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TA #31: Anna Enchained 2 [Bondage/Blindfold/Rape/Anal/DP] 
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Post TA #31: Anna Enchained 2 [Bondage/Blindfold/Rape/Anal/DP]
Anna blinked her eyes, still dazed from being 'used'. It was hard to focus on what was going on. Her arms were being pulled upward, something fastened on her wrists to hold her. Her feet weren't touching the ground--she was dangling in midair.

A wet stickiness pressed against Anna's face, and she yelped. It was black, blocking out her vision. She tossed her head, back and forth, but the stuff was stuck fast. She couldn't even open her eyes!

For long moments Anna hung there. Suddenly it occurred to her how strange, how shameful she must look, hanging completely naked, stained with sweat and other fluids from the fucking she'd taken. Anna whimpered and tried to pull her arms down, but the bindings were too strong.

Her ass was grabbed. Anna shrieked and bucked forward, trying to pull away; her body swayed back and forth. She tossed her head, but couldn't see anything--around her was empty space, her imagination populating it with unseen horrors.

A pinch came at her right nipple. Anna gasped and kicked out with her foot. "Fuck you!" she spat. There was a chuckle--behind her? Suddenly her ankles were grabbed and pulled apart, exposing her pussy. She tugged valiantly at the grasp, trying to close her legs.

Something slid between Anna's legs. It was cool and slimy, brushing over her skin...a tongue licking her? A tentacle stroking her? She tensed her body and pushed away, but it was relentless. The wriggling slid up to brush over her clit, making her gasp. "Stop it, please!"

"She said 'please'." More chuckles, all around her. Anna's stomach clenched as she imagined a roomful of leering monsters surrounding her helpless body. She choked back a sob and kicked again, but she couldn't prevent the wriggling member from sliding right into her pussy. Anna bit her lip and tried to keep her breathing even. Then she felt another touch, at her rear hole, and she cried out again.

Something pushed into her ass. Anna sobbed and struggled mightily; now the bodies were pressing in against her, pushing at her back, her chest. She was surrounded by alien flesh, penetrated thoroughly. The squirming members were thrusting in and out of her, both of her holes, teasing them unmercifully. The sensation, the pleasure was intense.

"Harder," something hissed. "Make her cum." The phallic members redoubled their assault, and Anna couldn't help yelling. They were pounding into her, stretching her holes, warm friction building as they moved. Anna was sweating, her slick skin slipping against the rubbery flesh surrounding her, jolts of pleasure coming from her nipples as they dragged over a bizarre ridged surface. She could feel hot breath washing over her face and neck, mirroring her own quick breathing. It felt like she was sandwiched between two monsters...or three, or more, humping her helpless body. Or was it just one giant monster wrapped around her? Anna was lost in a sightless prison of flesh. It was too much...She sobbed and panted, unable to resist any more.

When Anna felt the hot liquid squirting into her, it triggered a burst of pleasure deep in her body. She let out a long moan, her body tensing and squeezing the two members. More fluid trickled over her skin, running down her back and chest, making them sticky as she rubbed against the alien bodies. Finally Anna slumped in her bonds, completely defeated. The unseen members withdrew from her body, causing barely a quiver.

The binding slid away from Anna's eyes. She opened her eyes and looked around.

The changing room was empty, except for her. She hung from the ceiling, black goo acting as shackles. Her body was wet, freshly stained with unrecognizable fluids.

Anna blinked, tears running down her face. She sighed and closed her eyes.

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