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Author:  TentacleSpecialist [ Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Tentacle Specialist Forum RULES!

1) It's just fantasy. These stories are for amusement only. They describe things which are illegal, unethical and physically impossible. You should not do anything described in these stories. If you can't tell fantasy from reality, you shouldn't be here.

2) Don't do anything illegal. Don't post links to pirated stuff or things that would make Chris Hansen curious. If you do illegal things on this forum, I could get in trouble, maybe rot in jail and the worst part is—the forums might go away. And you MUST be over 18 to browse this forum, or whatever age is required by law in your area to view pornographic stuff.

3) No harassment. Don't yell at people and personally attack them. Also, if you find someone you "like", don't send them lots of messages and stalk them. Basically, don't make people sorry they came to this forum.

The sentences in bold are the rules. Anything else is commentary and explanation. I did not give an example of each and every thing that will get you banned, because I'll be going by the spirit of the rules, not the letter.

That having been said...As long as you follow these simple rules, I invite you to have fun on the forum. :D

Author:  TentacleSpecialist [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tentacle Specialist Forum RULES!

This is not a rule as such, but it's important to know:

Every so often I have to delete a bunch of spambots at once. So, the quest is, how do I know who the spambots are? It's too much work to ban them individually...and the truth is that not many real contributors have registered here. (And those that did, registered a while ago.)

The easiest way to delete a bunch of spambots at once is to delete everyone who registered since a specific date. But what if someone does register and contribute? I can't always look at every post, either.

If you make a thread in the Introduce Yourself forum, I will make sure not to delete you.

So, to be sure you don't get deleted, go ahead and make a thread!

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