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Ann and the Arcade 
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Post Ann and the Arcade
This showed up on /d/ for like a half hour before it got quashed :( So besides one very appreciative fellow, i lack feedback and would love to get some!


Lights flashed enticingly. Ann had only been to this arcade once before, playing some games near the door then having to leave. Once she had made her way in, she noticed a machine center stage that no one was at yet. "The Box." The rules seemed simple enough and the prizes were outrageous. It was an old style looking game where the player worked their way through a maze dodging traps and avoiding trolls. It said however if the player lost, all her assets would be forfeit for the night. Ann figured she hadn't lost many tickets anyways so she may as well go big or go home.

She was pretty good at it, and had already cleared the first two levels. Meanwhile the machine was busy making calculations on Ann's size and weight. A few minutes later, things weren't being so easy, there were trolls coming out of the woodwork and traps every other step. But there was only one level to go. Then, as she rounded an intersection Ann's player was surrounded on all sides by trolls who quickly killed her avatar. Ann could only wonder if she had taken a wrong turn. Lost in thought for the moment she didn't even feel the straps loosely loop around her thighs.

But as she turned to go, she couldn't move. Ann had just about enough time to see what was holding her there before the bottom of the machine opened up and the straps where pulled, sweeping her off her feet and into the machine. New controls emerged from the console and the display flickered to "Loading..."

Ann tried to kick her feet, and flail her arms, but more straps were already clicking into place, holding her limbs fast. As she opened her mouth to scream, mechanical arms grabbed her lips, fitting a ring gag into place and corking it. A second later what little light was there was hidden from her as a hood went over the rest of her head. All of the straps tightened and she couldn't move an inch, only able to let out of a muffled scream as she felt hands clutching her shirt. With a dramatic pop, all the buttons gave way as it was pulled open. Quick snips cut her sleeves loose and a delicate pull unhooked her bra. Ann's screams turned to silent horror, her nipples feeling the cool air, and her thighs twitching helplessly as she felt the machines hands reach up her legs.

Her skirt was unbuckled and removed, and her panties unceremoniously torn off. "NOOOO!" came the muffled gasp. She struggled pointlessly against the restraints. Two more straps cliped around her upper thighs, sure to hold her absolutely still as the machine shaved her pussy. Ann's objections had died down to a small whimper. Then. Everything stopped. She was alone in the darkness, feeling no more movement. But the screen came to life, now playing upbeat music and transmitting a display of Ann's naked body. Men began to line up to play their favorite game.

The first player was pretty timid. He put his coins in, and reached for the gloves attached to the console. Ann could only feel a slight nudge at first, attempting to recoil but held fast in place as rubber mechanical hands grabbed her breasts. She screamed at first, then began to thrash against her restraints. But the hands kept groping her, rubbing her nipples, eventually dipping down her body.

The 'Spread' button was pressed and Ann's legs were shoved open, her cries going unheeded as one hand rubbed across her moistening pussy as the other flicked across her nipple. The game was tracking bio-rhythms, and as it began to monitor an increase in arousal greater than Ann's, the meeter ran out. The first player sighed at first, but his eyes lit up as the machine unzipped his pants for him, displaying the words "Minor victory prize." Ann felt the surface she was resting on spin around, a door open, and her head was pushed out the box, and tilted back. A small string uncorked the ring gag, the player enthusiastically shoved his cock right in. Ann's lungs strained as she screamed bloody murder, but it was muffled to nonsensicalness by the first players shaft. His pushed in and out, reaching to the back of her throat, her tongue unintentionally licking him off as she tried to yell. Brought to edge that much faster he trust in deep and came. Tears ran down Ann's face as she felt his cum drip down her throat. She was pulled back, the ring gag corked again. And the screen lit up 'Next player.'

Meters on the screen gauged Ann's arousal and how wet she was. One of the regular's stepped up, nodding at the fact that she had already been warmed up slightly. A few buttons were pressed, and more straps fastened around Ann's breasts. She was still held fast and vulnerable, and her arms were starting to get too tired from struggling to resist even if she wasn't. There was nothing she could do but make muffled begging that turned into involuntary moans as the hands flicked and pressed on her nipples. With another control the new player eased a pearl vibrator into her pussy. Tears rolled down her eyes as she tensed and tried to stop the moans from coming out. He let her sit like that just enjoying the show as she moaned and still occasionally found the strength to struggle, but soon, his arousal eclipsed her involuntary excitement and the screen changed 'Average victory.' The turn table this time didn't spin however. She winced at the cold feel against her pussy as a partial chastity belt clamped over her, shielding her damp crotch. Her legs were effortlessly forced back behind her as she wondered what would happen this time. But as she felt delicate clamps pulling open her anus, and the wet feeling of lubricant spurting into it, she could only dread what was coming. The clamps kept her open and her ass was shoved through a slot in the game, able to slightly shake as she desperately tried to get free. But the current winner could easy stop that, as he grabbed onto her and thrust in. It went on for minutes as he worked himself in and out. She almost came close to cumming as the pain mixed with forced pleasure. Finally he tensed and released himself inside her. Ann gave out a soft whimper, her throat hoarse and her muscles exhausted as she was pulled back in. A quick spurt of cold water cleaned her out, and the belt clipped off. She was once again defenseless as the next player stepped up.

He immediately used the hands to yank the vibrator out of her pussy and shove it into her slightly gaping and sensitive anus, coaxing her tired lungs into screaming once more. But he wasn't done. The player moved wildly over the controls, grabbing both breasts and squeezing, then letting one hand go down to penetrate her. Ann tensed up as the rubber hand entered her again and again. She was reaching her limit. Something that was unfortunately also displayed to the player. He pushed his advantage, he began to move even faster, pulsing in and out of her, readying his other hand over two buttons. Before she had cried desperately for it all to stop, but now she couldn't get even anything muffled out between the moans. Suddenly he hit both buttons and moved to rub her clit between the now slick rubber fingers. As that shock started to hit her she felt the pressure as the machine attached two tiny clamps to her nipples. Her body tensed and lightning ran through her as she felt herself clench and let out a muffled moan. The game flashed 'Winner!'. Ann felt her legs pulled back again and her rear shoved through the game slot, this time with no protective belt. A soft "No..." issued out, indistinguishable by the ring gag. He danced his cock around the other side of her, rubbing it against her thighs and drenched pussy, enjoying her futile twitching before slamming it in. "MFFPHH!!!"

But he couldn't be stopped. She was now thoroughly lubed and he easily pounded inside her again and again. He came quickly and plentifully, and she could only squirm as she felt his warm cum inside her. And she could only react in horror after being pulled into hear the game's sounds signaling for the next player. Now that she had been warmed up, the players made way for the real pro. He removed the clips and ran the hands all over her body, squeezing her breasts, flicking her nipples, rubbing back and forth on her clit while he fingered her ass. She had no strength to move, no voice to scream with. But he wasn't even close to done yet. He pounded at the buttons and directed arrows with the controls at rapid speed, and small vibrators descended and were attached to her nipples, thighs, and clit. As she registered the buzz at her most sensitive places all she had was a heated whimper. Another button popped out a vibrating dildo which was shoved into her ass. And with the next motion he shoved another massive dildo into her cum filled pussy. He pushed it in and out mercilessly. And with horror she could already feel her next orgasm building. As it came he only pushed harder and faster, it got drawn out, and he pulled the controls back a the last second to let her discharge splatter everywhere. A new result lit up 'Jackpot!'. She felt many hands work over her, attaching the straps to the turn table instead of holding them in mid air. Her legs were pulled back and she felt small clips pull both of her holes open wide. Her ring gag was uncorked. A quick thrust shoved her out the back of the machine and into the open. She was left there in the open air presented entirely open to use as the other men rushed around.

Hands grabbed at her breasts, smacked her ass, fingers entered her pussy. Some men had brought toys and quickly shoved a stronger vibrator up her ass. She quickly came again just as someone shoved his shaft into her open mouth. The winner from before was allowed to happily rub his cock against her, dipping it in just slightly to let her get a sense of his massive size, before shoving it in. Both him and the other man thrust in and out as others licked around her breasts and pinched her nipples. She came twice before the man did. Then another two stepped up to replace them.

After cumming twenty times she passed out, and woke up covered in cum in a robe by a bus stop. Try as she might she could never find the place again after that, and was unable to tell whether she secretly wanted to or not.

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Post Re: Ann and the Arcade
I liked it, very exciting stuff. I'm not really into gang bangs but the rest of it was great stuff in my opinion. Hope to hear more!

Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:54 pm

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Post Re: Ann and the Arcade
I liked how it went towards the ending, since I am a big fan of "no no that I like it" and victims that end up enjoying what is being done to them, tho I would have made it so she was fresh, unmarred and perfumed inside a cushy, soft, long white robe with enough money for a bus fare in its pockets.

It would be much harder for her to get anyone to believe in her ordeal while obviously clean, fresh and healthy, than it would be with her covered in cum, and with the bruises of the bindings still on her.

You could have ended it in a more open way, like "she promptly applied for a job at the arcade, entering work in the large "regulars only" floor of the place", but that´s just me ;)

Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:08 am

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Post Re: Ann and the Arcade
Thanks. I have a few other old ones I'll get to posting. Most of them end up having some kind of gang bang element though I think, hmm.

And heh : FSM. That's actually a good suggestion I didn't think of. Perhaps maybe not that fancy, but a fresh set of clothes, clean, but still a sore ass, to make it clear that no you did not dream that. I like to leave it kind of ambiguous in that "maybe she liked it, maybe not" area, rather than leaning too heavily to one or the other side. So like in this one, the gaps can be filled in. Maybe she spends the next month looking for the place so she can do it again, or she can never find it again and is left wondering if she was briefly in some kind of ghost story. I think I'll go back and factor in some changes into the ending.

Mid summer night's fuck is a great formula. Really crazy shit happens, and then you're plopped back into the world, to be changed by what happened, or not.

Or maybe it's just the formula i stick to since I have problems reading or writing tragedy.

Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:50 am
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