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TA #15: Vivian [Domination/Forced Oral/Facial] 
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Post TA #15: Vivian [Domination/Forced Oral/Facial]
(note: takes place before TA #7-8)

"Ellen, I...I don't think this is a good idea." The girl blushed and blinked her wide blue eyes. She ran a hand over her long black hair and leaned back a bit.

The other girl stepped forward toward her, smiling. They looked quite similar, though the second girl was taller, with red-framed glasses around her brown eyes. "Oh, don't be like that, Viv," she said. "Nobody's going to bother us here. You know that."

"That's not what I--ahh!" Vivian arched her back; Ellen's hand pressed against the front of her skirt, reaching in, rubbing slowly.

"But it feels good...doesn't it?" Ellen kissed Vivian's cheek, the other girl jerking her head away. "What a silly question. It's obvious that it feels good." She moved her hand in a gentle rhythm.

"But I don't--" Vivian gasped as she was backed up against the wall. Suddenly Ellen pressed against her. She could feel the warmth and softness of the taller girl's breasts as their bodies met.

"Shhh," Ellen said, gazing into Vivian's blue eyes. "You talk too much." Her lips pressed toward the other girl's.

The door slammed open. The girls gaped in shock. Two--things walked into the classroom, one a large, bulky purple reptile with shell-like plates; the other brown, more humanoid but with way too many limbs.

Ellen stepped in front of Vivian, to the other girl's shock. "What--who are you?" she demanded. The monsters looked at each other, blinking.

Suddenly the many-armed one leaped forth, clambering nimbly over the desks. In moments it had snatched up Ellen, who shrieked as the arms swarmed over her. "Get away--ahhhh!" One of the hands groped under the girl's skirt; Vivian was startled to see that Ellen hadn't been wearing panties.

Vivian stepped forward. "Wait--AHH!" The purple reptile lumbered forward. It reared onto its hind legs and pressed its front legs against the wall, its bulk almost pinning Vivian there. She shivered, eyes wide. In the background she could see the other creature bearing Ellen off, but she couldn't spare much attention.

"Now," the reptile growled. It had a deep, gravelly voice, and its mouth didn't seem quite suited for English. "I have captured you. You will do what I say. Or else--there will be pain."

"What?" Vivian gaped. None of this made any sense. First Ellen, and now this--The monster pushed on her shoulders, forcing her downward. Vivian gasped and fell to her knees...and suddenly she was confronted with a huge, purple cock.

The girl stared. She'd never even seen a human one, but there was no mistaking it. It throbbed thickly between the creature's hind legs, a darker, more brownish purple than the rest of its skin. It had a slight bulge near the tip, but was smoothly rounded. Vivian stared, then gasped as it pushed forward and jabbed at her cheek. "Suck."

"Oh, no," Vivian sobbed. "I can't--" The clawed hands grabbed her head, pushing it against the wall. A finger pushed into her mouth and forced it open, then the cock jabbed in again. She squealed, but had to open her lips before it knocked out a tooth--and the head slid inside.

Vivian whimpered. The cockhead was thick and rounded, rubbing back and forth over her tongue. It tasted bitter, with a scent that was alien, but somehow masculine. She gagged and tried to bite the thing, but her teeth couldn't penetrate the scales.

"Suck it," the creature growled, holding onto her head and rocking its hips. "Good. Now you're getting it; use that pretty mouth. Yes, that feels good...I like that." Vivian blinked away tears and stared up at the creature. It was curious to think of it getting pleasure from her. But as near as she could tell, the monster was breathing heavily as it thrust...

"More." The reptile started to thrust faster, deeper. Vivian gasped and whimpered, her hands pushing at the creature's stomach, but the cock thrust relentlessly between her lips. She tried to relax her throat and try not to gag as it started to push into the back of her mouth. Her eyes squeezed shut and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly the monster's appendage swelled in her mouth and spewed forth hot liquid. Vivian gagged and had to swallow the sticky stuff; it didn't taste like anything she'd ever tasted before, alien and musky. Actually, the flavor wasn't as disgusting as she'd feared.

The reptile let out a long groan. It finally pulled back, the cock slipping out of Vivian's mouth. The last few spurts landed on her face, trickling down to her chin. She stared at the throbbing member, panting.

"Good. You passed your first lesson..."

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