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The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 1054 
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Post The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 1054
Alright, in my country we have a saying "lo prometido es deuda" which roughly translates to "a promise is a debt" (this is legally so, by the way, as we give "one´s word" and "oral contracts" the full weight of the law where I am from, and "attacks to one´s honor" is still considered a reasonable excuse when facing trial for murder or assault)

Anyway, I promised an elf farm, thus here it is. So enjoy.
...I hope.

By the way, the following wall of text is the why and how did the gnomes got to be in charge of the elves and why they treat them as they do. If its too long to read, just dont. I will write good ´ol sex and such after this first post.


Looking out into the farm grounds, at the peaceful meadows and plains with their sturdy but almost decorative wooden fences, the origins of it all are all the hardest to believe. But both the oral and written traditions agree, it all started in fire and death.

After a lengthy and arduous age of slavery, the captive gnomes of the drow city of... well, its name has been long forgotten now. The thing is, the drow kept slaves, a lot of them, about as many as thirty for each drow inside the city, and treated them far worse than their pets. It was a dark, terrible period, with the vicious elves inflicting an endless string of atrocities unto their captives, seemingly for the sheer joy of causing pain, and actively trying to outdo one another in this matter. Indeed, a single tale of such acts are often more than enough to silence any would-be critic of the current order of things, and where one tale fails, the massive "Tales of Woe" book on every breeder´s library have not once failed to change their reader´s opinions.

Of course, there were slave rebellions before, but they were swiftly, and horribly, squished, every single time inspiring the drow to new sanity-shattering heights of cruelty and sadism, most of which have been included in the "Tales of Woe" for historical accuracy, often with obviously trembling, barely readable handwriting. What made the last rebellion a success, however, was the captive´s patient tampering and study of their magical, binding collars, and the relationship they shared with their controlling rings. A relationship that turned out to secretly flow both ways, and which gave control to that individual with the strongest will and, most would say, malice.

Sad that the rebellion would never had succeeded if not for the drow final atrocity. In an act of supreme cruelty and disdain for those they controlled, one they had secured a new people as their slaves, humans from the surface that had their civilization apparently demolished by what we later learned was an ice age, the spider priestesses gathered all of the gnome females, and, seeing as how the humans were larger, stronger, shorter lived and usually easier to dominate than the tricky gnomes, sacrificed them to their goddess, offering her the screaming, shrieking souls of our mothers, daughters, sisters and beloveds in a few scarce moments, while also giving our despair and horror at this act, and the slow, now certain extinction of our people as the "cherry on top" to their dark goddess.

Horror, surely, indignation, of course, burning hate? finally. It was this that finally allowed our ancestors to dwarf the malice and willpower of their mistresses with their own, turning them into their slaves merely two nights after their atrocity, while they were still celebrating their dark deed.

As the females had reserved the control and ownership of their slaves for themselves, their males had not fallen under our fore bearers control, and it was necessary to use the (thankfully, NOW) stronger, more powerful (both physically and magically) females to slay the males and defend their new "masters".

The humans were content with being freed from drow depravity, and happier still when they participated from the looting and pillaging. Having witnessed our loss, they didin´t even try to contest the ownership of our previous mistresses, and, with the now enslaved drow burdened with the loot of their own city, and using them as guards and warriors, we managed the trip all the way into the surface and the lands under the sun.

Free, but still doomed as a people, we rebuilt our homes on the backs of our former mistresses. Even after their ultimate cruelty, we could not bring ourselves to kill them in cold blood, and we could certainly not free them. It was almost a year later, during the anniversary of the death of half our kin, that our prayers were answered, as an avatar of our deity visited our small, dying land and blessed us so that we would be able to replace our lost kin with our former captors. Any male child would be kin of their father, while any female would be kin to their mother, and so, we would be able to preserve our people in the now frozen world.

Errors were made, usually, this meant that someone left their hate and conviction waver enough that his former mistress would regain control through the ring/collar link, and then the rest of our ancestors would be forced to use their own enslaved drow to slay the recently freed one. Eventually, The Way was established as law. Firstly, all drow would be subject to the harshest, firmest bondage we could safely inflict upon them, leaving them completely helpless before we proceeded to remove their control rings, and finally free ourselves from the hated collars.

A great deal of effort and study was involved in this project, but gnomekind is nothing if not a race of creative thinkers, and soon our former mistresses were encased in various bindings of ever increasing complexity and helplessness, which would only grow in quality as time passed, and we made a yearly event of showing new and better restraint, long after destroying the hated rings and collars, all the way to the present, and probably well into the future.

This is all well in the past now, of course. It has been well over thirteen millennium since our god came to us and gave us the ability to breed with our former mistresses, and only a year less since our ancestors wrote down the laws of The Way were redacted as they continue to be enforced to this day. All things balance themselves out in the end, they say. Somehow, perhaps predictably, our kin gained the lengthy lifespan of our new "mothers", while their own shrunk and wavered, albeit they retained their physical beauty almost to the very end of their new, much shorter lifespans. Studies, both physiological and mystical, eventually revealed that the drow´s dark goddess, furious at the new condition of her chosen, had withdrawn her blessings from them, and as no proper elven god would take them under his or her protection, their lifespan and powers continued to wane until their much reduced modern state.

Over time, our human neighbors came to emulate our practices, to some level, claiming control over their females, albeit in a much more ritualized, and from what we could see, voluntary form for everyone involved. Seeing as this new state of things was apparently one of consent, it was considered intrinsically superior, morally speaking, to the one in which we kept our own slaves, so we kept silent, somewhat ashamed for the price of our survival.

An interesting fact, however, lies in the fact that at some point, somehow, different kinds of elves have been added to the "herds". Pale, ivory skinned, blue, golden, grey, and even winged elves have somehow all ended in the herds. Research into the who´s, the why´s and the how´s surprised us once it was revealed that, indeed, nearly the whole of the world had been covered in ice, and that our god, ever the prankster, had bargained a warm, safe heaven for other kinds of elves with their respective gods "as long as they submit to The Way of the law in their new homes". Those gods should really have known better, and paid special attention to why there was mid-sentence words with capital letters, mid-phrase in the contract they were agreeing to. You don´t make a deal with a trickster god and expect not to be tricked. Really, is just one of those things, you know?

Regardless, we were flooded with many new varieties (and some of the most irreverent openly, playfully say "flavors") of elves. This happened some two millennium ago, and after a entire year of great deliberation, our ancestors decided to give the new arrivals the exact same treatment as our former mistresses. After all, The Way was our ancestral law, and if we were to argue that these elves were blameless, the same could easily be said from our current drow, removed more than six hundred generations from those who preyed upon us in such cruel a fashion. Even more dire, this meant that we would have to let them ALL go, and again, that would mean the end of our own kind, so... not an acceptable outcome.

It is thus that we arrive at the present times. Nearly thirteen thousand years after our arrival into the valley region of Garsdale. The big folk, as the humans living in the edges of the valley have come to be known, give us protection from the monsters and barbarians coming from the icy world, and in exchange we help supply them with crafts and goods beyond their own means. Is a good arrangement for all parts involved, and certainly a more honest one than the one our god would have written, if it had felt inclined to negotiate directly with theirs.


That was longer than I thought it would be. Will soon be writing on the daily life at the farms and such. Suggestions and constructive criticism is welcomed, and encouraged.

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
It was a bright (if clouded, as usual) day in the fields. The wind was fresh, but not cold, and it softly played with Tana´s bright, silver mane as she trotted along the eastern fence. The mare´s bright, dark skin was glowing with health and vitality. All of her, from her mane to her harness, having been carefully, almost lovingly cared and maintained every day of her life.

Her gait was firm and regular, and nothing about it betrayed that she could feel the weight of her rider. Long, shapely legs and feet stomping the grass with every step, her harness fitting her perfectly, its straps and belts fitting her snugly, providing support for her shapely, soft breasts as it hugged her and stretched from her posture collar, all the way down her curvaceous figure and around her tail plug, between her thighs and back forwards again to connect to the thick, wide corset around her waist. Her rider, Kellen, the owner of The Golden Rein, sat on the chair resting near the end of her spine, nearly on top of her waist with all the confidence that came from hundreds of years of practice and experience, laying back just far enough he could use his own weight and that of his chair to compensate for the mare´s posture, completely bent forward at the hips, and keep her from falling forwards on her own.

The harness was not new, but one would be hard pressed to tell, from its lustrous leathers and well polished brooches, fitting the mare perfectly, limiting how much air she could take in, keeping her arms immobile over her back in the classical "reverse prayer" posture, and cupping her breasts without chafing, even as it left her soft, pierced nipples bare so that the first set of reins could be attached from their rings, hanging just barely loose up to the safety knots that resting against the rings at either side of her bit gag (Kellen had given her a ring model today, to help her breathe all the easier) and then down over her soft back to her rider´s hand, where they were entwined with the second, sturdier set of reins that came from the thick leather hood, both blindfold and earmuff neatly wrapped around the mare´s head, keeping her in her little mare world of complete darkness and silence, where nothing existed but the grass under her feet, the little tugs at her nipples and head, and her master´s crop, these last things nothing but signals for her to slow down, go right, left, or faster, as her rider demanded without words.

Kellen: "Easy, girl. Take a break, nothing to do but to wait" -of course, Kellen had grown in the farm (perhaps ranch would be a better term), and he knew the mare couldn't hear him, or understand him if she could, but he was still a child of the field, and it was common knowledge amongst breeders that a mare could still tell when it was being talked to by its rider.

Sure enough, the dark skinned, silver haired beauty seemed to calm down right away, and Kellen waved to Sindri, his ranch manager, as the experienced old gnome approached riding Oda, his favorite white mare.

Sindri: "Hey boss, finished the inspection on my side. Looks like the last storm didin´t cause any great harm, but we are still going to have to fix the fence at points" -Sindri´s mare, Oda, came to a casual stop as her rider gave her first set of reins a few gentle tugs, pulling softly from her nipples instead of giving a firmer tug to the firm, thick, padded leather ring covering her eyes and ears.

Kellen: "Pretty much what we expected, right? do we have the wood for it?"

Sindri: "Almost, maybe. Uhmm... I guess so, but it wouldnt hurt to make a brief trip to the market and get some surplus you know? especially now while the weather is still nice."

Tana seemed to recognize Oda and Sindri through their smell, and gave up a friendly, musical moan in greeting, taking two slow steps until her head ring nudged Oda´s, and then nuzzling against the pale, golden haired mare for a bit.

Kellen: "Eah, easy girl!"

Sindri: "You are aware that this is completely your fault, right?"

Kellen: "I know, but I didn't hear you complain none at the time"

Sindri: "True enough, I'm still waiting for my go"

Both mares had been "mounted" together as a team for months now, entertaining Kellen almost nightly since Tana came into a breeding age.

Kellen: "You mean hoping for a go, right?"

Sindri: "C´mon boss."

Kellen: "Fine, you can have them just as soon as I´m sure Tana is with Foal, alright? Want to breed her as soon as possible. Her line has turned out great so far, and we could use the money"

Sindri: "Sure thing" -it had long been a exact science to induce the mares to have a (elf) foal or a (gnome) child. Things like temperature, the station and such, made it practically a safe bet.

Kellen: "Race you back?"

Sindri: "Give me just a minute" -the ranch manager loosened Oda´s lower chest strap just a bit, to let the mare breath better, and took position by his boss.

The elf mares seemed to know just what was going on, their nostrils flaring up as they got ready to go. From behind, one could also see their tight little cunts tighten up and grow moist as their bodies prepared.


The crops bit sharply and suddenly into shapely, firm and ready elven flesh, and the mares took off at a thunderous pace!

It was a nice day at the ranch. It was bright, but without sun.


As usual, suggestions, requests, and ideas are welcome and encouraged. I pretty much don´t write until it seems to interest someone. No point in writing for myself, that I can do offline, after all ;)

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105 sex...

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
This was... wow. A lot different then what i was expecting when I started reading. Slavery isn't my thing but damn if you don't do it well. The story has a nice flow to it, the elves are beautiful :) I'd almost like it better though if the newer elves had shown some sign of being of the same evil mindset as the Drow, possibly comical, like they expected they would be lords over the gnomes once they got to the warm land and acted like the usual stuck up pricks elves can sometimes be like on arrival.

Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:00 am

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
Well, if you want sex, then ask for it! XD
I´m always saying that if you want something from one of my stories, you should ask for it.
So, requests? I was thinking in telling the race from the (blind) viewpoint of the mares. Sensations, arousal and such, then maybe the watering and cleaning, then the fucking before going back to their stalls for the night.

Any requests for the act itself?

Sat Nov 13, 2010 5:44 am

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105

Haha sorry, I guess I've played too much Dawn of War...
Not sure if you get the joke or not but I couldn't help it. Seeing the character's name used in a completely different context was certainately unusual.

As for the story, I love it already and would love to hear wear it goes. Love seeing restraints and LOVE seeing them in gags. My only suggestion is that I hope to see variety in the slaves. I don't mean physical differences, I can tell you'll be on top of that pretty well already, I mean personality wise. Of course there are going to be lots of slaves who are very passive about being bound gagged and used and that's great! However I would also like to hear about some slaves that are not simple push overs, moderate resistance and unwillingness to submit is one of the aspects I enjoy seeing. I'm not really into reading about nothing but push overs that get used in various ways, it's nice but lacks flare for me.

But that's just me, do what you will, it's your story and you've done an awesome job so far.

Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:11 am

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
Gouger wrote:

Haha sorry, I guess I've played too much Dawn of War...
Not sure if you get the joke or not but I couldn't help it. Seeing the character's name used in a completely different context was certainately unusual.

Not all, I was checking the book for gnome names when saw "Sindri" there and immediately said, "goddamn, i´m taking that just so I can have the characters cry it out from time to time"

Right now i´m thinking in posting from the point of view of the "mares". What the world is like for them. Would write point of "view" but they don´t get to see much of it, if you know what I mean.

Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:23 am

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
Sounds good! Can't wait. Though I guess it's been a while since I've posted anything story-wise. Been busy (and a little lazy) lately but I'll have lot of time to write this week.

Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:39 pm

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
I know. I decided to simply keep one of the stories always open and type in stuff, even if its a single line, whenever I think of it during the day. So, let´s get to it =)

Dark, wind, hot. Tana had no words for these things. Not even for the concepts. She had been born and raised in The Golden Rein along with her sisters, and like her mother and her mother mother´s back for untold generations now.

She could not remember it, of course, but from the day she entered this world, she had been lovingly measured and cared for. Her every day planned beforehand by specialized, well practiced ranch hands that took taken care of her. Tana´s mother, a beautiful ebony mare with a pale golden mane, had resented the two years and a half that followed at first, when their caretakers bound her long, shapely legs so she couldn't move, and left her on her side in what other people would call a "hog tie" but was simply "common sense" as far as the ranch was concerned.

Tana´s mother, Shivra, had a tendency to kick, so it was decided to keep Shivra bound for the two years and a half that the fillies milk stage would last.

So it was that Tana and her sisters had a completely kick-free, much tender childhood than most of her kin. A few breeders voiced concerns or worried for Shivra´s well being, but Sindri, the ranch manager, decided it would be easier (and cheaper) to put Shivra through a recovery and exercising period, than to try to heal and train three badly mauled and traumatized fillies.

Shivra´s stall was a five by five area with soft, constantly refreshed hay, and a sweet smelling, heavily bound, warm, soft figure laying down in the corner, almost completely covered in a hard, smooth thing which felt nice to lie down against in the darkness. It also had these large, soft round things from which Tana and her sisters quickly learned they could suckle for their food whenever they wanted to before going back to sleep.

From the caretaker´s side of things, things appeared quite different, of course. The sensual Shivra was firmly (but carefully) bound, so her daughters could drink from her milk-heavy breasts at any time with minimal effort on their part. Her delicious figure firmly secured against the walls of her stall, her every hole carefully plugged with hoses that either feed of emptied her, depending of the time (although to be sure, it all happened at the same time, occasionally), making her into a most sensual piece of machinery for her daughter´s care.

Once the fillies breast-feeding period was over, Tana had been carefully collared and tagged, then moved to the larger stall that she and her sisters would share for a little over a decade to come.

Back to the present, however, the young mare is enjoying herself. Far behind her were the fright of the first rides now. She knew this being on her back, she trusted it. It handled her superbly, speaking to her in a language of reins and crop, of pulls and hits both soft and hard as it wanted her to speed, trot, charge or turn. A tense pull on her silky mane, she may need to either jump or turn soon- there! a pull, jump!

The ebony mare, her body covered in perspiration, instantly leap up as high as she could, trusting the being on top of her to know what to do, jumping over the fence cleanly and landing without stopping on the soft grass on the other side, running like an arrow towards wherever her rider was taking her.

Dark, hot. Her world was dark and quiet, with no light nor sound making it past her hood. A tug here, a bite of the crop, small hands on her back.

Kellen was enjoying the ride. Whenever possible, the owner of The Golden Rein preferred to ride without the reins or chair, standing on the mare´s shapely butt and the small of her back, but this was only possible at times like this, when he rode them at full gallop, and inertia did half his work for him, the stunning mare´s own speed keeping them from falling forward, even as he stood on the small of their back in a seemingly impossible posture, his rough hand wrapped firmly on the silken mane pouring forth from the top of their hood, leading his steed by controlling them utterly like so, able to turn them left or right, having them jump or speed forth at a moment´s notice.

Sindri: "Hey, boss! the fence!"

Of course he had seen the fence! Kellen grabbed Tana´s mane and gave her a firm tug back, then smacked her at just the right time to have the athletic beauty leap up as high as she could, landing on the other side and darting towards the stables!

Sindri sighs, knowing he had lost the race. Oda was a year older than Tana. She had more experience and training, and Sindri was confident in her victory on the open field, but he had never enjoyed the acrobatics his boss did. It was a stupid way to get a mare or a rider hurt, for him.

Sindri: "Shh... that´s it girl, there´s no rush now" -of course, Oda couldn't hear or understand him, but ask anyone who has ever worked with animals, and they will tell you that talking to them still tells them everything they need to know.

So, the ranch manager sat back on the chair, and enjoyed the rest of the ride at a measured trot. The mare was strong and in her prime, the day was nice, and there was no rush anymore.

As usual, suggestions, requests?

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Post Re: The Golden Rein, breeding the finest elf mares since 105
Are you planning to continue this one? It's awesome :lol:

Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:29 pm
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