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Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas 
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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
How about teasing her "new sister" and touching herself without permission after lunch? didin´t cum, tho, she´s not allowed or able to unless she´s in pain. She´s been trained as a painslut after all

Wow 14 pages already, keep your suggestions coming, guys.

edit: I just noticed, this thread has over 1.2k views, but only a few people ever collaborate. How about you guys make some posts so we can keep it going at a faster pace? is not like anyone judges anyone here

Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:38 am

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Kaldra was hitting herself so she could cum, Gem saw that and she didn't understood what the elf was doing so she told us about it. We could order Gem to punish Kaldra a lot, and she would know that she is the reason of it.

Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:01 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
FSM wrote:
edit: I just noticed, this thread has over 1.2k views, but only a few people ever collaborate. How about you guys make some posts so we can keep it going at a faster pace? is not like anyone judges anyone here

I think it's the same 4-5 people checking the thread every day to see updates :lol:

Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:43 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
The delicious golden elf let out a little cry as she was stretched taut. Her generous breasts lifted gently when as forearms are secured over her head to the top of it, together from elbow to wrist.

It was not a rack, but rather a simple, very solid and heavy wooden plank parallel to the wall, which once she was firmly secured to by her arms, we had but to pull a few times from a lever to lift her until her toes couldnt touch the ground, having her hang completely stretched.

Gem: “Thou are not going to hurt her like this, are you master?”

“Of course not. She would enjoy that all too much, then how would it be discipline? No, you are going to make her cum”

This confused and embarrassed our lovely angel. What a pretty sight she is, her curvaceous, so very feminine figure standing nude on our games room, her milky white skin and ebony black hair making for a very beautiful contrast.

“You have the experience of countless lifetimes, surely you have been with a pretty girl before?”

Gem: “And that will be it? No whip or cane?” -she asks while Corona finishes securing Kaldra´s gag behind her head. A large ball gag which she inflates a little bit more, until Kaldra´s jaw is fully stretched.

“You can use them if you want” -Gem doesnt understand, yet. Kaldra is our wanton, needy painslut. She is not going to cum without our say so, no matter what the pretty angel does..

Gem: “Then... then... alright”

She leans into the beautiful elf, their firm, soft breasts pressing against each other´s as their first touch. The underside of the elf´s rubbing softly against the top of the angel´s as Gem´s ruby lips kiss at Kaldra´s golden skin, right at the top end of her neck, then very gently nibbles at her while her hands support her against the wooden plank Kaldra´s hands are bound to so she can kiss at her without pressing down unto her too much.

The blonde elf whimpers and lifts her right left a little bit, caressing Gem with her silky thigh and foot while Gem softly caresses her hips and kisses at the base of her neck, fingers roaming over the elf´s delightfully soft skin.

Gem: “So pretty” -she says as she kisses Kaldra´s pierced nipple.

Gently, she caresses the golden elf´s lower belly, before rubbing at Kaldra´s delicate, small outer labia, her fingers caressing them with a butterfly touch. She is dripping, and Kaldra looks up at the elf´s honey-colored eyes as she slips two fingers into her flower.

Kaldra: “Uhnn!” -she cooes, and shivers a little as the angel caresses inside her with her fingertips.

Twenty minutes later, somehow we are still not bored watching Gem trying to make Kaldra cum (unsuccessfully), but the night is not infinite, after all.

Kaldra makes quite a sight with her lovely face stretched by the gag ball between her lips, and her whole body red and sweating bullets, her chest quickly rising and dropping at the rhythm of her quick little gasps. Her honey-colored eyes glazed, she looks forward without focusing on anything.

The pretty angel is quite the sight herself. Her long black hair sticks to her white skin like midnight on snow. She glows with sweat, kneeling between the elf´s thighs as she gently kisses her flower.

“Alright, that is enough, Gem. Look what you did to poor Kaldra, she could not even cum” -we chide her softly and gently pull Gem´s arms behind her now while she´s still dazed and aroused, gently but firmly securing them behind her.

She realizes what is going on, but is too late when we are holding her wrists behind her.

“Do not worry. We had a deal, remember? I will not rape you, but you will help in your own training”

Gem: “Y-yes master”

“Good girl, now stand a little bit...” -we secure her wrists to a hanging hook, letting it loose for now, and then reach down, which seems to make her nervous.

“Gem, as a slave. No, as my slave, you should be comfortable around me, now matter what. I will eventually get to know every inch of you” -we gently caress her leg, and she blushes so bright it looks like apples would have a hard time comparing. We enjoy the feeling of her creamy soft skin for a while, but dont go beyond that, yet.

“Spread your ankles apart. More, a bit more” -we let her get away with just a few inches. It is no hard task for us to secure her right ankle to the matching end of a spreader bar, and then casually lift her leg to do the same with it, despite her cute complains and protests.

Gem: “You said you wouldn´t rape me!”

“Gem, I am a man of my word! Corona, you rape her. I want you to make her cum until I tell you to stop, understood?” -we say as we casually pull from the rope holding Gem´s wrists until she´s standing on tiptoes, leaving her in strappado with her legs stretched and her ankles far apart.

Corona: “Y-yes Master!” -she says with a wide smile. If the pretty blueberry thought we had forgotten about her, she was sorely wrong.

We gently pick up Kaldra and head to our room, closing the door to the games room and leaving Corona to her fun.


I haven´t forgotten you guys, I´m just going really slow because i´m now using a word processor first, so i can save, read and correct it a few times before posting. I restarted the whole thing many times now.

Anyway, suggestions or requests?

Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:49 am

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
A request? Hmmm, oh I know!

Don't take over a month to fill us in? XD

What happened man? Well anyway the story's good so keep going with it!

We let Corona have Gem for the night and she takes relish in it. And while anything is fair game I wouldn't mind seeing something along the lines of Corona having Gem call her 'Mistress' while taking pleasure in humiliating and degrading Gem.
Corona gives her new 'toy' a good cropping and only stops once Gem is begging to be fucked instead of whipped at which point Corona proceeds to use a a variety of toys and a strap-on on Gem, stopping several times just before Gem cums. Corona then demands Gem to lick her until she cums -twice, before she agrees to let Gem cum even just once. After that Corona just uses/abuses Gem for the remainder of the night doing a variety of things to degrade Gem for her own amusement, though nothing gross or outlandish.

Sat May 07, 2011 10:00 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
I decided to change the style to a first person narrator to see what you think.


Kaldra´s figure looks almost child-like in our arms as I carry her into my room, but only because I´m so much higher than her. Her long, svelte legs end casually on tiptoes as they hang, and her breasts, originally modest (but large by elven standards) have filled in nicely after months of her new diet, to become two splendid orbs of female flesh, gently bobbing up and down with every breath, her bright pink nipples already hard like little pebbles.

Quickly, I disrobe myself while she lays down on the bed on her stomach, as I left her, and reach for a soft (almost decorative) couple of leather and brass cuffs to secure her wrists and hang her from the roof of my bed, having her just hang limp and just slightly off her knees. Her figure has the natural elven slimness, with a soft layer of youthful fat as I grope her breasts for a moment, then casually squeeze them, waking her up from her afterglow reverie, and holding her by the waist with the other as I dip my cock inside her dripping sex from behind, as far as I can go in a single stroke, filling her up completely, and in the same go pushing past her tight little cervix and into her womb, pushing against its top, and still missing a few inches of flesh.

Kaldra: “A-aah! M-master, t-thank you for using your slut!”

“Good little slut, you like it when my cock hurts you, don´t you?” -as to enforce my words, I move back just a little and then thrust forth again, pushing firm enough to make a little bulge in her soft, flat tummy.

Kaldra: “A—ah! Y-yes! P-please Master, p-please!”

“Good little slut, my good little painslut” -I lean forth and slowly but firmly turn her face aside so I can kiss her.

A few more strokes, and I pull out, my cock dripping with her juices. She whines a little, but she does not need to beg for my cock tonight. I casually lift her by her hips with one hand, then pull out and discard her buttplug with the other, and lower her pink asshole into my cock. This time I go slowly, but she surely takes inch after inch until I am fully imbedded inside her hot, tight little ass.

“Your ass is loose, slut. Just perfect for your master´s cock”

Kaldra: “T-thank you Master! P-please use this slut´s ass some mo-aah!”

I start moving her up and down on my cock, using her wonderful, delicate figure to please myself, my cock pushing her soft, hot flesh apart on each stroke as I move her up and down, enjoying the feeling of her delicate skin against me almost as much as my cock in her ass.

Kaldra: “Ah! Ah! Aa-aii t-thank you f-for u-using your w-whore, Master!” -like a proper slave, she knows I like her to be very vocal during sex, specially when she thanks me as I hurt her.

“Do you like this? And this?!” -I lift and lower her hard on my cock, rubbing my whole length inside her, then letting her hang by her hands as I start moving her away and back instead of up and down.

Kaldra: “Ah ah! Aah! Y-yes!”

I shoot my load inside her, and hold her back tight against me as I do, kissing her at the same time with a hungry, violent kiss, almost devouring her soft lips with mine. She hangs there for a moment, suspended by her wrists and with my cock imbedded in her ass, then I have her support her feet on the bed in a obscenely split posture so she can move up and down on her own, fucking herself with my cock, even harder than I would, trembling and crying as she begs to cum, as she begs me to order her to cum, far too well a trained little pain slut to come on her own, anymore.

“Now, cum for me, you little whore!”

She tenses up and lets out a soft little whimper as she starts to cum, shivering in pleasure through it, cumming for a good full five minutes, over and over while I kiss her and finger her tender elven pussy, my thick, rough fingers rubbing inside her as she squirms and tremles with my cock in her ass.

Kaldra: “Ah... ah... your Kaldra thanks you, Master” -she says softly

“Cum” -I simply tell her, and still sensitive from her ordeal, she has no trouble obeying, shiverin and moaning beautifully, almost timidly against me.

Kaldra: “T-thank you Master”

“Cum” -she whimpers in pain and bliss, with a delicate little orgasm as my hands caress her tummy and breasts.

Kaldra: “Thank you, M-master”

“Now fuck yourself hard and fast, slut” -I squeeze her right breast firmly and tug from her nipple ring as she struggles to support her feet on the bed so she can slide up and down on my cock.

After a bit, I roughly grab her ankles and pull them back, firmly held on each hand, causing her to fall hard and fast on my cock, her gorgeous, healthy figure almost bouncing against my lap. Now she can fuck herself nice and hard while I support her, and she loses no time in making me cum with her tight, hot ass around my cock.

Afterward, I unhook her wrists from the bed´s roof, and cuddle her against me on the bed with my cock inside her as we rest. I wonder, how is gem doing in the hands of our horny little devil?

Wed May 18, 2011 1:31 am

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Uhmm that´s odd, I got a message saying there was a reply on the thread so I logged in to check but nothing new. Well, I´ll write after some comments, as usual

Sat May 28, 2011 11:10 pm

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
It was probably a spambot posting something that TS deleted.

For your story, I've got nothing to comment on. It's good so far, just waiting on a bit with Corona and Gem.

Mon May 30, 2011 2:59 pm
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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
Gouger wrote:
It was probably a spambot posting something that TS deleted.

Yep, I'm pretty sure that was it.


(I just generated another pointless notification, didn't I?)

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Post Re: Merchants, Slaves and Profit in Lajas
The fuck...? I log in after god knows how long because there was finally a reply so I thought i would continue the story and.. wtf is this?

Sat Sep 08, 2012 2:52 pm
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