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Minotaurus Story - Ongoing 
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Post Minotaurus Story - Ongoing
Here is me little story. had fun writing it so far, but it isn't done yet! Let me know what you folks think and such.

One thing was for certain. The three sheep were definitely dead. The carcasses were just about picked clean where they lay just outside the little den, seemingly dug into the side of the large hill. The dog was sniffing around the entrance, then looked back to her before creeping inside. Sarah took a quick glance over her shoulder, making sure nothing was watching her as she stepped a little further into the hollow of dug out dirt, the old shotgun held close to her chest. The damp air was hot and smokey, stinking of burnt meat and fire, the source of which becoming apparent as she swept her lamp over a still smoldering fire, a few sharp sticks and some odd bits of metal and stone around it as well as a somewhat large pile of skins in the back of the hole, the top three covered in a soft, white wool, a makeshift bed.

“Well, I guess it's not a wolf then...” she mumbled under her breath. Wolves didn't cook their food or collect pieces of sharp metal and make spears. This made things a little different. If there was a man living out here, hunting her granddad's sheep for food, then it was a matter for police, not something for a girl and her dog to deal with. “Come on Bear. Let's get back home, It's getting dark.” The big dog chuffed a little, licking at the head of one of the makeshift spears for a moment before turning to follow his master out.

They were only a minute or so from the “den” when he stopped dead in his tracks, ears cocked up and back, searching for some sound. Sarah froze as soon as he did, her eyes stopping on him for a moment before sliding into a crouch and shouldering the beat up old scattergun and turning in a slow circle until she had moved almost a hundred and eighty degrees. It was brief, but she'd caught a glimpse of some movement, probably the “hunter-gatherer” who had been preying on her grandpa's sheep. She leveled the weapon at the clump of shadows in the rapidly darkening woods and pulled the trigger.

There is a click as the hammer came down on the back of the shell. No bang, no flash, just a click. “Oh shit...” The shape leaped out of the shadows, but Sarah hadn't even waited that long, turning to run and starting a rather impressive sprint considering the uneven ground, the roots, and the darkness. She can hear hard boots stamping into the ground in a furious run, getting closer and closer. Bear passes you going the other way and a moment later, a vicious snarl, then a loud yelp and a thud, before the stomping boot-steps resume their chase, pounding still closer, having hardly stopped at all to deal with the dog.

She fumbles with the gun and her pockets, trying to find the spare shells, reload and run at the same time. This proves to be a bad idea as her foot catches on a raised root in the darkness, sending her into a long, soaring trip, before impacting on another raised bit of root headfirst and slipping away into oblivion.

She is aware of brief moments, returning occasionally to consciousness, being carried by someone strong and very big, being set down, somewhere dark and warm, her hands being bound in strips of something.

The next thing Sarah is aware of is snoring, inches behind her and something large and soft pressed into her back, a large, powerful arm wrapped around her waist, her arms still tied in front of her. She is back in the hillside den, the walls of damp earth and the smell of burnt meat and smoke hanging heavy in the air. There is a fire crackling a couple of feet away, it's warmth pleasant in the cool night and under the skins a form pressing up against her back.

Sarah made no sound, slowly beginning to lift the arm up and away from her waist using her bound arms, freezing when the snoring behind her stuttered for a moment, then stopped. She waited for an eternity, then another before the snoring started up again, quieter this time. She very carefully slid out from under the arm before setting it back down just as slowly. She waited for the hunter to wake up, but the snores continued. Slowly shimmying backwards, she edged out from under the skins and into the firelight before standing slowly into a half-crouch and creeping toward the “door” of the little hole in the hillside.

She emerged seemingly hours later into the chilly night air, the area around the hole lit only by the fire inside. She took a single step forward, hearing a strange 'twang' and going tense for a brief moment before hearing a loud crash overhead and then flying up into the air feet-first, lifted by a noose of braided leather around her ankle. “Wonderful.” She grumbled to herself, “Now I can't even sneak away. Probably woke him up too...”

There was the sound of movement in the hole for a moment before a figure came to the opening. But it was just about as far from what she expected as was possible. Instead of a half-starved little man there stood (rather stooped so as to get out of the entrance) a positively massive woman, lit from behind by the firelight inside. As she rose the rest of the way to her full height, it became apparent why she had been able to catch Sarah so effortlessly. She towered easily over seven feet tall, her hips wide and soft looking on the surface, but rippling with some serious running muscle underneath. Her shoulders were broad and powerful, supporting arms that would have looked at home in a bowflex ad. Her hair was long and free, hanging around her massive upper body loosely, partially obscuring her large, firm breasts. Her face and most of the details of her breasts were hidden in shadow The only clothing she appeared to be wearing was some kind of hat, the shape reminiscent of a pair of forward-swept horns on a bull, a crude, but warm looking kilt-like piece made of hide that went just beyond her knees, and a pair of shaggy, fur leggings, possibly cow skin or bear.

She met Sarah's eyes, her own barely visible in the darkness. Then spoke “Why'd you leave? It's sorta cold out.” Her voice was quiet and a little deep, a gravelly sound to it, but soft. There was no hostility, just quiet curiosity and some sleepiness. Sarah, just stared. 'This' was who'd taken the sheep. She was easily large enough to have carried them here from the farm... “What do you want? Why why did you kidnap me?” Sarah's voice came out thready and high. Apparently this was getting to her more than she had though.

The enormous woman moved closer, her upper body finally moving out of shadow and allowing Sarah to get a look at her. Her face was wide and soft, her features kind, though there was a large, ragged line of angry scar tissue running from just above her eyes, down the left side of her face, crossing her eye and ending before her neckline. Sarah's gaze followed the scar down and across the collarbones, taught and powerful looking, to her breasts. They were massive, looking large even on the woman's titanic frame. Her attention was drawn suddenly back up to the woman's face. No way that was right...

The “hat” wasn't a hat at all. The woman's ears were several inches long, covered in a short coat of downy-looking black fur, matching her unkempt hair and hanging down almost to her jaw. The horns, a pair of forward-swept, off-white bovine horns, the tips curving upward for the last two or three inches and the lengths covered in small nicks and scratches. The huge woman cocked her head to a side quizzically and answered “Because you tried to shoot me” Her eyes went down to Sarah's still bound wrists. “and that was so you wouldn't try to run off... Like this.” Sarah swallowed hard.

“I... I guess that's fair... sorta.... But,” Her voice was now a barely audible stammer as the woman, clearly not human, came even closer. “Wh- why... do you want to keep me here?”. The woman looked at her for a moment intently, her eyes getting a little distant for a moment, then she blushed slightly and glanced away and mumbled something under her breath Sarah couldn't hear. “W-what?”

The horned woman's blush darkened as she turned to face Sarah. “I said you're really pretty.” She said, her mouth set in a hard line and she stepped right up and reached above Sarah, snapping the cord of braided hide holding her ankle like it was nothing before draping her over a shoulder like a sack of potatoes and turning back to the hole in the hillside. “What are you doing? Let me go!” she shouted, kicking ineffectively against the massive woman's hard belly. She replied, “No. I'm keeping you.”, simply and flat. “What!? What the hell does that even mean.” She was getting louder and starting to sound angry as she was lowered down to be lifted through the hole.

“I said I'm keeping you. I think you're pretty, so I am keeping you.” the large woman sounded confused, as if there could see nothing wrong with what she had just said. She set Sarah down gently on the piled furs and hides, where she immediately rolled onto her back and started shouting again, “You can't just 'keep' someone! It doesn't work like that. And... and...” Sarah shut up fast as her eyes drifted lower as she noticed finally, in the firelight, the woman's legs weren't covered in shaggy leggings, the long, coarse furry region was just her legs, ending in a pair of large, strong looking hooves.

The huge woman looked down at her with faint amusement for a moment, then moved her hands to he hide 'skirt', the long, thick garment coming apart with a pull on a long, leather lace along one side and dropping down around her hooves. She ran one of her large hands along he side, gliding across her toned belly and down between her powerful legs (human looking until below the knee). She began to toy with the area just above her crotch momentarily, her hips flexing and bucking a little bit as one finger drifted a little lower to brush against her opening.

Sarah was starting to see where this was going and started to push herself back further into the dark of the earthen cave. She wasn't about to just let some huge, woman-creature do what she wanted with her.

A strong hand closed in a vice-like grip around her ankle, the same one with the shredded leather rope around it, and lifts her by it as she is dragged back toward the woman and the pile of furs. “No! Let go of-” Sarah is cut off as the huge woman pins her to the furs effortlessly with her bound arms above her head and locks lips, pushing a long, wide tongue into Sarah's mouth in spite of her struggles.

Sarah squirmed under the weight of the much larger woman, unable to get her face away and break the forceful kiss. She felt the woman's one free hand come up under her shirt, feeling it's way forward, fingers caressing and kneading into the skin of her belly before reaching her smallish breasts. She gasped around a thick tongue pushing clumsily further into her mouth, exploring and tasting its way along as the hand closed around her pert breast in a cupped hold, squeezing down softly, a large thumb brushing back and forth slowly over the tip. The horned woman withdrew suddenly, her tongue slipping out from between Sarah's lips. With one arm still pinning the smaller girl's arms to the pile of skins, she reached down to the shirt's hem, pulling it up over her head to bunch up around her tied wrists and exposing her chest to the warm air of the den before coming back down on top of her.

She starts slowly, her tongue flicking out to lick along Sarah's lips and chin, the wide, powerful muscle sliding across her skin smoothly and sensuously. Sarah shivered in response, her eyes growing distant as she sucked in a sharp breath while the colossus on top of her licked her way along her face in long, careful strokes.

She worked her way down from Sarah's lips at an agonizingly slow pace, taking her time and bringing her own lips in, nibbling and kissing along the chin to gradually reach its underside. She lavished affection on the sensitive flesh of the neck, sending the the comparatively tiny woman into another series of little shivers. She pressed her large, firm breasts into the smaller girl's flat belly and brought her hips down, legs straddling the small form beneath her as she started to slowly rub her slit against the girl's still clothed, squirming legs.

She continued to work her way down the neck, sucking on the pale skin in some places, swirling her large tongue over others. Until she eventually reached the hollow of her neck. Sarah began to protest, voice threadier than before, “S-stop! Get off of me! You can't j-just do what you want with another person's body-” She interrupted herself with another gasp, her face red and her eyes slightly out of focus as the colossal woman closed her lips over her collarbone and began a long, sucking, licking kiss on it. Her struggling ebbed slowly away as the licking kiss continued, Sarah moaning quietly as she brought her cheek to rest against the side of the huge woman's forehead, one of her large, rough horns brushing through her brown hair.

Several minutes of continued licking and sucking left Sarah thoroughly red-faced, flustered, and more than a little hot. She was so confused, her body loving the tender ministrations of the large woman pinning her to the 'bed' of skins while part of her mind still shouted at her to try and stop this. She became aware of the woman moving again, pulling back from her and bringing her bound arms down in front of her, their eyes meeting as Sarah's came back into focus. The horned woman's soft face held no malice, no cruelty as she looped one finger into the leather holding Sarah's wrists and tore it apart as if it were tissue paper.

Sarah moved her hands up almost reflexively to cover her bare chest, hesitating slightly as the large woman's gaze never left hers. Her hands came down to grip Sarah by the hips, her thumbs hooking into the waist of the denim pants she still wore. Sarah's hands flew to the bigger woman's wrists as she began to tug down on the jeans, finally breaking eye-contact. She froze as soon as Sarah's hands touched her, stopped in mid-tug as Sarah began pulling at her arms, trying halfheartedly to halt the progress of her captor.

She wasn't surprised when she wasn't able to move the horned woman's powerfully muscled arms even in the slightest, giving up after a few short moments of struggling in vain, going slack as she lay back, unable to stop what was coming. The tugging began again almost as soon as she broke contact with the larger woman's wrists, the loose-fitting pants being inched down around Sarah's fairly plump hips and thighs. The rest came off easy, Sarah's shoes already missing, presumably somewhere in the earthen cave.

The large horned woman sat back on her haunches to admire what she had before her as Sarah tried to cover as much of herself as she could, her blush darkening even more as the large woman's eyes roamed over her, her hands beginning to wander her own tanned body, one reaching up to cup one of her large breasts and knead it, rolling an erect nipple between a thumb and forefinger as she stared at the pale skin of Sarah's flat tummy and widely flaring hips.

She gained a hungry look, her dark, red eyes going a little hazy as she moved both hands to grip Sarah by the hips once again, this time moving her arms up from beneath her thighs to hold Sarah from below as she brought her hips up in front of her in spite of Sarah's squirming resistance. “J-just what do you t-think you're doi- aah!” Sarah cried out in surprised pleasure as the huge woman clamped her mouth over her crotch, her tongue immediately starting to probe her opening.

Sarah's sudden cry repeated as the tongue pushed in, just the tip at first, but then more. It curled upward, rubbing wetly against her as she moaned loudly, her back arching. She hugged herself tightly below her breasts, her breath becoming faster as the large woman pushed still more thick tongue into her, sliding around inside of her. The tongue continued to push in, going deeper than Sarah's questing fingers ever had and feeling much better too as it curled and flexed within her. She panted and gasped, the incredible feeling of the thick, muscular organ sending her places she'd never been to before.

The delving tongue continued to writhe and slither inside her, her hips squeezing and twitching in response. Sarah couldn't hold her voice in, gasping and moaning for her monstrous captor as she was invaded in a way that was both sensual and tender, but unyielding, giving her no illusion of choice. She had given up all pretense of resistance by now anyway, grinding herself against the questing muscle within her in attempts to get even more delicious sensation out of it and crying out with every success. The huge woman understood the shift in attitude and gladly indulged her, pushing herself deeper, her tongue now almost up to it's base in Sarah's dripping cunt.

Her grip on the smaller girl's hips shifted, allowing her a little more freedom to move and Sarah wrapped her legs around the massive woman's head and pulled them tight, pressing herself more firmly against her as the bovine tongue started to pick up it's pace, sliding faster in its swirling, lashing dance. Sarah brought her arms to the woman's horns, gripping the last few upturned inches of each tightly and using the leverage to rub her slit against the thrusting tongue and nibbling lips.

She was getting close, her grinding, rolling hips taking on an almost desperate pace as they slid wetly against the horned woman's tenderly insistent lips. Her eyes were hazy and unfocused, her moans getting louder and longer, her breath short and panting, little rivulets of saliva running from the corners of her mouth as she began to tremble around the large, strong tongue continuing its delightful, wriggling motions, maintaining its pace in spite of Sarah's frenzy as her pleasure mounted more and more. She began to cry out more openly, her moans being replaced by actual begging, “Please! Faster! I'm almost there, just let me cum! Just let me cuuu-Aaaaaiiii!” Sarah's begging voice became a wordless scream as she tightened up around the squirming muscle inside her. She arched back, her head thrown out behind her, her legs clenching tighter around the giant woman's head as she began to shake, taken by a powerful, mind-erasing orgasm. She came with all the force of a crashing tsunami, shuddering and trembling around the long, wide, muscular tongue inside her, never stopping it's coiling dance.

The long, strong strokes of the horned woman's tongue extended the orgasm considerably, seeming to go on forever for Sarah, setting her awash in a sea of bliss that stretched outward indefinitely. But all things end eventually, and even this incredible, beautiful creature's seemingly tireless efforts gradually came to a slow, reluctant close, her broad tongue slipping reluctantly from Sarah's dripping cunt. Sarah hardly noticed, panting and gasping to catch her breath after the longest, strongest orgasm of her life. She gulped air in in long, shaking breaths, her lungs raw and her limbs slightly sore after going so rigid in climax.

The horned woman released her hips finally, slowly setting them down onto the piled skins. She sat up carefully, her eyes still slightly out of focus as she caught her breath. The larger woman's strong arms folded gently, but firmly around behind her neck, pressing her forward into a long, forceful kiss and Sarah didn't even try to push the woman away. Rather, she returned it, slipping her own tongue into the other's mouth to twine and press against its opposite, tasting herself on the lips and tongue of her captor.

The giant woman slid her large, powerfully muscled arms down Sarah's back, pressing in, almost massaging, the pleasant sensation feeling wonderful to the smaller woman and she let her tense body relax as her mouth was caressed from the inside by the long tongue of her lover. The arms worked their way gradually the rest of the way down her back to cup her ass gently and continue their kneading massage there. Sarah moaned throatily around the thick tongue sliding against her own and brought her hands up to the massive (to her), pair of breasts pressed into her much smaller pair, giving them a tentative squeeze and eliciting a deep, vibrating moan from the mouth locked around hers.

Encouraged, she began to imitate the horned woman's ministrations on her own round ass, repeating the firm, kneading motions on the large pair of breasts. They sat there for several long, pleasant, wordless moments, a warm feeling spreading through their respective bodies as they held each other.

The giant woman was the first to break the kiss, running her large tongue over Sarah's lips and chin once briefly before standing slowly in front of her, still having to duck her immense frame somewhat due to the low ceiling of the dug out den of earth. Sarah stared up at her, uncomprehending for a moment before the huge woman reached out to hold her gently by either side of her head, petting and stroking her long hair. Sarah closed her eyes, letting the horned beauty hold her

She felt her head being moved forward briefly and could feel some forward motion from the huge woman as well. She opened her eyes to be greeted by the much larger woman's absolutely sopping pussy. She glanced up to see her captor looking down at her with half-lidded eyes, her mouth in pursed tightly closed as she gently pushed Sarah forward into her hips, rocking them up and down slightly against her face as she did so. Sarah brought her hands up along the beast-woman's coarsely furred lower legs, caressing and working her fingers through the thick fur before continuing up to the powerful pair of thighs nestled around her face at the moment.

She brought her hands to grip the other woman's large, firm ass, her fingers squeezing the hard, slightly padded muscle beneath the taught, tanned skin and she brought her mouth up hesitantly to the soaking slit in front of her. The hands on her head shifted to the back, one pushing her against the horned woman's crotch slightly as the other left her head entirely, moving up to play with one of the large, heavy breasts above her and the horned woman let out a low moan, reverberating the air as she ground down onto Sarah's face. Sarah had never done something like this with a woman before, but tried to imitate what had been done to her already. Her lips parted slowly as she tentatively flicked her tongue out to touch the dripping lips above her.

She was immediately rewarded with a slight twitch in the horned woman's hips and a breathy gasp above her. She met her lover's hazy eyes for a moment, then repeated the quick lick, getting the same result. The large woman shook slightly above her, her kneading hand on her own breast getting a little rough, squeezing more tightly than before as she hissed out a loud breath, the fingers of her other hand twining into Sarah's long hair.

Sarah got a little bolder, her fingers starting to work the firm flesh of the horned woman's toned ass cheeks as she slid her tongue once more along the sopping slit above her, this time in a long, slow stroke, pressing it against the sensitive opening before ending with a small flick against the little nub of her clit. The larger woman's knees buckled momentarily before she regained control, her sharp gasp further emboldening Sarah in her efforts. She tightened her grip on the larger woman's ass and pulled down, then cried out sharply, the sound coming out as a muffled “Mmmmph!”, as the large woman dropped to her knees on top of Sarah, pushing her to the skin covered floor with the motion.

Sarah struggled weakly beneath the immense weight of her tremendous lover on top of her face, the woman's crotch mashed into her mouth and chin and her rear keeping Sarah pinned to the floor. Sarah quit struggling, looking up to see her captor grinning down at her, playing idly with her massive tits. Sarah met her eyes, licking out with her tongue, this time pushing just barely into the wet slit covering her lower face and the larger woman shimmied on top of her, rubbing into her face, letting out one of her chest-vibrating moans. She let go if one of her breasts, leaning carefully to reach behind her, cupping Sarah's crotch with one of her large hands, her middle finger plunging in immediately to wriggle within.

This is what was written when the thread was deleted. Will post more as i write it.

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Post Re: Minotaurus Story - Ongoing
Ah, this story! Pretty hot. ;) Nice to see you around too!

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