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TA #28: Breaking Emily 2 [Bondage/Dom/Lesbian/Anal/Rape/DP] 
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Post TA #28: Breaking Emily 2 [Bondage/Dom/Lesbian/Anal/Rape/DP]
Emily lay on her side on a red gym mat. The girl was nude, arms bound behind her back and a shirt tied around her head to gag her. Her long brown hair was in disarray, and her body glistened with sweat; her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath.

Cindy looked the girl over with a smile. She leaned down and murmured in her ear. "Emily?"

Emily whimpered and pulled away.

"Don't be like that, Emily," Cindy said sternly. She glanced over at a creature nearby--a purple spheroid with dozens of tentacles sprouting from its surface. Cindy signaled to the creature and it moved toward her; together they pushed Emily onto her stomach and spread her legs, the tentacles holding them well spread, exposing Emily's most intimate parts.

"You're pretty, Emily," Cindy said, running her hand over the other girl's thigh. Emily shook her head, breathing a bit faster. "But you have to serve us. You have to learn your place." Cindy's fingers rubbed over Emily's sexlips, still wet from the vigorous fucking she'd recently received. The girl quivered and tensed, then slowly relaxed, as if giving up. "You'll have to learn," Cindy continued, "that every part of you is here to serve us." Her wet finger slid up into Emily's crack, rubbing her rear hole.

After a moment Emily stiffened and began to thrash in the grasp of the tentacles. Her voice was muffled by the shirt-gag, but she didn't stop yelling. Cindy giggled as the girl tried to pull away; her buttocks tensed and squirmed in quite an alluring manner as her pucker was teased. Cindy pressed her finger harder against the tight hole, rubbing until it slipped into Emily's anus. "You're very tight back here," Cindy murmured.

Emily tossed her head and stared back at Cindy. Her eyes were wide, with despair, hate, a conflicting mess of emotion. Cindy just smiled back and fingered Emily's bottom a bit harder. The girl suddenly closed her eyes and lay her head down on the mat; Cindy could hear her sobs.

"Now you're trying to deny it, Emily," Cindy murmured. She moved up to kneel next to Emily, still working her finger in and out of the girl. "You're trying to deny that it feels good; you're trying to deny that you like being our slave." Emily opened her eyes and shot Cindy a look, vicious but sad. "You'll learn," Cindy murmured. She withdrew her finger and nodded.

The tentacle monster moved up, pressing its body against Emily's back. The girl inhaled sharply, bucking up against the creature--but it kept her pinned down. Cindy went back to kneeling between Emily's legs so she could watch the action close-up. One phallic tentacle rubbed between Emily's buttocks, squirting a bit of slime to lubricate the tight hole. Then it pushed inward--trembling a bit as it increased the pleasure, until finally it forced Emily's sphincter open and slid inside.

A long, pained moan came from the bound girl. "Ahhh," Cindy purred, wriggling slightly in her seat as she watched the penetration. The purple tentacle slid inward, several inches; then it began to piston in and out, dragging itself along Emily's inner walls. The girl was sobbing, tears streaming down her face to collect on the gym mat; of course, her pussy juices were making a little puddle of their own. Cindy smiled and grasped one of the monster's spare tendrils, then guided it down to Emily's other hole.

The tentacle shoved easily into Emily's pussy. The girl shrieked, or tried to around the shirt stuffed into her mouth. Her buttocks tensed and she pulled her legs together valiantly, but she couldn't stop the tentacles invading her two holes. The tendrils began to thrust erratically, pounding in and out of Emily's ass and pussy, stimulating her relentlessly.

Cindy moved to the side, watching the monster humping the bound girl. Emily was moaning and bucking as she was penetrated, and it was hard to tell if she was trying to escape or cum. "That's it," Cindy said, running her hand over Emily's bottom and thigh. "You're doing great, I think you're a natural at being fucked like this!" Emily gazed up with a look of pleading in her eyes, but Cindy laughed. "Soon you'll enjoy it, slave. Soon you'll beg for it. So just relax and think about how much your slutty ass and pussy love being fucked..."

Emily whimpered and shut her eyes, laying her head on the mat. Her body was rocked by the intense thrusts, and her hips moved to meet the pounding tentacles. With her cunt and asshole widely spread, the thick members were able to drive deeply into her, filling her and driving her pleasure higher. Her skin was flushed and her body tensed...

Suddenly Emily's eyes flew open. She panted deeply and then her body jerked. Cindy shivered and bit her lip as she watched the spectacle. Emily bucked her hips and tensed her entire body, trembling in the bonds of the tentacles. Then she slowly went limp, panting desperately, laying in what had to be a haze of pleasure as the monster humped her holes.

"Good," Cindy whispered, stroking Emily's hair. "You're learning quickly, slave. Soon you'll be happy to let us use your slutty holes, whenever we want..."

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