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TA #25: Breaking Emily [Lesbian/Domination/Rape] 
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Post TA #25: Breaking Emily [Lesbian/Domination/Rape]
"Break her."

Cindy rubbed her hands together idly, listening to the squeaking sound the black substance made. Green's words ran through her head, murmured to her before the reptile had left with Miya for the changing room.

The five girls huddled together against the wall, staring up at her. They had been in the gymnasium when the monsters had taken it over, practicing sports or something pointless like that. All of them had been bound, blue goo sealing their mouths and restraining their hands.

Cindy smiled and pointed. "Her."

The purple tentacle monster reached down and wrapped a tentacle around a girl in the middle. She squeaked and wriggled in her bonds as she was hoisted up like a crane game prize. Cindy giggled at the mental image, then she turned and walked over to the side. Miss Halley was still hanging from the rings, apparently unconscious. Cindy walked over to a red gym mat that had been spread on the floor, then she turned around to regard her catch.

The girl sprawled on the mat as the monster threw her down. She had long brown hair, quite straight and well taken care of. She wore a gray tank top; Cindy could see a black sports bra under it, looking to hold B-cup or so breasts. The girl wore shorts of a dark gray, and down below light gray sneakers. She was perhaps a bit on the skinny side, but still quite pretty; Cindy let her gaze linger on the girl's cute ass in particular. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at Cindy, her breath coming quickly.

Cindy knelt down and touched the girl's face. "I'd like it if you didn't scream," she said, voice low. The girl blinked in surprise, then she gasped as the blue goo retracted from her mouth. "Good," Cindy murmured. "What's your name, sweetie?"

The girl stared at Cindy. "E...Emily."

"Emily. How wonderful," Cindy purred. She moved down and knelt by Emily's feet, reaching down to untie the girl's shoes. "I'm Cindy. I hope we can get along."

Emily stared down at Cindy. The tentacle monster touched Emily's back and the goo released her hands as well. The girl gasped again and looked up at the monster, but the creature merely loomed over her.

"In fact," Cindy said, stripping off Cindy's socks, "I hope we can be friends. And friends with *my* friends." She glanced up at the tentacle monster, grinning.

"I...I don't understand," Emily said. She sniffed, her eyes screwing up. "I just want to go home."

"Shhhh." Cindy gently squeezed Emily's ankles. Then she glanced at the tentacle monster and nodded. "Shirt."

The purple tentacles yanked Emily's shirt up. The girl squealed and pulled her arms down, but she couldn't prevent the monster from stripping off her shirt. "Stop it!" Emily whimpered.

Cindy grinned. "Pin her down." The tentacles pushed Emily's shoulders down to the mat, while Cindy grabbed her shorts, pulling them off the struggling girl's legs to reveal light blue panties.

Emily blinked back tears and stared down at Cindy. "Please..."

"Emily," Cindy said. "Have you ever had sex?" Emily's eyes widened. She glanced off to the side, bit her lip and was silent. "Hm. Personal question, yes." Cindy smiled and rubbed her hands over the slender girl's thighs. "My *friend* here is very good at that sort of thing. Here, we'll show you."

The tentacles swarmed over Emily's chest. She gasped and pushed at them, but there were a dozen more than she had hands. Her sports bra was unhooked and pulled off; Cindy's eyebrows raised as Emily's breasts sprang free, raising her estimate to C. The purple tentacles coiled around Emily's breasts and squeezed, the tips flicking over her nipples. A strangled sob came from Emily and she tugged desperately at the tendrils.

"Shhh," Cindy said, moving behind Emily and rubbing the girl's back. Emily flinched away from her touch, then flinched back from the tentacles. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Stop it," Emily whimpered. "No, please, Cindy! Agh!" The tentacles were hooked into her panties, tugging them down. Emily grabbed for them, but Cindy caught her wrists. "Noooo!"

"Quiet, Emily." Cindy sighed and pulled Emily's shirt around the girl's head, tying the tank top in the back. Emily let out a muffled cry and stared back at Cindy, whimpering. "I didn't want to do that," Cindy lied, "but you left me no choice."

The tentacle monster pulled Emily's legs apart. The girl stared down and shook her head emphatically, then she suddenly went rigid. Cindy looked over her shoulder and smiled as the tentacle brushed up and down Emily's labia. "Much better," Cindy purred. "You see, Tentacle is one of the best."

Emily pushed back, but Cindy was basically holding the girl in her lap. She moaned as the tendril teased her, whimpering and pushing at the mat with her feet. Cindy leaned forward and whispered to the girl. "Does it feel good, Emily?" The girl shook her head, then her eyes flew open. The tentacle was becoming more insistent; Cindy watched as slime squirted from the end, rubbing over the tight folds to lubricate them. Emily's pussy lips were pressed inward, her sex pushed in--until suddenly her folds parted, the tentacle sinking home between them. Emily groaned around the fabric stuffed in her mouth, pushing back against Cindy.

Tentacle moved down, pressing its purple body against Emily. Continuing to massage and tug at her nipples, it began to undulate, rubbing its body against the girl's. Pinned between the monster and Cindy, there was nothing Emily could do. Cindy watched the girl's face carefully; there was horror, being replaced by despair. Was there pleasure? Yes, perhaps some. Cindy slid her hands over Emily's breasts, purring as she felt the warmth and heaviness; the tentacles withdrew, leaving them to her attention. She groped for a moment, then settled into a slow massage, Emily's nipples pinched between her fingers. Cindy heard a whimper, then a fresh sob; she had to hide a giggle as she pinched harder.

Now the monster was pulling Emily's legs and hips upward, off the mat, hunching over her and pounding more urgently. The three of them were pushed closely together. Cindy laughed and leaned forward to kiss Tentacle on its oblong body, and the creature rubbed a tendril over her lips for a moment. Emily shut her eyes tightly, whimpering; Cindy kissed the girl's cheek and slid one hand down her stomach, rubbing between her legs, finally finding the swollen clit. Emily's eyes flew open again and her body arched.

"Good," Cindy murmured, as her and the monster did their best to stimulate Emily. "We want you to cum, Emily. If you cum for us, you'll make us happy." Now Emily was panting along with the movements of her body, jostled atop the tentacles. Cindy was breathing a bit heavily herself as she played with Emily's breasts, unable to tear her eyes away from the thick tentacle pistoning relentlessly into Emily's cunt. "You're so hot," she whispered. Emily opened her eyes to look up at Cindy, tears trickling down her cheeks. Cindy smiled back at her. "Yes. Cum, Emily."

Emily closed her eyes tightly. The tentacle thrust hard, fast, making wet sounds. Cindy watched closely as she continued rubbing Emily's clit. The girl was tensing--suddenly a look of despair shone in her eyes. That must be it, yes...Emily tensed and her skin was flushed, she trembled in their grasp, squirming away from their touches. Cindy ceased her teasing and just held Emily; Tentacle continued its pounding, thrusting into Emily's quivering pussy as her orgasm raged through her. Finally the creature slowed, then stopped, withdrawing itself and letting Emily lay on the mat.

Cindy smiled and stroked Emily's hair, the girl breathing quickly through her nose, her head in Cindy's lap. "Good girl," she murmured. "This is what awaits you, in your life with us. So, just sit there and relax, enjoy it."

"...and in a minute we'll do it again."

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
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