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TA #13: Rika [Capture/Rape/Impreg/Lactation] 
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Post TA #13: Rika [Capture/Rape/Impreg/Lactation]
The creature tossed Rika down. She landed with a cough on--what? Something squishy, and blue. It rippled under her hands.

Raising her head, she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. Blue covered the floor, and the walls, like wallpaper. Ropy tendrils of the stuff stretched from floor to ceiling, stalactites meeting stalagmites. One of these stalactites was a girl; short, but with breasts and hips impossibly swollen, barely covered by her torn schoolgirl uniform. Her eyes stared dully beneath short hair.

Another girl sat against a wall. She was totally nude, with black hair. Her breasts were also obscenely swollen, along with her stomach; looking pregnant, except for the gently wriggling tentacle that protruded from between her spread legs. Her eyes were closed and she smiled slightly.

What else? The monster that had dropped her off had apparently walked away. Rika spied a dark corner, but--it seemed a bad idea to look too closely. Her eyes slid away and she spied a hole in the floor. It was curious, as though the floor, under its blue covering, curved downward. Downward to darkness...

No, there was light! A flash of violet light. Rika shivered. Nothing in this room made sense. Still, she crept forward, the light drawing her somehow. It flashed again. And again...faster...

The violet glow held steady. Then it darkened--no, darkness pushed out of it. Wriggling spikes pushed uwpard out of the violet glow. Something was pulled behind them.

Rika let out a shriek and scrabbled backward. The creature pulled itself free of the violet light, which darkened again. Red eyes glowed in the dimness, orienting on Rika. It was bulbous, like a spider, though it looked to have more than eight legs. Rika turned and got to her feet.

The heavy mass hit her from behind; she sprawled onto her stomach. Her breath came in gasps as she struggled. Her panties were torn away and she felt *something* probe her.

"Stop it!" Suddenly the unreality of the situation collapsed. She still didn't understand anything, but the feeling of that rigid member pushing against her was really happening. "No!" Rika grimaced and grabbed at the blue goo on the floor, but it pulled away. In fact, the goo was wrapping around her thighs, holding them spread. She gasped and screwed her eyes tight.

It pushed. Rika cried out and tried to squeeze. "Owwww! Noooo!" Eventually, though, she had to relax, and her sexlips were forced open. Something pushed in further, wriggling; she could feel each inch as it stretched her tunnel further. "No, please!" Warm fluid slopped into her vagina and she whimpered struggling. "No, stop it..." It drove further, forcing deeper, until finally it touched the entrance to her womb.

Rika's head fell to the floor. She breathed heavily, blinking away tears. Then there was a surge, and her back arched. The thing was swelling inside her! "AAAAGH!" Rika tossed her head and clawed at the floor again, but that just got her hands captured. "Nooo! Stop it, stop it!" It felt like a bulge was traveling down the shaft, stretching unmercifully. It had to be three inches in diameter, forcing itself into her. Finally the tip opened her deep inside--and there was warmth, deep where she had never been touched before. It flowed into her.

"Raise your head."

Rika's sobs dwindled. Sniffling, she looked up. She could see a few of the spider's legs driven into the goo in front of her, giving it a grip as it--Pushing that thought away, she saw the other girl squatting in front of her, the one with the swollen belly.

"You will need nourishment to breed." Rika had no idea where the voice was coming from. Below? "Drink." The girl in front of her leaned down on her hands and knees. Her breasts swung slowly, like udders.

Rika gasped and twisted her head away, but then a wave of pain hit her. It felt like--hunger. Intense hunger and thirst. "Your body needs nourishment," the voice repeated. "Drink."

The girl's hand rested on Rika's head, guiding it to her. The massive globe of flesh smacked against her face. Rika whimpered--then the nipple brushed against her lips, leaving a smear of warm wetness. Another wave of hunger/thirst hit.


Rika swallowed. She blinked away tears and began suckling in earnest. The spider pressed itself against her, continuing the slow insemination.

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