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TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Domination] 
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Post TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Domination]
Jess squirmed, pulling at her bonds. It was maddening, to sit there and not be able to do anything. She had been tossed against the wall along with a bunch of other girls and a teacher, bound with some sticky goo and made to watch Ms. Halley being abused by a bunch of aliens. If she'd been tied up with rope, Jess would have been able to break out and...well, she wasn't sure what she would do, exactly, but she wasn't just going to sit here.

Someone was approaching them. Jess' eyes flicked up and looked at the girl. It was Miya, it had to be, even though she looked so different. Blue skin, black scaly patches...the same red hair, though. Miya approached and Jess looked calmly up at her.

Suddenly Miya reached down and grabbed Jess around the waist, yanking her up into a fireman's carry. Jess tried to yelp, though it was muffled by the gag-goo. Miya carried her through the gym toward the far corner; it was amazing how effortlessly she hauled Jess around. Finally they moved around some stacked equipment and mats, and Miya set her down on her feet.

The green reptile was waiting there. His eyes flicked up and down her form. Jess straightened up and pulled at her bonds again.

"A moment," the creature hissed. He gestured with his hand and the bonds suddenly loosened. Jess whipped her hands around and pulled off her gag, tossing the gooey bonds to the floor. Then she crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows.

The reptile chuckled. "You have potential." His long tongue flicked around his lips as he watched her. "We want you to join us."

Jess watched him for a moment. Finally she said, "Why?".

"You have potential," he repeated. "Viridia tells me you participated in various sports."


"My new name," Miya said, smiling just slightly.

Jess looked to the reptile. "And your name?"

"Around here everyone calls me Green," the reptile said. "It works well enough."

"Well, now that we know each other," Jess said with a bit of a smirk. "We're both in the tae kwon do club. Miya, uh, Viridia and me. Were, I guess, since things are pretty crazy right now."

"And lacrosse, right?" Viridia said.

"Yeah, and don't forget swimming." Jess stretched her arms forward, stretching her fingers. She smiled as she saw the tight muscles in her forearms. "I think it's good to have a variety to exercise different muscles."

"We need warriors," Green said. His head turned as he glanced back and forth between the two girls. "Viridia is turning out beautifully. Another is being...trained." He oriented on Jess. "And you. You will be a fine addition."

"I will?" Jess tilted her head and smiled. "Are you going to force me?"

"Yes." Jess blinked at Green's unhesitating reply. "If necessary," the reptile continued. "We're trying to convince you. Next is bribery, then force, perhaps brainwashing. We get what we want."

Jess shook her head. "You're all so arrogant. Like you had something to offer me--"

"They can make you stronger," Viridia said.


"Stronger." Viridia smiled. "Already I'm stronger, faster than I was. And you know I was never as strong as you."

"Yeah, but you still beat me in sparring," Jess growled.

"You never practiced as much as I did." Viridia shrugged. "I specialized in tae kwon do. But you specialize in strength. Are you still doing that weight training?"

"On occasion," Jess murmured.

"I bet," Viridia said, glancing at Green, "I bet we could grow your muscles even further. Master?"

Green hissed. "Yes. She would be, shall we say, specializing in strength as opposed to combat. But it would be easy."

Jess was silent for a few moments before replying. "And what would I have to do?" she said, voice quiet.

At this Green raised his head and flexed, tail lashing. "Submit to me," he growled. "To my cause. Fight enemy warriors--human soldiers, perhaps. Lift things we need lifted. Call me 'Master'. And have sex with me to seal your contract."

Jess raised her eyebrows. "With you? Not any other strange monsters?"

"That's right." Green chuckled. "If you choose to participate in other sexual activities, we will look favorably upon you. But I have made my terms."

Jess rubbed her hands together, looking silently at the floor. Finally she looked up at Green. "I want proof that you can actually make me stronger."

Green laughed. "If I increase your strength, there's a chance you'll attempt to break free."

Jess smiled back. "Am I a good risk?"

Green rubbed his hands together for a moment, mimicking her movements. "All right. Take your clothes off so that I may inspect you. Then I will enhance your strength."

Jess blushed slightly. Then she scowled; it wasn't like Miya--Viridia--had never seen her changing, and lots of other people besides. Before she could decide otherwise, she pulled off her necktie and then her shirt, tossing them to the ground. Her skirt was next, and Jess stepped out of her shoes and pulled off her socks. Finally she unhooked her bra and tossed it down, then tugged her panties down to her knees and let them fall. Placing her hands on her hips, Jess gave Green a challenging look.

The reptile's head moved up and down, his eyes studying every part of Jess' form. She had brown hair cut very short, looking quite tomboyish. Her skin was tanned all over, although her chest and stomach were pale, tan lines showing what her school swimsuit covered. Of course, it looked like every part of her got some sun on occasion. Jess' body was feminine, but very fit; her biceps, abs and quadriceps were well defined, with only a touch of rounding at her hips. Her dark-nippled breasts were modest, but pushed forward proudly by her pectorals. All of Jess' body hair was carefully trimmed, even between her legs, leaving her dark labia bare. After a moment she turned around and looked over her shoulder at the others, showing the muscles in her back and her firm buttocks.

"Excellent," Green hissed. "Come over here." Jess walked forward to where Viridia was kneeling over a black case filled with multicolored objects. Green bent down and chose a dark green object, an eight-pointed star about six inches wide. "Now then," he said, suddenly reaching out to press the star to Jess' stomach.

"Eep?" Jess jumped back and pushed at the star. It adhered to her skin; she picked at it with her nails, but she couldn't budge it.

"Don't," Green growled. "We use organisms like this to deliver chemicals to living beings. Don't disturb it."

"Like steroids?" Jess asked. "Ack!" She tensed as little jolts of pain started in her the star was pricking her with needles. Actually, that mde sense, didn't it? She gently rested her hand on the star. Warmth spread from her stomach, and a slight tingling. Jess shivered as the feelings spread through her entire body. There were little pains, as though all her muscles were sore and being massaged at the same time.

"You may want to sit down," Green said, tugging at her hip. Jess squatted, then sat on the floor, trembling. More pains shot through her and she gasped, lying down.

Viridia looked down at her. "Is that supposed to happen?"

"The theory is sound," Green said.

Jess took in a deep breath. Her entire body tensed--fists clenched, arms straight, back arched, feet pushing against the floor. A moan escaped her--she felt her muscles swelling! Jess clenched her teeth and stared up at the ceiling, flexing each and every muscle in her body. Her palms slapped together and her arms pushed against each other; her legs curled up and she arched her body, holding herself in a tortuous position.

Finally Jess gasped and relaxed herself. Panting, she shook out her arms and legs, laying there on the floor. She raised her arm and looked at it.

Her biceps and triceps bulged like a bodybuilder. Jess sat up. Her quads fairly burst from her thighs, and her abs were sculpted though the star covered the center of her stomach. There was a slight greenish tinge to her skin, but that didn't matter. Grinning, Jess got to her feet. She actually had to catch her balance; her weight had shifted with the muscle growth. "Oh, yeah," she growled; she noticed her voice had deepened slightly, but it was still feminine.

Green was staring at her, expressionless as the reptile he was. Viridia was--she was nervous. Jess chuckled. Then she lunged forward and grabbed Viridia around the waist, lifting her up in the air. It was so easy!

Viridia's foot smacked into Jess' face. Jess laughed and let her drop; the smaller girl scurried behind Green. "Oh, yes!" Jess crowed. She turned and grasped a vaulting horse, raising it over her head. "Yes!"

"Settle down," Green said, sounding amused. "No need to damage the equipment or make a fuss." Jess set the vault down with a thump. She turned to him, still grinning. "Now," Green said. "Are you satisfied that I have kept my end of the bargain?"

Jess smiled. Then her hand strayed to her stomach. "You didn't tell me I'd have this thing on my stomach."

"It will continue to enhance your strength and provide other benefits," Green said. "Or, if you disobey us...In any case, it was a detail I forgot to mention. We could move it to, hm, your back."

Jess looked down. "'s all right," she said. As she said it she felt a curious nervousness, as though stepping onto a rickety bridge."

"Good," Green growled. "Now, we shall seal your bond to me. You know what that means, don't you?"

Jess' eyes strayed downward. Green's reptilian cock was already erect, pointing upward at her. Her cheeks flushed again. "I, ah..." While she wasn't totally inexperienced, this was a very strange situation. Jess realized she didn't know what to do. ...But wait, wasn't that the point of being a subordinate? "I, uh, what should I do?"

Green gazed at her for a moment. Then he nodded to the vaulting horse. "Turn around, facing away from me. Bend over, use that thing for support. Spread your legs."

Jess took a deep breath, then let it out. Finally she turned around. Bending over, her bottom flexed in front of Green; her legs spread to reveal her soft sex. "Like this?" she said, looking back over her shoulder.

"Quite satisfactory," Green growled. He walked up to her and ran his hands over her lower back. Jess shivered at his touch; her greenish skin now seemed more sensitive. And the reptile knew just where to touch, tracing his hands over her buttocks and tugged them apart. Suddenly Jess gasped at a touch between her legs--the monster was licking her! Immediately her pussy moistened, lips glistening as the tongue lashed over them.

Green chuckled and pulled his head back. Jess watched as he moved up, leaning over her, growling softly as his body brushed against her ass. The touch of his cock made Jess whimper, and she closed her eyes. "I'm sure you'll enjoy this," Green whispered in her ear.

The member plunged into her sex. "AHHHH!" Jess cried out in surprise, shock...and pleasure. There was some pain as her inner walls were stretched, but she quickly loosened up, grasping the alien as he thrust into her. Jess groaned and grabbed onto the vaulting horse, gripping tightly as Green's movements sped up.

"Yesss," the reptile hissed in her ear. Jess moaned and leaned up to press her body against his. Something about his scales sliding over her sensitive skin--it was driving her crazy, making her buck against his wonderful cock. It pounded into her, stimulating every inch of her tunnel. Jess tossed her head and swiveled her hips, almost as if to buck Green off, but he rode her relentlessly.

Jess heard her breath coming faster, deeper. There was a heat swelling inside her, much more intense than when she touched herself, but building slower. She wondered if Green had 'enhanced' her sexual response...but what if he had? Jess didn't care. She ground her muscular hips back to slap against Green's body. Almost...

"Say 'fuck me'," Green whispered in her ear.

Jess gasped. "W-what?"

"Say 'fuck me'."

Jess' skin flushed, all over her body. "F...fuck me..."

"Say 'Master'," Green growled.

"M-master..." His dick was ramming so deep...

"Say 'Fuck me, Master'."

Jess whimpered and bent her head. She could feel sweat forming on her skin as she flexed and bucked against the alien. His cock was relentless, driving her passion higher. Was this what she wanted? It was what she had agreed to.

"Fuck me...Master..." It was surprisingly easy.

Green growled and shoved into her. Suddenly Jess felt heat spurting deep into her pussy. Her eyes widened and she gasped. Gripping the vaulting horse tightly, she took a deep breath and then cried out...a long, deep moan as her body tensed. The feelings gripped every inch of her, muscles bulging from her arms and legs, sweat trickling down her tanned skin. She was caught in an ecstasy of tension.

Finally Green growled and pulled out of her. Jess panted and slowly relaxed. She lay her head on the vaulting horse, breathing heavily. Her muscles unknotted, and she felt a warm glow all over her body, as if she'd just run a race. "Mmmmm," she growled, wiggling her hips and feeling the cum trickle down her thighs.

Green smacked Jess on the ass, making her yelp. He chuckled. "Oh, yes. Great potential indeed."

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Post Re: TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Dominat
slightly suprising how someone with such a strong will became so easily controlled, but great writing nontheless. i really enjoyed this.

Sat Oct 02, 2010 4:36 am
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Post Re: TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Dominat
What I was kind of hinting at was that Jess has sort of a muscle fetish, so they were able to capitalize on that. That's the idea, anyway. >_>

Glad you liked it, though. ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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Post Re: TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Dominat
I got the hint ;)

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Post Re: TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Dominat
ahh, well as its a fetish ive only seen once, that would be why i wouldent catch onto it ;) everything makes sense now!

Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:36 am
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