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Ischmail Continues (Ischmail 2 -ish) 
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Post Ischmail Continues (Ischmail 2 -ish)
As Ischmail drew nearer to the gymnasium he passed more and more of his subordinate monsters in the halls. Some of them he liked, the ones that knew their duties and appreciated Ischmail’s though attitude –they were his subordinates and shared his ideals. Others however, he could almost hear jeer him, the flagrant ones, the ones that saw him as an old blow hard; mean old ‘bag-a-bones’ was a name he had heard once or twice and though he was definitely an elder among his peers he was no old man -in fact he was in his prime both mentally, physically and even sexually. He let the remarks slide though; there was nothing the tough veteran could do, as those sorry packs of flagrants were under either Green or Purple, both of whom were his direct superiors. He didn’t mind Purple; at least his attitude was in the right direction of abusiveness –though room was certainly left for what Ischmail would consider improvement. But Green on the other hand, Ischmail was less than fond of. Not only was Green his superior, he was far younger and to Ischmail, Green’s ideals of tactics and the treatment of slaves did not meet Ischmail’s eye to eye. Ischmail would never treat slaves by any means ‘well’, he did not make deals with them lest he thought to use them in ways that only they could fulfill, he did not think they should be made into warriors – that glorious honor should be reserved for their own ranks and slaves should only be good as human livestock for breeding and feeding or as pets playthings and for entertainment. But Ischmail was a good, no, a great soldier and followed orders given to him by his commanders with devotion no matter of his own opinions.
He rounded the corner into the gymnasium and felt a violent kick from within him. His prize was still in denial of its fate. ‘Oh how precious’ thought Ischmail becoming very eager to get a chance to play with his new toys after all the trouble they gave him in running around –they had gotten very lucky, usually Ischmail could sneak up on most of his prey. He was especially eager to have fun with the red haired slave, she was FIESTY and while normally Ischmail disliked such a quality in a slave he loved the sensation that ran though him when he took away their defense and made them helpless. He loved to inflict torments and tortures on them forcing them into submission over and over again and listening to their hopeless, usually gagged, screams. To him it sounded like satisfaction, like victory in the making.
He looked around and saw his commander, Green with some slaves, a blue, scaly one he had transformed into a eh… warrior and one he was transforming now. Ischmail hated the idea of giving these filthy whores anything other than a good fucking –though apparently Green at least got that right as Ischmail observed, or their inevitable next punishment let alone strength and power. He decided not to interrupt his superior and would drop his prize off first. He trudged past the locker room slowing to admire all the fine catches that now brimmed the room. They all stared at him as he hulked past some still struggling with their bonds. One girl who was being held in place over by a corner glared at him, he didn’t like the way she did so. He stopped at her and grabbed her neck holding her head fixed in front of him as she squirmed hopelessly. He spat into her face and his slime immediately formed into a thick living oil that formed a blindfold over her eyes. She let out a yelp but Ischmail stuck his thumb in her mouth and slime traveled from the nerve-like core in his palm up his thumb and into her mouth forming into a rubbery ball that glued into place very effectively gagging the poor girl. “Next time, don’t give me any looks” he growled. She whined softly and he delicately plucked her lower lip from the ball, dislodging its position and forcing her to drool helplessly. She tried to cup her lip back around the ball but could not and had no choice but to drool all over herself and her slimy goo restraints. With that Ischmail released his grip on her, he could not waste his time with every slave but an example to a crowd was good enough for now.
He left the room and kept going until he reached stairs leading down into the school boiler room, it was dark, damp and very warm and goo had formed on the floor walls and ceiling. Once inside he stopped, stood tall and cracked his ribcage open and out poured the three girls who had been encased inside his oily body. All three girls panted desperately for the fresh air, relived to be free of the cold cramped prison only to be caught in the goo on the floor like flypaper. “I’m leaving these two with you for now” he said “She’s already quite submissive but I want her plumped up, nice and round around her tits – a good little cow” pointing at the shivering Katie whose breasts were already a respectable C cup in size “And I want her,” now pointing at the exhausted Autumn, her former rubber sheath gone –rejoined with her captor’s slimy mass “refreshed, and ready for me when I return. Be careful though, she’s an unruly little slut -but don’t fix that, I’ll take care of it.”
“Oh, of course you will big brother! Ooo, they’re pretty!” chirped a voice, Ischmail frowned with distinct disapproval “Oh, sorry, I mean, ‘Yes, sir of course sir’!” the voice was distinctly feminine and kind of cute “And that one, sir?” said the voice indicating the third girl, Lilly. She was shorter than the other two girls- petite even, and not quite as well endowed either but with a cute face and short, light brown hair done up in a pony tail behind her.
“I don’t care,” responded Ischmail “Keep her, she’s yours if you want her. I know you always need new ‘test subjects’ for your ‘creations’.” Part of him spoke with a military agenda and part of him, strangely, with a caring one.
“Oh THANK YOU, sir, thank you very much! I have a few new things I’d like to try out!” replied the sweet voice again with glee.
“Yes, well, I want to hear how that turns out so I expect a full report on your experiments when I come back, and for these two to be ready for me by then as well, understood?” he ordered
“Yes sir! I’ll see to it that they are both made to your liking!” the girlish voice replied. Ischmail nodded and turned to leave but was quickly reminded by something.
“Oh and one more thing,” he said before pointing at Autumn “Shashess mi skyon shi dion giamsada… gat ganna”
“What?” inquired the feminine voice “not even a little one, sir?”
“No, Amnya, not even a little one –she’s not allowed to and don’t try to sneak one past me, I’ll know if she has one” Ischmail chided his little sister who probably blushed a little in the dark room “but I never said you can’t play with her.” With that he left, by now Green should be done with his slaves and be able to meet with Ischmail.

Well if you follow the TA cannon well enough you'll know that this takes place
around the time of TA #33 but is a side story of sorts. I will probably not do any scenes where my characters and TS's characters interact with each other directly (I will probably leave that up to him since his is the main story and mine's just a side). This piece here is really just a primer for a more juicier bit comming up where we meet the so-called Amnya, who is supposedly Ischmail's younger sister. But I'm just so damned tired that I'm calling it a night and I'll be back tomorrow (I have the whole day off ;) ). If anyone reads this before I get a chance to write some more please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see in the comming scene (I purposely made the scene end ambiguously to leave room for suggestions -oh and it helps if you be specific in your suggestions but general requests are fine too)

Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:40 am
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