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Present - Holiday cheer! 
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Post Present - Holiday cheer!
Maya growled as she trudged up the stairs. Her arms were laden with packages, making it hard to see the crooked steps. She almost stumbled on the third floor landing, but righted herself; stepping down the hallway, she reached her apartment door--and tripped.

"Shit!" Boxes clattered to the ground. Maya grabbed her knees, panting, then she straightened up.

Who had hung a wreath on her door? Probably her landlord, he was always making pointless gestures. Maya looked down; there was a package in front of the door, a plain brown box surrounded by her shopping. That's what had tripped her up.

Sighing, Maya dug her keys out and unlocked the door. She walked into the kitchen and turned on the light and the thermostat, then pressed a button on the answering machine.

Beep. "Hey, uh, this is Andy. Just wanted to mention I won't be making it to the Christmas party. Uh, Merry Christmas babe." Maya dropped the first load of packages on the kitchen table. "Bastard," she muttered. Andy had waited until the second week of December to mention that he was more attracted to one of Maya's friends and thus wouldn't be seeing her any more. She still had to return the gift she'd bought for him; one more errand to put on the pile.

Beep. "Hey sweetie, this is Mom! We still haven't sent your gift, we had trouble at the post office...and I had trouble with that Amazon List thing, I just picked up something from Macy's. Well it'll be a while...anyway Merry christmas honey!" "For fuck's sake," Maya swore. She closed the apartment door and ran her hand through her short hair, sighing.

Beep. "Yo, it's James. We need you to work every day this week; Alice called in with a cold and everyone else is on vacation. See you tomorrow. Beep.

"Damn it!" Maya smacked her fist against the table. Then she rubbed at her hand and grimaced. When would they learn to schedule shifts properly? She needed a shower.

Half an hour later Maya was in the bathroom, blow-drying her hair. Her gaze was drawn to the mirror. At just over five feet in height, her reflection was almost childlike. Her dark hair wasn't quite shoulder-length, framing her round face and wide eyes well. Despite the wintry skies, her skin was still slightly tanned. She had thrown on a fluffy pink sweater and thin pink panties, carelessly, but still showing off her curves to good effect.

Turning off the hair dryer, Maya sighed and left the bathroom. She walked to the living room and plopped listlessly onto the couch. Flicking on the television, she watched for almost a minute before she realized it was some reality show that was completely stupid. Maya's eyes wandered around the room before finally landing on the package she had picked up from the hall.

Then she sat up straight.

Expressive Health Creations--the return address was familiar, and the box was plain brown. Plain, discreet brown. Maya grabbed up the box and stepped quickly to her bedroom.

Maya sat on her bed and set the box in front of her. She opened it slowly and her breath caught. A red envelope, with rather ornate gold trim, and below it--a present? Green wrapping paper with matching ribbon and bow. She hadn't ordered anything recently...what could it possibly be? It was wrapped so carefully...Maya tore open the envelope to reveal a white card with black lettering.

As appreciation for your loyal patronage, we have prepared a modest gift to make the season a little brighter.

Happy Holidays!

A smile spread over Maya's face. She grabbed the present and pulled at the wrapping until it unraveled, then she tore open the paper and opened the plain white box beneath.

Maya gasped. It was large. It was green--it was obvious what it was, but it wasn't quite what she had expected, either. One end was smooth white; she coiled her hand around it and drew the object forth.

Nearly a foot of thick green extended from the white handle. It was slightly tapered, from an inch at the tip to almost two at the base. And it was ridged, startlingly detailed. It looked like nothing other than a tentacle.

Maya felt over the handle. Yes, there was a switch, and a slight blue glow. She ran her free hand over the shaft--it was rubbery, unyielding. Surprisingly, it wasn't cold, more lukewarm. Her finger brushed over the switch, but she didn't flip it yet.

It really was very tentacular. Astonishingly so. Everything else she had ordered from this company had been smooth or gently curved, maybe one or two bumps. This was ridged and mottled, and it even seemed to have pores. It didn't feel like ordinary silicone, either; it was like makeup from a movie monster.

Someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to simulate the tentacle of--a squid? No suckers, though. An alien monster? Not only was it a replica of an inhuman organ, it was obviously intended as a sex toy. The whole thing was completely bizarre.

It was pretty kinky, too.

Maya's cheeks suddenly felt warm. A grin spread over her face. She uncrossed her legs and spread them, reaching down to rub the tip of the toy over her panties.

"Mmmmm..." Maya smiled as she rubbed up and down, tracing her slit. The toy seemed warm--but that was probably just her own warmth. She put down the toy for a moment and pulled her sweater off, tossing it aside; then she raised the dildo up and slid it between her breasts.

The head popped up in her cleavage, and Maya giggled. She pushed her tits against it for a moment, then she reached down and wriggled out of her panties. The toy didn't even drop from her chest as she completed undressing. Finally Maya grasped the dildo again and slid it down between her legs.

"Ooh!" It was amazing how real it felt. Maya lay back on the bed, closing her eyes. The head traced up and down her slit, getting wet from her juices. Finally she pushed and it slid easily into her pussy. "Ohhh, yeah..."

It was like her hand was moving by itself. Maya worked the dildo in and out, farther each time, until fully six inches were sliding in and out of her. The taper fit exactly right in her tunnel, and the ridges were wonderful--it stroked her so deliciously, every little bump and wrinkle tickling her in just the right way. In no time at all she was panting, rocking her hips to meet the plunging shaft. Just a little...more...

"AHHHH!" Maya arched her back; her pussy quivered and gripped the dildo tightly. Her body trembled for a long moment before finally sinking back to the bed. "Oooh..." She exhaled loudly and grinned. Usually she didn't cum that quickly...maybe she just really needed to work off stress tonight. And she wasn't done, either.

Maya slowly withdrew the toy from her sex, sighing as it slipped free. She held it up and examined it; still the same tentacle, still with the curious blue glow, the shaft now glistening with moisture. Her thumb found the switch and pushed it.

The tentacle began to wriggle. Maya gasped and actually laughed in delight. Her body felt even warmer as she watched it move. She moved it down between her legs...

"Ahhh!" The toy squirmed against her sex and sank in immediately. It was like it wanted to be inside her. Maya threw her head back and groaned, her hand pistoning once again, forcing the tentacle deeply into her cunt. It wasn't vibrating--it wasn't like any toy she had ever played with before, but it was wonderful. Maya's free hand went to her chest, kneading and squeezing her tits, pinching the pointed nipples. Was she already feeling an orgasm coming on? She couldn't tell if it had been five minutes or an hour since she'd started playing with the dildo. Now it was squirming in just the right way--

Maya gasped. She could feel the pleasure blossoming inside her like a flower. She stared up at the ceiling, panting, one hand keeping the tentacle driving into herself, the other grabbing the bedsheets...anchoring herself as the orgasm crashed over her.

"Ahhhhh! FUCK!" Maya tossed her head and cried out in the throes of her pleasure. She kicked her feet and writhed, whimpering as the tentacle continued its relentless assault. Finally the storm subsided, leaving only a warm glow.

"Ahh...OHHH!" Maya jerked as the tentacle brushed over her clit. It was so sensitive, it was almost tickling--another touch and she jerked again. She pulled on the white handle, but for some reason the tentacle didn't move. Groaning, she grabbed with both hands at the bed, trying to catch her breath.

Looking down, Maya saw the green length squirming between her legs. And--another tendril had sprouted? This one nudged at her clit, falling into a slow circling movement. The gentle touches set off more waves of pleasure; Maya groaned, eyes rolling back in her head. This was incredible--but still, something was wrong. Had there been a second tentacle before? Maya reached for the dildo's handle again.

The white handle slid back through the air. Maya stared at it. It wasn't just moving in midair, it was attached to the tentacle--the tentacle was lengthening. The white handle and its blue glow were moving back, allowing more of the tentacle to...appear? And it was getting thicker, too. It looked like much more than just an organ.

Maya felt a trickle of fear deep in her chest. She reached out for the tentacle.

More tentacles spewed forth from the blue glow. They grabbed her wrists and yanked them upward. Her legs were pulled straight as well--she was forced to lay spread-eagled on the bed. Maya panted heavily, pulling desperately against her bonds, but she could only watch.

The blue glow elongated and stretched enough to admit a great gray-green bulk. The creature landed on her stomach with a wet slap, but its tentacles grabbed onto the bed and floor, keeping its weight suspended. It stretched out, laying against Maya's body like a blanket.

An eye snapped open in the creature's torso. Blue, with a reptile's slit pupil, it regarded her balefully.

"Good evening," a deep voice said. Where was the thing's mouth? "Oh, you look very suitable indeed."

"What the hell's going on?" Maya gasped. "What are you? AHHH!" The tentacle was still buried in her pussy, wriggling intimately.

"I'm afraid I had to lie to you," the creature said. Its eye flicked back and forth, watching her struggles. "I am not a gift from Expressive Health Creations. I discovered that you were a regular customer of theirs, and so I planned this little ruse to get close to you."

"What the FUCK!" Maya yelled, yanking at her bonds. "Leave me alone! What the hell is this?!?"

"All I want," the creature continued, voice level, "is for you to cum."

"What? I'm not going to AHHHHHH!" The tentacle touched just the right spot inside her. Maya arched her back, pressing up against it.

"You are so responsive," the creature growled. It began to rub against her, ridged skin massaging her chest and thighs. "You'll do very well!" The tentacle pistoned inside her, driving relentlessly. And then the other one encircled her clit again.

"Ahhh, fuck!" Maya whimpered, panting. The familiar feeling was flowing through her. "No, please! Don't make me..."

"Shhhh," the creature murmured. Its body was almost melded to hers; its eye stared right into her face. "It's all right. Just cum for me."

"Nooooo..." Maya leaned her head back and sobbed as the orgasm built inside her. The monster was too good, swiveling and squirming in her quivering pussy. Her body clenched involuntarily, and the dam broke--

"AHHHH!" She bucked her hips, actually pushing the alien's bulk up and down. It rode her straining, sweating body as she was rocked by the orgasm. Then, finally, Maya collapsed again, panting breathlessly.

"Yessss," the creature whispered. It reached up to brush a tendril over her hair and face. "Already so many times...oh, you are a true delight, my dear."

"I...what?" Maya blinked and stared dazedly at the creature. She could still feel little jolts and shocks, and waves of pleasure seemed to wrap her like a blanket. What was going on? Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.

"You are delightful," the creature continued, caressing her cheek and shoulder. Both shoulders, in fact, at once. "Such a beautiful expression on your face, such sweet moans. And your orgasms...I can sense them, feel the passion of them. It fills me up like a fine wine."

Maya felt her cheeks warm again. No one had ever talked to her with such passion. And yet, it was still completely strange. "You...drink orgasm?" she murmured.

"In a way," the creature replied. "They give me pleasure. And power. That was my initial reason for visiting you, but your sensuality has charmed me."

"," Maya said. "I've never been hit on by a...a...nonhuman before. Do you always fuck on the first date?"

"Hmmm?" The large eye blinked. "Is there some other way to do it?"

Maya giggled. It was all like an insane dream. "That...was the best orgasm I'd had in...quite a while," she said.

The creature made a rumbling sound, like a growl. "I'm glad to hear it."

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Post Re: Present - Holiday cheer!
A little abrupt, perhaps...but I think I'll continue it later. I'm just tired tonight and I gotta do family stuff. Happy Holidays, everyone! ;)

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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Post Re: Present - Holiday cheer!
Great job! I like it. Sorry I havn't posted mine yet, It's not ready and I'd rather post it all at once. Happy Holidays indeed!

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Post Re: Present - Holiday cheer!
I like it very much as well!

Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:12 am
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