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TA #38: Hacked [Rape/Bondage/Robot] 
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Post TA #38: Hacked [Rape/Bondage/Robot]
The setting sun shone through the blinds, casting amber stripes on the walls. The room was dim, tables indistinct in the gloom, rows of monitor screens blank.

With one exception. May sat in the corner farthest from the windows; the light glittered off her glasses as she stared at the screen. Her fingers tapped lightly over the keys, the sound soft but continuous, like the rushing of a stream. Finally she let out a sigh and slumped back in her chair.

"Okay, one more test," she murmured. Brushing her long, straight black hair back from her face, she glanced around the room. "This late already?" The young woman looked back at the screen and clicked the mouse a couple of times. Then she reached up and stretched, sighing with relief. The plain white shirt strained just a little against her modest breasts as she arched her back.

A click echoed through the room. A soft hum began.

May blinked and turned around quickly in her chair. "Hello?" She couldn't hear any more clicks, but she could hear the hum. Or could she? There were still a couple of computers running in the lab, it was hard to pick out individual ones. It was probably just her imagination.

Her computer chimed. She glanced back to see a window pop up: '3 Errors Found'. "Damn," May murmured, moving the mouse.

Another window popped up. 'Unauthorized Program Detected.' May blinked. "Wait, what?" She clicked the 'OK' button.

Another chime. Then another, and another. May felt her stomach clench slightly as she clicked. 'Security Holes Found'? 'Intrusion Upgrade Complete'? She had never seen anything like this before. It would be terrible if the computers got really screwed up and she was blamed for it. That's the worst that could happen, breaking the computers...

There was a rustling. May whipped her head around, scowling. Then she turned back to the screen.

'Maybe You Should Look Down'

May stared. She felt cold; her heart beat quickly. Her hand was frozen on the mouse.

She looked down.

Coiled around her thighs were black cables. Red lights blinked below the desk. The computer had--opened? Transformed? The cables slowly coiled around her.

May suddenly shrieked and jerked backward. She pushed at the table, moving her chair back--but the computer had her held fast. More appendages reached up, seizing her wrists. She stood up--a shock ran through her legs, aching and tingling, and they went limp. May fell back into her chair, panting. Her wrists were pulled down and bound to the sides of the chair.

Now that she could get a better look, the mechanical appendages holding her were more than just a transformed computer. There were motors and shafts, robotic parts. But she could see the old computer case as well, a shell that had birthed this monstrosity. May looked back at the screen; characters flowed over it in incomprehensible waves.

A green circle appeared on the screen, bisected by an oval. No--a pupil. The eye was rendered in ASCII characters; the screen stared at her.

May felt something at her thigh. Looking down, she saw wires sliding up between her legs; then her underwear was being pulled. "Oh, shit," she gasped. "No, please!" There were buzzing noises, like saws. The wires retracted--they held a square of her blue panties, neatly cut away.

Her legs were pulled apart further. A thick metal arm reached up between her legs, blunt end buzzing.

"Oh, this can't be happening," May whimpered. She tosssed her head and struggled, bucking backward, but only managed to shift the chair slightly. The buzzing became more distinct, until she could feel it.

The shaft pressed against her, and May could feel it. The vibrating appendage--plastic?--pushed further, nudging right up against the folds of her sex. The vibrations went right through her, tingling in just the right way--wetness seeped down from her slit, coating the blunt thing. "No," May whimpered. "No, oh please..."

The vibrating shaft pressed upward, right against her clit. May arched her back and cried out again. The shaft probed, moving right and left, its speed varying; its buzzing steadily became more teasing. Was it learning how to stimulate her? The thought gave May a cold feeling inside, but the relentless teasing sparked more heat in her dripping pussy. She found herself panting as she tried to twist away from the thing, whimpering, almost drooling as it nudged unceasingly at her sensitive little button...

The pleasure blossomed inside May; her eyes widened behind her glasses, then she screwed her eyes shut and cried out. Her entire body arched and jerked, as if the wires were sending electricity through her form.

After a long moment the vibrations diminished. May relaxed, slumping back against her chair. The buzzing grew in intensity, then faded; it varied several times. She was pulled out of her daze, moaning as the pleasure began to build again. The appendage took its time, gently guiding May along to more pleasure.

There was a touch at May's head. She blinked and jerked her head around, just now noticing the robotic arm reaching up toward her face. "No!" she cried, pulling away. "Stop it!" The appendage jerked and followed her head.

There was a flash of darkness.

"Nooooo," May whimpered, cowering in her chair and jerking her head away. "Please, please stop..." The arm continued to dodge and weave, reaching for her head.

Another flash. A glowing humanoid figure stood in endless blackness.

May blinked and the computer lab returned. "Wait, what?"

The arm pushed against her head. The lab flashed away, leaving the blackness and the green figure.

"Hello, May," a voice said. It came from in front of her--in fact, it was coming from the computer speakers. May blinked several times--the computer screen returned, went away, her vision alternating between the two views.

"What? What's going on?" May whimpered.

"I want to offer you something." The green figure was a vaguely defined cloud of--what? Numbers? It had to be some sort of computer graphic. Despite not filling in all the details, whoever had created this graphic had made sure to specify a large male member. "Don't worry, this is harmless. I'm overriding the information going from your eyes to your brain; like switching to a different channel."

"Overriding?" May squeaked. "That's the most--it's got to be dangerous! I can't believe--"

"I said it was harmless." The green being's mouth moved, though May could still hear his voice emanating from the speakers. "I promise, there are no side effects. When I stop--" She saw the computer lab again. "You see? On and off, no harm." The blackness returned.

"But you're doing it without my--" May stared. The blackness wasn't empty; icons hung in the air. Lines of text, blocks of code. In fact--"That's my game," she murmured.

"So you do recognize it!" He sounded pleased. The being waved one hand and numbers began to flow back and forth between the icons. A smaller screen appeared, portraying a ship surrounded by floating rocks.

"That's amazing," May murmured. Then her eyes widened as she saw part of the icons turn black. "That's the problem!" she cried. "I'm dereferencing a null pointer! Shit, I can't believe how stupid I am..."

"On the contrary," the being replied. "You're quite intelligent. I could definitely use you, May." He moved closer, placing his hands on her shoulders.

Suddenly May realized she could feel the grasp of his hands. More robotic appendages? "You're already using me!" she snapped. Glancing down, May saw the computer representation of herself--quite nude.

"Perhaps," the being said. "But it's easier if you comply." He brushed his approximation of lips over her cheek; she could feel something touch her. "I can show you such sights. I can give you such sensations..." A gray wall formed out of the black. He pressed her back against it; his eyes were pools of black within the green as he looked at her.

"I...this doesn't...please stop," May whimpered. She could feel tears running down her face. She pulled at her bonds again.

"I know you will appreciate our relationship." The green creature--representation--moved up against her. May watched the long phallus aim between her legs. He thrust--she felt the penetration. A groan escaped her throat as he began to thrust. "We will do well together," he whispered, pressing to her.

"No," May panted. Already her breath was coming quickly; the vibrating appendage drove into her. She could feel her nectar flowing freely, wet sounds coming from between her legs as the machine took her. "Please...ahhh...mmmmn..." It was impossible to hold back. She rocked her hips, riding the mechanical thing.

"Yes," the being whispered. "Do it, May. Cum for me..."

May's cry of surrender echoed through the lab.

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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Post Re: TA #38: Hacked [Rape/Bondage/Robot]

Very glad to see some new content - espcially from you. Guess I should see about working on some as well. In the mean time, I'd love to hear more about what happens next here or with another of the previous TA's!

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Post Re: TA #38: Hacked [Rape/Bondage/Robot]

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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