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The Breaking of Claire 
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Post The Breaking of Claire
This is a sad story me and a RP' partner wrote...we had a bit of a falling out and he might get pissed about it getting posted, I'll get it removed if he does but I figure It is half mine and I had to finish it cause it got left hanging. So here you go...

*Claire had been running for hours, trying to put as much distance as possible between herself and the slavers that had attacked her village and murdered most of the people dragging her sister off screaming by her hair. She had barely escaped, If not for having been in the barn she would have been found for sure. She had hid in a pile of hay waiting, sobbing trying to block out the screams of her family and friends. She stayed as long as she could until they set fire to the barn, the place nearly collapsed down around her. Now it was getting dark and she had never been outside of her little hamlet in the mountains, her father spoke of dangerous creatures and bandits, madmen and the far off cities, he had warned her never to leave their protected little mountain town. Now she had no choice, the lights from the old city out in the desert cast a foreboding glow into the clouds maybe sixty or seventy miles away, she would never make it in one night and took to looking for shelter.*

*Her village, one of the last safe havens in America save for the five great cities, had been hit by a slaving band of the cult of Hydra. They had gotten word of the mountain village from a few survivors and decided to take the place by force and force the hiding females to bow before the new gods of the world. Nearly everyone was drug off, even the males who didn't resist to hopefully be indoctrinated into the cult, or otherwise to be used as slaves for man. But she had made it and escape, she was free now and doing her best to run away...What she didn't know is that night had fallen and the beasts were on the prowl, and one such monster had been watching her, tracking her for the last hour and a half, skulking through the shadows, surprisingly stealthy for it's great bulk.

*Her freedom tasted bitter and she choked back tears, little word of the outside world ever reached them up there but the horror stories she had heard about the cult made her sad for her friends and her sister. She had made it all the way into the foothills of the mountain and came to a small spring. She needed to catch her breath so she stopped, all at once the emotion of the day washed over her and she curled up against a tree and held her head in her hands. What was she supposed to do, where could she go. The darkness creeping over the hills frightened her but she had no idea where she was. A small ruined house was about two miles down the hill and after collecting herself and wiping her face she stood up, resolute and kept walking.*

*Nothing happened, she was allowed to traverse the spring, to move towards the old house, the beast in the shadows following after her, creeping and slinking through the shadows, it's dull brick-red color able to keep him hidden and from standing out...But it all happened when she came too near to that house...It was unknown, he couldn't decipher a way to get inside and knew if she got in he would have to wait too long and his clutch of eggs wasn't going to wait. So just as she was nearing the door knob, probably elated nothing had attacked her, she would feel something wet sinking in through the back of her shirt, soaking the fabric in a thick slime that bled through the porous materials as the thick suckers along that tentacles length suddenly suctioned against her, becoming hard to pull away from, then a tentacle was sliding it's way around her waist, pulling her forward as the beast slid from shadows. It consisted of a massive bloated red mass that looked like an octopus' main body, with pinkish white eyes set on either side of the mass filled with black square-shaped irises. Connected to the end of the mass were an assortment of writhing tentacles, most predominant of them where long, and slender at the tip, with a tiny barely invisible slit; these were the fertilization tendrils.

*she had a hand on the door and held on for dear life, "no, not like this" the thing tightened around her waist and pulled her hand, slippery from sweat off the knob and spun her around. She froze in horror held up only by the things strong grip and stared into the eyes of her attacker, she tried to scream but found that her voice did not work and the pressure of the tentacle wrapped around her midsection and suckered to her flesh made it hard to breathe. Agape, amazed and curious, terrified and unable to move Claire watched as the thing oozed towards her. She reached down and tried to pull the thing off her belly but her hand just stuck to its cups, her mouth making little O shapes as she tried to force out any sound, a cry for help, anything*

*Four more tentacles lashed out; those smooth, thick, elongated fertilization tentacles that also served as it's primary tentacle, it's "average" tentacle as it were. Brick-red flesh that was surprisingly smooth though a bit rubbery was made even more smooth by the fact it's entire form secreted a thick sappy slime that actually smelled quite sweet, like mint. But those four tentacles moved for her appendages, despite where they were. The slime-tipped tentacles brushed over the flesh of her wrist, coiling around it with a surprisingly powerful grip as he tentacle suddenly went rigid, and then one of her flailing ankles was captured, and then her other wrist and finally her ankle. Then two more tentacles lurched forward, one slapping across her chest, mashing up against her bust and sucking her top in slime, while doing the same over her jeans. The tentacles on her back and around her waist pulled away. The four tentacles binding her appendages snapped taut, holding her still while the now suctioned tentacles pulled forward, tugging on her clothes as the tentacles squirmed against them, seeking to rip the clothing from her form...

*she gasped at the things strength, her tiny body unable to fight the things grip, she cringed as the thing spread her arms and legs and her breath grew rapid. Wriggling in the things grasp her hands opening and closing she still did not scream. Only when the thing slapped hard against her breasts and crotch and she felt the sticky wetness of its ichor did she snap back into reality and her instincts take over. She shrieked and wailed flailing uselessly against the things arms her pants and shirt getting soaked more and more by the minute. She could feel the slime dripping down her ankles and filling her shoes. Her ragged clothes started to tear at the seams under the tugging, exposing bits of her pale legs and chest.*

*SSSHHRRPT! Was the sound of her shirt being removed from her body in tatters and it made a SPLHNK sound, wet with slime, as the ovisquid chucked it and it collided with a tree. Her pants were suddenly ripped off as well, to leave her beautiful form hanging in mid air, supported up and looking like a profane X with arms and legs held outward from her, slanted. She deserved the soft caress of a lover, someone to tell her how beautiful she was and take his time with her, to hold her close and indulge in her passions. Instead she got an ovisquid whose two tentacles used to remove her clothed now wrapped around her knees, giving him full control to jerk her legs upward, so her thighs were near vertical, while pushing on her ankles to force her legs bent at the knee, all while spread wide open to reveal her pussy, and bare ass. And what was scariest for the girl would be the thin tube-like tendril now moving towards her mouth.

*Claire realized all at once that all the horror stories her friends had joked about were true and went back to sobbing weakly. All she could do is repeat over and over "No, not like this...No, No, Not like this." she whimpered as the thing jerked her off her feet and stretched her legs wide catching a glimpse of one of its alien eyes staring at her. She was already coated in the things slime and shiny in the nearly full moon. Her little pussy and pink asshole cold in the night air, seeing the thin tube snaking up between her perky tits towards her face she arched her neck away snapping her mouth shut and closing her eyes. Even in her own perilous situation her thoughts turned to her sister, could the cult be more horrible than this? She cursed her bad luck for not being killed like the rest of her kinfolk who resisted them. "No.....not like this"

*A tentacle, thick and heavy with slime had slid behind her and was now pushing against the back of her head, slathering her hair in the creature's heavy, minty slime that was almost thick enough to be solid and trails of it glistened on pale, untouched flesh; across her tits where it had sunk in from her shirt, across her thighs and pubis, of course it dripped down her legs now, in both directions coating them and it ran down her arms and sides coating them thoroughly. The back of her head being pushed forward suddenly, as the tube pushes suddenly to her lips and begins pushing harder, and harder. She wouldn't have much choice. She would either have to willingly take the tube into her mouth, or of course the thing would push her teeth out and gain access anyway.

*her eyes popped open as the rubbery thing pressed against her lips, she fought it as much as she could but it parted them and slid into her mouth, the sickening sweetness of it made her wide eyes water. Her chest heaved out as she sucked air, half hoping it would be her last breath. Her goosebumped slimy flesh cold and naked in the night air and her nipples hard little rocks. She could feel the warm slime on them and on her crotch dripping down her slit and over her asshole, it sent shivers up and down her spine and made little plopping sounds as it struck the hard earth beneath her. The smell of mint filled her nostrils and her mind was growing numb, exhausted from this, horrible day.*

*Her hands were left to dangle there and her legs so lewdly supported, she was stuck in the cold air as if it had closed around her, but now that tube was in her mouth and once behind her teeth a thick ring suddenly inflated, forcing her jaw open around the tube and making it so that now matter how the girl moved, that tube wasn't going to be coming out. Then the thin tip at the end opened up and suddenly it gushed forward. Thick, pasty white cream that flooded over her tongue, tasting strongly of the mint smell he emitted. Now, as she was forced to swallow this feeding paste which would keep her endlessly hydrated and healthy (amazingly, that paste being possibly the healthiest substance a human could ever hope to eat, minus the side effects) several things would happen as the side effects began to kick in. First, she would find herself heated, as euphoria set in, the paste acting as a potent aphrodisiac. Secondly, she would feel swelling in her pert tits, as suddenly they began to sag, to expand, to fill with milk at such a rapid rate that she would literally begin to burst from the nipples.

*her mouth strained against the rubbery thing forcing it open and she gulped down her first mouthful of the cream. It gushed into her and she tried her best to swallow it as fast as she could gagging only to sniff a quick breath, it hurt her jaw and her eyes rolled back and welled up with tears. Her body went limp as the drug took hold a rush of warmth spreading from her belly to the far reaches of her fingers and toes, her breasts and nipples tightening more and more and swelling. She felt good, her mind only on the simple acts of drinking and breathing, slowly she became more composed her body hot from the drug, sweat beading on her forehead. Her little pussy throbbing and her clit engorged. After she had swallowed a gallon of the things gooey discharge she started to notice that her breasts were heavy on her chest and her nipples tingled, tiny drops of her milk were dribbling down the sides.

*The odd thing about the fluid she was drinking was how it didn't sit heavy in the stomach, mostly because due to it's special nature it was absorbed by the body and expended almost instantly, giving nutrition where it was needed, hydrating and then return to it's secondary duties of producing milk and keeping her euphoric, all the while the beast simple watched with those eyes. Two more tendrils were slinking forward, towards her body, each of this ending in what looking like little egg cups, but suddenly they were slithering oozing trails over her bust before the cups pushed over her nipples and instantly her nipples were stretched forward, milk gushed heavily from them as the tentacle-cups began on and off again suckling. Her breast milk made by his paste would be what prepared his eggs, awoken them and made them ready for insertion. Meanwhile, attracted to her flesh, more and more free-form tentacles were sliding over soft, unabused flesh, leaving trails of slime in their wake as they slide over her soft slender arms, her pert small breasts being milked, across her flat stomach and over her back, her thighs and legs to caress their length, the firmness of her ass cheeks and even to rub over the lips of her pussy and slid down the crevice of her ass, over her little pucker.

*Claires soft flesh pulsed under the exploration by the tentacles, her pussy winking open relaxed and wet. The things attaching to her breasts woke her from her daze a little but only for a moment, she quickly grew fond of the suckling as it relieved the intense pressure building in her breasts, as the milk gushed out she came, her whole body tightening up for a second a soft groan barely escaping around the ring of flesh buried between her teeth, she sucked hard on the tube hoping for more of the stuff and as it gushed into her throat again her mind wandered off again, she looked down across her body, her breasts twice their old size heaving up and down as the thing sucked her milk. Her hands limply dangling below the tentacles gripping her arms. Marveling at the thing as it caressed her calmly she started to revel in its touch, her face and chest blushed and her breath steady and calm. "This is not so bad," her drug addled mind said to herself*

*The tube in her mouth would gush forward thick globes of past, then stop for several long seconds, about ten or 15 so she could breath, and then she was being administered the paste all over again. The tentacles still roamed her form, brushing over face and shoulders til soon there isn't an inch of her that was left untouched, her skin covered in that thick slime as if she was the one secreting, and those tentacles still rubbing over her nether lips, her pucker, her milk-heavy tits as the cups suckled on her lactating nipples, when finally enough of her nursing milk was consumed, and a new type of tentacle was pushing forward through the air, from it's thick bulbous mass and floating towards her nether lips. Two tentacle tips dipped between her pussy lips, right into her entrance, suckered down onto her flesh and pulled her open, spread wide for the arriving tentacle that suddenly pushed against her entrance. The thick tube then pushed inside of her. Still she was producing milk and being made to feel euphoric, and still he was draining her constantly replenishing tits of milk while feeling over her body.*

*The fragile child was slowly losing her concept of time, the moments stretched out into what seemed like hours, she would count the squeezes on her tits losing track of all the milk she had spewed out and growing more and more impatient for the monsters nectar. Her eyes grew wide and frightened again by the thick new member hanging in the air between her legs. Her pussy stretched wide with ease as her body was accepting the things drug, she groaned against the tube in her mouth, her breath growing rapid again, she huffed in air between the spurts and her heart started to race her little belly pushing up against the thick head of the thing at her entrance.*

*However there was no head, like the tendril inside of her mouth, this thing was a tube. This is how she would be impregnated, she wouldn't get to play with those fertilizing tendrils for just a bit longer yet. That tube was slithering into her pussy, up that tunnel, forcing her pussy to stretch open wide around it but as she was relaxed and not fitting him at all, and that thick tendril was so thoroughly dripping with slime, it was easy to push through her cervix, and further, to the opening of her womb...Then it pushed up inside of her womb where a ring inflated, to keep it lodged there like the tube in her mouth. The cups were still draining her ever-filling breasts of milk, and more tendrils roamed over her flesh, letting her feel the creeping, oddly delightful sensation of slimey, yet silken soft tentacles caressing her flesh. Still being fed the paste, if she bothered to look down she would notice something odd about the tube lodged in her womb; something was moving up it, towards her pussy, stretching the tube out til it was see through and she could see the greenish black-centered egg inside of it.

*Drunk with pleasure and gulping greedily now each time the thing decided to feed her she did not even notice the egg slowly easing its way towards her. Her pussy clamped around the tube stretched a little. She came again gurgling right in the middle of one of her meals, unable to gag or couch the stuff out. Some dribbled from her nose. Her tits now huge double D's at least, far larger than the perky b's she had lived with. She came again when the thing pushed into her womb her pussy clamping down around it, her cervix stretched out and numb. She became aware of a dull throbbing sensation as the ring expanded within her holding her womb ready for the egg. Her nipples gushed again, the thing barely needing to use any suction. Her moaning was muffled by the feeding tentacle but had become rythmic with her fast breathing and the suction on her breasts.

*That egg was being pushed further up the breeding tube, propelled forward by the cinching of the tube along the eggs path so that the tunnel behind the egg squeezed shut behind it to push it forward when suddenly the rounded exterior of the egg was pushed up against where the tube was thrust up in her pussy. It took great effort and pinching the tunnel shut tightly but suddenly Felicia would find her pussy gaped, stretched wide open as the egg was forced up inside of her, but it didn't stop, propelled along the length of her pussy tunnel by that same cinching method, when if she looked she would notice a second egg being pushed forward, ready to be deposited inside of her just as the first egg reached the end of the tube and was forced out into her womb, which instantly caused her stomach to expand, as if she was 3-4 months pregnant, that egg nestled nice and tight inside of her.

*She held her breath at the feeling of the thing at her entrance, the drug loosening her up but this thing was really big and as it popped up into her she came again, groaning loudly and bucking her hips against the tube, the egg started to part her womb and she came again, harder than she had ever before, her eyes rolled back and her pussy squirted, at the same time both of her nipples gushed and filled both cups solid white and she drooled down her cheek. Once the orb had settled in her she looked down at the tentacles caressing her breasts and rubbing over her now swollen belly and saw the second egg, ready for it this time she relaxed and bit down hard on her feeding tube, the second egg forced up into her gaped pussy with ease but her womb was tight around the first and the thing had to thrash and pinch and struggle to put the second one in her. Her eyes teared up again at the pain of the thing halfway shoved into her womb and she whimpered a little, it finally went in and settled next to the first one expanding her belly more and she gasped trying to catch her breath the slime dripping out of her pussy around the tube dribbling and slopping to the ground. *she looked down in terror to see if there were more on the way just as the thing shot annother huge glob of the paste down her throat, the drug calmed her down a bit and she shut her eyes and sucked, savoring its sweet mintyness.*

*Even as she bit done on the tube, she would find it was rubbery and a bit hard, not able to be harmed by her teeth but acting as a bit for the pain. There was more than one on the way, there was two...Even as Felicia now looked 5 months pregnant, another egg was forced into the length of tube buried inside of her cunt, and that egg was sliding slowly forward, til the end of the tunnel. The womb was amazing in how vastly it could stretch, but this was shock stretching in that it happened all at once, instead of her body growing to accommodate, but that was another area where the past helped because already now her womb was starting to grow and relax, able to further open as she had now devoured enough of the paste for this affect to kick in. Effortlessly, almost, that third egg was pushed into her expanded womb and it wasn't much longer after that the fourth egg had traversed it's why up her cunt, and was being pushed inside of her, her stomach expanded rapidly, she looked 8 months pregnant with twins...And another egg was coming.

*Each new egg made her orgasms come faster and faster, her belly tight and stretching. Her breasts just gushed pretty much nonstop during the next three eggs and her cunt squished and squirted as she came grinding her teeth against the rubber bit. Her body was hot from the drug and the ordeal and she was sweating under the coating of slime. Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath between feedings groaning when the tube stopped squirting in her mouth. The fifth egg pressed up into her and she threw her head back straining against the restraints a long low gurgling moan escaping around the feeding tube.*

*It was enough to drive most women who had given birth before to insanity, and poor Felicia had never even had an encounter with one of the beasts. How would she cope afterwards? Suicide, homicide, prostitution, seeking out my tentacle monsters, these were all survivor behavior symptoms, and one would wonder where Felicia would end up as thick cups suckled down her life-giving, nourishing lactate which with out none of this would have been possible, and those fertilization tentacles squirming and slithering over her sensitive flesh, still rubbing the meaty swells of her expansive bust, the slopes of her ass, the pucker of her asshole. And now that final egg was pushing into her womb, extending her stomach for the last time til she looked ready to burst from the seams. That tube in her pussy slowly deflated and began dragging out of her orgasm-wracked, cum and slime soaked pussy. Phase 2 of 4 was complete.

*As the tube finally slid out of her she shuddered, a little aftershock. The slime dripped out of her gaped cunt and her womb clinched against the eggs. She whimpered a little finally able to catch her breath for a moment. The horror of her predicament spread over her, she was going to give birth to more of these things...and they would seek out other girls, she was scared for her sister. Her body was numb. The tentacles stroked her flesh and ran up and down her body producing little reaction from the girl. She was exhausted from running and gasping for breath, slowly her heart rate slowed and her breathing became steady again. She sucked down more of the things paste.*

*Her pussy stayed stretched open, drooling tentacle and egg slime mixed with her own orgasm and pussy juices, it drips onto the beast's tentacles and plops onto the ground below. It seems for a minute as if that will be the end of it all, as if he'll release her, and leave her to birth the eggs in solitude. But no, it wasn't nearly over, and she would suddenly release this by the sheer number of tentacles amassing at her gaped folds, and shockingly rubbing over her asshole, at least ten tentacles rubbing and fighting each other over each hole, each one wanting entrance, wanting to be the one to fertilize the egs.

*she whimpered at the sudden thrashing between her legs thinking the thing would surely kill her...her eyes teared up again this time she was totally horrified, no amount of the drug could wash away her fear and anguish, "Oh please, no make it stop" she stammered over and over in her head. She was broken and hoped for death. The slimy things probing her abused hole made her shudder and she squirmed against the ones at the opening to her ass. Tears streamed down her face. The sickening sound of the slime dripping off the thrashing tentacles made her want to vomit and she almost did just before the thing shot another huge load of goo down her throat, she choked it down and grunted, her tits spraying milk again, she was about to pass out.*

*The beast was far from done with her, its limbs searching for the eggs. It slammed her against the door of the house once hard, flipped her over and let her to the ground on her hands and knees, still coiled around her arms and legs. The tendrils pushed on her back and pulled her thighs apart thrashing against her. She groaned against the bit and the thing squirted more and more of the nourishing paste into her mouth. The limp ovipositor, still drenched from her juices and the things slime, slopped against her asshole. The thing knew it could not stuff more of its eggs into the first hole, its prey stretched out and full and searched for other places to put the last few of its clutch. Two of the thin tendrils, already wet with sperm, pulled the whimpering girls asshole apart and she cried out as her ass was stretched. The tube slithered along her pussy from her engorged clit and along the folds to her asshole. Sliding into her the eggs were already coming along the tube, the thing pushed the first one down the tube, cinching behind the orb, it released her hands and one immediately shot back and gripped the egg pulling it into her. The girls mind was gone, she only wanted the pleasure of the drug and to be filled with the things seed. Her hand gripped the tube pulling the next egg into her. She pulled the big orb into her ass squeezing the tube. She reached up with her other hand and stroked the feeding tube as it shot another gob into her mouth. The fertilization tentacle of the thing were already darting into her gaping pussy. Three or four could fit at a time and the thing relentlessly stuffed them into her as more eggs slid down the tube towards her ass. She mewed and slobbered against the feeding tube and the monster let her pull her mouth off off the ring. She gasped for air, holding the tube in front of her face as the tendrils thrashed inside of her. She stared at it, panting finally able to breath. Her cunt hot as four or five of the things stroked in and out of her at a time. The monster was growing frenzied and more eggs pressed against her little asshole. She moaned loudly, stroking the feeding tube, licking the last drips of goo off of it's tip. The next big egg forced its way into her ass and she came again, gobbling the feeding tube up as the thing shot more of the sweet paste into her mouth. Her pussy squirting against the five tentacles now writhing and squirming inside of it. Her little pucker got stretched again by the monsters last egg as it pulled her off the ground again by her legs holding her upside down again and slamming her back into the door of the house. She moaned realizing the thing now had a different agenda. She looked back into the squids square eyes, sucking on its feeding tube. "More, fill me up." she pleaded. Her nipples spurt out their milk again as she felt the openings to her wet gaped holes. The slime dripping through her fingers. All at once the things fertilizers shot into her, four or five at a time in her pussy and three in her ass they pushed up into her. Pulsing and throbbing the shafts thrust in and out of her in both places, she rubbed her clit with one hand. Moaning loudly she missed a feeding and the thing shot the minty paste over her tits and face, it dripped down her forehead and into her hair. The tentacles in her ass shot first, filling her bowels with the things seed, it burned inside of her and she cried out as the thing tensed up and shot gallons of its spunk into her ass. She shoved the feeding tube into her mouth, needing the distraction as the tentacles in her pussy broke through her cervix. Two at a time they pushed into her womb coating the eggs with sperm, it dripped out of both of her holes and splashed all down her belly and against the door. One after another the tendrils went from her pussy to her ass, spaying her insides with seed. After the creature had spent all of the twelve tentacles inside of both places it relaxed and lowered her to the ground at the edge of the door to the house. She whimpered and lay there curled in a ball, her belly distended. Her breathing slowly came back to normal as the thing took the cups from her breasts, they spilled some of her milk out onto her chest and it mixed with the slime and cum. The beast knew it needed to protect the girl until she gave birth to its young, her body an ideal host for the eggs, it slid under her lifting her up and pushing her curled up form into the abandoned ruined house. It laid her in the middle of the room and left her there. Curling up in the far corner of the room to rest. She lay there panting, tears streaming down her face, exhausted from her ordeal. Her belly was fat with the eggs and her tits dripped milk. She stared at the dark writhing shadow in the corner that had fathered her young, her mind addled with pleasure and pain, unable to decide if she was happy or terrified. The eggs pulsed inside her and the things sperm dripped into a puddle underneath her on the floor.

Claire must have dozed off, because it was evening again when she woke up, her body tingled and she was sore all over. Her memory of the previous night was shaky at best. She pulled herself up onto her hands and knees and vomited, spitting a thick white glob of the monsters feeding paste onto the hardwood floor. She felt heavy and her breasts were still tight. Sobbing she looked at her surroundings. The monster was still curled up in the corner of the room, it lay there pulsing and squirming slowly, It looked asleep. Her belly was fat with that things offspring, she had to escape but her body would not listen. Trying to stand made her so lightheaded she slipped on the drenched floor and landed in a heap on her butt. the creature stirred. She felt so hungry, and strange thoughts started to race in her mind. "Maybe I could get the thing to feed me again" she thought, "Ya then she would have the strength to escape." She crawled over to it and kneeled next to it. It looked weak too. She reached into the slimy mass of tentacles and pulled the feeding tube out gently, the thing was slimy all over and the tube still had dribbles of the white paste at its tip. She took it in both hands and licked the last few inches of it stroking it and wiping the slime off. She could taste the stuff a little bit and the drug started to flow through her again. Forcing her tongue down the end of it she sucked hard on it once and it gushed startling her, she recoiled quickly fearful that it would lodge itself in her mouth again but it just sprayed the sticky sweet substance all over her face and engorged tits. Claire greedily collected it with her hands and lapped it off her fingers, a dream like wooziness came over her and she climbed up onto the mass and curled up in the squirming tentacles, light headed from the drug she felt content here, her mate was warm and wet and slithered between her legs and around her back cradling her gently. She fell asleep again.

She awoke again some time later, she could not tell how long, she could hear rain outside and it dripped through holes in the ruined roof. The creature was dangling the feeding tube across her breast and as she wrapped a hand around it it started to squirt on her once more, the drug was all she cared about and she shoved the thing into her through gulping down the minty nectar.

Two weeks passed, The eggs inside her were hot now and throbbed from time to time a green mucus was starting to drip from her pussy and ass and her breasts had swelled even larger. Her nipples were fat now and dribbled milk almost all of the time. She would suck on the nectar and the play with her clit until she blacked out from orgasm then a day or two would pass and she would wake up and do it again. Every day that passed the eggs throbbed and swelled more violently inside her, she was going mad from the pleasure. One day over a month later, she woke up and the monster was gone, she lay there on the wood, the slime long dried up. Her pussy burned and the green slime dripping from her pussy and ass was coming faster. She felt a violent twitch inside her ass as the first of them hatched. Her eyes shot open as the the first baby started squirming and wriggling inside her. The juice from the egg sprayed out of her ass. She arched her back pressing her hips and fat belly into the air, spreading apart her legs. The stuff gushed out of her as another egg popped inside her bowels, and another and another. When the last of them had burst inside her she felt them trying to get out, rolling over and pressing her tits and face into the hard floor she reached back pulling her cheeks apart, her knees slipping around as they squirmed and thrashed inside her, she felt the first of them slip an arm out of her asshole and then more of the little tentacle bundles started slipping out of her stretching her asshole wide and the first of them pulled its baseball sized body out of her slopping out the floor between her legs she cried out as her womb started contracting and her water broke spraying more of the green slime out of her pussy. Four more of the things pulled their way out of her ass before the first egg in her womb hatched each one stretching her little asshole more and more. the things just lay in a pile between her legs blinking and twitching, flexing their new arms. The pleasure was blinding as the next of her young pulled apart her cervix and she pushed it out of her. After an hour of the things crawling out of her holes she had birthed them all. She had nine slimy new babies. She marveled at them and gently rubbed her sore gaped holes and clit, twitching from aftershocks. They were very soft and jelly like, nothing like the thing that had put them in her, their "father" had been rubbery and firm, strong to the touch, these things seemed fragile. She picked one up instinctively and let it feed on her breast. It's little suction-cups barely covering her nipple. She fed them all two at a time and fell asleep again, cradling them in her arms.

Meanwhile the "father" patrolled the woods searching for its next victim. It had been protecting the house, its clutch of eggs safe with the human cow. The mountains were sparse now though, the cult had taken the last of the villages. Its young would soon hatch and need warm hosts of their own, their mother only good for so many babies at a time. He had been waiting for a long time, at the base of an outcropping of rooty trees at the edge of a pond by the house.

Claire, woke with a start to the sound of screaming. Her Babies scattered at her sudden fright to the shadows of the room. She pulled herself to her feet and looked to the door to see the commotion. In the grass in front of the house, in the midday sun, her mate had found some travelers. The man with the two girls was already dead, his legs torn off floating in the shallows of the pond. The girls, the mans twin daughters, were already tangled up in the things arms. The two girls were pressed together, tentacles wrapped around both their waists forcing their tits against each other. They sobbed and embraced each other as the monster carried them back to the house. Claire marveled at the girls, memories of her first time with the thing flooded her mind and her pussy dripped wet instinctively. She stood aside as the two girls were flung into the room, they slid out onto the hard wood floor and clung together, wide eyes and terrified. They stared at Claire's transformed body, her tits huge double D's, engorged with milk, dribbling. Her skin was perfect and her tummy was tight and smooth from the things drugs. Claire just grinned wide as her mate slopped into the room. The girls screamed.

The Monster did not have eggs for them yet, it's next clutch days from being developed. The children too young to breed. It knew that It could keep the girls here though. Keep them until it was ready. It blocked the door with its bulk and waited. The two women were hysterical, searching for a quick exit they ran for the back door of the house where the kitchen used to be. A couple of Claires young flared their arms at them and scurried for the darkness. Ones of the twins screamed and started to break down in the doorway, her knees buckling under her and her sister catching her, holding her and telling her "Everything will be alright."

Claire went to the girl and stood over her, the twins were at most 18, curly red hair and dressed in the rustic leathers and canvas of the mountains. "Now calm down!" she said forcefully, you don't want to upset it. The girls just whimpered and clung together. Claire crouched down and rubbed one of the girls shoulders, "Just relax honey, you are safe with us." The girl looked up into Claire's face, she cried out, "Our friend..."

The strongest of the newborns was wrapped around Claire's thigh its tender arms tickling her pussy lips and asshole, the others were clustered around the room in the shadows, waiting to see if it was safe. Claire went to her mate, the glistening mass spread across the far end f the room. and gulped a mouthful of the sweet drug. Pulling the twins apart she took the calmer one and pressed her mouth against the girls lips holding the back of her head. She spit the drug into the girl and the young girls eyes glazed.

The twin looked at her writhing terrified sister, the drugs taking hold immediately her breasts tightening and lust throbbing through her. She grabbed her sister and consoled her, the aphrodisiac taking hold. Claire sat next to the girls on the floor cross-legged, the big pulsing mass on her thigh settling on the floor between her legs tickling and slopping around. The drugged twin was whispering in her sisters ear and as she consoled her the girl slowly calmed down. After a bit she left her sister curled in a ball and went to claire, "Why is this happening?" she whimpered, Claire answered simply by pulling the girl into her lap. The girl straddled Claire and kissed her deeply, beneath the two of them the writhing slimy mass pressed itself underneath them, "What is your name child?" she mewed. The tiny girl could only gasp out Trishia as the newborn slowly explored her. Claire cradled her baby between her legs and pulled Trisha close shoving her tongue in her mouth.

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havent had the time to finish yet, but this is wonderful

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WOW, just WOW.
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