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Tentacle Specialist - View topic - Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
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Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas 
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Post Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Okay, since the thread keeps getting erased elsewhere, Im gonna import it here. I hope this place is friendlier with authors.

Aaand, I´m going to explain a little. This is what people call a “quest thread”. A interactive, pick your own adventure kind of thing.

I´ll post a little, then you decide what happens next. All I ask is for coherence. The main character cannot suddenly sprout another cock, head, arm, leg, whatever. New girls cannot pop in from thin air, you cannot suddenly ask to use a time machine, etc. Coherence, please. If sometimes it looks like things are a bit odd here and there, is because I am pasting the text as it was originally posted by the contributors so far.

That said, the story this far:

Your three times removed uncle left you a considerable fortune in the city state of Lajas, in the lakes. Not enough to set you up for life, but enough to warrant you moving half way across the continent to claim it.

As soon as you arrive to the city itself, you find out it includes a large house (two floors with seven/eight rooms on each floor) with plumbing and running water (your uncle was big on comfort), a small import/export business, and enough money to start the adventuring life you always wanted with somewhat decent equipment. No old rusty sword for you, you can actually afford some (admittedly) minor magical equipment from the local markets.

Only one thing, your uncle occasionally peddled slaves through his business, and when you pop up to do inventory, you find three slaves remaining, all secured with obedience collars that leave them highly suggestible and obedient towards their designed master.

One is Corona, a blue skinned tiefling, an attractive young woman with red hair and soft, thick horns coming out from her temples and curving towards the front, having been caught after the cold blooded killing of a merchant in whose house she was working. She claimed self defense, but the court did not buy it. Lajas does not have any term in prison included in its laws, so instead she was legally enslaved and sold off in open auction.

A powerfully built goliath male named Gulmidar, caught by the guard after a bar brawl where he slayed a drunkard who apparently insulted his honor, somehow. He´s been sentenced to five years as a slave, and seems surprisingly okay with it, tho he was expecting to work for the family of the slain man.

Finally Kaldra is a very conflicted wood elf that has been sentenced to twenty five years of slavery after attacking some lumberjacks in the northern woods. Noone was killed, but her actions resulted in three men seriously wounded and a good amount of property damage. She has a nice figure and clear brown hair, with a fair skin. Years as a hunter means she is well acquainted with the wild lands around your new home. She is happy to be alive, and seems to think twenty five years will pass quickly enough, but still hates the idea of indentured service to a stranger.

Since all of them were legally convicted, it isint in the power of a normal citizen to set them free. You could let them run away, of course, but if they get caught again, theres a fair chance they will receive the death penalty if they get caught, and you will be severely fined.

The city itself is fairly pleasant to live in, but only now do you notice the high amount of folks with thin, metal woven collars like the ones in your "inventory" are wearing are not a fashion statement. Indeed, the city of Lajas has no prison, believing that criminals should be put to work rather than sucking valuable resources from the community.

Other than the slaves, you have twenty three sacks of fine flour, three barrels of dwarven ale, and almost seventy masterwork long swords in the back. At the front, the store has a donkey (in front of the store, of course) and various foodstuff and tools.

Now to the adventure itself. This all happened with the input of a lot of people, im just streamlining it here.

As you arrive the city and head to check your uncle´s house, you find it to be a large house of two floors in the middle of a rather high class neighborhood. The gardens are almost invariably surrounded by tall walls of wood or bushes, but it is well known that good walls make good neighbors, so you dont mind it much.

Everything inside the house is covered in sheets, giving it a ghostly appearance, but pulling some of the sheets, you uncover stout, high quality furniture beneath them. Looking around the house, you find that almost everything is so covered, and that the house has seven rooms in the first floor (a large dinner hall and living room), and eight rooms on the second floor, with the master room (your room now) being by far the largest.

Your room has a large, solid bed, and you are quite satisfied when you find that it has its own bathroom, with actual plumbing, a modern comfort that is certainly welcome, rather than the primitive bucket and chamberpot that is so common in most places still.

The wardrobes are empty, of course, and your own cases scarcely fill a corner of one, but at least you are unpackaged, and ready to go check on the rest of your inheritance.

A short stroll later, you arrive at your uncle´s business, a decent sized store and warehouse of two floors. There are various barrels of vinegar and a donkey tied at the front. The building is wood, and looks rather recent, with large windows letting you look inside, through which you can spy various crates of goods.

Walking in, you are somewhat surprised to find that who you thought were just clerks, happen to be actual stock. A short conversation later, you are acquainted with Kaldra, Gulmidar and Corona, slaves for sale on your uncle´s shop.

Lajas is a city without prisons. All criminals are enslaved and then sold off to work their debts to society. Light crimes usually mean light sentences or just a fine, while the more serious crimes tend to end in various years as a slave. Somehow, however, it seems that attractive females tend to get the harsher, longest sentences, most of the time.

Your uncle bought Corona shortly before passing away, and had her working as a clerk in his shop. Gulmidan and Kaldra were acquired and paid for before his death, but they were only delivered afterward, and Corona received them as your uncle´s only employee until something could go different.

At this point, the previous contributors decided to take Corona and Kaldra shopping for sexy clothes, then back home and enjoy her. A lot of posts are being simply solidified into action, so it it looks a little broken, now you know why. We went to the market and bought her nice clothes, and a few adult “toys” to try on her later.

“So, the collars make you obey, correct?”

Corona: “Y-yes master. Within reason. And we can´t lie to you, even by omission...”

“Alright, go shop for something nice and alluring, here´s some money. I want you to buy the most sensual clothes you can. Are those orders clear enough?”

The girls nod, and take off, embarrassingly explaining to the clerks what they are looking for while you head back to the store, and have a chat with Gulmidar, finally agreeing to let him work at your store as a clerk. He can use the “house” in the second floor as his own, which includes a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. He agrees, and you head home, entering well ahead of the girls, that return loaded in bags, still wearing the same short, simple prisoner shirts that they were wearing at the stockade.

Popular decision: Send them to get changed, then explain the lay of the land to them.

They go into your room to get changed.

Kaldra comes back out with a yellow, light summer dress and a corset over it. The dress reaches just barely to her crotch, and leaves her arms and shoulders bare. She is wearing sandals, and her long brown hair is cascading loose behind her.

Corona is wearing a very simple, short kamisk, reaching down to the upper end of her thighs in her front and behind, leaving her sides clear and exposed, the kamisk tied in place with a white sash around her waist. She is barefoot.

Kaldra: "Well?" -she says, blushing bright red

You call corona over, and grope smack at her plump rear again.

"Now you corona, are mine for life, so you get no say in this and that is the way you're going to like it. -the tiefling girl nods, scared- Kaldra though, you are only here for what, twenty five years? you get a bit of choice in the matter." You look them both over, enjoying the sights, groping corona all the while.

“You understand, girl?” -you say as you squeeze her butt again

Corona: "A-ah! y-yes master!" The tiefling gasps again, her butt deliciously firm but pliable under your hand

Kaldra: "What kind of choice...?"

We knead at coronas rear, and give it a firm swat as we talk. "While corona here is going to enjoy every little thing I do to her -aren't you Corona?- you on the other hand, get to decide a bit. I am going to, at the very least, enjoy you with my eyes and hands, and probably take you to my bed eventually, but you will be free someday, so I don´t want any ill will between us. You will get more freedom, for now. Especially, if you earn it with good behavior, understood?"

At this point we discussed how much the collars controlled them. It wasn´t clearly decided, but we mostly agreed they have them follow order to the best of their own conscience, since too literal would be a mess to word right, and give them a lot of wiggle room to twist things around. So, they obey an order by its intent as they understand it, rather than literally, and the collars give us a bit of control on their emotions.

Corona: "A-ah! -she tenses up a little- Y-yes master!" -she says with tearful eyes, blushing a blue so deep its almost navy, her tail curled up almost in a full circle

Kaldra: "I.. see"

"Now kaldra, have a seat and enjoy the show for now. Corona, you are going to behave, right? no need to make this hard for yourself, nor reason you cant take to this new life of yours" -we pet her cheek and hair while we talk, gently rubbing a finger along her horns.

Corona: "Y-yes master... no m-master...!" -she seems to be very ticklish at the horns, her honey colored eyes looking up at you nervously

Kaldra sits down on a nearby couch, somewhat nervous, but quite relieved to hear you are not planning to impose yourself on her.

We tickle and tease Corona, making her squirm and laugh until she cries, wanting her relaxed for whats to follow, then casually stopping and pulling her towards us, her small back pressed against us as we grope her generous, shapely breasts. Soon, we move back unto the couch, by Kaldra´s side.

Corona: "P-please d-dont t-that! a-ah!" -her laugh and cries fill the room as you continue to tickle her. She tries to push your hands away from her horns while you sit her down on your lap.

We keep the tickling with one hand at her horns to distract, and paw and grope her breasts with the other, get her used to the feeling, and to associating it with laughter and merrymaking. Also, to get a feel for how well endowed our toy is, make sure she's nice and comfy in our lap, tail and all.

The girl lets out a little cry as you start groping her warm, soft breasts with a hand, rubbing and caressing at her horns with the other, making her squirm and fidget on your lap, nervous but unable to resist your control over her, your tickle sending shivers over her whole body as you enjoy her nicely sized breasts, heavy and warm in your hands.

"Thats it, thats not so bad now, is it?" We keep up the groping, switching sides, occasionally rolling a nipple between fingertips until they are nice and hard, with the other hand occasionally brushing her hornsm but also petting her hair, getting her good and used to our touch. We do this for a good while as the sun sets over the horizont and she´s used to it.

The girl fidgets, shivers, cries out and giggles under your hands, unable to stop you, her nipples growing as firm as little pebbles between your fingers as she grows warmer all over. After a while, she has stopped fighting you (as soft as such resistance was) and you can at leisure caress and explore the soft, attractive figure under her kamisk.

Corona: "Master... this... this is my first time... p-please... b-be gentle..."

"Dear, I will be as gentle as you are obedient, its very simple." We slide the flimsy cloth clean off of her, getting a nice long view and petting down her light blue skin, shooting a glance to kaldra thats half a threat and invitation, keeping an eye on their reactions.

Kaldra quickly looks away, face bright red. Her thighs are almost hermetically together, her hands on her lap, her posture looking as if she was caught doing something wrong.

Corona looks down, nervous and scared as you examine her figure. Her large breasts are shapely and soft, with clear, light blue nipples the size of a baby´s fingertip, a few sweat drops shining on her skin.

We decided her body is naturally hairless. It took a few posts, so it´s worth mentioning. At some point it was suggested to give her a little bush to have the pleasure of trimming it from time to time, perhaps in a heart shape, or such? We do decide her fiendish blood gives her her horns, tail and bluish blood and skin tone, as well as sensual, very long legs. Six inches longer than they “should” be in a girl with her body length, anyway.

We take her chin in one hand, tilting her up to look at us and giving her a reassuring smile, our other hand lightly tweaking a nipple while we speak. "There there, no reason to blush, we're all going to get very comfortable with your bare body soon, so be proud of it, you are so very smooth and nice." We give her a little peck of a kiss, to catch her off guard with it.

The girl looks up to you with wide open, surprised eyes, then nods just a little bit, keeping her eyes on yours as she shivers and trembles while you enjoy her devilish figure

Now we go for it, hands roaming her body, the swell of her breasts, curve of her hips, round her tail and shapely rear with a little sqeeze, then give her a smirk."Well this wont do at all, here you are with nothing but a blush on you, and im still dressed. how do you think we should fix that?"

Corona: "Ah.. I´m.. sorry?" -she moves to get up from your lap, still looking at your eyes as you commanded earlier. Now, you can get a good look at her virginal, moist sex, almost blooming in readiness and anticipation

"It´s alright, you are a good girl, you are doing fine so far." We pet her cheek, then give her an expectant look before looking down at ourselves and our clothes, back up to her with a slightly raised eyebrow.

She cooes as she "gets it", and gets up and around to work on unbuttoning your shirt and jacket, her soft, feminine hands barely tickling you as she works.

We lean back and relax, giving her the occasional stroke down her side or hip, a flick at her nipple if she's doing very well with how she undresses us.

Corona finishes undoing your jacket and shirt, then helps you out of them, her soft hands caressing your rough skin.

We'll lift our hips to help her get the pants off, and pet her hair while she's down there, get her used to being on her knees at our feet or bent over us, as well.

She finishes undoing your jacket and shirt, then helps you out of them, her hands caressing your rough skin while yours enjoy the smooth feeling of her skin and the roundness of her curves, from time to time giving her light-blue nipples a small, gentle tug, or a squeeze at her breasts and butt.

We pet coronas hair while she goes down and give Kaldra another glance over coronas head, a pointed glance to her thighs, then back to her with a nod of permission

Corona tries and keeps her eyes off your cock as it emerges from under your pants, its bulbous, rigid figure standing right before her face, seemingly demanding her attention.

We pet coronas hair and cheek as we spring to attention, brush her horns a bit "there there, no need to be scared corona, get a good look at it."

Corona: "Yes.. I mean, no master..."

The girl says, still quite surprised by it. Meanwhile, Kaldra has pulled her feet back so she can hug her legs against her chest, looking out of the corner of her eyes at whats going on the other corner of the couch

"Relax" We say with a firm tone and a glance over, to make it clear its for both girls, then run a hand through Corona´s hair, smiling down at her and gently keeping her there. "Take your time, learn how it feels, it is -chuckle- after all, one of your responsibilities, but one you'll love."

The girl nods, obviously nervous as she tentatively reaches for it with her fingertips, starting to caress your cock as one would caress a small animal, unsure on quite what to do. Under your guidance, tho, she is soon stroking up and down its length, as she gently kisses and licks at its head, leaning forward between your knees.

"Mm.. thats it corona, good girl, see the taste is even nice." And before she can respond yay or nay, nudge her down to take a mouthful, lightly wrapping a hand around one of her horns, the other sliding down her body to tweak and tug at a nipple, get her accustomed to feeling good with a mouthful of cock.

She tenses a bit, but doesnt tries to pull back. It is hard to tell, even for her, if this is because of her collar or not, but she wants to think it may very well be so.

Using her smooth, warm horn as a handle, you easily hold her in place, then begin to push her back and forth over your length, having her lips slide over the head and uppermost part of your cock. You think you caught Kaldra licking at her lips, for just a moment.

We keep giving corona praise and little twists and tweaks at her nipples, caressing her while we get pleasured ourselves. We guide her hands, one to us, the other to her, get her into it while we enjoy ourselves, and keep half an eye on kaldra, looks like the tease is working

Soon, Corona is completely into it, sucking and licking at her master´s cock while touching herself, your hands gently caressing and teasing at her as her hot, soft lips and tongue worship your malehood, her tail´s end slightly curved upwards.

We reinforce that she's being such a very good girl, and that her enthusiasm makes us very proud of her, and move the hand on her horn to the back of her head, just lightly resting there while she bobs, see if she'll take the hint. also give our little elf a look right as we're complimenting corona, make it half an invitation, half a knowing smirk.

Corona rests a hand on the floor so she can steady herself, the other nestled between her silken thighs as she continues to worship your cock, her soft, hot lips and tongue sending shivers up your spine.

Kaldra is visibly aroused and embarrassed, and while you are quite sure she would join if her position was different, shes unlikely to do so just now, not when it could leave her open to service you for twenty five years. She´s convinced that she´s tough enough to hold on, and keeps telling herself. “Twenty five years pass by in a flash, when you are an elf “

We decide to give her a choice now.. she can get a reward and a mouthful of cum to drink before we move on to enjoying her more thoroughly, then get another reward later on, for good behavior in return for having to put up with more in bed, or she can stop while we're primed and go straight to bed for a quick romp, to finish us both off, but then she doesn't get the special reward.

And no, we don´t tell her what it is yet.

Either way we decide to keep playing with those nice, shapely heavy breasts and making sure she knows she's being a wonderful girl.

Corona looks up at you with wet bedroom eyes, aroused and more than a little willing to learn more at this point.

Corona: "A.. a reward, Master?"

"That's right girl, mm don't stop stroking yet, a reward if you drink it all down, but don´t miss a drop or you won't get it. Or, you can stop and go right to the bed.. but make up your mind mmm.. quickly!"

We pet her hair and give her a leer as we talk, and another nipple tug

She lets out a little whimper, and quickly takes the head of your past her soft lips as she keeps stroking at it, looking up at you from her place at your feet.

Her nubile, sensual figure may have played against her in court, but you certainly have nothing against it as you caress and enjoy it, her heart shaped, firm blue bottom a most welcome sight as you start pouring your load into her mouth, her golden eyes growing as wide as saucers as she takes her first mouthful of her master´s cum, your cock throbbing and trembling in her soft hand as you erupt against the roof of her mouth.

We give her little murmurs of encouragement, and a push forward for and extra bit bit right down her throat. Then let her up for air, and reach to stroke between her legs while she catches her breath, make sure she's good and ready, then lead her by her nipples right to the bed, and give kaldra a wave to follow.

Corona uhhmmphs! a little scared as you suddenly lean forth over her, grabbing her by a horn with a hand, the other taking a good, firm grip on her firm, shapely ass, so that shes caught under you as you thrust your hips forth, just a bit, pushing the whole of your head past her lips for the first time, your massive, thick cock not even feeling her small teeth as you pour her mouth full of your jizz, shooting your last few spurts down her throat, and keeping her there until she swallows before letting her go and plopping back into the couch with a satisfied grunt, your cock slipping out from her mouth, dragging her back with you for a moment before popping out with a wet, indecent wet sound and spurting a last line of jizz on her pretty face.

The girl whimpers and cries out as your massive, rough hand squeezes her generous, soft blue breast and then tug at her nipples, squeezing them with a vice like force between your index and thumb as you pull her behind you, half crawling and half walking, towards your room.

Corona: "A-aaii! m-master, you´re hurting me! w-waiii ah! ah!" -she tries to walk, stand, crawl, anything to keep up with you as you casually drag her behind you, trying to keep her breast at the height of your hand, en route towards your bedroom.

Kaldra follows as you gesture for her, the collar compelling her to do so, although she may have followed even without it, by now.

Once in the room, you give Corona´s hard, sensitive nipple a firm enough pull to throw her unto your bed with a whimper. She lands face down on your sheets, scared and confused, her delicious, smooth, endless legs halfway parted as she turns to face you on the bed, confused.

Corona: "Master, you hurt me! I-I thought you said I was good!"

"You´ll get used to it, and for your reward... for a special place I plan on visiting in the morning. But because you did so well, we will try and make sure it doesn´t hurts... as much."

We take out a butt plug and motion for her to turn around, butt in the air. Play with her for a little bit until she squirms, then pull her tail up and push the plug in...

We discussed piercing her, but did not reach a conclusion on the matter, so it´s left open until someone remembers it in the future.

The girl looks teary eyed, but is compelled to obey, and turns away from you once more, now in all four on the bed,as you approach her delicious bottom, and casually slip a well lubed finger into her star, caressing and massaging it a little before pulling it out and replacing it with the tip of the butt plug´s wide, smooth head, rubbing and pushing a little before pushing it into place, making her whimper as you give it a few playful pulls to make sure it is firm and in place.

Corona: "M-master... p-please... it... it hurts..." -she says, eyes closed tight

The girl shivers as she feels you grab her silken, smooth thighs with your massive, thick hands and pull them apart, then ooohs as you start licking and kissing at her wet, blooming sex, gently but insistently, your rough tongue pushing past her labia with ease as you taste her for the first time. Quickly, she´s relaxed and soft under you once more, your lips finding and suckling on her clit with playful force, making her gasp and arc her back as she grabs hold of the sheets in between her fingers and toes.

“Kaldra, if you want to, you can have Corona lick at you during her first time, you know?”

Kaldra hears this and closes her legs shut, much too embarrassed to do such a thing, despite her obvious arousal.

Corona blushes deep blue as she and the elf look into eachother´s eyes, and then moans out loud as you give her clit a firm sucking and then a gentle, tender little bite.

Finally, you move your hands from her thighs to her hips, and grab her firmly, her tail tickling and caressing your stomach as you start pulling her unto your cock, slowly, letting her take it slowly but firmly, without stopping, letting her soft, virginal sex gasp open around your cock´s head, and continuing to slide into her, in a slow but fluid movement.

Within moments, the head of your cock is inside her, her eyes opening up widely as her master´s rugged, massive cock starts sliding into her.

Corona: "M-masterwaitthat´stoobig...!"

"Its not to big, you'll see. Now relax and enjoy your master." Then we pop her, and rub her clit, once we're balls deep in her, we just stay there for a bit to get her used to it, and to enjoy her squirming around us.

"Remember Corona, practice. Practice, practice, practice..."

Give a light slap on her ass, and keep pulling her closer from the base of her tail. Give the butt plug a twist.

"I'm sure Gulmidar would be happy to take my place... if you're not willing for me to continue."

The girl does her best to remain quiet, but can´t help but to let out a little cry as you push past her hymen. There´s very little pain from the act itself, and no blood comes out, but she is still struggling to accommodate your massive length inside her virgin sex, while you continue to pull her towards yourself, inch by inch as you fill her up, her body starting to shiver as you slip five inches inside her.

Some discussion as to our protagonist´s penis length and thickness, in the end “as deep as we can go” means “still a couple inches out, for now”

My favorite comment was: “Get her on kegel exercises and daily stretching out with our 'equipment' and she'll eventually take all of us. That infernal bloodline has to be useful for SOMEthing, might as well be to accomodate our aptly proportionate cock. “

The tiefling gasps and shivers as we continue to pull her back towards ourselves, slowly but surely slipping into her, her tight virginal sex struggling to accommodate our length and girth as we do so.

Soon, however, we are as deep as we can go into her, with almost three inches to go, yet. The girl is tense, sweating and vice-tight around our throbbing flesh, her curvaceous body barely shivering, fully impaled by our flesh spear.

Reassuringly, you caress and compliment her, your rough, large hands softly running over her back and butt as you enjoy the feeling of her tight body around your cock, the (rather) small butt plug adding a nice, firm hard feeling against the top of our cock near her entrance as we do so, taking our time to enjoy her and let her know and get used to her master´s cock.

The tiefling gasps and shivers as we continue to pull her back towards ourselves, slowly but surely slipping into her, her tight virginal sex struggling to accommodate our length and girth as we do so.

Soon, however, we are as deep as we can go into her, with yet three inches to go. The girl is tense, sweating and vice-tight around our throbbing flesh, her curvaceous body barely shivering, fully impaled by our flesh spear.

Reassuringly, we caress and compliment her, our rough, large hands softly running over her back and butt as we enjoy the feeling of her tight body around our cock, the (rather) small butt plug adding a nice, firm, hard little bump against the top of our cock as we do so, taking our time to enjoy her and let her learn and get used to her master´s cock.

The girl is shivering under your body as you lean forth to kiss at the back of her neck, caressing her hips as you pull back just a bit before thrusting back into her.

She lets out a wet, sensual cry that is a heady mix of pain and lust, and then another, and another, as you start a slow, steady rhythm, leaning back once more to start taking her in full, making her large, shapely breasts bounce back and forth as you take her, her beautiful face blushing a deep blue as Kaldra looks at her, her lips wide open as she cries with every thrust, eyes glassed over, barely open.

Corona: "ah... a-ah! ah! aah!"

This goes on for a bit, but soon the girl is moving with you, pushing back as you thrust, and you can build up your thrust and momentum, beginning to take her with some vigor, making her whole body bounce on each thrust. Her hot, sensual curves firmly gripped in your hands, you take her in fast strokes as you begin building your own fire, your balls ready to overflow into your blue skinned slave.


A firm, playful slap resounds through the room as you build speed and force, and all too soon, you can feel your orgasm about to explode, your balls ready to pour the girl´s sex full of cum for the first time, your cock throbbing in readiness as she moves with you, her head low under her shoulders.

With a satisfied grunt that is part roar and laugh, your jizz explodes inside her like from a hose, pushing into her womb, your malehood all too tight inside her to let it flow out over it, filling her up without missing a drop.

She cries out, rising her head, eyes closed as she bites her lower lip while her master cums inside her, her nipples completely painfully rigid, her body trembling from tip to toe under the might of your release!

You finally pull out of the girl, letting her fall forth unto the sheets, your cock still throbbing for a few moments, trying to pump even more cum unto a girl that is no longer there.

Corona is too tired to move, her previously virginal sperm sucker having fulfilled its function for the first time, with flying colors, leaving her exhausted and oddly satisfied, even as a thick line of your seed starts pouring from her womb and down her passage towards the sheets.

She seems to barely have any weight at all, as you pick her up and carry her to her new room, across the hallway from your own. Tucking her into her bed, groping and kissing her good night before leaving her to rest for the night.

As you show Kaldra into her room, you suggest to her she thinks long and hard about what she saw, and wants to do (-perhaps- you dont know so, but the collar will make sure she does, repeating the scenes she just saw over and over through the night), but jokingly warning her not to touch herself without permission (again, the collar will make sure of it), reminding her that as your slave, all pleasure must come from you, personally, then giving her a playful little slap on the ass as you push her into her new room.

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Kaldra nods before she has time to think, the collar demanding truthfulness from her, and obediance. She crawls away from Corona, the large dildoes slipping out from the soft blue girl, leaving a wet trail of girl juices from her body to their tips as Kaldra crawls towards your cock.

Her soft, full lips part gently, and she starts kissing and suckling at the head of your cock while Corona worships your balls.

"Come on, Kaldra. I know you can do better."

The dark haired elf looks up at you, her face bright red as she starts suckling and nibbling sidewise at your cock´s massive head, her soft, hot tongue licking at it in betwen kisses, until it is shiny and covered in her drool, thin lines of it falling down unto Corona as the girl continues to worship your balls.

Soon, Kaldra moves to take the head of your cock past her lips, the long, shiny dildoes still deeply imbedded in her ass and cunt, wagging like tails behind her shapely butt.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:23 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
dont feel fully comfortable contributing without catching up, so if you could email what all happened before the trolls it would be appreciated.
Edit: got the response, thanks.

Give her words of encouragement, pets along her hair with one hand, the other at Corona to make sure she knows her worship is very appreciated.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:28 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
You pet and caress the girls as they work at your erect maleness. Kaldra´s curvaceous, smaller frame shivering a little in humiliating joy as you praise her, the large, wet dildo sticking out of her ass like a rigid tail from her shapely butt.

Corona seems completely relaxed, either having accepted her new life, or simply enjoying her first experiences with you. She suckles and licks at your balls, her hands tied behind her back as you enjoy your slaves.

testing the larger font size since my eyes have troubles reading the little fonts

Come think of it. Maybe it would be better if we either restarted from scratch, or did a small time jump? we could have Kaldra and Corona be your loyal slaves that way, and get on with a mix of ero and adventure/economics, I think

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:35 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
A suggestions if I may?
Ive got the first thread archived on my computer, and if we're moving here we should expect some newcomers to join in the fun along with those of us following the story. To make it all flow better, I could send it to you and you could write it up in full story mode, give us a full description of the mul we turned out to be, what happened the first day and so far into the second, and then start up with the quest and suggestions like before.
Might be to much to ask but from what you've done so far I think you're up to it, and if not then we can just carry on as is.
edit to your edit: Im good with either, your the author so make a choice and let us know, then run with it off into the sunset.
also, to avoid board clutter, perhaps have us delete suggestion posts once theyve been worked into the story?
Edit edit: i like the idea for clearing board clutter, but apparently you can only delete the most recent post in the thread, if its yours.

As for the girls, keep up the praise, enjoy ourselves, and whenever one of them does something particularly nice or submissive, give then a bit of pleasure to reinforce the behavior, bait them into larger and better acts.

Last edited by Apprentice Writer on Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:54 pm, edited 2 times in total.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:41 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
That seems doable, but im just coming out of an allergy that left my eyes burning in pain, so it kind of kills my creativity. I will eventually write it all up as a story, tho. For now, a better(?) description of the scene. And we never got a description of the mul, as I like to let people decide how they look by themselves. As long as you are the only other person posting, you can change yourself into anything you want, for instance.

After having both girls scissoring and bump into each other, Corona on her back as the receiver, and Kaldra on her knees, rubbing and pumping against the blue tiefling, a double dildo going from each girl´s ass to the other´s sex, they are currently working on your cock, Corona still laying down on the floor (we just gave her her first lessons in deepthroating, tho we didint cum yet), with Kaldra crawling up over her to kiss and suck at the head of your cock, the long double dildoes sticking out from her into the room.

Ill start writting the story I guess, add what we do here, and then post it all in a new thread and erase this one, if possible, after adding what we do now, of course.

Corona continues to meekly lick and suck on your large balls, nestling them on her lips, licking at their underside, unable to do more with her hands tied, as they are, while Kaldra starts trying to take the head of your cock past her lips, her wet tongue caressing in betwen her lips and your flesh as she tries to take you.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:50 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
In that case i would suggest that since we've a base of operations now so to speak, you rest your eyes and just brainstorm things, work on the story portion. And while I'm the only one logged in, we've got three or four floating watchers.

Drop a hand to pet Coronas cheek, the other running up Kaldra's ear to rest on the back of her head, giving her an encouraging smile. "Thats it Kaldra, you know you can do it, just like Corona showed you."

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:57 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
The dark haired, fair skinned elf blushes as she looks up at you, swallowing her pride as she starts suckling on your cock, your large, rough hands gently caressing her head and elfin ears while Corona squirms a little, trying to reach up and nibble at the base of your cock.

Eventually, Kaldra manages to take you past her lips, her eyes almost closed as she starts bobbing up and down over your cock´s head, taking just a few inches, making them shine with her drool as she gives into her new life.

Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:04 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Ill try to, but seriously, the font here is so small it hurts my eyes to try to read it >.<

Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:14 pm
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