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Night time Adventures 
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Post Night time Adventures
This is I'm pretty sure the first one I ever wrote, so the polish is probably a bit less than the Arcade story. I don't mind sharing it though! (hmm, i'll have to writeup the next new idea i have sometime in the near future : /d/ inspired me with this one picture about puppets :D )

Looking at some of these stories, i think to be more precise : my fetish is just in the unexpected/impossible/fantastic happening. There's some thrill that comes from having someone captured and sent for the ride of their life by forces they can't understand. I really like the stuff where it's goblins/little people that have to set an elaborate trap so they can capture and tie up their human-sized prize, but there's almost no material on that :( Anyways, i'm getting off topic, here's the story :


The bonds were secure. It was still rather new to her but she had gotten more and more excited at the idea of self-bondage after reading about it. The girl was now ball-gagged, blindfolded, and tied to her bed in the middle of the night. Each limb of her naked body had been secured to a corner of the bed by a timed lock and harness that had pulled tighter once she was in it. There was no hope of her moving an inch, as sweat dripped over her naked body.

She had thought about rigging up one of her dildos but figured tonight would be a good test drive. Her heart was already racing as she took in the situation, knowing it would be two hours before the locks undid, and that the safety release wasn't usable in her current situation. Time passed, she had lost track. But then the impossible happened, the door opened. Everything had been locked up tight, but before she could struggle with that paradox, the intruder spoke,

"Well it looks like someone's having fun. I'd have a few suggestions though."

She screamed through the gag but it didn't make much noise. She couldn't feel any hands but her body tried pointlessly to struggle as ropes tightened around her breast and crotch. She felt an odd loop sitting against her moist pussy.

"Oh good, you have one"

A second later she screamed again then moaned as she felt one of her vibrators enter her, shift a bit, along with the ropes, then nothing.

"See you in a bit."

Right as she started to realize what the crotch loop was for, she felt the vibration kick on the highest setting. She struggled as hard as she could against the ropes but eventually was paralyzed by the sensation stimulating her tender areas. All she could do was scream and moan, and hope the locks would click off before he came back.

Which they didn't.

"Hmm, ok now that you're more in the mood, let's she what we got here."

She tried to struggle as she felt hands probing over her breasts, rear, and pussy, but it was no use, and her voice was getting tired. She winced as the dildo was removed, and screamed at the top of her lungs when she felt her lower lips being spread, fingers poking around inside.

"Much more wet now. Well, maybe I'll take you with me for a while. Better have some pre-acquisition testing though."

Her mind stopped dead. But it was called back to life as she felt something thick and hot pressing against her damp lower lips. She tried to say whatever she could think of to get him to stop, but the tip quickly pressed into her, entering fully. It was easy with how damp the dildo had made her. She moaned and spasmed, but no one else would hear her and she certainly couldn't move as the feeling overwhelmed her with each thrust. Her eyes welled up with tears and she involuntarily started to moan as she climaxed.

"Already? Huh. Guess I can finish up here too."

Her body felt like fire was running through it as the thrusts sped up, stopped, and she felt some warm fluid in her. The shaft was removed, and there was silence.

"Pretty good, I'd think. Hmm, I better fix some things though."

She heard some incomprehensible words and her body started to tremble, she didn't know what was happening. But soon she felt like she was going insane, she must be. But it was real, she felt her boobs, ass, clit growing in size, and the space inside her pussy tightening. She felt her tits get bigger too. She had to be insane for feeling this, the shock from the experience must have done it. Then he confirmed it.

"You can keep those too when you get back, consider it compensation."

But she wasn't rational enough to acknowledge that. She was back to screaming as she felt his hands exploring the new changes. The ropes had made her tits sensitive before, but now they were so much larger and her body quaked at each touch. And when he fingered her new pussy she came again.

"Well, that looks like you're ready for some more"

He was all over her this time. He slammed into her pussy relentlessly, came, then poked at and licked her breasts. Then she felt his large penis between her now large breasts. He thrust just as enthusiastically between those, and came on her neck. Then there was silence, except for her body panting. The time must be up soon, then she could make a run for it.

"We better be off soon."

She froze in horror as she heard the sound of more bindings in the background, they clipped to her arms and legs, pulling on them, but the previous ones resisted. When they clicked off, she cried in terror as she felt her limbs whip around, being pulled into a new position. Her legs were now raised up to the sides of her chests, and her arms were locked to them underneath. Again she was incapable of moving much at all. She felt him pick her up, attach a breathing device to her nose, and lower her into some kind of leather bag. It zipped up over her, and she couldn't help but twinge as she felt her exposed pussy touch the smooth leather inside.

Then she was carried outside. From inside the bag, doubly blind, she tried to wonder what would happen to her. Time passed, and she was still completely incapable of thinking clearly.

"Time for a pit-stop"

She didn't know what that meant, until she felt the zipper moving up, just enough to expose her pussy. Hands massaged and fingered the sensitive area as she moaned and tried to cry out, hoping the gag wouldn't muffle things enough. But she was soon sopping wet, and his large member was entering her again. He came, and then the bag was zippered up and they were on the move again.

Meanwhile, an agent was manning the end of her shift at the border checkpoint. Not many people went this way since it was just a foot access mostly used by hikers. The place was just a small indoor office. A man with just a leather bag came in. He checked out ok, but she became suspicious as the bag moved on the ground.

"I'll need to look through that."

"Bad idea"

Ropes shot out from behind the man's back, moving by themselves. They quickly restrained and bit-gagged the agent, raising her off her feet, her legs forcibly spread a good five feet. She screamed too, but it didn't matter. There was definitely no one else that could hear her with her voice muffled.

"Maybe I'll check you out too." He said, and waved his hands. To her horror she felt her clothes rip themselves open around her breasts and crotch, and her underwear stretch and begin to fondle her. She pulled against the bonds but they met every one of her resistances. Once she soaked through her panties, her underwear too ripped itself open. However, her clothes wrapped themselves tightly around her breasts, pushing them outward, and her ripped panties gripped at both of her entrances and spread them wide as she screamed in shock-filled horror. The man dropped his pants, and she tried to pull back as she saw his massive erection, but it was no good. He rubbed it against the opening of her spread lips as she moaned and screamed, then slipped it in completely. And he began to thrust over and over while licking her sensitive breasts. Soon she felt a trembling in her, and knew he was coming, but he jammed harder into her and held. And then she realized it wasn't stopping. It kept pouring out, and her belly started to swell. This wasn't possible. But it was happening, buttons on her torn shirt popped off as her belly expanded, and then he finished. The extra cum began to drain out of her after he pulled out, until she was back to a mostly normal size. He stood under her and rubbed his penis all over his and her fluids.

Then went behind her...

She cried out stronger than before as she released her anus was still spread open wide too, and felt his penis sliding into it. He pounded it into submission as well, and released a massive load that left her bowels greased.

"Hmmm, no. You better stay here. You have the night shift to attend to."

She didn't know what he meant as he packed up and left, the doors automatically locked at night. But then she blinked her eyes as she saw. As the agent hung there exposed and spread, she saw the men depicted in each travel pamphlet exit into the 3D plane, and take their clothes off. They looked at her, each getting massive erections.

Through the bit she cried "NOOOOOO".

And then the scene was a blur. Someone blindfolded her as many hands and tongues attacked her breasts, pussy, and anus, then she felt two penis's press at each opening. The ropes kept her suspended and helpless as each man released himself in one hole, then let another take their turn. The ropes then loosened and twisted her around, suspending her body flat a short distance above the ground. She felt all her clothes be ripped off, and as her body tensed up in response to the cold, an endless stream of cum covered her. Then... she felt something sneaking around at the edges of the bit in her mouth. The bit was removed, and in another solid motion before she could clamp her jaw, cloth strips pulled her mouth open and locked it that way. And other strips wrapped tightly around her breasts and crotch. Every part of her was forcibly held open.

She was kept tied helpless as the first cock slid into her mouth, and emptied itself. Then as the second came in, someone slid underneath her and entered her anus, while another massive cock forced her way into her pussy, now quite lubed from the activity. This went on for hours before she woke up alone and naked in a giant pool of cum.

As for the girl in the bag, who knows what things happened to her, but true to his word, she woke up in her bed a week later... very shaken.

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Post Re: Night time Adventures
heh, "I put on my robe and wizard hat, then turn you into a real beautiful woman"

Well, was a fun read. Again, would change the end a bit, but its 7:14 am and don´t have the mental acuity required to work it quite out at the moment.

Basically would make it clear she enjoyed it and maybe even wish for it to continue. I´m fine with it beginning in a non consensual way as everyone has a happy ending. Pun not intended

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Post Re: Night time Adventures
agreed with FSM

I think I'll go to the critque thread later and post then. Right now I'm tired.

Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:40 pm
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