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TA #2-5: Miya Meets Green [Fighting, Domination, Impreg] 
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Post TA #2-5: Miya Meets Green [Fighting, Domination, Impreg]
Miya ran her hand over her hand over her red hair, breathing heavily. She took up a bottle of water and swigged it.

Suddenly her head jerked to the side. She put down the bottle and crept to the door.

There were a few girls still in the shower area, in fact, a few still in the gym. Miya hadn't changed yet; her sweatpants rustled softly as she slipped out of the changing room. Her eyes flicked back and forth. seemed completely quiet.

Then she looked up.

The creature dropped and she barely jumped back out of the way. It tossed its head and hissed; her right foot went back and her arms came up, center of gravity low.

The green head lunged. Miya slipped to the side and kicked--but an arm swept up and pushed her foot to the side. Spinning, she took in a deep breath and punched. A solid crack--like she'd hit a tree.

Miya gasped and danced back, then lunged forward again. The creature gave ground, then its claw flashed forward. Fabric tore.

Her breasts sprang free of the shredded sports bra. She let out a squeak and then dodged again--the blow clipped her thigh, she stumbled into a locker. Panting, she counterattacked, a combination of two punches and a kicked. The green exoskeleton gave not an inch to the punches.

Her foot was caught. Pulled upward. The insectoid face leered right in front of hers.

Miya spun through the air and sprawled on the ground. She coughed, fighting back a whimper. Blinking, she looked up.

Shreds of fabric fluttered through the air. Nothing concealed her body.

Miya's eyes widened. As if it being attacked by a monster weren't impossible enough! This thing was standing over her, leering at her. It had stripped her naked. Its claw whipped downward--


The girl arched her back as it touched her--carefully, delicately. But with unmistakable confidence.

"You're mine."

It pulled her up and against the lockers, making another clang; she bit her lip and said nothing. The claw groped at her tits, pulling at the nipples, making them stand up. Miya panted as she stared at the creature. It looked skinny, but that was because its arms and legs were long; it was taller than a man, but hunched over. She knew those arms and legs held intense power. And down below...

This time Miya did whimper. The exoskeleton had slid apart, and something completely flesh had pushed forward. Standing upright, pointing at her, throbbing a deep purple.

The creature spun her around and grabbed her ass. She had to bend over. She felt the touch.


It rudely shoved into her. So thick. She relaxed, instinctively moistening it. It wriggled, it actually wriggled inside her. Then it thrust. In and out, in and out--

"AHHHHH! Please don't!" That wasn't her voice! It was a high-pitched squeak, what was wrong with her? It was filling her, more than she believed possible. Stretched, so relentless...

The monster smacked her ass. "Quiet, slave!" it hissed.

Miya moaned. It was so...forceful..."Please--"

It spanked her again, and she let out a soft cry. It leaned over, the head pressing against her shoulder.

"Mine," it hissed. "I beat you, so you're mine. You're going to be my fuckslave." The cock drilled into her mercilessly. "Forever."


Finally the creature grunted. Its cock pulsed and began to pump. The hot fluid flowed into Miya, filling her pussy and her womb. It filled her beyond what she could have imagined.

The green monster pulled out and stood there. Its cock continued to spray, the sticky fluid spattering over Miya's back. She turned her head, eyes glazed as she watched. More spatters landed on her cheeks.

"Oh, YES!"

The monster swiveled its head in a flash. There was another girl; she squeaked and hid in a doorway. The creature pounded forward and grabbed her, pulling her into the hall.

Brown hair, a nicely curved body. A navy sweatshirt, light blue skirt. Hand between her legs.

"A witness," the monster hissed, yellow eyes blinking.

"I'm sorry!" she stammered. "I didn't mean to, to disturb, eep!"

"Hmmmn." The monster grabbed her hand, pulled it away from her legs. "Wet. You were masturbating while you watched?"

"No! You can't...I mean..." She blushed. "Um, maybe. It was just, wow, it was so hot. I've never seen a cock, I mean, a creature like you..."

"You'll be my second fuckslave." He grasped her thighs and picked her up off the ground, pushing her back against the wall. She gasped and wriggled.

The monster took a moment to glance over at Miya. She leaned against the wall, eyes still dull. Cum trickled down her thighs.

"You, sit down and wait," he ordered. "Now...Your name?" He began to lower the second girl to his upraised cock.

"I...I'm Steph...Oh, god," she gasped, as her shaven pussy pressed against the throbbing head. "I can't believe...believe I'm...AHHH!"

The pair began to grunt in unison. His hips thrust but the rest of him stayed almost still; he pulled her body up and down his cock, and she moaned and bounced on it. "Good, Steph," he growled. "Your body is strong. I think I'll breed you. Ready yourself."

Her eyes widened. She tried to say something but then inhaled sharply. The cock pulsed and bulged widely, throbbing. Something flowed into her, thicker than cum. Her belly began to bulge.

"Good." The cock slid out, and Steph slumped to the floor. The monster turned back to Miya. "Get up. We must secure the perimeter and defend the breeder while she gestates."

Miya stood up, shakily, stained with cum and wearing only sneakers. The pair of them walked off, leaving Steph sitting in a puddle of cum, a goofy grin on her face as she rubbed her bulging tummy...

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