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TA #24: Anna Enchained [Capture/Rape/Lesbian/Domination] 
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Post TA #24: Anna Enchained [Capture/Rape/Lesbian/Domination]
It all started with bad grades.

Anna didn't hate school, or studying; she just preferred to practice on basketball. That was something she knew she was good at, and it was something where being tall was an advantage. But her grades had suffered, so she'd ended up in Ms. Halley's after-hours tutorial with a couple other problem cases.

And then the tutorial was attacked by girl-raping monsters.

Anna was alone in the girls' changing room. She had been stripped, fucked and fastened to the wall with some sticky alien goo, not necessarily in that order. Now she was recovered enough to struggle, but the blue substance held her wrists and ankles tight to the wall. She couldn't even close her legs.

Anna tilted her head. Were those footsteps? A moment after hearing them, two beings appeared from the door leading to the gymnasium. Anna stiffened as she saw 'Green', the reptilian humanoid who seemed to be in charge of the monsters. His green, scaled body looked skinny, but it was only because his arms and legs were so long; he was as muscular as a football player and often walked with knees highly bent. Yellow eyes blinked and focused on Anna. The basketball player tried not to notice what hung between the alien's legs.

Behind Green was a blue creature that looked even more humanoid; female, in fact. She had light blue skin and black scaly patches that almost served as clothing, except that they didn't cover anything. Anna looked back at the reptile, watching him approach.

Green's clawed hand reached out to hold Anna's chin, but she jerked her head away. "You will join us," the reptile growled.

"Like hell!" Anna spit at the creature; he ignored it.

"It'll be much easier if you submit," the blue woman said. Anna frowned and opened her mouth--then she stared.

Miya! The girl had been a loner, obsessed with martial arts. For some reason, she had joined the enemy and become a monstrous quisling. Green had brainwashed Miya, or something; now it was apparent he'd done more than that. "Miya what...what the fuck!" Anna hissed to the blue girl.

"There are rewards," Miya said. Anna shivered; the girl's voice was emotionless. Like Green's.

"Rewards!" Anna snarled. "I don't care how much you love spreading your legs for that--thing! If you don't let me free this instant, Miya--"

"My name is Viridia." Anna blinked and stared. "It's my new name. Green gave it to me." Was that actually a hint of *pride* in her voice?

"Viridia has become a good fuckslave," Green said. "While untried, I have no doubt she will be a strong warrior. As for you--" He grabbed Anna's chin and forced her to look into his yellow eyes. "I could make you a breeding slave." Anna whimpered. "I could make you some other type of slave. But you are fit to be a warrior. Anything else would be a waste."

"Go to hell!"

"Hell does not exist." Green touched Anna's bonds, and they dissolved, letting her stumble to the ground. "There is only us."

Anna stood, panting, for a moment. Then she leaped onto a nearby bench and sprinted along it. The other girl grabbed for her wrist, but Anna shook off the grasp.

There was a rustling, scurrying kind of sound. Anna squeaked and ducked as something moved *over* her. Green dropped down from the roof in front of her, and Anna backpedaled quickly. Then Miya--Viridia--caught her wrists and pulled them behind her back. Anna let out a shriek and kicked.

"Bring her over here." Green moved out to the middle of the room, away from the benches. Viridia yanked the girl down and over where Green indicated. Anna struggled, but Viridia's grasp was unbreakable. Green looked them over, then nodded. He took hold of Anna's wrists and pulled her around and down to the floor. Now they were both seated, with Green hunched over Anna's back. Anna cursed and tried to look back at Green, then she glanced up at Viridia, gazing down at them.

Green nodded. "Lick her."

The blue girl knelt down. Anna's eyes widened in horror. She kicked her legs, but Viridia grabbed her thighs and held them still. The grip was startlingly strong as Viridia began to pull the other girl's legs apart. Anna whimpered and frowned, her legs trembling as she held them closed...until, with a gasp, she was forced to spread them and reveal her pussy.

Viridia leaned inward. "Oh, no," Anna panted. She had never thought much about girls that way, or boys for that matter. A sick feeling grew in her stomach as Viridia pressed her face between Anna's legs. Then there was a touch--Anna gasped and arched her back. Viridia's tongue was sliding over her pussylips without any hesitation. Her slit was licked from top to bottom, then the tongue pushed inward, exploring. Finally Viridia licked upward and found Anna's clit, starting to swirl her tongue around the sensitive nub.

"Oh, god!" Anna whimpered. She blinked away tears and rocked her body, trying to escape...but Green held her arms and Viridia her legs. The tongue was moving in a relentless circle, pushing Anna's pleasure higher. She didn't know how long she could hold out--

"Stop," Green said. Anna gasped and slumped as the other girl pulled away. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath.

Then she felt a touch between her legs...something rounded, hard and unyielding, pushing insistently. "Oh god," she sobbed, rocking her hips. "Please, no." But the pressure grew on her tightened folds, pressing upward until finally the swollen thing shoved into her, claiming her tight sex. Anna cried out, tears running down her face as the alien cock invaded her, pushing deeply into her well-lubricated cunt.

"I told you," Viridia whispered to you. "Submit and you'll be rewarded." Green released Anna's arms and pulled the girl up, his clawed hands supporting her hips as he began to pound against her. Anna could feel the reptile's chest rub against her bare back, she could feel his thighs smacking against her ass--but what filled her mind was the relentless phallic member, driving into her most secret place. She sobbed again and reached forward, clawing at Viridia, but the blue girl easily fended off the attack. "It's okay," Viridia said. "Don't worry." She leaned forward and kissed Anna on the lips.

Anna grunted and pulled away from the kiss, pushing ineffectually at Viridia. The blue girl leaned down and kissed at Anna's breasts instead, as they bounced from the force of Green's pounding. Another long cry came from Anna, but she couldn't keep the pleasure out of her voice. Her cunt was wet in spite of herself, her feminine juices moistening Green's alien cock. Her inner walls trembled, squeezing at the invading member.

Then Anna felt heat rushing into her. Green's dick was convulsing, pumping his alien seed deep in her pussy. She moaned loudly and grabbed Viridia's shoulders. The heat glowed inside her, like it more than just cum; it felt like it was intensifying the pleasure and passion she was feeling. Anna blinked, her vision dissolved in a haze of tears and desire. Her entire cunt felt like it was quivering with intense heat, like nothing she'd ever felt before. Was this what had broken Miya, made her a slave to the alien's cock? It was wet, hot, deeply animalistic. It tempting...

Anna came.

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