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TA #40: Roof Garden [Monstergirl (Plant)/Man/Seduction] 
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Post TA #40: Roof Garden [Monstergirl (Plant)/Man/Seduction]
Michael pulled with his arms, kicked with his feet and arched his back, struggling to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, this had no more effect than it had for the past 5 minutes.

The young man had sneaked over to the girls' school to meet a friend...or perhaps anyone interesting who might be staying after school. But his hallway wanderings had been cut short by...a monster? An alien? A big brown bastard with eight hands, all of them strong, all of them put to the task of carrying Michael...somewhere.

They went up. Up until they could go no further, apparently, as the creature barged through a door and emerged onto the roof. Michael blinked in the sudden afternoon sunlight. He looked back and forth wildly, searching for avenues of escape. This was bad; he couldn't just jump off the roof...

Then Michael realized what he was looking at.

Things were growing from the roof. Plants? There were thick stems, large pods, a profusion of leaves and even a flower or two. Everything was outsized, bulging with ripeness, bursting with color; it was a fantasy artist's fever dream of an alien jungle.

Michael was tossed forward, stumbling to hands and knees on the small area of roof that had yet to be overgrown. He scrabbled quickly to his feet, grimacing. "All right, you--"

He was interrupted by a yawn.

Michael looked up. In front of him was a large, round, green...something. It had a pointed end, like an egg or--a bud, that was it. In fact, the pointed part was separating into slices, peeling downward like petals. It would be a flower large enough to hold--

The petals folded down to reveal a green figure. A very feminine figure, humanoid but with green skin, her body adorned with leaves and red blossoms. She stretched her arms up over her head and yawned again, golden hair glittering behind her as she arched her back.

Michael stared.

The woman(?) opened her eyes and turned to him. "Oh! Hello..." A smile tugged at her lips and she leaned forward.

Michael stood up the rest of the way, watching the figure. Her eyes were so green--the "whites" were light green, and the irises darker emerald. Most of her skin was similarly colored; leaves clung to her skin in various places, though Michael couldn't tell if they were part of her or merely decoration. Her chest held two flowers of a bright red-violet; they served to cover her nipples (or replace them?). Watching the flowers led naturally to gazing at her chest, as her generous breasts swayed gently, free of any constraints of clothing. And below...

"Wh-what?!?" Michael stepped back, almost stumbling. "Wh, what's going on? Who are you?"

"Hmm," the woman murmured. "You may call me Lissaea. I didn't mean to startle you." She reached out a hand to him.

Michael looked up at the woman, giving her a nervous smile. "I, uh, I'm Michael." His eyes moved downward again. She had a human stomach, even a navel. But below that...Below that her body just widened into a large green stem, nestled within the flower.

"It's good to meet you, Michael." Lissaea's hand brushed his chin, and he flinched away, staring at her. "Oh, you don't have to be afraid of me," she said.

"I'm not afraid," Michael blurted. But it was a really strange situation. Maybe it was appropriate to be afraid. "I've, I've never seen anyone like you before."

A smile lit Lissaea's face. "I'd be surprised if you had," she said. Her voice was soft, lilting, with a trace of accent he couldn't place. And there was something else...a scent, hovering around her. It made him think of springtime. Her eyes and her voice, it was hard to stop looking at her, listening to her. "I'm--we are not from around here. We were hoping to make a new home here, on this world."

"On this world?" Michael shivered. She was touching his cheek; it felt...nice. That scent was surprisingly strong. "But why?" he asked, pushing her hand away.

"Because our world is dying," Lissaea replied. "We must find somewhere new to live." Her other hand grasped his shoulder; Michael opened his mouth to protest, but she was gazing at him so intently. "I wish to survive," the plant-woman murmured. "But more than that, I hope we can have our own place on this world. I hope we can coexist with you."

Michael swallowed. "That sounds...good," he said. He couldn't stop thinking about her perfume, and her voice was so soothing...The roof and its vegetation were be wavering a bit. Had it been this hot earlier in the day? "I think I need to sit down."

"Don't worry." Lissaea stroked his cheek again, bringing another shudder. "You'll be fine if we just get you out of these clothes." Her fingers tugged deftly at the buttons in his shirt.

"You're...all of you are aliens or something?" Michael said. "Wanting to make a home on Earth?" The afternoon air felt pleasantly cool on his skin as his shirt slipped off.

"Just so," Lissaea purred. "This little 'forest' is the start of it, here." Her fingers trailed down his chest and stomach.

"But if so..." Michael frowned, trying to concentrate. "If so, why am I here with you?"

Lissaea smiled up at him. "You're not enjoying my company?"

"I didn't say that," he said quickly. Michael's skin flushed even more, feeling startlingly hot.

"That's good." She slid his pants and underwear down his legs. "Now, step forward, here..." Rising up, she grasped him under his arms.

Michael blinked again and raised his leg as she indicated. Lissaea lifted him right off the ground--she was strong. He felt warm softness, petals, sliding up his legs to enfold him. Suddenly he was face to face with her, Lissaea's soft body pressing closely against his own, soothingly cool against his heated skin. He couldn't stop blushing, especially when he realized how his body was reacting. "What..."

"We really want to get along with your...species." Her eyes held him transfixed, but they broke his gaze as she leaned in, kissing his neck. "We must learn about you," Lissaea murmured. Michael gasped--something was touching him. Soft, cool and...wet? "We will learn intimately about you," she murmured.

"Mmn!" Michael reached his hands around Lissaea's waist; she let out a soft sigh, sounding pleased. He held onto her stem, or whatever it was, squeezing gently. The softness was caressing him, engulfing him. He moaned and pushed, unable to resist.

"We will learn about you," her voice whispered in his ear. "And you will learn about us. The more we know, the better we will go together." The soft words wove into their rhythmic breathing. "We have so much to offer each other..."

His body arched and shuddered, spilling his heat into her. The blossoms caressed and sucked at his body, milking him of everything he had...

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Post Re: TA #40: Roof Garden [Monstergirl (Plant)/Man/Seduction]
Oh wow, 2 good stories so close together in just 2 weeks? This is a rare treat! Good gosh I should get the old word processor fired up if I'm to contribute anything as well. I like the new character and the interesting new turn for the plot. Looking forward to the next! Although I do hope I'm not the only one who reads these... :/ I suppose I should try to get the word out.

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Post Re: TA #40: Roof Garden [Monstergirl (Plant)/Man/Seduction]
Sure, it might help if you could try to get the word out. But actually, just commenting is helpful enough...reassures me that someone is interested in reading. ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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