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Here's a new one i wrote up tonight instead of sleeping for some reason. I'll probably go do that soon :D I think I could do more with this one, expand in the middle a bit and maybe give a sequel, but even as is, I think it's kinda fun :)

As i mentioned before, I really love stuff where some tiny things (but still completely 'endowed' ;) ) lust after a woman, and have to set traps and use the environment to trap her, strap her down, and screw her all night long. If anyone else has any ideas for stories like that I'd love to read some! There's almost no material for this, fiction or pictures.


He had been eying her for three years. Not that he could move around much, but probably especially because of that. The way her breasts bounced up and down as she walked back stage. He knew she had to be walking around without a bra when she was working alone. He wondered what else she wasn't wearing. All he could think about for the first year was how much he'd like to tap that ass. For the first Halloween: he talked with the others, and planned. The second: they got the spare tools and built, after Tiffany had left early for the night. The third: they knew she wouldn't be leaving early.


Tiffany, or the Amazing Tiffany, ran the puppet and magic show down near the edge of town. It wasn't a booming business, but it brought in a steady enough income from parties and weekly showings.

She fumbled around looking for her purse. There was nothing to do this year, no parties, no anything. Things had been slow lately, she had spent the past couple hours cleaning up back stage, getting rid of old junk and papers. But now it was time to go, if she could just find her stuff. Finally she glanced a bit of pink. There was a pile of junk she hadn't gotten to sorting yet, what looked like an old rolling platform with a chest and who knows how many other pieces of junk on it. She could just make out her purse on the far side of the chest.

"Well, lost things always turn up in the least sensible places," she told herself as she walked over there and leaned over the chest to get her purse. Tiffany didn't even notice the bottom part of the stock right in front of it. But just as she reached over with both hands, she felt each nudged into place and a weight come down on them as the top section was flipped into place and locked. Something wooden landed against the back of her neck, and blocky hands tied a blindfold over her eyes.

Tiffany screamed, leaning on top of the chest, but it was soon muffled as rubber fingers pulled at her lips and teeth, holding her jaws open with surprising force. There was a clatter against her teeth as a ring was shoved into her mouth. Small leather straps were stretched against her cheeks and tied behind her head. The fingers pulled away, but her mouth was still held open wide. Something lifted up her skirt and smacked her in the ass. With her tongue pressed down by the device, she could only get out an inarticulate cry.

More gloved hands caught her flailing feet, looping straps around those as well. She couldn't keep up with all that was happening, and her muffled screams certainly couldn't be heard outside the old theater. She could do nothing as her feet were pulled to either side and the straps fastened to the edges of the platform. She futilely tried to close her legs as she heard snickering in the background, and felt the tugs as her stockings were ripped off her. There was only a soft whimper left as she felt hands trace their way up her calves to her thighs, stopping just short of her pussy.

Another strap was looped around her waist and she felt her lower body lifted higher while the stock was pulled forward. Tiffany could hear cheering as her ass was raised up, and the rest of her body pulled down over the chest. Her skirt was ripped off and her shirt was pulled open. She really wasn't wearing a bra, and shivered as her boobs dangled in front of her, exposed to the cold air. She tried to get out words, any kind of begging or protest, but her mind was dumbfounded into shock, and her tongue trapped. She felt the rubber hands cup around her breasts and squeeze, slowly admiring their shape. She screamed as best she could and tears came down her eyes as he/it continued to cradle them and rub her nipples, and dark fear crept into the back of her mind as she could feel herself clench, and the first stream of moisture dampened her pussy.

The hands finally let go, and she felt something, not wood, warm, against her breasts. As it poked her cleave she soon felt out the tip, and knew it was a throbbing cock. She tried to twist out of the way, get it off of her, but the tension on her arms kept her pulled straight forward. She didn't have the strength to move an inch. And no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't clamp her mouth shut as she felt it dance around her lips.

The rod was shoved in a second later, rubbing against her pinned tongue and filling most of her mouth. It was huge, and thrust in and out almost mechanically. Strong hands grabbed her head on either side as she tried to pull away. It went on for a full five minutes before she could feel the tremble, and warm cum streamed into the back of her throat. Tiffany started to cough, but as it kept coming she was forced to swallow. There was another cheer as the ring master finished his first go. As she tried to spit the last part of the load out he pinched her nipples, and she gulped down before screaming out.

Her body trembled as she felt rubber trace it's way down her back, and tightly grab her ass before ripping her panties off. As she started to scream another cock was thrust in her mouth, working back and forth like the other. The hand smacked her bare ass and worked her way down to her now thoroughly damp pussy. Two fingers slid around the outside and parted her lips, and she couldn't stop herself from moaning. The rubber got slick and quickly the fingers could slide in and out of her freely, her raised ass twitching slightly as the only sign of her resistance. Lightning went through her as her insides clamped tightly against his fingers, pulsing in and out, his thumb dancing against her clit. As more cum streamed down her throat, Tiffany could feel her body tensing up. She was almost there--she didn't want to be there. Stop. He pulled out, but she knew what was coming.

The same meaty cock from before danced outside her, she panted for air as the other pulled out of her mouth. She was allowed a few gasps, then a replacement was shoved back in her mouth, right as the bigger one slid into her pussy. The warmth tipped her over, her outstretched legs quaked and her walls clamped against the intruding shaft as she came. This only inspired him to start thrusting in and out. He could get her at least another dozen times.

Sweat beaded down her legs as he continued to thrust. New hands groped her breasts, and as each cock came in her mouth, a new one readily replaced it. She came again a few minutes, her legs became too weak to stand and she let her body hang by the waist strap. The tempo increased as her insides clamped against him again, and he dumped his load inside her. Tiffany could feel the warm goo streaming deep into her. Her body was weak, her voice was tired. He pulled out and rubbed his cock against her, taking joy in her whimpers and moans as he got hard once more, rubbing against her tender lips.

She scratched her hands against the wood as she felt him press against her and enter her pussy again. This was his night. At least for the first two hours, then everyone else would have free access not just to her mouth, but her ass and pussy. Her body couldn't take it. Her legs were rubber, her crotch shot bolts of lightning each time another cock thrust into her, and she was dizzy from being leaned over at such and odd angle. As cum began to leak out and drip below her crotch, she passed out.

Tiffany woke up in a daze as light started to stream through the room. She was hanging upright something raising her by her arms, but the blindfold was gone. Looking up she saw her arms were tied upwards to a plus shaped set of boards. Her legs could comfortably reach the ground and maybe take a step in either direction, but she couldn't sit down. A bit was jammed into her mouth and there were what looked like doll joints crudely drawn on her elbows and knees. The blindfold seemed pointless, the stupid joke confirmed everything. Then again, it's not like she could throw all the dummies away, there'd be no show. There were things taped to her boobs and what felt like something taped to her pussy, but she couldn't get a good look.

Frustrated, Tiffany tugged at the boards, hoping they were as flimsy as they looked. They only gave a little, then held firm. She heard a click, and then tried to yelp as a few things flew right by her face and hit the ground. There was a large stopwatch, counting down from two hours, and a sheet of poster board, written on in block letters : "Dance, Tiffany!" She felt a buzzing against her as she quickly figured out what those things were.

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Whenever school lets off the pressure a bit I've got another story rolling around in my head with some small, disproportionally endowed toys at play. Is this stuff interesting to anyone or should I move onto a different thing?

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