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Tentacle Specialist - View topic - TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom]
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TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom] 
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Post TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom]
Amy struggled in the grasp of the creature. Its arms were strong, however, and there were so many of them. She whimpered behind the clawed hand covering her mouth, eyes darting back and forth. The monster was taking her down a hallway of the school she wasn't familiar with. Storerooms?

A door was opened and the creature stepped inside. This room was dimly lit, emputy except for a few boxes. There was a woman in the middle of the room, kneeling on the floor and spreading out a blanket; she looked up to see them. And behind her...

Amy whimpered and pushed back against the creature holding her. There was some thing on the far side of the room, a great brownish-green bulk wriggling with tentacles. She shut her eyes tightly.

"Now," a voice said. Amy realized it was the monster who had a hold on her. "I'd like to take my hand off your mouth. But if you scream, we'll silence you."

"Yes, please don't scream," the woman quickly said. "They have this black stuff, it gags you. I'd rather have someone to talk to."

Amy stared at the woman. She looked familiar; was she a student? She was completely nude, except for red-framed glasses, and she had long black hair. Her nudity made it obvious that she had been changed; her breasts were inhumanly enlarged, hanging down and leaking milk from the long nipples. And her belly bulged as if she were pregnant.

The hand released Amy's mouth, and the rest released her body. She stumbled a little as she regained her feet, gasping. She turned to look at the brown creature, then back at the woman.

"That's good," the woman said. "I'm Ellen. What's your name?" She stood up, smiling, and she approached Amy.

"I-it's Amy." She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. "What...what's going on? What's happening? What is this?" Her voice climbed toward hysteria.

"Shhh," Ellen said, laying her hands on Amy's shoulders. "These are...aliens, I think. They've captured us and...I don't know. I think they're capturing lots of girls. I, well, I decided to just surrender." She smiled slightly. "I think they were too strong for me."

"We are very strong," the brown creature murmured.

Amy shivered and leaned forward a bit. "I don't...understand."

Ellen put her arms around the other girl and pulled her close. "It's all right." Then her lips met Amy's.

After a moment Amy jerked back, blushing. "W-what the hell?!?"

"Oh! Sorry, I..." Ellen tried to smile. "I've just been so lonely. I was with this other girl, Rika, but they brought me out into this room and...I don't know."

"We're wasting time," the brown creature said, cracking knuckles on two pairs of hands.

"Okay!" Ellen said. "Okay, I..." She sighed. "Listen, Amy. I told them we could do this in a way that you might like. Or...if you resist they'll, um, rape you."

Amy gasped and grabbed onto Ellen's wrists. "They...what?" She glanced at the two monsters, who didn't react. "They...Wait. When you said 'do this in a way I'd like, what..."

"First, you have to take off your clothes." Ellen began unbuttoning Amy's shirt.

The other girl whimpered and pushed at Ellen's hands. "What? No!" The brown creature growled behind her, and she stiffened. After a moment, Amy put her armsdown at her sides.

Ellen unbuttoned the shirt and pulled it open and down Amy's shoulders, revealing rather large breasts--D-cups--confined by a white lace bra. "Oh, wow," she murmured. Amy blushed as Ellen stripped off her necktie as well--then she gasped as the brown creature deftly unhooked Amy's bra. "Thank you," Ellen giggled, tugging Amy's bra off to let her pale tits jiggle free.

"What's...going to happen?" Amy whispered. Then she jerked her body, arching her back.

The brown creature pressed his hand to the side of her body, leaving a patch of green goo. "This organism," he growled, "will give you the required hormones."

"Hormones?" Amy blushed anew as Ellen knelt down, going to work on her skirt.

"I think it'll be okay," Ellen said. "Come down here." After pulling down Amy's panties, she guided the girl to sit down on the blanket with her. Ellen smiled and reached up to squeeze Amy's breast.

"Ah!" Amy tossed her head and whimpered, feeling warmth spread through her body at Ellen's touch, especially focused on her breasts. "What..." There was a strange feeling building in her chest, a tightness or a fullness.

"They already feel heavier," Ellen murmured. She kneaded first one breast, then the other; then she reached up with both hands to squeeze them. "Oh, yes. I think they're about to--oh!" Amy felt a wetness on her breasts--her nipples were actually leaking warm fluid. She gasped as Ellen leaned down to lick at her right nipple. "Mmmm!"

"All right," the brown creature said. "I think I'm not needed here any more." He ambled out of the room, closing the door behind.

"What did he mean?" Amy murmured. Suddenly she gasped. "Eeek!"

Ellen put her hand up on Amy's mouth. The other girl whimpered, her eyes darting to the side. Ellen followed her gaze.

The green-brown bulk on the far side of the room had shifted. It rose and a huge eye opened in the front. The tentacles pulled the great bulk along; it was the size of a refrigerator, but it gave the impression of great dexterity.

"Don't worry, Amy," Ellen said, gazing into her eyes. "I'm here." Amy shivered, looking at Ellen with wide eyes, then glancing at the approaching alien.

Suddenly the tendrils lashed forward, grabbing Amy's arms and pulling them behind, keeping her bound. Amy whimpered as the slimy tentacles roved over her body, making her squirm. Then they fastened on her nipples and she cried out again.

The tentacles had to be hollow; they sucked in Amy's nipples and pulsed rhythmically. The rippling movements teased at the swollen teats, quickly bringing forth a slow flow of fluid. The sensation of milk being drained from her was a relief, the uncomfortable fullness fading away. More than that, waves of pleasure washed through her as her breasts were teased. "Ohhhhhh!" Amy couldn't contain her moans any more; she jerked in the grasp of the tentacles as they milked her.

"You're so cute like this, Amy," Ellen murmured. A couple of tentacles slithered over her, and she guided them to her leaking nipples. There were little slurps of suction and then Ellen was echoing Amy's moans, rocking her body slightly in time with the rippling movements.

Amy blinked and tried to focus her attention through the pleasure. She was being held by the tentacles, arms behind her and chest thrust out, but it wasn't too uncomfortable. More tentacles were roaming over her body, stroking her back and wriggling her legs. But it seemed her entire being was focused on her teats, milk gushing forth from her into the alien's body. Even when a tentacle slithered out of Ellen's pussy, it didn't bring more than a surprised squeak from Amy. The warm pleasure seemed to envelop her mind, extinguishing thought.

Gazing at the alien, Amy could see translucent sacs swelling on its back. They were filling up with a white fluid. She wondered if they would ever be full...

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Post Re: TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom]

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Post Re: TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom]
Uhmm... I liked it a lot, but it cuts short surprisingly soon. More, when? :D

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