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Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration] 
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Post Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration]
The paladin was grim. The cleric was pale. The thief was resolute.

"Well," the barbarian said. "I guess there's only one thing to do."

A translucent blue blob slithered into the midst of the party. It stretched up, making a pillar, taller even than the paladin. Then it suddenly lashed forward and coiled around the thief. She squeaked in surprise, wriggling as the blue substance engulfed her. It wriggled into her clothes, making her squirm. Then just as suddenly the blue slime leaped off of the thief, slithering out of her clothes and pouring itself back onto the ground.

The substance stretched upward again, only this time it expanded outward, developing curves and valleys. Its lower body split into two legs; two arms reached out from the sides. In moments the blue substance had taken on a very feminine aspect, with curved hips and a thin stomach, globes of flesh hanging from her chest topped by small nipples and small labia visible between her legs. The one real difference was the hair, looking more like thick tendrils than myriad strands. The figure opened its eyes and smiled. It really did look female--in fact, from head to toe it was a blue, nude, translucent replica of the thief.

The slime-girl opened her mouth. "La Hmmm? Is this how you do it?" She smiled and bounced on her heels, her bare breasts jiggling.

The paladin's eyes flicked to the thief. She smacked him on the back of the head.

The cleric stepped forward, a smile on her face. "You look perfect, Emi. You know what to do?"

"Uh-huh!" Emi (short for Emils) smiled and bounced again. "I'll take care of it, don't you worry!"

"That's great." The cleric gave her a quick hug, then she stepped back. "We have faith in you."

Emi smiled brightly at each party member in turn. Then she stepped back and turned to face the gate.

Made of thick iron bars welded into a grid, it blocked the way through the caves. Once it had a lock, but long years had lain a coat of sticky rust over the door. It was cracked, half-buried in rubble. Not even the barbarian's strength could move it. The gate was so run-down that only a few holes betrayed the fact that there was anything past it at all.

But that was all Emi needed. She reached up and grasped the bars--then her form stretched upward. Softening, she slid past the bars in several clumps, oozing down the rubble slope on the other side. The streams of slime rejoined at the bottom, until once again the nude girl form knelt on the floor. She got to her feet and brushed a hand over her tendril-hair.

"Emi, can you hear me?"

The goo-girl cocked her head. "I think so. In my mind."

"Yes, we're telepathically communicating with you," the cleric said. "We're here to offer you advice and keep track of you."

"Okay!" Emi smiled and began to walk down the tunnel. It was narrow--the barbarian would probably have to move sideways. But for the slimegirl, in this form, it was no trouble at all. The bipedal human shape was quite versatile, good for walking and watching at the same time. Emi had also copied some of the thief girl's nervous system, including reflexes and agility, just the thing for navigating the dim corridor.

The tunnel had been dug right out of the stone, chisel marks visible on the rough walls. The ceiling was similar, with irregular openings every dozen feet letting light shine down from unknown heights. The floor, however, was carefully set with stone tiles.

One of the tiles slid under Emi's feet. Gears ground in the walls. The slimegirl leaped forward, just as a stone slammed down behind her. Her foot came down on another trigger, and her borrowed thief skills prompted her to run. More stones thumped down, and she dodged them; darts buried themselves in her chest, but she kept running. A chasm opened up before her, and Emi leaped.

As she flew through the dimness, a bar loomed through the dust above her. Emi stretched her arms and caught it, swinging up and completely over, then back down to launch herself to the opposite side of the chasm. She landed with barely a thump, quickly getting to her feet.

"Now I know why she wears those tight clothes," Emi murmured, grabbing her jiggling breasts to still them.

"Emi! Are you okay?"

"Fine!" Emi said cheerily. She picked a couple of darts out of her form and tossed them to the ground; their poison was probably meant for humans, but she digested it without ill effect. Smiling, Emi walked forward.

A portcullis slammed down on Emi, almost cutting her in half front-to-back. She let out a strangled squeak as pain coursed through her.

"Emi! What's wrong?" the telepathic voice pleaded. The blue slime pulled together, two halves adhering to each other through the metal gridwork. Then it slide forward, moving past the barrier to reform. From a vaguely humanoid figure, the slime sharpened its features, once more an exact copy of the thief.

"Ouch," Emi panted. "I don't know how long I'll be able to keep 'in shape' if I have to keep doing that."

"Emi, are you okay?" the cleric's voice said. "Please don't strain yourself!"

"I'm okay!" Emi replied, smiling again as she heard her friend's voice. "Don't worry about me! I'm going to do my best for you guys!"


The slimegirl stepped out of the tunnel into a large circular room. The walls stretched upward into hazy, dusty heights, beams of light shining down from unseen roof holes. One shaft of light illuminated a tall, circular pedestal in the very center. Emi walked across the tiled floor and got on her tiptoes to look over the pedestal.

A piece of jewelry lay there, shining in the light. A silvery broach with a smooth, milky white stone. "Hey, um," Emi said. "What am I looking for again?"

"The Pearl of Gates," the telepathic voice said. "It should be a round white stone, though we don't know exactly what it looks like."

"The Pearl of Gates," Emi murmured. She reached out to the jewel.

Emi's hand pressed down on the broach and it slipped into her form. She watched as it traveled through her arm and into her chest. Then she smiled. "That was easy!"

There was a soft noise--a tone. Like a bell being struck. Emi glanced around, but she couldn't see where it came from. Another tone, and the room brightened, turning slightly blue. Emi glanced down and saw that the jewel was glowing--glowing quite brightly, though as it was inside her chest, the light was coming out blue.

"" Emi turned and walked back toward the exit. Then she began to run.

There was another tone--then a rumble. The ground in front of her crumbled and something burst up from the ground. Emi squeaked and backpedaled, narrowly avoiding running into the thing. She tried to dart to the side, but then something else burst from the floor. Then another...and another...

Emi backed up, back toward the pedestal. The things from the ground were green pillars of flesh, tapering as they stretched upward. There were more of them appearing every moment. Then one burst up right behind her--Emi squealed and turned around.

One of the tentacles coiled around the pedestal and yanked it upward, tossing it aside. Below it was--an eye.

"Oh, fuck!" Emi squeaked. One of the tentacles grabbed her ankle and pulled her up into the air.

"Emi!" The cleric again. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Of course not," the paladin growled. "She awakened the guardian!"

"D-don't worry about me!" Emi cried as she was swung around by the tentacle. "I'll get out of this somehow! Eep!"

The tentacles caught her--one for each wrist and ankle. She was forced to spread her limbs, held above the giant eye. It gazed up at her, and she gazed down in return.

The tendrils began to coil around her limbs, sliding up her legs and arms toward her torso. Emi squirmed; she could probably get free, but all the shape-changing had tired her out.

"Emi, stay strong!" the paladin commanded. "We're all pulling for you!"

"Bah, our Emi is a fighter," the barbarian scoffed.

"A fighter, yeah," Emi replied. "Um...maybe." Suddenly she gasped. The tendrils around her arms had coiled down to her breasts, rubbing over them. The blue globes were almost rippling as the tendrils pushed them back and forth, and they were glowing as the jewel's radiance shone through. "Mmmn!" Emi panted with her copy-lungs. Something about the way the tentacles were touching her--she'd copied most of the human nerves, so it turned out some parts were more sensitive than others. The slow massage was building up gentle waves of sensation inside her...and when her nipples were flicked, she had to let out a cry. "Ahhh!" It was like an electric shock, a jolt of sensation through her entire body. The tentacles flicked her again, and again, falling into a rhythm of pushing back and forth over her nipples. The jolts faded and merged into a slow stream of heated pleasure. "Ahhhh...mmnnn..."

"Emi, don't give up!" the paladin cried. "I know you'll come back to us!"

"Ah!" Emi gasped. "Ah, yeah! I'm...I'm okay!" She squirmed in her bonds as teh tentacles wandered over her humanlike form. Now that they were trying to tease her, it was amazing how many areas of the human body were sensitive. A tendril rubbed over the back of Emi's neck, and she twitched her head like a cat. Her arms and shoulders were caressed, and touches to the soles of her feet made her gasp. And then something moved between her legs...

If she were human, Emi would have blushed. She had only a vague understanding of human mating, and now it looked like she was going to be educated. A thin tendril traced over the slit of her sex, carefully parting her labia. Emi felt her borrowed form responding, muscles relaxing to let the tentacle tease more intimately. The folds were parted, and the tentacle rubbed inward, sliding up and down...then it brushed over her clit.

"AHHH!" Emi arched her back, gooey body flexing. Suddenly she knew what it was like to be a human female. The tendril tip traced around the nub of her clit, teasing slowly. Each slow revolution brought a whimper from Emi's mouth, and her eyes closed in pleasure.

"Oh no!" the paladin gasped. "She's being tortured!"

"It doesn't quite sound like torture," the thief muttered.

Emi shivered as the tentacle pressed against her folds. The rounded, swollen member pushed inward, wriggling just a little as it slid into her. The slimy consistency of her flesh made it simple for the creature to penetrate her. Emi looked down as she hung in the grasp of the tentacles, watching the phallic member slide deep...Was it supposed to go that far? She wasn't exactly sure how deep a vagina went.

The tentacle pulled back and then began to thrust with abandon, pistoning in and out of Emi's sex. "Ahhhh!" she cried again. "Oh, gods!" Her hips began to rock, of their own accord, pushing back against the invading tentacle. It was stimulating her so deftly, swiveling inside her tight sex. And then another tentacle touched her--between her buttocks.

"Wait!" Emi gasped. "That's not what that's--AHHH!" The second tentacle forced open her slimy sphincter, immediately swelling in diameter and pounding into her ass. There was a whole new set of nerves back there! Maybe that hole was meant to be used like that...Emi moaned loudly and flexed her rubbery body to push back against the thrusting tentacles. Then her moans were cut off by one more tentacle plunging into her mouth. The human form was versatile indeed! Fortunately for her, she didn't need to breathe, and her body was much better at stretching than a human's...Were those tentacles supposed to thrust deep enough to touch? Emi's thoughts were being lost in a haze of pleasure as the creature fucked her so thoroughly.

Suddenly Emi felt another touch--but this was a touch on her mind. She opened her eyes, looking past the tentacle, down to the floor. The great eye was staring at her. And now Emi felt a mind behind that eye, a great mind with unseen depths, like an ocean. There were no words, but there was...curiosity. Also amusement, and somethin glike...affection?

Emi closed her eyes and could still feel the touch of the mind. It was communicating with her in a subtle way. It was hard to focus with all the physical pleasure, but she realized the creature was enjoying their 'play'. The slimegirl shivered as the sensations started to focus inside her, her copied nervous system moving toward a peak of pleasure. The creature was guiding her there, coaxing her with its tentacles, urging her onward. She bucked and kicked in the creature's grasp, blue body bouncing back and forth in midair, flexing and tensing as the feelings built.

And then it was like a dam burst and Emi was enveloped. She curled up, body rippling and throbbing, letting the feelings flow through her. She let the creature hold her and caress her, teasing every last bit of pleasure from her. It was like floating along a river beneath a sun warming every part of her body.

Eventually Emi came back to herself. She was lying on her back on the floor, alone. The slimegirl blinked and sat up.

The eye was still there, beneath the floor, watching her. Its tentacles were still.

"What now?" Emi asked.


The mood was somber at the campsite. The barbarian had built a fire, the cleric beginning to cook a meal. No one seemed to want to talk.

Then there was a flash of violet, a crackling sound and a smell of lightning--and Emi stood there. The paladin was the first to get to her feet. "Emi!"

The slimegirl smiled. A jewel glowed from her chest. "I'm back!"

The humans crowded around her, the cleric giving her a hug, the barbarian pounding her on the back with a splat. "But what happened?" the cleric asked. "Our telepathic link was blocked!"

"Yeah," Emi said. "I was, um, negotiating with the Guardian. He was, well, he was tired of being stuck down there just guarding the Pearl. So I--convinced him that I would make a good Guardian. I think he's going to let us use the Pearl, as long as I keep hold of it."

"Huh, I don't know about that," the barbarian said. "What if we wanted to sell it?"

"It's too important and powerful just to be sold," Emi said gently. "Right?"

The cleric smiled radiantly. "I think this adventure has taught you wisdom, Emi!"

"Maybe." Emi giggled. "So, um, we can teleport pretty much anywhere we want now. So, do you want to go to the Guardian's Chamber? I think there are some ancient inscriptions and gates and stuff that might be important. And the Guardian, well, he's kind of lonely after being down there for so long, I know he'd be glad to talk to you."

"Excellent!" the paladin proclaimed. "We shall strike camp immediately!" The campsite was soon a flurry of activity.

In the midst of it, the thief approached Emi, turning her back to the rest of the party. "Ah, tell me, Emi...what really happened down there?" Her eyes burned with curiosity.

Emi smiled and placed her hand on the thief girl's arm. "It would be easier just to show you."

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Post Re: Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration]
Liking it so far. Look forward to more.

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Post Re: Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration]
Why is there not more of this yet?!

I came, i saw, and i came again.

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Post Re: Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration]
Honestly, I'm not sure what should happen next. It seems to me like the story has reached its natural end.

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Patience - To ascertain the results.
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Post Re: Slime Quest! [Goo girl/Tentacles/TriplePenetration]
Have hot thief\goo girl action? What else!

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