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TA #27: Beth's Plight [Encasement/Bondage/Rape/Exhibition] 
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Post TA #27: Beth's Plight [Encasement/Bondage/Rape/Exhibition]
Beth opened her eyes.

It was hard to see through the...stuff. It was tiring, attempting to pick out shapes and forms through the blue translucency. Was it normal to be this tired? It might be a side effect of the goo.

Beth floated nude in a globe of spongy blue material. The goo apparently was alive, even conscious, so she might be floating in the belly of the creature. The material shifted as Beth moved, supporting her in whatever position she chose.

Trying to escape didn't work. She couldn't brace herself--the goo just flowed out to cover her hands and feet, even if she stretched out as far as she could.

How long had it been? Beth was sure it'd been only a couple of hours, but it felt longer. She had nothing to do, trapped in this bizarre creature. She could watch people come and go, but she couldn't hear anything; nothing she saw 'outside' made any sense.

The goo had pushed into Beth's mouth and nose, reaching down into her throat. That had been an unpleasant experience. Now, however, she realized that the substance was supplying her with air; she didn't need to breathe while she was trapped in here.

Beth's other orifices had also been penetrated. The goo absorbed any...fluids that came from her body, digesting them in some way.

Was it going to feed her as well?

The substance rippled and rubbed at Beth. She shut her eyes and pulled herself into a ball. She had no idea what was going on or why. Some monsters had attacked, her classmates had fought each other--then she had been sucked *into* this blue creature. Since then there had been more fighting, sex...Beth hugged herself more tightly, shivering.

Then Beth realized that it was becoming harder to hold her arms together. The goo was pulling at her, tugging her arms apart and her legs too. Beth gasped--or she would have, if the goo didn't muffle her voice completely. She yanked her arms and legs back against her body.

But the goo was stronger. Its grip was like glue, like a second skin wrapped around Beth's arms and legs. Her limbs were straightened; she was spread-eagled, every part of her exposed. Her heart beat fast and her chest worked uselessly in a parody of gasping. She blinked her eyes and stared.

She could see people. There were people standing there, watching her. Beth whimpered, struggling in her skintight coccoon. She was completely helpless and completely exposed.

It was touching her. Beth tried to gasp. It was touching her *down there*--with obvious intent, purposefully caressing her labia. She could feel ripples of pressure all over her body; the thing was rubbing her thighs and her shoulders, massaging her small breasts and paying particular attention to her nipples. It was horrifying, that this creature was violating was horrifying that Beth's body was responding. Somehow the goo creature knew just where and how to touch; it had a very intimate knowledge of the female body. The goo was probing into Beth's tight vagina, thrusting in a way that she had never felt but her body recognized. It slid over her clit and her nipples, and it even pushed into her anus--the sick feeling at this violation was muted by a wave of intense new pleasure.

In seconds Beth had learned more about the pleasure her body could feel than she'd learned in her entire life before this day.

Still Beth resisted. She knew that she was being violated, for this creature's pleasure, perhaps for the pleasure of the people watching...She knew it was wrong, and she didn't want to enjoy it. But the monster was forcing her to, forcing the pleasure to build inside her. Beth pulled mightily at the creature, but she couldn't protect herself, couldn't conceal any detail of her body, couldn't even move in the grasp of the blue goo.

Beth slumped and tried to sob. Her body had given in. The pleasure blossomed between her legs and flowed up through her body, making her tense and stretch herself in ecstasy. The shuddering waves of sensation mingled with the horror and despair, heightening the experience, the passion.

Beth knew she would never forget this moment.

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