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TA #37: Chase 2 [Rape/Insectile] 
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Post TA #37: Chase 2 [Rape/Insectile]
Patricia stepped quickly down the hall, trying not to stumble. Her breath was quick, but she kept it as quiet as possible; her sneakers padded softly on the floor, striving for stealth.

Her sneakers were the only things she was wearing. She had been stripped nude, save for the shoes and her white socks. Her pale skin was streaked with sweat and...other fluids...especially between her legs. Her hair was matted, pushed back hurriedly.

Patricia's eyes roamed the hallway, wide and staring. She had to get out. The classrooms were no help, their windows were locked. Down the end of this hallway should be an exit. It was a long walk...She couldn't go back, though. She had to get away.

There was a rustling behind her.

Patricia's head jerked, following the sound. She increased her pace, footsteps echoing down the hallway. Another rustle, followed by a whimper. Patricia bit her lip and clenched her fists; she stared resolutely forward and walked faster.

Another rustling and a click. Patricia glanced back, eyes wide.

The shadows were moving. No, a shadow moved within the shadow; darkness clicking back and forth. And it gleamed in the dim light as it moved ever closer.

Patricia broke into a run. She panted short, quick breaths, her eyes staring desperately ahead. Her arms and legs pumped quickly and her hair streamed out behind her. Her modest breasts bounced rhythmically, almost making her stumble, but she ran on.

But the noise was coming closer. Clicking, creaking and flexing--thumping, but surprisingly delicate. Patricia had no idea what was coming--but she did know, and she hoped desperately to get away from it.

There was a rush of air and suddenly it pressed against her. She flailed her arms and tried to keep her feet--something grabbed her, pulling her back. Patricia tumbled down, landing on her right shoulder and knee on the floor, the grasp around her body keeping her from injury. Then she was flung onto her back.

Patricia screamed out of reflex. Then she saw what was above her, a clicking monstrosity all black chitin and gleaming eyes. She immediately thought of swarming ants and scurrying spiders. Patricia screamed and kicked and pushed with her hands.

The insect grabbed her wrists, claws biting into her skin. Her arms were slammed down, pinning her against the floor. Patricia arched her back and yanked hard, but she couldn't budge the creature's grip. More hands grabbed at her chest, feeling, probing her breasts. How many arms did it have? The claws pinched cruelly at her nipples...then they moved down and yanked her legs apart.

Patricia gasped and kicked hard. She had hoped it would be different, but this thing--this monster--wanted the same thing the other one had. The same sick feeling started in her stomach as the creature groped at her. It grabbed at her pussy and caressed with surprising deftness; Patricia whimpered and closed her eyes, tears running down her cheeks. Why was this happening? It was insane! Monsters? Monsters that hunted down human females?

There was an insistent nudge between her legs. Patricia gasped and looked down. The monster's chitin had parted to reveal a throbbing pink member--it was so thick, there was no way it would fit! She sobbed and tried to pull away, tried to clench herself. The blunt-headed phallus shoved at her folds, sliding up and down and leaking wetness. She pulled away, but the alien member followed her--and finally thrust between her folds to claim her warmth.

Patricia gasped and arched her back. She strained in the grasp of the creature as it violated her. Her entire body trembled with the sensations; fear, shame, despair, lust. Tears dripped to the floor and Patricia sobbed continually. She felt the creature's penis drive deeply into her, almost to her limit, then pull out again. It teased her inner walls unmercifully. Patricia stared upward through her tears, and the insect stared back at her. Its body was almost unmoving, keeping her pinned down as it thrust.

Patricia moaned and closed her eyes, looking away. She slumped to the floor, relaxed completely. The thrusting sped up, the phallus plunging deftly into her sex, coaxing her body to warm and welcome its invasion. Warm waves of pleasure began to wash over her, with little sparks of sensation jolting through her. The penis seemed to shape itself to her cunt, finding every sensitive spot to stroke as it relentlessly pumped.

Patricia arched her back and cried out. The sensations exploded through her and made her entire body tense. The cock swelled even further and then heat flowed into her, bringing another shiver of delight. Patricia let out another moan and slumped to the floor, completely defeated, feeling the alien cum flow into her in long spurts. All thought fled her mind as she lay beneath her tormentor.

Finally the member withdrew from her. Patricia gasped and shuddered as it caused more sensation, then a rush of fluid from her pussy. She blinked and looked around.

The insect stared down at her, along with the tentacled creature that she had encountered before. The tentacled monster blinked its large eye and wriggled its tentacles.

"Okay," it said. "This time we'll give you a 30-second head start."

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Post Re: TA #37: Chase 2 [Rape/Insectile]
Wow, after a while I thought the site had kinda died off but I came by to check up on it and this bit here was a nice little surprise.

I'll make you a deal though; for every new thing you post I'll try to post something as well. It may not always be tentacle related but that's just my nature.

Do you still take requests for directions to take in TA and other continuous stories or do prefer to do your own thing now?

Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:22 am
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Post Re: TA #37: Chase 2 [Rape/Insectile]

*ahem* I mean, hi there, Gouger. ;) Yeah...around the holidays I didn't have any time to write anything...and then I started feeling all guilty about not writing, which made it even HARDER to write stuff...

BUT! The only way to make progress is to just get in there and do it.

So anyway, you were saying. At the moment I feel like I have very few ideas for stories to write for this site. So, I would welcome contributed ideas. ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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