass, and she yelped. "You will be rewarded."

Only three girls were showering. With water making their hair dark and skin glisten, they were hard to tell apart. Their conversation died; they stared when the pair entered.

Green nodded. "Take them."

One girl stepped forward; tall, with wide hips and D-cup breasts, almost voluptuous enough to be a model. "Miya! What--what is this?" Her brown eyes were wide with shock, tinged with growing anger.

Miya stiffened. But she stepped forward to meet the other. "I'm sorry, Eri," she said. "They're too strong. I, I think you should just...give up."


The two nude girls stared at each other, only a couple of feet apart. Then Eri's hand shot upward.

Miya jerked her head, the blow glancing off her cheek. She lunged, but her hand slid off Eri's wet stomach.

Everything else seemed to stop. The other girls stared at the fight; Green and the blue creature stood impassively. Eri tried to grab Miya's neck; Miya pushed her against the wall. Eri kicked, but her assailant twisted away, only to punch the other girl in her stomach. Gasping, Eri struggled but was pushed down to the floor.

Miya sat on Eri's back and grabbed at the girl's wrists, cursing as they slipped out of her grasp, again and again. She took a moment to push her hair back from her face; they'd rolled under a shower. "Shit," she growled as Eri almost squirmed onto her back.

Green nodded; the blue creature leaned over and reached down to Miya's hands. The girl blinked in surprise as the blue substance coated them. She grabbed Eri's wrists, now having no trouble keeping a grip. The two wrists were brought together behind Eri's back, and the blue goo slipped from Miya's hands, forming a binding.

Panting, Miya slid off the other girl's back. Eri squealed and kicked, but Miya caught her flailing ankles and bound them with more blue goo. Finally, she stood.

Eri turned and gazed angrily up at her captors, squirming and kicking her legs, breasts rising and falling with her quick breaths.

Miya glanced at the reptilian. Green nodded. "She'll be useful, one way or another." The monster reached down...Grabbing her legs, he pulled them apart and lengthened the goo bindings on her ankles, as the girl shrieked in protest. When he was done, each of Eri's ankles was tied to the respective thigh, keeping her knees completely bent. Green pushed her onto her back and spread her legs.


"Stop it!" Eri yelled. "Miya, I can't believe you'd do this, you stupid slut!" Her eyes widened as she saw the bulging tip of the reptilian's throbbing cock. It reached downward...Eri cried out again and tossed her head, wriggling desperately, but the monster held her thighs firmly spread. And finally the swollen cockhead pressed up against the soft folds of her sex. The water from the shower made it easy for the thick member to part her lips and suddenly drive into her, bringing a long, sobbing moan from the girl. Miya shivered and looked away.

"Good." Green knelt on the floor, his cock buried almost full length in the girl. Eri whimpered and bucked with her hips, trying to squirm away, but only succeeding in increasing the sensation. "Now," the monster said. "What about the others..."

The other two girls had pressed into the furthest corner of the shower away from the goings-on, watching silently. There was a shorter girl, her body only recently developing curves at her hips and chest. Her hair was dark brown and cut short; green eyes wide, she stared at the monsters like a deer caught in headlights. The other girl was more average--fit, but not as athletic as Miya; feminine, but not as voluptuous as Eri; brown hair came to her shoulders, her breath was quick but her hazel eyes were calm. She was pressed against the corner, while the smaller girl leaned against her fearfully.

They stared at Green. The reptile and Miya stared back.


Suddenly the taller girl grabbed the smaller one's arms and pulled them behind her back. The shorter girl shrieked and squirmed, kicking her legs. "Cindy, stop it!"

"Sorry, Beth," the other said. "I don't think we could escape." She stepped forward, hauling the smaller girl over to the other group.

The blue creature stepped forward--and it didn't stop, pressing against the girls. Cindy yelped and stumbled back, and she pulled free of it. The blue substance wrapped around Beth, engulfing her small form completely.

"Why?" Green asked.

Cindy shivered and looked down at Green. Eri had stopped sobbing, though tears still ran down her face. The alien cock was still nestled in her snatch. "I...I just thought you, you looked like you were going to win," she said. She glanced at the others. Miya looked at her dully; Beth appeared to be floating in the torso of the translucent blue creature. The small girl kicked and pushed, but could not escape the thing's membrane; her mouth was open wide, but nothing could be heard. "And, uh...I thought it was...kinda hot." Cindy tried to smile at the creature. "Can, um...can I watch?"

Green thrust his hips, still watching Cindy. The girl shivered as Eri moaned, and her hand strayed between her legs.

"I think we can find a use for you," Green said.

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