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TA #11: Recruiting Cindy [Domination/Submission/Skinsuit] 
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Post TA #11: Recruiting Cindy [Domination/Submission/Skinsuit]
The hallway was empty; still. From the high windows, dirty yellow sunlight made parallelograms on the floor.

Cindy glanced back and forth. She smiled nervously at the others. Green was there, the great reptilian humanoid. There was also a creature apparently made of tentacles, dozens of purple members supporting a roughly spherical body. Off to the side, the blue goo creature held the sleeping Beth, and a bloated four-legged thing like a giant armadillo rested against a wall.

Green gestured. Cindy caught his gaze and turned around. Watching him, she bent over and pressed her hands against the wall. Her skin had dried; it was very smooth, slightly tanned, though no tan lines were visible.

The tentacle creature loomed over her. One of its tendrils brushed between her thighs. It slid upward; her pussy was carefully shaven. Suddenly the purple tentacle shoved inward, bringing a gasp from her lips.

The monster leaned over, pressing against Cindy's back. Her breath came quick and short; her hips began to rock back, pushing against the monster. Suddenly it grabbed her thighs, pulling her back and upward. Her body squirmed in its grasp and began to bounce, her modest breasts jiggling as she was fucked in midair.

Another tentacle slid back and pressed between her buttocks. That finally made her cry out, and she held on tightly to the tentacles supporting her. "AHHHH! Fuck!" she yelled. "Gaaah! Harder! Oh, god! Yes, ffuck, fuck ME!"

A long cry and she slumped, shivering. Her skin was flushed; she breathed slowly, a smile on her face. Finally the monster set her down, and she regained her feet.


"I'm going to tell you a secret," Green said. Cindy blinked and tried to focus on him. "Your language doesn't have the right words, but...What you call sex, it creates, it generates energy. What you would call 'magic'. We can make use of this energy; that's why sex is important to us." Cindy nodded, then looked at the tentacle monster as Green pointed at it. "This creature harvest and stores energy."

"Like...a battery?" Cindy panted.

"Exactly. And your job will be to charge this battery. You must seek out, capture and rape as many girls as possible."

Cindy giggled. "Mmmmm. Why don't you just let it play with me?"

Green slapped her. The girl stumbled, staring up at the alien. The yellow eyes burned. "I did not recruit you to satisfy your petty desires," the creature said. "Being fucked is your reward. If you want to lie around with your legs spread, I'll just make you a breeding slave. I was under the impression you wanted to do more than that."

Cindy rubbed her cheek and she straightened up. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I--I'm sorry. Sir, I...I understand. I'll get those girls for you. I won't let my desires distract me." She smiled. "I'll wait until I'm off duty for that."


There was silence for a moment. Then Green nodded and gently touched her cheek. "You do not disappoint me. Well, then. You will have assistance, of course. The battery, and one or two other things."

The reptile walked over to the bloated, four-legged creature. At a touch its shell retracted, revealing a strange array of squishy blobs. Green took up a black blob and turned to Cindy, reaching out to press the strange material to her stomach.

Cindy blinked and looked down. The black blob flattened out and spread over her. She gasped a little as it stretched over her, thinning and wrapping around her form. It hugged her hips, her chest, her arms and legs...finally it was finished.

Much of Cindy's body was covered with a thin black material; nearly everything from the neck down. All the way down to her feet, the soles of which now had a good grip on the floor. Her breasts were pushed up, looking proud, pointed pink nipples left exposed. Below, the only other opening was between her legs, leaving her pussy uncovered. A smile spread over her face.

"That will help," Green said. "And one more..." The blue creature bulged where it stood. Part of it stretched and poured downward, separating into a new figure. The new translucent blue creature firmed into the shape of a small girl...looking quite a lot like Beth, who was still slumbering inside the first blue thing.

"This will do nicely," Cindy purred.

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