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TA: Expedition Documentation Index 
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Post TA: Expedition Documentation Index
May sat limply in the chair. She faced the screen, though it was unclear if she was actually seeing it. Small robotic arms moved over her form; her clothes were gradually cut away, wires and metal tubes coiled around to make a harness.

"Now, here are our surveillance records," the speaker said.

After a moment, May blinked. "What?"

"Surveillance." The eye flashed on the computer screen again, watching her. "One of my jobs is to keep track of everything that's happening with our...expedition."

May straightened up and frowned, focusing on the screen. "What? Expedition? There are...more of you?"

A chuckle emanated from the speakers. "Won't you be surprised..."

Expedition Index

TA #0-1: The Start [Bondage, Rape] - The Dark One appears in our world, along with the Blue Mass, which captures the First Girl. Green Sergeant and Purple Sergeant (ranks later mostly forgotten) are sent to capture more girls.
TA #2-5: Miya Meets Green [Fighting, Domination, Impreg] - Miya is in the changing room after working out. Green attacks and rapes her, though she gives in to his domination quickly. Steph, watching, is captured and impregnated by Green.
TA #6: Taking Miya [Domination/Corruption] - Miya is dominated by Green, who promises to make her stronger.
TA #7-8: Recruitment [Unbirthing] - Brown appears in the Home Base, having captured Ellen. The First Girl is being made more voluptuous. An alien creature is placed in Ellen's womb and vagina.
TA #9: Shower Room [Capture/Rape/Submission/Engulfing] - Green and Miya invade the shower room. Eri atttempts to fight Miya, but she is defeated, then raped by Green. Cindy volunteers. Beth is captured and encased in blue slime.
TA #10: Shower Room 2 [Rape/Domination/Birth] - In the shower room, Steph gives birth to an alien and Eri is impregnated.
TA #11: Recruiting Cindy [Domination/Submission/Skinsuit] - Cindy is "trained" by Green and a purple monster referred to as Tentacle. An armadillo creature is seen carrying stuff; Green takes black goo from it to create a "second skin" for Cindy. Also, a goo version of Beth is created.
TA #12: Tutorial [Capture/Bondage/Rape/Tentacles/Goo Futa] - A tutorial session given by Ms. Halley is invaded; she, Lisa, Sarah and Anna are captured and raped by Cindy, Tentacle and Goo Beth.
TA #13: Rika [Capture/Rape/Impreg/Lactation] - Rika is brought to Home Base. A spider creature appears to rape and impregnate her. She is forced to drink Ellen's milk.
TA #14: Tied Together [Bondage/Rape/Exhibition/Lesbian] - Cindy & company return to the changing room. Sarah and Lisa are bound together face to face and raped by Tentacle.
TA #15: Vivian [Domination/Forced Oral/Facial] - Chronologically, this incident takes place sometime between #0-1: The Start and #7-8: Recruitment. In some classroom, Ellen is seducing Vivian; they are interrupted by Brown, who abducts Ellen, and Purple, who forces Vivian to pleasure him orally.
TA #16: Leave Humanity Behind [Dom/Slave/Corrupt/Transform] - Green dominates Miya and places alien biotech on her body to increase her combat ability. The treatment also turns her skin blue with black scaled armor patches.
TA #17: Purple [Domination/Forced Oral/Cum Drinking] - Vivian is bound and dominated by Purple and forced to drink his cum, which he says acts as a drug to decrease her willpower.
TA #18: Cindy Rising [Bondage/Domination/Lesbian/Group/Futa] - Cindy is left alone with the tutorial girls, Tentacle and Goo Beth. As Green said Anna and Ms. Halley were off limits, Cindy decides to dominate Sarah and Lisa. Goo Beth shows Cindy that her second skin can form multiple penises.
TA #19: Vivian's Despair [Domination/Forced Oral] - Purple has sex with a nameless girl. Directly afterward, he forces Vivian to suck his penis.
TA #20: Improbable [Genderbending/Corruption] - Brown has found some intruders, Katie and Sal, and he brings them to Purple's Classroom along with an Improbability Ball. Purple uses the Ball to turn Sal female, then he seduces the new "Sally".
TA #21: Gym [Bondage/Dom/Exhibit/Anal/TriplePenetrat/Impreg] - The gymnasium has been captured and sealed off by the monsters; more girls and a PE teacher have been captured. Ms. Halley, hanging from gymnastic rings, is raped by Green and Cindy, then impregnated by Tentacle.
TA #22: An Interlude With Rika & Ellen [Lactation/Cuddling] - At Home Base, Rika and Ellen talk. Rika's impregnation makes her desperate for nutrition, forcing her to drink Ellen's milk, though Ellen doesn't mind.
TA #23: Blue Prison [Capture/Encasement/Rape/TriplePenetrat] - A nameless girl is captured and brought to Home Base, then encased completely in Blue Mass and raped.
TA #24: Anna Enchained [Capture/Rape/Lesbian/Domination] - Green and Miya talk to the enchained Anna. Miya reveals that Green gave her a new name, "Viridia". The pair dominate Anna, attempting to convert her to their cause.
TA #25: Breaking Emily [Lesbian/Domination/Rape] - Cindy chooses Emily from the girls captured in the gym. Cindy and Tentacle rape Emily.
TA #26: Breaking Vivian [Domination/Humiliation/Forced Oral] - Vivian is dominated by Purple, forced to display her breasts and pleasure him with her mouth and breasts.
TA #27: Beth's Plight [Encasement/Bondage/Rape/Exhibition] - Beth, completely encased in blue goo and mostly unaware of what else is going on, is raped.
TA #28: Breaking Emily 2 [Bondage/Dom/Lesbian/Anal/Rape/DP] - Cindy dominates Emily and Tentacle rapes her, focusing on anal play.
TA #29: Maria's Corruption [Tentacles/Corruption/Anal/DP] - An alien referred to as "D", a large green creature with one blue eye and many tentacles, seduces a student named Maria.
TA #30: Sandra Soars [Transformation] - A girl named Sandra is captured by Brown and brought to the roof, where she is placed in a mysterious alien pod. The pod transforms her to a dragon-like humanoid; she learns to fly and has sex with a large purple dragon.
TA #31: Anna Enchained 2 [Bondage/Blindfold/Rape/Anal/DP] - Anna is suspended from the changing room ceiling, and her eyes are covered. While thus blinded, she is raped by an unknown entity or entities. Then the covering is removed and she finds herself alone.
TA #32: The Milk Farm [Tentacles/Lactation/Lesbian/Dom] - Amy is captured by Brown and brought to a storeroom where Ellen and a Milking Monster are. She is given lactation hormones and then milked.
TA #33: A Strong Warrior [Transformation/Muscles/Domination] - Jess, one of the girls captured in the gym, is recruited by Green and Viridia; she is a strength training fanatic. Green implants an organism on her stomach that enhances her muscles. In gratitude, she has sex with Green and swears herself to him.
TA #34: Breaking Emily 3 [Lesbian/Dom/Slave/Tentacles/DP] - Emily is dominated and humiliated by Cindy and Tentacle, forced to beg for sex in front of the other captured girls.
TA #35: Chase [Rape/Tentacles/TriplePenetration] - Patricia, a student, is chased through the school hallways by D and then raped.
TA #36: Maria's Corruption 2 [Corrupt/Submit/Tentacles/DP] - Maria submits herself to D and receives tattoos representing her bond with him.
TA #37: Chase 2 [Rape/Insectile] - Patricia, nude except for sneakers, continues to be chased through the hallways by monsters. This time she is caught and raped by an insectile monster, with D appearing later.
TA #38: Hacked [Rape/Bondage/Robot] - May, working in the computer lab after hours, finds the computers taken over by an alien intelligence that rapes her with robotic limbs. But you know all about that, right?
TA #39: Milk Farm 2 [Masturbation, Domination, Not Much Sex] - Amy reflects on her situation, trapped in the Milk Farm with Ellen, with Brown setting up their room for an extended stay.
TA #40: Roof Garden [Monstergirl (Plant)/Man/Seduction] - Michael is taken to the roof (by Brown) and meets Lissaea, a plant-woman.
TA #41: Rika 2 [Birth] - Rika is taken to the shower room by Brown, where the other impregnated girls are. Green leaves Cindy in charge of the room, and Rika gives birth to a monster...
TA#42: Turning Point [Rape/Group] - The "officers" of the invasion gather to discuss their plans. Then the human resistance makes itself known.

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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Post Re: TA: Expedition Documentation Index
I guess that one of your primary jobs is to keep track of everything that's happening with the expedition.

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