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TA #30: Sandra Soars [Transformation] 
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Post TA #30: Sandra Soars [Transformation]
Sandra struggled in the grasp of the monster. Where was it taking her? It had been carrying her for ten minutes now, its hand wrapped around her mouth to muffle her yelling, incidentally blocking her vision as well. Was that cool air? Just as she was about to yell again, she was tossed out of the creature's grasp.

Sandra looked around wildly. The roof! She was in a corner of the roof on top of the school. There was the brown creature with too many arms behind her, two other monsters with tentacles blocking her exit. And in front of her...

A large green spheroid. The word 'pod' flitted into Sandra's mind as she stared at it. As she watched, an orifice opened on the front. The inside was glowing, a strange red and yellow light flickering from it.

The monster prodded her in the back. "All right, in you go!"

"Oh, no," Sandra whimpered, gazing into the pulsing depths of the pod. To be kidnapped, dragged through the school and then shown was too much. She turned and slumped to the ground, caught between fleeing and fainting.

The arms grabbed her, picked her up and tossed her in.

Sandra's shriek was cut off by the gelatinous material filling the pod. It poured down her throat, choking her. She saw the brown creature give a wave, then the pod closed, surrounding her completely. She screamed, or tried to, thrashing her limbs and fighting for breath.

Then Sandra realized she wasn't actually choking. Within the gel, she didn't need to breathe. Before she could ponder this impossibility, an itching crept over her legs. She reached down to scratch.

Sandra tugged at her skirt and her hand came away with a strip of fabric. She looked down and tried to cry out again--her clothes were dissolving in the goo! The girl frantically pulled at the fabric but it melted away in her fingers, her skirt and underwear and even her moments she was completely nude. Then her hair--god, her beautiful brown hair was slipping away! Tears started from her eyes.

Then the itching increased. Sandra scratched at her thighs, her stomach, her shoulders. Whimpering, she closed her eyes let her fingers claw all over herself. It felt like she was digging into her skin and ripping it off, but she couldn't stop--little jolts of pleasure came with each scratch, making her jerk her hands harder, faster. She felt sick but she wanted more, rubbing down to her feet, up the backs of her legs and in between--

Sandra cried out, this time in pleasure. Her labia were swollen and puffy. She gently stroked them and moaned in the gel, sinking back. The strange material held her up, letting her float in the pod as she stroked herself. She rubbed all over her body, face, bare head and back, then she jerked her hand away--her back hurt when she touched it. Curling up, Sandra reached down and touched herself some more, gently teasing more pleasure from her sensitive sex. The little sparks of sensation kept her distracted from the horror and despair.

Then the gel shivered and pushed at Sandra's body. She tumbled helplessly out of the pod, landing in a puddle of goo on the school floor. Panting, she pushed herself up.

The brown creature still stood there. He looked sharper, somehow. Or Sandra could see him better. She blinked her eyes--her contacts had disappeared, dissolved as well?--but she could see the monster in great detail. Her vision was cured, in fact better than it ever had been. Sandra blinked again and looked around in wonder, slowly moving to a sitting position.

Her legs felt strange, hard under her hands. Sandra looked down and gasped--Her skin was green! Not just green, but scaly. Tracing a hand over her legs, she saw that the green scales covered her arms as well, and her chest. Probably every part of her body. Her labia seemed...a darker green than the rest of her, but also larger, more prominent, and she blushed as she realized how exposed she was.

"Looks like it worked," a voice hissed. Sandra glanced up and her eyes widened. What stood over her could only be a dragon, towering over her, its head at least 20 feet above the ground. Brilliant purple scales glittered in the sun; the arms, legs and chest were larger than a human's but still looked thin on the titanic creature. Yellow eyes glittered with wicked horns above them. The dragon flapped huge wings and bent down, a forked tongue flicking out as it gazed at her.

"Not bad," the dragon growled, then it grabbed her and tossed her off the roof.

Sandra screamed and flailed in the air. She flexed muscles she didn't know she had and something on her back burst, instinctively clawing at the air. She landed on the lawn and tumbled to the ground...but the roof was four floors up, and she hadn't even twisted an ankle. What had saved her?

Sandra looked back and saw green wings stretching above her. Her wings. Her wings. She moved those mysterious muscles again and the wings flapped. Her eyes widened as she watched the leathery wings move. She pulled them down, hard, and a blast of air hit the ground around her.

Sandra got to her feet, shakily. Biting her lip, she began to flap hard. The wings beat faster, gaining in strength and confidence.

And her feet left the ground.

As Sandra rose into the air, her heart rose as well. She had never imagined flying, but it was pure joy. With every moment her skill with the wings grew, bringing her soon above the level of the roof. She didn't even glance at the monsters, climbing upward in to the blue on an air current.

Then there were loud flapping noises. Sandra glanced behind her and gasped--The purple dragon was flying after her, heavy wings pounding at the air.

"I'm pleased," he growled. The dragon swiped at her with a claw, and Sandra reflexively dived out the way, rolling over. The dragon's head flew back and he laughed. "Oh, very good! You have potential, fledgling. But you can't just fly off."

Sandra dove, increasing in speed. "Leave me alone!" she cried.

But the dragon flapped harder, the great shadow passing over her. Sandra tumbled in the air and spun to flap in the other direction. "I would have hoped you'd be grateful," his voice boomed. "But either way, you will serve me!"

Sandra's heart beat fast and she swooped out of the way again as the dragon clawed. She realized that she was smiling as the dragon chased her. It was exhilirating, all the new sensations crowding into her. And there was something about being pursued that she liked...She flapped hard, climbing steeply. Behind her the dragon labored to keep up. At the last possible moment she bent down and dove.

But the dragon was like lightning, swooping down and grabbing her shoulders with both claws. She let out a high-pitched squeak, struggling.

"A fine chase!" the dragon growled in her ear, his hot breath washing over her neck. "And now I take my reward!" Sandra felt something push between her legs, forcing them to spread.

Shrieks of delight echoed from the pair as they soared through the sky.

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Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:36 am
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Post Re: TA #30: Sandra Soars [Transformation]
well your writing keeps getting better and better. i think i would have loved reading more of this as the last line made me feel left out as to heaing about what they were doing, but thats just me liking the concept, it seems a little distracting from the main story though! (if your still planning on keeping everything in the story.

anyway, waiting as always for your future updates! :D

Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:01 am
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Post Re: TA #30: Sandra Soars [Transformation]
Well, you see, part of the whole idea of "Tentacle Adventure" is that I can do these stories featuring just about any sort of fetish. They may not be quite as connected to the "main" line, but they cna be skipped if you don't like that fetish.

Someone on /d/ asked for a transformation story, and that request rolled around in my head for a while until this came out. ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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