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TA#42: Turning Point [Rape/Group] 
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Post TA#42: Turning Point [Rape/Group]
A procession of nightmare paraded before Maria. Tentacles, fangs, scales, shapeless masses all shambled through the doorway. Maria shrank back--back against another scaly, slimy surface, though this one gave her a feeling of comfort. A tentacle draped gently over her shoulder.

"It's all right," a voice murmured. "You'll be fine."

Maria looked up and behind her, into the large, slit-pupil eye. "I can't just come in with you?"

Another chuckle, and the tentacle traced over her cheek. "I'm afraid not. High security, only for the 'officers', shall we say. Not even every nonhuman is here."

"I see," Maria murmured.

The large bulk slid around in front of her. The alien creature stroked Maria's cheek again, eliciting a sigh. "Just stay right here," he murmured. "I'll be out before you know it."

The greenish creature slithered through the door, looking around quickly. The room beyond was a classroom, all the desks pushed to one side and stacked neatly, leaving a wide open space. There was barely any sunlight coming in, and not all the lights were working, but a rough circle in the center of the room was illuminated.

Within this circle were the inhuman masterminds of the invasion.

"All here, then." The speaker was a green, roughly humanoid reptile. His tongue flickered at his mouth and his eyes rolled. "The door, D?"

The tentacled creature let the door close, then slithered closer. "And how is your work progressing, Green?"

The eyes rolled again, the reptile glancing at the other creatures. "Quite well. I have taken the liberty of gathering the breeding females into one location."

Next to Green, a similar reptile crouched. This one was bulkier, lower to the ground, looking much more likely to walk on four legs. Its scales were a dull purple. "I have gathered several...slaves," the reptile murmured, slowly blinking its nictitating membranes.

"So I've heard," Green said. "And I have recruited four combat thralls."

"Four?" D murmured. "Really."

"Well. Two combat thralls, one, ah, administrative and security," Green said. "And one"

"Impressive," D said. There was a pause, the creatures eyeing one another. "I have acquired a slave of my own," D continued. "And I have been performing some reconnaissance."

A crackle of static came from another member of the circle--a small computer screen held up on several mechanical legs. "I have surveillance well in hand."

"Of course," D said. "But before recon becomes surveillance, that's where I can help. If you don't need me any more, let me know."

All eyes turned to the monitor. More crackles and another eye appeared on that screen, gazing back at the crew of monsters. "Your patrols may be scaled back," the monitor said. "But there is something to be said for redundancy."

"Quite." D chuckled, blinking its eye. "I'm merely an advisor, but I'm still happy to help. Hmmm..." That eye swiveled to gaze at another member who hadn't spoken, a large brown creature, roughly humanoid but with a great number of arms and legs. "Have I heard rumors of some sort of nutrient supply?"

"Of course," Brown growled. "Lissaea works on the roof. Then some milk slaves make it slightly more fit for consumption. But that farm needs a dedicated administrator." The creature's snakelike head twisted back and forth. "And I've been carrying everything myself."

"Will the workload get any smaller?" D asked.

"Probably not," Green growled. "But we have to ask ourselves, how many soldiers do we need who can't fight?"

"I believe Brown has already justified his inclusion in this mission," Purple murmured.

"Many times over," the monitor said.

"All right, all right," Green muttered, his tail lashing.

"Well," D said. "Hmmmm..." The large eye focused on the last member of the circle, one who hadn't said anything. "Blue, what do you think about the operation so far?"

The last creature, 'Blue', looked humanoid--shaped quite carefully like a young woman, a girl really, shorter than average and completely nude. However, 'she' was formed not from flesh, but from a translucent blue substance.

Blue gave a thumbs up.

A few chuckles from the other monsters. "I wonder if that's everything?" Green growled.

Silence fell. It deepened, somehow becoming more than just an absence of sound. The remaining lights dimmed. The monsters glanced at each other, eyes flicking quickly back and forth. The monitor suddenly sparked, letting out a few crackles; then its noise subsided to a dull hum.

Within the circle of monsters, the darkness deepened and then swelled, gaining form, a blot of shadow hanging in the air.

"We have not won yet."

The voice came from a long way away, from the depths of the ground or the far reaches of space. Yet it was as clear as if coming from behind your neck.

"So far our victories have been simple...but resistance is coming. Combat will be needed. Skill, strategy, bravery and cruelty will be essential. I can do much, but you must do even more."

The creatures looked back and forth at each other. The lights flickered in the room and the darkness slowly faded. When the presence finally faded, a deep exhale could be heard (from those who breathed).


The door crashed open and a nude girl ran screaming into the room. D snatched her up and moved aside; all the monsters turned.

A woman slipped into the room. She moved quickly, hands in front of her, black metal shining in the dim light.

The blue 'girl' leaped forward, stretching herself upward into a great clawed sheet. The gun popped repeatedly, opening holes in the blue creature.

Then the purple lizard leaped, grabbing the gun and wrenching it out of the woman's hands. She cursed and drew another--the green reptile kicked like a martial artist, sending the weapon spinning free. The woman drew a knife from another pocket and turned, falling back toward the door.

D's bulk rested against the door, its large eye watching the woman. The latch clicked closed.

The woman hesitated--only a moment. Brown touched her and she spun, kicking. Her foot bounced off the creature, making him grunt, but another arm grabbed for her--and another.

"Let go!" She arched her back powerfully and pulled away--Purple was there to grab one of her arms, and Brown's hands pulled at her limbs. And suddenly Blue pushed against the woman, melting against her. She shrieked as the gelatinous creature flowed over her, stripping off several weapons and letting them fall to the floor, then finally yanking her arms back.

There was silence for long moments. Green glanced slowly around the room. "Hm. Well done, all," he murmured. His tongue flicked as he surveyed the monsters. "I'm glad to see we've all kept on our toes." Purple nodded to him. Brown grunted, still holding the woman prisoner. D was off to the side, holding his frightened slave girl, murmuring softly to her. Blue reformed its female shape and gave Green a thumbs up.

Green turned his attention to the intruder. She had short red hair, tanned skin and blue eyes. She wore a dark gray jumpsuit, pulled tight against her body, showing off an athletic physique. Her chest rose and fell quickly, and she glared at the monsters.

"So resistance appears," Green said. "Let's start with, who are you and who do you represent?"

"Fuck you!" she spat.

Green chuckled. So did most of the other monsters. "Oh, no," Green said. "Oh, no, no, no...we'll fuck you."

His clawed finger pressed into the top of her jumpsuit, right below her neck. Then it slid downward, easily slicing open the thin fabric and underwear beneath. Inch after inch of tanned skin was revealed, all the way down below her navel. The girl's eyes widened, and then she jerked backward, pulling at Brown's arms.

"Weapons," Green mused. "The training to use them. And..." He suddenly grabbed the folds of the jumpsuit and pulled it apart.

The woman let out a short shriek. Her breasts hung free, feminine curves glistening with sweat. Her nipples were small and dark. "And other bits of equipment," Green murmured. His claws caught a small metal object and pulled it free, wires dangling. "Hmmm, a transmitter?" The reptile eyed the object, then tossed it to the robotic monitor. A chuckle came from the computerized speaker as the object was engulfed in wriggling wires.

"Well, Miss Agent." Green's clawed hands rubbed over her chest and stomach, feeling for more devices. "We'll figure out who you are. Maybe we'll torture you...maybe we'll turn you to our cause. Hm. For now, though..." He gripped the jumpsuit and tore it again, claws slicing through the fabric. Some brief panties were torn apart along with the suit, exposing her crotch. The folds of her sex were tightly closed, a cloud of red hair above them. "For now we'll just have some fun."

Green leaned over the woman, his erection pointing straight between her legs. A touch of the blunt head made her gasp and she arched backward, but Brown held tightly to her arms and legs. "Stop it!" she snarled, but Green continued to rub himself up and down her slit. The reptile's member drooled slippery fluid, moistening her folds. A slight whimper escaped her as her labia became flushed and pink, relaxing. Finally Green hunched over her, pushing hard with his hips.

"Mngh!" With a grunt Green's cock pushed in, forcing her tight pussy lips to open. Another whimper was heard as he shoved in, the alien cock delving deeply into her. Green began to thrust with his hips, panting each time he pushed into her, claiming her tight tunnel. His hips finally smacked up against hers, and he suddenly hissed and tossed his head. After long moments he pulled back, the thick phallus slowly sliding from her, finally dropping free to let a rush of cum follow it.

Green eyed the woman. She was flushed, her eyes were watery, but she still glared at the creature. The reptile turned to his opposite number, the purple lizard. He nodded.

Purple lumbered forward and cast his eye at the woman. Then he nodded to Blue and muttered something. Brown pushed the woman downward, down to the floor, forcing her to her hands and knees. Then Blue melted into a puddle and slid beneath the woman, its substance creeping up her hands and legs. Brown stepped back and they all looked at her--she struggled, then shrieked again as she found her hands and legs stuck to the floor.

"Good," Purple murmured, chuckling. "Gentlemen, her clothes?" Green stepped forward and sliced the jumpsuit down the back, and he and Brown stripped it from her, exposing her smooth back. Purple moved behind and grasped her buttocks, tugging them apart to expose her holes; the woman whipped her head around, looking behind her and struggling. "Very good," Purple growled, then he leaned up and walked forward. The reptile's bulk pressed down on the woman from above, his cock nudging between her buttocks; squirming, the prehensile organ finally found the wet slit of her sex and drove inward.

A groan came from Purple, echoed by a gasp from the woman. As the reptile mounted her she tensed, eyes squeezing shut, tears streaming down her face. The alien began to thrust, slowly, his entire body rocking and pushing against her as his shaft pounded ever inward.

Green watched the pair, then he turned, noticing D and his slave approaching. He stared at them but said nothing. D gestured with a tentacle. "On your knees, slave..." The girl slowly moved forward and got down on her hands and knees, right next to the woman, mimicking her position. Green peered at the girl; she was trembling, but her skin was flushed. And she had burst in, crying for D--warning them? Their 'advisor' had chosen well, it seemed.

D moved behind the girl and flowed over her, tentacles coiling around her body. Her breathing became quicker--suddenly she gasped, as the tendrils pushed between her legs. "Good," D whispered to her, stroking her face. The agent was staring as the slave mewled in pleasure. "Good, slave. It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Mn, yes," the girl panted. She was fairly drooling as her body rocked with D's thrusts. "Yes, master, it's so good..."

The woman suddenly looked away, closing her eyes tightly. Green allowed himself a chuckle.

Purple grunted, speeding up his thrusts. If the woman hadn't been stuck to the floor, she would probably have been pushed right across the room. Finally he arched his back and groaned in triumph. The woman's eyes flew open, then her face screwed up in a grimace. A faint pattering could be heard as fluid splashed to the floor.

Purple finally withdrew, leaving the agent where she was. She looked around, eyes wide, but the monsters merely watched her. She stayed there, stuck, while D brought his slave to intense heights of passion. Finally the girl cried out, loudly and happily, before curling up to enjoy her bliss.

D withdrew from the girl, leaving her with his fluids leaking from her holes. "Now," the alien said, moving toward the agent. "Let's see if you'll enjoy it too."

Green watched the tendrils coil around the woman, nearly hiding her from sight. D's bulk didn't press down upon her, he merely grasped her with his two dozen tentacles. They grabbed at her breasts, tugging her nipples; they caressed and squeezed, massaging her stomach, her neck, her back, her buttocks...The woman grimaced, shivering--that was probably her pussy being fucked. Then her eyes flew open, with a look of horror, another slight cry leaving her lips. Green strolled around behind to see two slimy tentacles plundering two tight holes. He nodded to himself as D probed and caressed, teased and fondled. The woman was finally panting, her skin flushed and sweaty. Her body trembled, and she struggled to pull away from the alien.

Finally she let out a long gasp and whimpered, closing her eyes. Irregular shudders and tremblings rocked her form. D continued to tease her, inside and out, caressing each sensitive part of her body. "Good," he whispered softly.

After a minute the creature suddenly pushed the agent down, her back pressing against the floor. She gasped in surprise--then began to kick, but Green had captured one of her wrists and Purple the other. D moved down to hold onto her ankles.

The woman stared around, eyes wide and desperate. Blue flowed up from somewhere, taking on its little-girl shape again. The agent yanked at her arms and legs, squirming, but the aliens held her. The slave girl knelt down beside D, and the creature whispered to her; the girl took hold of one ankle, D the other, and they suddenly pulled them apart, forcing the woman to spread her legs.

Blue knelt between the woman's legs. The blue substance bulged forward, forming an unmistakably male organ. The girl-form moved forward, laying atop the woman, embracing her. The agent gasped as she watched. "N, no!" she cried. "Stop it!"

The blue gel rubbed against the helpless woman, nestling atop her, nuzzling her. The translucent phallus finally found her well-used entrance--and it suddenly surged in. A low moan escaped the woman's throat, and she blinked away more tears.

"This is a rare bit of pleasure," Purple growled, licking his lips.

Green looked at him across the woman's prone form. "Indeed. I wonder if she'll ever cooperate." The agent gave him a look of pure hate. "Perhaps her mind will eventually just...break."

Purple breathed heavily, tongue hanging out of his mouth. "Can I go again?"

Green glanced down at the woman. Her eyes widened, and she renewed her struggles, pulling desperately at the aliens--even as she whimpered, unable to conceal the pleasure she was feeling as Blue's phallus pounded into her pussy.

"No." Green watched the woman for several seconds. "It's my turn next."

A cry of despair echoed through the hallways.


In a darkened room, a woman pulled off her headphones. She ran her hand through her close-cut black hair, saying nothing for a moment. She wore a jumpsuit which was dark gray, decorated in a camouflage pattern rather than solid.

"I think that's it." Her words were slow. "She's been captured. They found her monitor." After a moment, she looked at a man with equipment spread over a school desk. "Well, TC?"

The man shook his head. "Nothing, Sergeant." He had short black hair, not as short as the Sergeant's, and his jumpsuit was khaki camo. "There was intereference."


"I think we'd be stupid not to think so."

"But they didn't know we were coming, right?" This was from a blond woman, taller than the other two, her muscular build obvious even with her green camo jumpsuit. She carried a gun that would have looked ridiculous in the hands of anyone smaller.

"Pretty sure," the man said. "So they were just generally jamming out of paranoia?" He frowned, staring at his instruments. "But that's the first time I detected anything like..."

"Okay." The Sergeant straightened up, and the other two immediately gave her their attention. "We will get the Lance Corporal back if we can. No question. However...our first priority, for now, is information. That means recon."

"Aggressive recon?" The blond woman raised her eyebrows, a slight smile on her face.

"Quiet, Allen." The Sergeant glared, and the blonde closed her mouth. "All right. We have very little idea what we're up against. The eggheads only thought this was a possibility; they have all sorts of speculations about what sort of orgasnisms could be possible, but no hard data. And--TC." She looked at the man again. "Has it happened?"

He nodded. "I can't raise the outside. We're stuck here for as long as that 'temporal envelope' lasts."

The Sergeant nodded. "We're on our own, folks. And we've already lost the Lance Corporal..." She paused for a moment, then shook her head. "However, our one op so far has been a success. Those girls had been...captured...for some purpose. And there were creatures with unusual powers. And one quisling. But we did manage a bit of a coup."

All three of them turned to look in one direction. A feminine figure sat at another desk, almost on the other side of the room. Though she was in shadow, it was obvious that she was completely nude.

"Well? Do you think you could help your country--help humanity against these creatures?"

Anna leaned forward into the light.

"Just let me at them."

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Post Re: TA#42: Turning Point [Rape/Group]
Ze spy iz a double agent!

Pretty good development! I'll try to finish up my bit tonight and then let you get back to it.

If a fight breaks out in the future I hope to see Ishmail in it... I kinda picture him as like the warhawk of the lot. Still whatever you do is cool too. Always looking forward to it.

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Post Re: TA#42: Turning Point [Rape/Group]
I'm sure a fight could happen at some point. I've been trying to set up the story to support a whole multitude of different possibilities. ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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