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Amnya and Autumn (Ischmail 2 continued) 
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Post Amnya and Autumn (Ischmail 2 continued)
The three girls were exhausted with their encounter with their captor but still struggled hopelessly against the sticky floor. Their entrapment inside the one called Ischmail had dissolved their clothes and any of their body hair leaving them wholly naked as they writhed in the sticky goo around them. Autumn, who was now almost a rag-doll, and Lilly had landed face up and spread and Katie and managed to land forward on all fours –hands and knees, her breasts hanging down under her and her body exposed to the warm, damp air of the boiler room. Aside from them, the wide room appeared to be deserted, though none of them could really look around to get a good look.

“My, my,” said the soft voice immerging from the shadows and into view. It was a girl, completely naked, about their age, medium height and now that they could see, she was stunningly beautiful! Her petite feet and long legs, her wide hips and thin waist, her round and firm breasts, her soft shoulders were all smooth, shapely and curved like an ice sculpture. Her face was soft and keen and her hair ran smooth and silkily at the sides. But something was out of place with her. She steped into the light and immediately the girls saw that she was totally pale, not just light skinned, but white as a sheet. Her whole body was totally bleached of color or flush -white washed, every part of her but her seductive half-lidded eyes –a bright, shimmering violet.

“My big brother caught himself some lovely new pets!” her voice was young and chipper almost innocent. The girls froze in stunned silence. THIS was the sister to that THING? She stepped over to examine the girls starting with Katie. “Hmm, I can see why he thinks you’d make a good little cow, mm hmm!” she giggled “I agree! But hopefully we can find other things you can do too!” she smiled and moved over to Lilly. The small girl tensed as the ghostly figure stood over her. “Mm hmmm…” she said mulling over the small body “well no offense, little one, but I see why he’s not terribly interested in you” the small girl below her almost gave a look of anger but did seemed relived “but don’t fret, little one, I’ll find plenty of ways to use you” she continued, her innocent voice turning almost devious. Finally she stepped over to Autumn who was done panting and was the only one of the three who was still tugging at the sap sticking her to the floor. “Oooo, you are feisty! I can see why he wants you all to himself.” Autumn stopped at this, she didn’t like the sound of that and remembered what Ischmail had said to her in the hallway just before engulfing her inside of him.

“Please, help us. Help me.” Autumn looked up at the girl her ice blue eyes met the shimmering violet ones. “Let us go, please we won’t tell anyone. Just let us go right now!” but the girl above her just smiled happily.

“Awww, that’s cute,” replied the pale girl “but that’s no fun and I have my orders” She gave another cute smile and stepped back and raised a finger and the floor around them came alive. Quickly the girls were spread about the room. Lilly was pulled into a corner on the far side of the room and pasted to the wall, Katie was dragged into another corner and let loose only to have the slime form into small, short cage around the girl allowing her some movement but forcing her to remain on her hands and knees. Autumn was kept in place near the center of the room but the goo beneath her lifted her up flat and formed into a solid table under her. Her arms were forced to her sides and her legs laid out straight then parted slightly to expose her.

“Comfy?” asked their new captor. It was. Despite the restraints, the table beneath Autumn conformed to her body and began to massage her legs, back, shoulders and neck but left her front exposed to the warm air of the room.
“Nugh!” Autumn wanted to fight it but she was so tired and the caressing touch of the table was so comforting.

“That’s it, sweetie, relax. You don’t need to fight, not here, not now” cooed the pale girl. She stood beside Autumn and lightly placed her hand on Autumn’s belly. Autumn gasped as immediately a stinging sensation stained Autumn’s skin where the girl touched but it was not one of pain. Instead it was pleasure, stinging her sharply like an acid becoming stronger the longer she remained touched. “Mm hmm! Does that feel good?” teased the pale girl “It does, doesn’t it? It feels sooo good.” She cooed as she began to rub Autumn’s belly and the sensation of pleasure continued to sting Autumn’s skin. Autumn groaned as her captor rubbed circles around her navel, switching every so often between her bare palms and her finger tips. “Yes, that’s it, sweetie, mm hmm!” she giggled “You see, the oils in my skin are very potent chemicals and they make so many wonderful sensations for sweeties like you” She then began to rub upward with both hands and began to rub Autumn’s breasts. Autumn gasped again at this powerful sensation her breathing becoming deep and heavy as her cupped breasts heaved up and down. The pale girl kept speaking softly to Autumn, relaxing her with her words, her voice was so reassuring and trusting. “There, that’s good, sweetie. Now my orders are to refresh you and that’s what I’ll do, body and mind.” And she slowly pulled her hands around Autumn’s figure, hips, waist, belly, tits, over her shoulders, around her throat and neck and let go. Autumn was now shuddering with the wave of sensation even as the table continued to massage her.

“Haaah!” cried Autumn and Amnya rested her finger on the girl’s lips to shush her and felt a dryness beneath the glossy lips.

“Oh, you must be so thirsty!” Amnya cooed on. Autumn closed her eyes and nodded. Amnya smiled her soft, reassuring smile and said “Well then have a drink” and with that a white tentacle formed out from the pale girl’s lower back and wormed its way over to Autumn’s lips. Autumn’s eyes grew wide and she sealed her lips tight but suddenly a second tentacle from the girl snuck up beneath her. She hadn’t noticed but as soon as the head of the second tentacle nuzzled up against her exposed sex she could not help but open her mouth wide and gasp deeply as the same stinging sensation bit pleasurably into her, but this was different, it was far, far more potent than before. She writhed in her restraints as the first tendril before her popped into her mouth forcing her lips around it widely.

“Nmuuuugh!” Autumn yelped in surprise as the same stinging sensation wrapped into her tongue and around her lips. A cool fluid began to drip inside her mouth, it tasted like sugar water. She was thirsty but resisted drinking the strange liquid sloshing around in her mouth.

“Here let me help you,” Amnya teased and placed and two fingers on Autumn’s throat and began to stroke up and down both massaging and stinging and they moved. Autumn tried desperately to resist but there was just no way, the fluid was going down her throat against her will as if she herself were swallowing it. “There, there,” cooed the girl again “That’s it, good girl, drink up!” Autumn whined but chose to swallow willingly rather than be debased into doing it compulsively and continued to drink of the cool fluid. It wasn’t so bad; it was cool and tasted sweet and as it went down she felt more and more refreshed. Eventually she swallowed her fill and the tentacle seemed to withdraw automatically from her mouth. “Mm hmm, a sweet for a sweetie” the pale girl purred and stood behind Autumn “Now,” she paused placing her fingers on Autumn’s temples “let’s see about relaxing that mind of yours?” and began to rub her fingers in steady circles. Her remaining tentacles positioned themselves around Autumn and began to massage her along with the table. They slathered her whole body with the oil in Amnya’s skin with every contact they made. The feeling was mind wiping as they rubbed all over her, soon her whole body tingled profoundly with the magnificent sensation. Autumn could not control herself and shivered involuntarily. She looked up into her captor’s violet eyes; the way she stood she appeared upside down to Autumn who was on the table. She was so beautiful and the feeling she was giving Autumn was so wonderful. But then Autumn tried to blink but found that she couldn’t. She couldn’t close her eyes or look away from her captor’s shimmering violet ones.
“No!” Autumn softly whimpered straining to gather her thoughts, her parted lips panting with mental exertion, her expression going blank.

“Shhhhh” Amnya lulled “Shhhhh, there, there, sweetie, no need for that. No need to think, you let me do all the thinking for now. You don’t even want to think, do you, sweetie? No, you just relax, let it all go away, all the thinking goes away, that’s it, gooood girl.” her voice was no longer the cute and chipper tone from before, now it was seductive and devious but it soothed Autumn as she stroked the poor girl’s temples, rubbing in the potent oils of her own skin. Her violet eyes almost seemed to sparkle. They were so beautiful to look at, to look into –so gorgeous, so hypnotic.

“Nugh” Autumn mewed, her own icy blue eyes had gone blank and her thoughts gone.

“Mm Hmmm!” giggled Amnya “There we go, good girl!” her feminine voice sounded so pleasant and relaxing. “Now let’s take a look at your secrets.” And with that she began to kneed at Autumn’s temples as if digging into her mind.
“Nuuh” Autumn mewed again barely able to understand why she even made the sound. Amnya giggled, she had found something.

“Oh my, MY!” she said “And here I was thinking you were such an innocent little sweetie. Tsk tsk tsk, you’re such a naughty little thing aren’t you?”
“Nuu~” Autumn was about to deny it but instead changed her response and mewed out a soft “uh-huh…” Now Amnya would have some fun.

“You’re a little closet slut, huh, sweetie?” she teased, smiling.

“uh-huh…” Autumn blushed as she was ashamed to answer but too helpless now to lie –to resist. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. Her mental functions were crippled but her emotions were still wide open. Amnya saw this and decided to ease off and try another approach; Ischmail would be loathsome if his brand new toy was damaged before he got to play with it.

“There, there, it’s ok,” she soothed “I understand, don’t worry, sweetie, I won’t tell anyone” she winked and Autumn sighed as she went back to her blissful and trusting entranced state. Now Amnya had her and her trust.
“Now, sweetie, listen very carefully,” Amnya commanded and Autumn focused deeply on her “I’m going to make you into the thing you want to be the most; the perfect toy for my brother.” Autumn tensed slightly but nodded “Do you know who my brother is?” Autumn nodded again.

“I~Ischmail?” she shuddered at the thought of that monster.

“Yes, sweetie, that’s his name but you will call him ‘Master’.” Amnya continued

“Mu-Ma-mas-ter.” Autumn struggled with the word -she sounded so simple headed. She finally managed to gather the thought, with a little help from Amnya and said “Master!” happily and smiled with her accomplishment. “Master Ischmail, M-Master, my Master, Maaaster…” Autumn happily sang out in a soft voice.

“Very good!” sang Amnya still stroking Autumn’s temples “Good girl!” Autumn gave another blissful smile. “You like saying that don’t you?” Autumn nodded in response “Good! You’ll be glad to be his toy then, won’t you?.” Again Autumn nodded “That’s a good girl, yes!” Amnya purred and Autumn purred right back “But sweetie…” she said drawing back her attention “You’ll need to do a few things to be his perfect toy” Autumn nodded again her focus going back to the pale girl. “First, be feisty, he likes that in his playthings. He wants toys that he can play with -not push over.” Autumn nodded rapidly her full attention on this list of rules “you struggle, sweetie, you just won’t be able to help yourself, you try to resist as much as possible. When you are bound, and you probably will be almost always, you try to get out –even if you can’t which you probably won’t be able to anyway.” Autumn glared at all this but nodded “Second, when you are gagged, and YOU definitely will be, you try to talk, speak, scream for your master, he wants to hear you beg and cry but you hush up when he says to, sweetie, understand?” Autumn’s expression was worried but she nodded “Good and last all you have to do, is obey him. When he tells you to do something, do it. But remember he likes a little resistance so go ahead and give him some of that feisty attitude every once in a while, ok sweetie?” Autumn smiled and nodded happily at all this. Amnya was pleased with her work “Such a good girl. Oh I can tell you’ll make an excellent toy!” Autumn sighed and squealed with joy at this. With that Amnya took her fingers off Autumn's temples and placed her hands on Autumn’s cheeks bent down and kissed Autumn –deeply. Amnya’s white lips stung pleasure into the lips of the girl beneath her and her tongue writhed and danced downwards into Autumn’s mouth. It must have lasted half a minute before Amnya pulled back, a naughty look on her face as she wiped off lip gloss that had smeared over her own lips.

“MMMM! Yum!” gleamed a dazed Autumn falling asleep. Amnya giggled, the effects from rubbing the girl's temples and body would wear off in about half an hour or so and she would go right back to her old unruly self with a little extra conditioning though, that is after she wakes up after several more hours on the table still gently massaging her.

“Nighty-night, sweetie!” teased Amnya patting Autumn on the head her voice returning to her chipper sweet tone. “Now…,” she said turning to the caged Katie who had watched in horror the entire time “what do I do… to you?”

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Post "what do I do... to you?"
ah now that is the question isn't it?
well I'm open to any suggestions or requests like I said last time though I do realise that the board is new and not many people frequent here as of yet but my offer still stands.

what shall Amnya do with/to Katie?
Ideas are welcome but make em soon, I might not wait very long before continuing! ;)

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Post Re: Amnya and Autumn (Ischmail 2 continued)
Katie froze up as the pale skinned girl approached. She had already tested the bar with what limited movement hr cage allowed but found them to be solidly in place. There was no escape. Her captor bent down to look at her through the cage wall. Katie caught a glimpse of the violet eyes that stared at her past the bars.

“Hello,” Amnya greeted coyly eyeing the girl’s endowed breasts hanging under her. “Are you ready to become a good little feeder? I think you’ll be a great one! You’ve got such nice tits already.” She said, her violet eyes beginning to shimmer. Before she could think of anything, Katie screwed her eyes shut.

“No! Please don’t! I don’t want to!” Katie pleaded

“Aww come on, Katie, don’t be like that. It doesn’t hurt and I’ll can make you love it, you’ll see” Amnya said in her most persuasive voice.

“What? How do you know-” Katie began

“Your name?” Amnya replied. She giggled “A little birdy told me” she said looking back at the unconscious Autumn. Katie couldn’t see with her eyes closed but knew what the girl meant, she had gotten her name and who knows what other information from Autumn when she had her under that spell. “Now are you going to be a good girl for me and let me have you or do I need to do this the hard way? You won’t like the hard way, Katie, I guarantee it.”

*Going for dinner, shower, trash cans to the curb and maybe watch an episode of something… Stargate (sg-1) maybe? I’ll see... in the mean time, how does Katie respond?

A) the easy way (MC/hypno, consensual tentacle fucking)
B) the hard way… (restraining, forced feeding, tentacle rape)
*Both end in Katie being turned into a huge-titted yet adorable moo-cow of a tentacle feeder and you choose whether she likes it, dislikes it, or dislikes it at first but learns to accept it or whatever.

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Post Re: Amnya and Autumn (Ischmail 2 continued)
I say go for the hard way; she doesn't want to do it, even though it feels so good. ;)

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Post Re: Amnya and Autumn (Ischmail 2 continued)
“Come on Katie, all you have to do is give in, it’ll feel good, I promise!” but Katie shook her head. “Fine,” Amnya huffed “If you don’t want to it’s your loss, though I see no reason why I can’t have some fun.” With that the cage around Katie retracted and Amnya stood up. Katie scrambled to get away but was surrounded by the sticky slime coated floor; there was nowhere to run to.

Amnya smiled fiendishly and from her whitewashed back dozens of tentacles grew forth. They oozed with the clear colored, oils of her skin. Before Katie could react they grabbed at her picking her up. Katie shrieked at the sensation as the tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs, coiling around her figure and standing her up. Very quickly a warm sensation built up inside her at the mere touch of the tentacles and her breath became short and hot. She struggled but found that the friction of her movements only caused a rush of sensation as the tentacles continued to wrap around her thighs, waist and up her chest.

“EEP!” she squealed as the tentacles made their way around her breasts, squeezing them playfully. She fought at their movements but her wrists were held tight. “Please, no! Stop, I’ll do it the easy way!” she said unscrewing her eyes looking widely at her captor “I’ll be good, I swear!”

“I know you will.” Amnya replied seductively “You’ll be sooo good. It’s too late for the easy way, you had your chance, but I think you’ll still enjoy this and in any case, I know I will.” Before Katie could respond Amnya leaned forward and kissed her, deeply. At first Katie was shocked by the feeling of Amnya’s soft tongue sliding into her mouth between her glossy pink lips but then the warm feeling grew in her maw. She quickly snapped back to attention and shook her head and tried to pull back from the kiss but Amnya held her head as her lips and tongue continued their advance, groping almost passionately at Katie.

“Mmnnn, Mmmnh!” Katie tried to plea. Amnya only smiled devilishly and redoubled her efforts for a bit before finally, after almost two minutes, pulling back, a bridge of saliva dangling between their lips.

“That’s just a warm up” Amnya said “An appetizer. I hope you’re hungry, if not then too bad, because now it’s time for the main course.”

“No please! I-” but before she could finish a tentacle dove forward and stuffed into her mouth. She let out a muffled cry of surprise as pleasure again stained her lips and tongue as the slick member dripped the arousing fluid into her mouth.

“There, that’s better. I love quiet girls, guess that runs in the family” Amnya giggled. Katie froze for a moment remembering that horrible monster that had brought her here and what he had made her do… Suddenly she was snapped back to attention again as something probed her, down -there-. She looked down and saw another white tentacle, glistening with the clear, potent oil, prodding around her crotch. She looked up to shake her head at the pale girl only to be given another sly look as Amnya smirked back at her. The monster girl tilted her head to the side and the tentacle around Katie’s crotch dipped into her, lubricating her flesh making her slick. Katie gave another shriek as the tentacle entered parting the lips of her sex and burrowed deep. The wave of sensation nearly swept Katie unconscious as her back arched, her eyes rolling back. She shivered as the member began to slowly drive back and forth. She blushed and looked back at her captor’s half-lidded violet eyes.

“MIMPH!” Katie tried to plea but the wet tentacle in her mouth made it hopeless. She sobbed as her body writhed with pleasure becoming slick and shiny with the translucent oil. It was clear that her body was no longer in control and her mind was changing too. ‘Ah- oh my god! Oh! AH!’ she thought ‘n- No! No, I can’t give in! Not like this! But it’s SO… so…’

“Good” said Amnya “Isn’t it?” Katie quickly shook her head. “Awww, no need to be like that Katie. Be honest with yourself, your body certainly is…” she said pointing between the girl’s legs where Katie had begun to drip. Katie pouted muffled sobs into the tentacle in her mouth but Amnya hushed her. “There, there. Poor baby…” she teased. “Here, let’s give you something to take your mind off of it!” With that the tentacle in Katie’s mouth shoved down her throat and bulged and a thick, hot fluid filled spewed from it. Katie gurgled but couldn’t help herself and swallowed the fluid down. Immediately her body began to feel hot as she guzzled the strange stuff. Tears streamed from her eyes as the tentacle began to slide back and forth over her tongue spreading some of the fluid into her mouth. It was delicious, like very rich milk. The tentacle continued to fuck her mouth and deposit the milky substance down her throat for several minutes despite Katie’s continued protests and weakened struggles. She wondered how much of the stuff she could drink, she wasn’t feeling full but she had consumed so much of the stuff already. She looked down at her stomach and was surprised to see her breasts blocking her view. Had they… grown? But how- This stuff she was being fed! It was changing her! By now her body had succumbed to the intimate touches from the oil coated members around her body and her sex was flowing with her juices. She didn’t want to admit it but this was... so good. She moaned as more of the fluid oozed into her throat, she wanted to taste it again; it was so sweet and rich, almost addicting. She had to have more of it! Suddenly the tentacle head pulled back and shot one big glob of the stuff right into her mouth before it exited. It tasted so wonderful; Katie couldn’t help but savor it for a second before willingly swallowing it.

“Like it, huh? Want more?” Amnya said coyly noticing. Katie blushed again and nodded. The pale monster girl giggled “Ok, but I want you to do something for me. I want you to cum for me.” She said twisting the tentacle embedded in Katie’s pussy. Katie sighed in ecstasy as a wave of pleasure blossomed inside her. It didn’t take hardly any effort, her body was simply too aroused. Katie marveled at how good it felt and opened her mouth to accept the fluid again, almost eagerly. “Again.” Amnya said.

“What?” Katie asked, surprised.

“Cum for me again.” Amnya replied again flatly “You want your treat, you’ll have to earn it. Cum for me again.” Katie whined but nodded her head again as the tentacle inside her renewed its thrusting movements. She began to breathe heavily again as the friction built up another wave of pleasure.

“Oh god! Ah-HAH!!” she gasped as Amnya’s tentacle gave one final sharp thrust into her sending her over the brink of orgasm again. Her whole body tensed in the grip of the oily tentacles coiled around her. Her mind was swimming in pleasure as she came again. Panting and sweating she opened her mouth again ready for her tasty ‘reward’.

“Again.” Amnya said smiling fiendishly. Katie looked at her longingly. “Do as you’re told!” Amnya chided “Cum for me again.” Katie wanted to protest but part of her held her tongue as Amnya renewed her advance upon her without mercy. A second tentacle joined the first one and embedded itself into Katie’s sex, stuffing the hole while others continued to dance around her thighs and body. Another tentacle that had been grabbing her butt had begun circling her pucker attempting to coax entrance. As soon as the muscles relaxed it dipped in and began to squirm inside her with unmistakable purpose quickly pushing deep inside, writhing as it went. Katie cried out and her back slowly came to full arch. She was about to reach blissful heaven again but could feel that despite all of this it was just beyond reach. She moaned in frustration, she HAD to have this! She wanted it badly. She needed it.

“F-fuck! Oh, Oh fuck! FUCK!” she pleaded “P-please, make me c-cum!”

“Make me cum, ‘Mistress’” Amnya replied.

“Ah!...M-make me c-cum, Mistress!” Katie panted.

“Good girl.”Amnya smiled and leaned forward and reached down. She licked the tip of her fingers and pinched hold of Katie’s clit. Immediately, like a reflex, Katie was blown away into an exotic bliss as her body went rigid and her eyes rolled back into her head. She came hard around the bulging tentacles inside her pussy as they made one final pound into her, releasing a massive flow of the milky fluid into her womb. Excess of the thick substance dripped out of her as one of the tentacles withdrew from her sex, covered in the white, milky fluid. It rose up to meet Katie’s open mouth and slid in. Katie relished the tasty fluid though it tasted a little different but her mind was too lost to realize the taste was of her own fluid intermingled with the milky one. Nonetheless, she began sucking greedily from the member, craving the addictive substance and as she did, her chest began to feel heavy.

Time past and Katie continued to suckle in earnest, never feeling full of the sweet stuff when finally her mind returned to her. She looked down at the heavy weight on her chest. Her breasts had grown to huge proportions. She knelt down and rested them on the ground but continued to suckle from Mistress Amnya who had explained to Katie her new purpose. Mistress. Her Mistress. And she, Katie, was a slave… a ‘feeder’ Mistress had said, meant to use her wonderful breasts to supply any hungry slaves with the nourishment they would require. At first, Katie hadn’t been so sure, but now… it just seemed so natural. Besides, if she did a good enough of a job she would be rewarded with more of the delicious milky liquid. ‘Not so bad… kind of nice really’ thought Katie looking up at her beautiful Mistress.

“Mimmk-muu, mimphiph!~” she said happily continuing to suckle from the tentacle.

“You’re-welcome, slave!~” her Mistress smiled back patting her on the head.

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