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TA #29: Maria's Corruption [Tentacles/Corruption/Anal/DP] 
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Post TA #29: Maria's Corruption [Tentacles/Corruption/Anal/DP]
Maria pressed herself back against the wall. Her breath came quickly, chest heaving beneath her blue uniform. Her blue eyes were wide with fear.

A green tentacle reached out and brushed over her cheek, pushing her long black hair out of her face. "Shhhhh." A dark bulk moved closer, one large blue eye blinking, gazing right at her.

"Wh...who," Maria stammered. "What are you?"

"Let's just say I'm not from Earth." The creature chuckled, a tentacle sliding around Maria's waist. She whimpered and tried to pull away. "But I know a lot about your world. And you. Well, human females."

"I don't understand," Maria whispered. She pulled away again, but a tentacle caught her wrist. She was dragged forward and against the alien's bulk, into an embrace almost like a hug, seemingly dozens of tentacles winding around her.

"Don't worry." The dark voice whispered from somewhere Maria couldn't see; there didn't seem to be a mouth in view. "I'll take care of everything."

Maria stared into the depths of the slit-pupil eye, then she gasped as she felt a touch..."Wait, stop!" She reached down to push at the tendrils as they wriggled under her skirt--the creature already had her panties down, and she hadn't even felt it!

The monster chuckled. Suddenly Maria was pulled up and plopped onto a desk; her legs were spread and skirt flipped up. The girl gasped at the rapidity of it all, heat suffusing her face as she realized how exposed she was. More chuckles came as the tendrils slid up her thighs, stroking eagerly.

"Oh, no," Maria whimpered. Then her back arched as pleasure jolted through her. It was touching her--cool and slimy, but deftly stroking her exposed labia. "Ahh...Ahh?!?" She tried to push her legs closed, but the tentacles held her spread.

"I told you," the creature murmured. "I know a great deal about human females." Another shiver ran through Maria's body. She watched with amazement as the deft tendrils tugged at her pussylips, spreading them and exposing her inner folds. A greenish tentacle slipped up and nudged at her clit, and she had to bite back a whimper. "Oh, yes," the monster said. "I can show you such pleasures."

Maria let out a shuddering breath. She was starting to feel warm as the tentacles wandered over her skin; heat seemed to flow out of them and into her body. The creature probed gently at her sex--then pushed inward. A gasp was drawn the girl's throat.

"Does that hurt?" The tentacle was about the thickness of a finger, but it was starting to swell, rubbing her intimately.

Maria leaned forward and caught a couple of the tentacles, holding on, letting them support her. "N, no," she panted. "It's okay..." Her bottom tensed as she squirmed atop the desk. "W-why are you doing this?"

More dark laughter as the alien thrust in a slow rhythm. "I do enjoy human females," the monster growled. "And it's, hmmm, it's like a magic spell. If you participate it will help me. How about it? All you need give me is your pleasure."

"I...what?" Maria stared at the alien, mind hazy. More tendrils moved up over her chest, fumbling at her clothes. She reached up to help the tentacles with her clothing, slipping off her shirt and necktie. Her bra was deftly unhooked and slipped off, letting her modest breasts free. A blush seemed to go through Maria's entire body as the slimy tendrils coiled around her breasts, gently squeezing. "Oh, god..."

"Not quite." The alien gently pushed Maria down; strong tentacles quickly moved another desk around she she could lay on her back.

Maria gazed up at the large eye, watching the bulk settle atop her. She felt the rubbery skin press against hers--and into her, making her cry out as the alien touched her so deeply. "Ahhh! I can't...believe it..." There was no reply from the creature as it began to move in a slow rhythm; it was thick and wriggling inside her, teasing her unmercifully. Maria's arms wrapped around the creature and hugged tightly, the girl moaning loudly.

Something touched her clit, touched in just the right way. Maria screamed and bucked, her mind dissolving in pleasure. The sensations seemed to pulse inside her, pounding at her in warm flashes. It was several seconds but she realized that she was having an orgasm.

The touch subsided and Maria slumped backward. Her mouth hung open and she panted loudly. The alien pulled back, its skin moving away from her, withdrawing from her...until she lay alone on the desk.

"Did you like that?"

Maria swallowed. After a moment, she nodded.

"There's more. Take off the rest of your clothes and I'll show you."

The girl blushed again. Her hand wandered down between her legs, stroking; a whimper escaped her as her fingers brushed her sexlips. Her body was so much more sensitive than usual. Perhaps that was something the alien had done...Sitting up, Maria struggled out of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor to be joined by her shoes and socks. Then she looked up at the monster.

The creature loomed over her, gazing down. "On your hands and knees. Like this." The tentacles guided her; Maria moved onto her hands and knees on the desks, hair hanging down, breasts pointed at the ground. A gasp came from her as the creature touched her.

"That's nice," Maria whimpered. Her hips rocked a little, then she yelped. The tentacle was sliding back to her *other* hole! "No, wait--AHHH!" It was slimy enough to slip right in, before she had time to tense and push it out.

"Good!" The alien's bulk pressed against her back as if it were mounting her. The tentacles pushed into both her holes now and began to thrust. More dark laughter came from the creature as it pounded against her.

Maria cried out, arching back and pushing against the alien. She stared forward at the blackboard. None of this seemed real, it was like a dream--except that the squirmy, slimy, wonderful tentacles were thrusting into her pussy *and* her ass. She had never even imagined being touched that way before, but now...

Maria's eyes widened and she cried out again. Her whole body tensed, squeezing the thrusting tentacles, immediately slowing their movements. The creature growled and continued to push into Maria's tightened holes, prolonging her pleasure; she almost slumped down to the desks as the sensations raged within her.

Through her haze of pleasure Maria felt pressure diminishing. The creature was moving off her, leaving her alone on the desk--and its tentacles slithered out of her. The girl clutched desperately at the desk to keep herself upright as her arms and legs went weak, moaning unitelligibly.

"Very nice," came the growl. Maria blinked and turned her head to look at the alien. "Do you want to do it again?"


"Get off the desks and find somewhere else we can do it. Pick any place you want." A laugh punctuated the command.

Maria shivered. It seemed like she was blushing continually now. Slowly she slipped off the desk, carefully getting to her feet. She threw another glance at the alien, then she looked around the room. Finally she walked up to the front of the room, the teacher's desk; fortunately there were only a few papers on top of it. Laying down carefully on her back, Maria looked expectantly at the alien.

The alien swarmed up over the desk and nestled atop Maria, growling. The girl caught her breath as she stared into the great eye.

"Kiss me."

Maria blinked. Hesitantly, she leaned up and pressed her lips against the alien's flesh. Then its tentacles slid between her legs again, and she moaned, kissing more eagerly.

"You like this?" Penetration was easy now. Maria whimpered and wrapped her arms around the alien, nodding. "You want more?"

"Oh, yes!" Maria gasped. Her legs were guided around the creature's torso, and she hugged it with arms and legs. Her body rocked beneath the creature, pushing against the invading members, forcing them more deeply into her ass and pussy.

"Swear yourself to me," the dark whisper came. "Swear to obey me, and I will promise to give you pleasure." Maria moaned loudly and leaned back. The words spun in her mind, losing their meaning. The desk was beginning to creak with their movements. It was hard for her to think of anything except the intense pleasure...

"All you need to do," the creature whispered as it ground against her body, "is to cum." Those words opened something inside Maria, a warmth blossoming through her, spreading to every corner of her body. Her eyes widened and she hugged the alien tightly, shivering in his embrace.

And suddenly Maria cried out and bucked against the alien, warm fluid seeping from her to anoint his phallic tentacle. She gripped him as tightly as she could, as if she would hold him forever...

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