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TA #20: Improbable [Genderbending/Corruption] 
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Post TA #20: Improbable [Genderbending/Corruption]
The door slammed open and a large, brown creature with eight muscular limbs walked in, blinking its yellow eyes. It tossed two people into the room, a slender girl with shoulder-length brown hair wearing the school uniform--and, perhaps surprisingly, a young man with short black hair, wearing a black button-down shirt and matching slacks. The pair scrambled to their feet, looking around wildly.

There was one more bizarre monster in the room, and two girls. Both girls appeared to be tied up somehow; one, blonde, was laying on the floor near a wall, looking dazed. The other girl, with black hair, was laying on her side with the monster standing over her. The purple reptilian creature was thrusting his cock into her mouth; as the newcomers arrived, he pulled it out, gray fluid spurting over the reclining girl's face.

The purple monster turned his head, almost completely around on his shoulders. "What's this?" it growled. Below him, the girl gasped as the cock continued to spray her face.

"Intruders," the brown creature replied, though it had no visible mouth. "I felt I should watch out for intruders. In between my other duties."

"I'm pursuing my duties as well," Purple grunted. "I'm a craftsman." The creature finally turned away from the whimpering black-haired girl, facing them. "What am I supposed to do with this?" The new arrivals were gaping and stammering; they didn't quite look up to talking just yet.

The brown monster shrugged with both sets of shoulders. "I have to do everything around here? Well, the boss sent this along."

From behind the many-limbed creature, a ball rolled into the room. A mottled greenish-brown, it was about three feet in diameter, covered with smooth skin. Everyone stared at it.

Purple made a clicking sound with his mouth. "Oh, this IS interesting!" He looked back and forth at the newcomers. "All right. Hold him!"

The brown creature grabbed at the young man with all four of its upper arms. He yelped and pulled, but the thing pulled him inexorably backward. At the same time Purple grabbed the new girl, bearing her struggling form to the front of the room. "Hang on just a moment," he said nonchalantly. Pushing the girl's arms up against the blackboard, he fastened them there with black goo secreted from his hands. Then the ankles, too, the goo sticking equally well to the wall and the chalkboard. With the struggling girl spread-eagled, he stepped back and nodded at his handiwork. Then Purple turned back and blinked at the other monster. "Now, give him to me and you can go back to your duties.

Brown chuckled, fastening its hands around the male's wrists and thighs. "Well, now you've got me curious." The monsters laughed; the young man stared, jerking his body erratically as Purple came closer.

Purple leaned over and touched the sphere. An orifice opened on its surface; a tightened sphincter. It loosened and--light began to shine out. A chaotically flashing light, illuminating the room with blue and yellow. It drew the eye, sucking in attention.

The ball opened wider, deforming its shape until the scintillating hole was wider than its own diameter. Purple nodded. "Feet first, I think." Brown immediately shoved the young man's feet into the orifice.

The girl at the blackboard cried out and jerked at her bonds. "Sal! No!"

"Katie!" the young man gasped. "I--aaagh!" He was drawn further in, entering the field of light up to his knees. Brown released its grip; Sal clawed at him, but fell to the floor. "Oh, no! Please, no!" His eyes were white as he slid further into the sphere. His legs shouldn't have fit, but it was like he was--vanishing.

"Oh, god!" Katie yanked at her wrists desperately, sobbing. "Oh, god, stop it..."

"Don't worry," Purple said. Sal panted and looked up at him, slowly sliding into the sphere. His shoulders disappeared. "Yes, don't worry," Purple repeated. "If this goes wrong, I guarantee it will be painless."

Sal lost his grip and slid into the sphere with a sound like spaghetti being slurped.

Katie slumped in her bonds, sobbing. "W...what? What happened to him? What's going on?"

The sphere burbled to itself as Purple and Brown watched. "It's a probability sphere," Purple said. "It changes probabilities. How probable it is for someone to be stronger, weaker, more susceptible--"

Suddenly the sphere contracted. A body came spurting out of it, sliding along the floor to Katie's feet. Steam rose slightly from the black clothing, and there was a faint scent of lilacs. Katie gasped and looked down.

The body rolled over and blinked. It had Sal's short black hair and athletic frame, but was somehow more...curved.

Especially in the chest area.

"And how probable they are to be female," Purple said, nodding.

Brown slapped Purple on the shoulder. "I can't say it hasn't been enlightening, but I'll leave you to your fun."

"Work," Purple called back at the other alien as he closed the door behind himself. "I just happen to enjoy it."

Sal was getting up. Purple suddenly grasped the 'girl' by the hips and placed her on a desk, eliciting a very un-masculine squeak. The alien grinned toothily. "Do you know what's happened?"

Sal breathed heavily, eyes wide. Hands rubbed over thighs, then chest. "I...I'm a..."

"A female, yes." Purple pulled open the button-down shirt and Sal's breasts sprang free; they looked to be C-cups. "Oh, now *those* need a bra." The reptile reached in to squeeze both heavy mounds at once.

Sal arched and gasped. ""

"Good," Purple murmured. "You were Sal, hmmm? Now I think you should be Sally." The creature bent its head and extended its tongue, flicking over the stiffened nipples.

"Ahhh!" Sally shivered and pressed her chest forward against the alien. "Oh...oh god!" She blushed, the coloring going from her cheeks down to her chest. Purple gently tugged at her shirt, and she helped him slip it off her shoulders, leaving her topless.

"Sal!" Katie yelled. "What are you doing? Stop it!"

"Oh, Katie," Sally purred. She cupped her breasts in her hands and gently massaged them, a dazed grin on her face. "Oh, they nice." Purple chuckled and nuzzled his face against Sally's breasts, making her coo.

"These are boy's clothes," Purple said, hands sliding down her body to the fly of her pants. "You don't need them." Sally blushed and wiggled a little as Purple undressed her, removing pants, shoes and socks, leaving the 'girl' in boxer shorts. "Although that underwear *does* suit you."

Sally giggled. At the board, Katie sobbed and screwed her eyes shut. "Now," Purple said, "let's see what else you have to play with." He pushed a couple of desks aside and guided Sally to lay on her back. Finally he pulled the boxer shorts down and off, tossing them aside.

Sally gasped as she looked down. She spread her legs and ran her fingers over her inner thighs. "Ah...I...I don't have!--"

"It's okay," Purple purred. The reptile leaned down and extended his tongue again, running it over the soft, wet folds.

Sally gasped and arched her back, then she cried out as the tongue found her clit, teasing it from its hood. "Oh, god!" she panted. "I...I never knew that girls..."

"Now you do," Purple murmured. He rubbed at her with a clawed finger, making her whimper. "You want to feel everything girls can feel, right?"

She gazed down at the alien. The reptile looked back at her. Down there, between his legs, there was something quite obvious and erect. Finally, Sally nodded.

Purple glided forward, looming over her. "Not my favorite position," he muttered. "But this is probably the best, for you." His body pressed down against hers, pinning her, his manhood nudging between her legs.

"Sal!" Katie cried. "You stupid slut, what are you doing!"

"What? AHHH!" Sally arched her back as Purple thrust. His member drove into her, claiming her. "Ahh! Owww!" Her hands grabbed at the reptile's shoulders. "Stop! It hurts!"

"I know," Purple murmured, nuzzling her cheek. "I just took your virginity. Just relax, it'll feel better soon."

"Virginity? You mean--" Sally gasped and whimpered, tears rolling from her eyes. "I didn't know--it was like--"

"Shhh." Purple licked at her face, his hips moving in a slow rhythm. Wet sounds could be heard from the juncture of their bodies. "I told you. Relax. Does it feel good?"

Panting was the only response for long moments. "It's...good," Sally breathed, finally. Her fingers kneaded the reptile's muscular shoulders, fingers sliding over the armored plates. "Ah...yes..."

"There. That's it." His body undulated against hers, rubbing her chest and abdomen with his form. The cock swelled inside Sally, stretching her nearly-virgin pussy, taking her deeper and deeper. Each thrust came with a soft cry from the girl. "That's it..."

"I--I can't stand it," Sally gasped, hugging the alien tightly, her body jostled from the force of his thrusts. "The feelings--hot--"

"Yes," Purple breathed to her. "You're going to cum, sweetie. You're going to cum like a girl."

"Like a girl," Sally whimpered. She wrapped her legs around Purple's and pushed upwards with her hips. "Like a...girl..."

"Like a *good* girl," Purple murmured, dark laughter in his voice. He thrust faster, grunting along with Sally as their bodies joined. Her breathing became sharper, more urgent, desperately bucking against the alien's thrusting cock.

Then Sally arched her back and cried out. It was a long yell of wild pleasure, as the storm of feelings raged inside her. Only then did Purple release his seed into her, pushing the sensations to a new level. She gasped and collapsed back on the ground, lost in a haze of desire...

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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