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TA #16: Leave Humanity Behind [Dom/Slave/Corrupt/Transform] 
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Post TA #16: Leave Humanity Behind [Dom/Slave/Corrupt/Transform]
The blue wall parted. Miya stepped out into the gymnasium; it was empty, and the lights were darkened, though the windows still let in more than enough light to see by.

Green, the hulking reptile, stepped in after her. The blue goo slithered back into place behind him, blocking the way. Green nodded to her. "Take off your shoes. And socks."

A slight flush colored Miya's cheeks. She was nude, had been for what seemed like hours, but somehow this still embarrassed her. She bent down a bit and raised one foot, then the other, unlacing her sneakers and stripping off her socks. Finally she stood in front of the reptile, truly nude, except perhaps for the tie holding her pigtail together. Her heart beated quickly as she gazed at the alien who had mastered her.

Green leaned down and nuzzled her shoulder. Miya gasped as she felt his tongue brush over her smooth skin, and her hands reached up to stroke his head. His lips moved down to nip at the skin of her breasts, tongue flicking at each nipple, eliciting moans from the girl. She realized that this was the most tender the alien had been since they'd 'met'.

Green sat down, resting his bulk on the floor. His muzzle moved down her stomach and he licked inward. This time Miya gasped, grabbing his shoulders and leaning over him to steady herself.

The monster chuckled and leaned back. "Have a seat, slave," he growled. Miya gazed down and saw his familiar cock standingly rigidly upright.

The girl moved herself down, squatting slightly. She bit her lip and grasped the gently pulsing shaft, guiding it to her already-wet sexlips. Slowly Miya released her weight, letting herself sink down--it plunged in, making her gasp deeply. All the way in, almost to her womb...

"Good." Suddenly Green grabbed her by the hips and began to thrust. Miya's shriek echoed through the gym, but it quickly turned to moans. Her athletic body bounced, C-cup breasts jiggling up and down as she was forced to ride the reptilian cock. "Good," Green murmured again. "Now say 'Master'."

Miya gasped. "What?"

"Say 'Master'."


Green leaned his head forward, tongue extending to lap at Miya's nipples as they jiggled. "Say 'Fuck me, Master'."

Miya's face turned crimson. But what was the point in resisting now? "F, fuck me, Master."


"Fuck me, Master." Miya whimpered and reached out to grab the reptile's shoulders, steadying herself as her body was rocked. "Fuck me, Master. Fuck me! Fuck me...hard..."

She felt the heat rush into her and she cried out, her entire body tensing. Waves of sensation rolled through her. Miya's body slumped, and her mouth hung open as she panted.

There was a prick at her elbow. A slightly cooler feeling spread through her. Miya looked down and saw Green holding something, like a sting. "You will be a great warrior," he murmured. His hands pressed to her body, poking, kneading. She watched as if from a long distance.

Green was pressing something to her chest, small black patches, like scales. They adhered and grew together on the underside of her breasts, creeping upward but stopping short of her nipples. "These will support you," the alien murmured. They did feel like they were pulling upward, like a bra. And her breasts felt...heavier.

"They will also provide some armored protection to vital areas," the alien said. He was pressing more to her stomach and the mound of her sex--but, again, her pussy was left uncovered, especially since it was still stuffed with Green's cock. Strange, but there seemed to be a definite bluish tinge to her skin.

The cock pulled free, the sudden empty feeling jolting Miya out of her reverie. She gasped and slumped to the ground. Green stood up, looking down at her.

"You're disoriented; that's normal. But you're strong enough to recover quickly. Get up, slave. Get up!"

Slowly the shaking girl got her feet under her. She carefully pushed herself up to a standing position. Finally she raised her head and returned Green's gaze.

Miya's skin was a definite light blue, almost violet; it contrasted curiously with her red pigtail, and it was darker on her nipples and labia. The black scaly patches encircled her chest and her hips, and they enveloped her feet as well. Her muscles had firmed even more, though she had lost none of her feminine curves; in fact, her breasts now looked to be D-cup size, supported by the scaly patches.

"I feel...much better, Master..."

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