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TA #21: Gym [Bondage/Dom/Exhibit/Anal/TriplePenetrat/Impreg] 
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Post TA #21: Gym [Bondage/Dom/Exhibit/Anal/TriplePenetrat/Impreg]
The gymnasium had been secured. Blue goo monsters sealed its doors; the only exit was to the girls' changing room. Half a dozen girls and a female phys ed teacher had been captured and bound, huddling together in a corner.

Cindy stripped off Ms. Halley's bra, letting the teacher's breasts swing free. She nodded to the goo girl, who turned a crank. The crank pulled up the gymnastic rings hanging from the ceiling, rings to which Ms. Halley's wrists were bound with more goo; she was pulled up until her arms were completely stretched and her feet dangled above the floor. Gasping, she kicked and squirmed, tits bouncing as she moved.

"Cindy, please don't," Ms. Halley murmured. "I know you've had problems in school, I know we haven't gotten along, but that's no reason--"

"Shhhh." Cindy lay a black latex-clad finger on the teacher's lips. She smiled. "That's old news, 'teach'. It doesn't matter any more." She pulled Ms. Halley's skirt off and let it fall. Then she hooked her fingers in the teacher's panties and slowly pulled them down...Cindy grinned. Of course she'd watched the teacher get fucked several times, but it was pleasant to have the chance to closely examine her. Ms. Halley's trimmed hair was the same shade of dirty blonde as the hair on her head. Casting the panties aside, she gave the tableau a critical glance. The teacher was wriggling, completely nude except for her glasses. Her hair was almost free of its bun, striking a nice contrast between buttoned-up and uninhibited.

Green stalked up to the pair. "She is ready?"

"You can see she is. Or did you want me to 'warm her up'?" Cindy gave the teacher a smack on the ass, and Ms. Halley yelped.

"I'm sure she's warm enough." Green stepped forward, straightening his legs. He really was taller than a human; his massive cock rose through the air, aimed straight between Ms. Halley's legs. The teacher yelped as she saw it, pulling her thighs together--but Cindy grasped them from behind, spreading them apart. She peered around Ms. Halley's chest and watched with interest as the swollen member reached upward...and finally speared into Ms. Halley's waiting cunt.

A cry echoed through the gym, a sobbing scream of despair. Ms. Halley leaned her head back, whimpering. Green was silent as he grasped the woman's thighs and began to thrust. Cindy licked her lips and released her grasp. She gave Ms. Halley another spank, making the teacher cry out again. "Fuck, yeah," Cindy murmured, spanking Ms. Halley again and sliding her finger between the teacher's buttocks to rub more intimately. "Fuck, that's hot." Ms. Halley's cries turned to breathy moans, her body jiggling with the force of the thrusts...

Suddenly Green halted. He pulled out and stepped back. Ms. Halley looked down at him, her face whimpering and stricken--yet also yearning, a sight that made Cindy even wetter.

Green nodded. "Something else for her." He stepped back again and another monster appeared--the purple sphere and its two dozen tentacles. Ms. Halley's eyes widened and she gasped, tossing her head anew and trying to pull away.

The monster leaped upward and coiled around Ms. Halley. Her cries were cut off as it pushed a tentacle into her mouth. Another slid between her legs and plunged in--and Cindy watched another push between Ms. Halley's buttocks, violating her asshole. The teacher whimpered and bucked as she hung there, triply penetrated, grinding her hips against the air. Soon it was too much, and Cindy could tell that an orgasm had seized her.

"Now," Green said. Cindy looked up, startled. Her hand had strayed between her legs. The tentacle creature shivered. The member pushed into Ms. Halley's pussy swelled; a bulge slid down it. It met the folds of the teacher's sex and stretched them; she squealed, tears running down her face, but the bulge inexorably pushed in. Soon her stomach swelled slightly as it moved into her.

"Good," Green said. "You will breed many fine creatures for our cause." Ms. Halley shuddered, then she went completely limp, sobbing. Her body quivered erratically as the bulge in her stomach swelled.

Cindy let out a shuddering breath. Then Green caught her eye. "You have done well," the alien said. "You deserve a reward."

Cindy smiled. She walked out in front of Ms. Halley, facing away from the teacher, and bent over.

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