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TA #12: Tutorial [Capture/Bondage/Rape/Tentacles/Goo Futa] 
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Post TA #12: Tutorial [Capture/Bondage/Rape/Tentacles/Goo Futa]
"Miss? I have a bad feeling."

Ms. Halley sighed. She turned from the board and looked down, adjusting her glasses.

Lisa had her hand raised. Her blonde curls framed a positively angelic face. Ms. Halley figured the small girl was usually too shy to reveal how smart she actually was.

Next to her, Sarah rested her cheek on her hand. Her other hand idly played with her long, red-brown hair. As usual, sitting in a classroom made her bored.

Behind them was a girl named Anna. Taller than the others, she had long black hair that she tied back during basketball games. Ms. Halley couldn't help but think that Anna was afraid her teammates would reject her if she actually got a good grade.

"A bad feeling, Lisa?" Ms. Halley smiled. "We can take a break, if you want."

"No." Lisa bit her lip. "I mean...I have a REALLY bad feeling--"

The door slammed open.

They all stared. Cindy stepped into the room, smiling. Her eyes roved back and forth. Behind her were--


Ms. Halley stepped forward, taking a deep breath. "What is the meaning of this!"

"Goo." Cindy jerked her thumb. "Get her."

Any puzzlement at the use of the word "goo" was quickly expelled when a blue figure swarmed forth. It looked like a little naked girl, bouncing and leaping toward Ms. Halley; its body shifted and exploded into a mass of tendrils wrapping around the teacher. She let out a shriek before a blue tentacle pushed into her mouth.

Anna had stood up and taken hold of her desk. She actually threw it over Lisa's head. Cindy dodged to the side--both her and Anna appearing surprised at the quickness of the movement. The tentacle creature caught the desk and led it tumble behind to clatter on the floor behind.

"SHE'S dangerous," Cindy snapped. "Get HER!" The purple beast appeared to slither through the air as its tentacles pulled it along.

Lisa had shrieked and was scrambling beneath the desks. Cindy closed the door and put the desk in front of it, then walked quickly between the desks. She grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her out of her hiding place, then she glanced around.

The tentacle monster was wrapped around Anna, who was struggling valiantly--but silently, as her mouth was already filled. Sarah appeared to be gaping in confusion. The goo girl had Ms. Halley's hands trapped behind her back, one arm elongated into a tentacle that reached up to push into the teacher's mouth.


"Good," Cindy said, grinning. She wrapped a hand around the struggling Lisa's mouth. "Now, if you scream, things will go badly." She nodded to the purple monster. "Do her."

The tentacle creature began struggling more intently with Anna. The basketball player was strong, but the creature appeared stronger--every one of its dozens of tentacles could overpower the girl. Anna's clothes were torn to shreds, down to her underwear; she had tan lines showing how she trained in her basketball uniform. The creature actually pulled her into midair above the desks, and then it ripped off her underwear, the dark hair around her pussy untrimmed. A blunt-headed tentacle aimed itself at the struggling girl's crotch.

Then it plunged in. Anna arched her back, her scream muffled by the tentacle. Her eyes were wide as her body was jerked. The swollen length plunged in and out, two inches, three inches, six inches--it looked like a foot was pounding into Anna's tightened pussy. Mingled slime and feminine lubrication began to drip onto a desk, making a small puddle. More tentacles coiled around her breasts and began rhythmically squeezing; Anna's body began to rock in a rhythm, as if she were actually helping the creature instead of resisting it.

Finally she tensed and let out a long cry--hardly audible around the thick member swollen inside her. The tentacle pulsed and throbbed, visibly stretching her sex. Eventually it pulled back...a long length sliding out until finally it slipped free, a rush of slime gushing from her gaping hole.


It seemed like everything had stopped while Anna was being taken. Sarah finally slipped from her desk and stumbled back toward the wall. Cindy's gaze tracked her. "Don't try to escape," she said, holding the still-struggling Lisa tightly.

Sarah whimpered and slid back toward the large windows. " can't..."

"Shit," Cindy muttered. "Okay. Goo! Bind the one Tentacle just finished with." The tentacle monster let Anna down to lay on the floor; the goo girl still had the teacher bound in a standing position, and tugged her over. Straps of goo bound Anna's mouth, and her wrists behind her. Her eyes were dull and she didn't struggle.

"Tentacle," Cindy snapped. "Get her!" The creature immediately vaulted backwards, crawling over the desks. Sarah shrieked and scrabbled at the window, but then the tentacles caught her.

Cindy pulled Lisa over to the window and carefully tugged down the blinds, concealing the classroom from outside viewers.


The goo girl had Ms. Halley bent forward over her own large desk. The teacher's eyes were wide, in shock; she didn't seem to be resisting much any more. The tentacle monster brought Sarah over, guiding the whimpering girl to the same position next to the teacher, both women bent forward with their arms held behind their backs. The papers and books were shoved off the desk; The women's skirts were pulled up and their panties tugged down.

Cindy raised her eyebrows. "Hmmmm...Tentacle, if Goo fucks one of them, will that 'charge' you up too?" The monsters turned their attention to Cindy. There was silence for a moment. Finally, the goo girl nodded her head.

Cindy grinned. "Can you guys do both at once? If you can, that would save time, right? I'll defer to your expertise." Sarah looked back and forth wildly, a tentacle still stuffed in her mouth. Her eyes widened as she felt the touch of a tentacle between her legs. The goo girl kept Ms. Halley bent over, and a translucent blue member grew from between her legs. She pushed it forward and Ms. Halley shut her eyes. Cindy felt Lisa shivering and curling up in her arms, her own eyes squeezed tightly shut.


The monsters thrust. Half-heard moans filled the classroom. Sarah tossed her head and closed her eyes, screaming around the tentacle as it drove in from behind. Ms. Halley shuddered, but lay unresisting with her eyes closed as the goo girl's cock filled her. The monsters thrust irregularly, the two women squirming erratically. But after a minute or so the thrusts began to synchronize. The monsters pounded their bodies back and forth, between the blackboard and the teacher's desk. Moans could be heard as the monstrous cocks slammed into the two moistened pussies. The desk began to creak with the rhythm of the intense activity.

And suddenly it ceased--The tentacles held deeply inside the quivering tunnels of the two women. Sarah tossed her head, tears streaming down her face. Ms. Halley lay on the desk, blinking, drooling around the tentacle in her mouth. Two tentacles pulled back, and the women slumped against the desk.

Cindy smiled. "Goo, bind them. No, wait! Tentacle, you keep them bound. Put them on the floor. Goo, come over here." The translucent blue girl walked out from behind the desk, while the tentacle monster began twining itself around the girls' limbs, moving them down to lay by Anna. Cindy pulled Lisa forward to the desk.

"Stop!" Lisa cried, a moment before the goo girl shoved a hand in her mouth. Cindy and the blue creature pulled Lisa's clothes off, roughly stripping the small girl. Finally she lay nude on the desk; Cindy stepped back.


The goo girl pushed her legs between Lisa's and forced her to spread them. The small girl tossed her head and pushed uselessly at the squishy flesh. Goo pressed her body against Lisa's almost tenderly, her blue cock reaching up and finding the small pussy with its decoration of light hair.

Cindy peered at the pair. With the goo girl's translucent substance, it was possible to watch penetration quite carefully. The member shrank down a bit to fit between Lisa's legs, forcing them to spread. As the goo girl began to pound her hips, the member swelling, getting Lisa used to the intense penetration. The blonde girl tried to scream around the goo in her mouth, tossing her head; to no avail. To Cindy's gaze, it looked like part of the goo girl's flesh was rubbing at Lisa's crotch, stimulating her clit. That little bud swelled up as if eager for more attention. Finally the stimulation proved too much and Lisa squirmed, her face flushed in a very familiar way.

Cindy took a deep breath, then let it out. She smiled, gently brushing a hand over her own clit. The monsters were 'cleaning up'; the tentacle creature was managing to carry the naked Anna and the half-naked Sarah and Ms. Halley. The goo girl had pulled Lisa into something like a piggyback position, though somehow its member was still penetrating the small girl's cunt. The figure didn't look entirely humanoid any more, but it seemed to have no trouble carrying Lisa.

Cindy smiled. She walked over and took Ms. Halley from the tentacle monster, pulling her into a fireman's carry. Funny how the teacher seemed to put up the least resistance.

"This is a good haul. Let's go home."

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