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TA #18: Cindy Rising [Bondage/Domination/Lesbian/Group/Futa] 
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Post TA #18: Cindy Rising [Bondage/Domination/Lesbian/Group/Futa]
Cindy crossed her arms and smiled. She stood in the changing room with the goo girl and purple tentacle monster. The main blue goo was off somewhere, perhaps watching over the breeders in the shower room. Green and Miya had gone off for 'alone time'. Anna was bound to a wall of lockers, held spreadeagled by blue goo at her wrists and ankles. She had recovered enough to glare, though her goo-gag prevented her from speaking. Cindy sighed as she looked up and down Anna's well-toned, tan-lined form, her generous breasts heaving. So very tempting--yet Green had said she was off limits, set aside for some sort of plan.

Likewise, Miss Halley was off-limits. The teacher's blonde hair had mostly come free of the tight bun. Her clothes were in disarray, holes and breasts used multiple times; somehow, she still had her glasses. She was curled up in a corner, also bound, looking catatonic.

That left Sarah and Lisa. They looked almost recovered from their last 'session'. Sarah lay on her back on the tiled floor, with Lisa resting atop her; both spread-eagled, both panting loudly. Cindy's grin widened and she looked over at the monsters.

"I want to help with these two," she said. "If I do things to them, that'll help with the 'charging', right?" Goo and Tentacle looked at each other. "You guys just stop me if I get it wrong, okay?" Cindy said. "You know I want to help, I don't want to mess things up."

The monsters looked at her, and the goo girl gave a thumbs up. Cindy giggled. "Now, let's see..." She walked over and knelt beside the bound-together pair. Sarah and Lisa noticed her at about the same time, their eyes widening.

"Hello again," Cindy purred. She reached out and squeezed Lisa's ass, eliciting a whimper from the small girl. Her finger traced gently over Lisa's rear hole, then suddenly pushed into her small cunt. Lisa gasped and squirmed against Sarah. "I never liked either of you," Cindy said, slowly finger-fucking the girl. "You're a little know-it-all, Lisa. And Sarah..." She slid her hand down and pinched Sarah's clit, a hiss of breath coming from the redhead. "Well, you're just a bitch. But that's okay."

Cindy smiled and leaned over the pair. Her fingers slid up and down, brushing over both girls' clits, stroking deftly. "It's okay. We can all be friends now." She listened carefully, hearing the girls' breathing starting to deepen and quicken. "Or, perhaps 'friends' is not the right word," Cindy purred. "You can be our slaves."

"Oh, shut up, you psychotic slut," Sarah snapped. Then she gasped as Cindy pinched her clit, harder.

"It's so cute when you try to resist," Cindy said. With her free hand she reached over and smacked Lisa's ass, making her yelp. "But you really shouldn't bother. You should just...enjoy it." She reached in with both hands and began thrusting her fingers into both girls' pussies.

Then Cindy noticed the goo girl walking over to her. She stopped her movements and looked at the monster curiously. The gooey creature leaned down and touched Cindy's stomach. The girl looked down.

The black latex began stretching outward from Cindy's crotch. It stretched up, stiffening and hardening. The shiny appendage formed a very familiar shape.

Two shapes, in fact.

"Oh, wow," Cindy breathed. Then she giggled and positioned herself behind the girls.

Lisa lay slumped on Sarah's shoulder, but the redhead was staring down at Cindy. "What, what are you doing?"

Cindy's only reply was a giggle. She pushed her hips forward. The two members actually stretched and pushed into Sarah and Lisa's waiting holes, one for each girl. All three girls moaned. Cindy gripped Sarah's hips; somehow the latex members were transmitting sensation to her, both of them. She could feel the differences between the two vaginas as she began to thrust back and forth, pounding into them. "Oh, fuck yes," she panted.

"Noooo," Lisa whined, her sex tightening intently. "No, don't..."

"Yes, moan for me," Cindy panted, her hips slapping against Lisa's spread thighs as she drove into both girls. "That's good, little slut."

"Cindy, please stop..." It was almost a whisper. Cindy stared up at Lisa; she had never heard that begging tone from the redhead. It was...exquisite.

Cindy grunted as a wave of pleasure took hold of her. She wasn't ejaculating anything; it was more like the two cocks were an extension of her clitoris. She kept pounding until both other girls came as well, tensing and squirming against each other. Finally she pulled back, sitting on the floor and panting. "Wow..."

The blue wall pulled open and Green stepped back into the room. Cindy leaped to her feet and stood at attention, trying to catch her breath. "Sir, I...was harvesting more energy from the girls." The cocks sank back into her latex garment.

Green looked at the goo girl. So did Cindy. The goo girl gave a thumbs up.

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