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Dark Incarnate B1Ch1 "A New Dawn" 
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An Extra Note: I suspect most will start here. I don't care much for tags because I believe it give too much away. I'll only ask that you take this story on faith. I jumped the gun faster than I would have liked on a few things for chapter one to give the reader an idea of whats coming in the rest. In short I specialize in monsters in non-con sci-fi horror.

-Things you WONT find in my stories: Futa/Futanari, fetishistic gore or necrophilia, gay, lactation, big breasts, scat, etc
-Things you WILL find in my stories: REALISM (at least I try), tasteful eroticism, Plot revolving around a basic struggle (not just mindless porn)

As always I love comments even if they are negative, but they have to be a valid critique. I clicked on a few stories and due to this ones length I'm making a new thread for each. The whole thing is over 165pgs in word. I am asking that comments be posted on this Chapter 1 to keep it higher up in order for ease of access.

Dark Incarnate Book 1: A story of a girl with a special gift. Kelly Evans is able create spectacular works of art with ease. Her parents die in an accident on their way to her art exhibit, and she blames herself. Through self loathing and sadness she attracts a Dark spirit that links to her and incarnates itself though her artwork. She teams up with some unlikely new friends to learn the true nature of darkness.

Dark Incarnate Chapter 1 Book 1
By Mr. Black

A New Dawn

Kelly sat half asleep in the school chair lazily leaning on the slab tabletop. The cold felt good against her bare arms. It was first period class, and mornings always felt so fresh. She took a deep breath enjoying the somber quite, unlike the end of the day when the rooms were stuffy, loud, and filled with kids watching the clock. No, this was morning and the room was still adjusting to students. It was hard to think of the schoolrooms empty and quiet all night, but there was no doubt when you sat in first period soaking up the cold.

Mrs. Francis rolled around the class eyeing the student's progress and worked over to touch Kelly on the shoulder, “Are you having some trouble this morning?” Concern laced the old woman’s question like poison.

“No...,” shifting in her seat Kelly hated it when people patronized her. It seemed everyone in this shitty little town had made her personal turmoil their own. None of it was her fault of course; life had dealt her a very hard hand.

She straightened up in the desk stretching her back with a yawn. Her bare thighs touched the chilled stone seat below her skirt, and suddenly the morning shifted gears on her. The cold that was mildly soothing and clean became her enemy with only knee high socks and skirt for protection. It felt like the desk had be left outside in the frosty dew. The cold began creeping like a damp cloth though her clothes making her skin shiver. Trying to ignore prying coldness, Kelly leaned forward and grabbed the charcoal pencil and looked at the large blank paper.

She didn’t care for pencils of any kind; Kelly was a painter, and entirely too good for her age. Yet here she sat in a room full of kids her age in an art class, though she was lifetimes ahead in the subject. It didn’t matter; none of it mattered, she knew it was just some stupid steps she had to go though. It wasn’t that bad. After all she could have gotten a sticky notepad from the Teacher’s desk and drawn silly cartoons fanning the pages and everyone would, ‘Oooo Ohhh and AHhhh,’ like it was magic.

She tried to think of what to draw. It always worked best to draw what she felt and today she felt like dirt. Her loneliness left her feeling alot like dirt lately. Not just any dirt, the good decaying leaves and black organic matter on a forest floor a few inches down. She could only think of one thing to do.

On the way to her class everyday, strolling down the walkway that connected the buildings, one consistent idea popped in her mind like clockwork. Like an itch she couldn't scratch in the back of her mind. It was a nice concrete walkway with strong red brick columns to the solid roof and new shingles. The Art class was the farthest building out, but strangely the walkway extended a good bit past it. In the grand designs for the school more buildings had been planned but the money dried up, and construction just stopped. There was a bit of a drop off the edge of the corridor to the scraggly grass below and Kelly loved to sit and watch the morning sunrise swinging her feet from it. It was like the workers decided to go home one day and never came back to work. Actually no one had told the guys pouring the concrete the plans changed, until some big wig saw the mistake and the Forman got fired for the waste. Within two weeks none of them had a job, not even the big wigs. It was a very nice looking walkway to nothing regardless. Even a brick column stood at the end waiting on a roof to come out and meet it.

Just out past the walkway stood a little forest. The 'forest' was more weeds and overgrown saplings then trees, but no one felt like cutting it down and nature did its thing and went wild. None of the janitors or groundskeepers touched it probably out of the same confusion the builders had. Was it supposed to be something, or nothing?

Kelly was eerily drawn to the spot. She would find herself there almost everyday sitting by herself waiting on school to start or eating lunch. Not wanting to go to class or god forbid the lunch room, she would stare at the twisted picture of wild nature with a strange fascination. She stared mostly at the beds of leaves which collected from the few trees. Again no one cared to clean any of it up. She wanted more than anything to go over and join the bed. Curl up fetal position and just let the day pass her there. Birds knew where to fly in the winter due to a small metal bit in their brains, and Kelly felt drawn by the same magnetism to the spongy bed of dry leaves.

Every Fall she would help rake leaves with her father. She did more playing than raking, but that was part of the tradition. Great big piles of maple leaves and pine needles would dot the yard at the old house in the Georgia. Mitchell, her father, would get these orange leaf bags with big Jack'O lantern faces at the hardware store, and after Kelly was done flopping and rolling in the mounds they would pack the bags full and stack them around the front of the porch. The leaves always smelled of faint spice and sap to her. That spicy smell would forever remind her of her Father. He had been tall and lean with a light brown mustache on a stern face hiding a sense of humor that never failed to cheer her up in the worst of times. The smell was comforting, yet it stabbed her heart with pain because that smell was almost all she had left.

Closing her eyes Kelly leaned back in the desk with a painful dark shiver that ran up her spine at the memory. She pictured, in her minds-eye, standing at the edge of that walkway leaving her backpack behind stepping off the edge and heading for the woods. She would find a suitable spot at the base of three trees where the leaves collected and she'd curled up like a dog. It wasn’t good enough to just lie on the leaves; she wanted to be in them. She squirmed like a turtle digging for hibernation, which is exactly what she wanted to do. A few inches down it would feel cozy, like scratching a deep metaphysical itch and she'd smell that faint spice and feel safe again.

Squirming further with leaves piling up around her legs she got to the decaying dirt and saw something, and her eyes popped open startled. It made her shudder because her mind hadn't actually imagined it. She felt like she had really discovered the thing. As if she was really out there digging in the dirt. She had found a big fat white grub worm. Like the ones you might see on a lawn treatment bag at the feed and seed store. Prior to that moment she had never seen a real one or even knew anything about them.

Kelly didn’t know it but she had stumbled onto an iceberg, the tip of the spear, because something very real had happened. Her mind actually had borrowed into those woods. She didn’t find a grub worm, something else found her.

Billy Mason, a dirty boy with long dark brown hair that was so greasy it looked black, had been out on a bathroom break for the past half hour. He had been visiting a special place in the bathroom stall and on his way back down the walkway he heard something in the woods. It gave him a shudder and he picked up the pace to a slow trot as he ran inside. He had a childhood fear of monsters hiding in the shadows behind the trees. Not that Billy had any idea of what it was or could be, he just knew it wasn't a janitor and walked a little faster almost running inside back to his desk feeling eyes watching and judging him.

Kelly leaned forward and looked down at the paper and drew a few short lines randomly. Why not draw the little worm? That would surely get Mrs. Francis going! Billy came into the room and sped past her to take his seat directly behind. She held her breath knowing Billy’s notorious B.O. stench. Of course holding her breath didn’t help because when she did take a breath it was only a bigger stronger lungful of it. He must live without water or a shower.

Back to her empty page, the few lines became twigs. One twig had a stem of a maple leaf which branched at a small knuckle. More crumpled leaves and random decaying matter all smudged with a skilled finger creating a circle of organic gunk around her paper in surprising time. The center cradle of the birds nest was blank and waiting. She paused, a strange hesitation, normally once she got going on a project she couldn't stop. It was a race to get the image out of her head. But today she stopped. Staring at the paper, she asked herself if she really wanted to do this. Probably because it was clearly out of character, she was always labeled a good kid. That was before half the town idolized her.

Mrs. Francis paused at Billy’s desk, “Yes Billy you’re making progress, but try to use the charcoal pencil as more than a just regular number two. Remember the lesson yesterday in class because that’s the grade.” Kelly whirled around to see. She should have known not to. Billy had drawn a glorified stick figure of a girl in a black pleated skirt exactly like the one she was wearing. The idea of him writing some sort of elementary scribble love note to her made her flush with anger. Billy thought she was blushing and smiled in return. She kicked off and her wool skirt pivoted on the stone seat. Back to her paper she looked at the circlet of dead leaves, it would have been a crown fit for Jesus’ head instead of thorns.

“Oh wow,” Mrs. Frances now stood in awe over her. “And what kind of little woodland critter will be the centerpiece?”

“Just you wait and see,” Kelly said without looking up or moving in the slightest. Mrs. Francis understood the attitude and walked on back to her desk pretending to grade papers.

Kelly worked hard drawing a grayscale film quality grub worm just like the one her mind had seen. When finished she looked at it triumphantly. She wished she could be a fly on the wall when Mrs. Francis saw this fat ugly thing. Some of the others were finished and had made a pile of papers on an empty desk. She would just slip hers underneath the pile and wait for fireworks that were sure to follow.

She picked her paper up by the top two corners and looking at the grub closely even she was surprised with her work. It had so much depth and shadow. Lifting the paper further to get an angled look her heart jumped, as if a big nasty bee flew in her face. The charcoal grub did have depth and she pulled the paper up higher when the impossible happened. It appeared to change, to move. Shadows rearranged and shifted as she moved and wafted the paper. Then the drawn grub peeled more than rolled, off the paper and bounced off the corner of her desk. It landed on the floor like a bouncy ball with a lead core.

It was crazy. Kelly blinked unbelieving, this couldn’t be happening; she had simply fallen asleep at her desk. She blinked more forcefully scrunching her face trying to make the real world come back. The monochrome thing sat on the floor like a paper cutout that somehow had mass and even threw a soft shadow.

Kelly knew she was losing it. Frantically she checked and rechecked her paper but the white center stared back at her untouched by the pencil. She had fallen asleep and this was a lucid dream. She'd read about lucid dreams in a forum, but she couldn't remember much about them at all. Looking around the class she was glad to see no one else watching, they were all self absorbed. She looked at the floor again but couldn’t find it and breathed a sigh of relief. Her paper was still blank though. She pinched herself and began searching again like she’d lost her golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory.

She looked to her right where Candice, a preppy girl sat hurriedly working on a basket of fruit. The two girls would have been friends a year earlier, but that was before Kelly’s parents died in the accident. The charcoal grub that didn’t exist and couldn't exist had just crawled over the girl’s foot as was making its way up Candace’s plush sock. The thing looked real enough, and even tugged on the blue fibers as it went. It still looked exactly as she had drawn it, but now flexing and moving! Kelly rubbed her eyes, this couldn’t be happening it’s an illusion; a very bad dream. Too bad she didn’t know how to make a lucid dream stop. She watched as it neared the top Candace’s sock just above the knee. It touched her lean calf, but the girl didn’t notice. Candace only brushed her long blond hair back and continued working.

The grub worm kept going up her thigh, but its legs had trouble clinging to bare skin. Kelly was wrought with fear and confusion. She wanted to just slap the thing off the girl, but it wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. To give the thing credit would be to commit herself to the loony bin. If anyone had noticed Kelly in that moment they would have thought she was crazy staring at Candace’s legs with unblinking ferocity.

The charcoal grub continued its trek until it reached the hem of her skirt and clumsily fell between her legs. Kelly’s heart raced; it just couldn’t be! She wanted to warn the girl or just scream, but she was frozen overloaded with too many emotions. Paralyzed she waited, as the class bell rang. Candace looked up with white hot fear as her eyes went wild. Kelly knew why.

The grub fell on the slab seat and headed for the mound of her white cotton panties. It nosed around and easily dove under the elastic band when Candace finally felt it. Leaving charcoal smudge on the elastic band, it squeezed its plump body underneath. It never hesitated, and reached the delicate pink of Candace’s soft fold in one fluid movement. Candace shot her hands down holding her crotch like a boy who had been kicked in the balls. It squeezed its fat little grub body segments inside the quivering girl's moist labia as she stood and ran for the door. As her legs pumped, the grub squirmed inside. It was the physical manifestation of something neither girl could understand. It was sent flying into their world like a paper airplane in the wind. It lacked any real cognitive ability and only understood its basic programming, a prime directive. And like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pea brain it zigged when it should have zagged. The grub’s body began to grow and writhe.

Candace had shot out of the class abandoning her paper. Kelly looked down at her own with the missing centerpiece, and decided to turn it in unfinished. She grabbed Candace’s too.

The hallway traffic was near impossible. The deluge of students all went one way. The main building was at the far end and three classes crowded into the walkway. Kelly fought with the flow looking for Candace's blond hair, but not seeing anything. She had ran on weak legs and fighting tears to the nearest bathroom, and sat whimpering trying to figure out what was inside her. Kelly finally caught up and equally unsure took the next stall. She waited listening to Candace’s weak crying whimpers and shuffling feet. The bell rang and everything got quiet, except for the girl in the handicap stall.

“Candace?” Kelly had no idea what to do, but knew she had to do something. Somehow she was at the center of this. The girl said nothing but the whimpers became louder and turned into full sobs with a yelp from time to time. Kelly squatted down and tried to look under the stall walls. Candace sat on the toilet with her feet spread and panties ripped crumpled atop one of her shoes. She hadn’t just pulled them down, she ripped them down tearing one leg open.

“I.. I think I saw... w-what happened?” Kelly voice betrayed just how unsure she really was.

Candace started to say something but only groans came out as she held her abdomen. Her body cramped again trying to expel the evil creature which had no intentions of leaving. Kelly got down on the floor and started to crawl under the wall. The tile still held the morning cold. Kelly wouldn't have dared to touch the sickly greasy floor, but this was an emergency. Halfway she hesitated not wanting to commit and slide her clothes across the nasty floor, but Candace's cries got her moving again.

“What the-,” another wave washed over Candace’s face before she could finish the sentence. She was flushed beet red and struggling to breathe. “Go away!” she screamed like a child in a tantrum. Kelly stood before the girl just as confused but knowing she had to do something. Candace’s feet stayed planted wide but her knees closed trying to cover her nudity. A patch of bare skin below her shirt where her panty-line should have been was clean shaven. It was impossible but it looked like the flesh moved from the inside with a bump. Candace let out another cry and heaved forward.

“I I have to help, I don’t know how, but please let me try. I’m not sure if what I saw was even real, but it's very real to you now,” Kelly got down on her knees before Candace. “You have to trust me, I only want to help, let me see,” Kelly placed her small shaking hands on the girls knees.

“Oh, god it’s huge... iii-i it’s tearing me apart!” Candace was barely able to speak over her exasperated breathing. Kelly didn’t understand, the thing was only the size of her thumb.

“Let me see,” she slowly applied pressure urging her to open up.

“Oh God,” Candace cried. “Just get it out!” and she released her knees to Kelly. There was a little clean line of shaved of pubic hair hiding under her hands; she was well into the grips of puberty. Her outer labia were swollen and soft full of surging blood. Kelly jumped as something inside moved gaping the poor girl for a heartbeat. That just couldn’t be she thought. Kelly forced a shaking hand closer; she had to pull it out but she was just as scared as Candace. The inflamed orifice wrinkled trying to close as she was about to touch when the swimming creature stretched Candace painfully open again. Kelly recoiled when she saw the white and charcoal smudged ball undulating wildly before disappeared again. The rounded tail alone was more than double the original worms size.

“Hurry!” Candace moaned and grabbed Kelly's shirt by the shoulders wrenched in the grip of the creature’s power. The overlarge grub was trying to push its sharp head though her cervix. It vibrated the plump tail against her g-spot playing the helpless girl's body like an instrument. It needed her to orgasm, freely giving up her mind, body, and spirit to it.

Kelly pushed her fingers in; the warm wet flesh accepted them with ease. Kelly prodded the robbery grub just as she had imagined it, only now it was huge. There was no getting it with a single finger, so she tried to pinch it with two but couldn’t get a lasting hold. It was humming inside, strong and impossible. Candace went into mild convulsions losing the fight. She wasn’t breathing anymore, she was panting.

“Hold on I cant...” The thing inside knew it's time was short and slapped it's body against her g-spot.

Candace cried out as her hips buckled and snapped. Kelly speared her small hand and pushed it in, luckily replacing the girl’s most sensitive spot. Candace now had Kelly’s hand and the creature inside and went white as a sheet gasping. Kelly grabbed the tail like a door knob and started to pull as Candace's hips went wild with involuntary madness. Kelly could feel the other end thrashing angrily trying with all it's might to slither itself forward. She didn’t have to feel it; she could see it in Candace’s face. Her eyes rolled and she fainted, going limp and slowly slumping off the toilet. As Candace continued off, Kelly’s hand almost got stuck but tugged free over the knuckles with a slick pop. The limp body fell away and grub’s fat putrid body slid out effortlessly.

Fear and surprise gripped Kelly the thing was huge! It was as big around as her wrist and several inches long. It thrashed wildly like a snake in her grip and made a thin high pitched shrill cry of a demon. The wetness of Candace’s body made it hard to hold. It still looked like some cruel joke, an illusion, and an affront to nature. Kelly couldn't deny it was real. It was still that same charcoal drawing and somehow also that ruined walkway end.

She didn’t know what to do. Its large mass flopped around jerking her arm as she struggled to hold it. Then it doubled and tiny legs latched onto Kelly. It stretched long and reached halfway up her forearm. Reflex forced her to drop the drawing and try to jump back. It clamored to hold on but fell into Kelly's lap spreading a wet slimy trail across her wool skirt. She scrambled back a skidding her pink sneakers against the tile trying to get away. The grub's tiny legs kept it secured onto her skirt and then pinched onto her inner thigh at just the right moment. Kelly smacked both hands down onto it knocking it to the tile. Using the weight of its plump tail it thrashed and threw itself closer to her crotch. Kelly was scared to death and looked over at Candace for help where she laid in a lifeless heap with torn panties around one ankle.

The grub's tiny claws seized onto Kelly's panties and squeezed her sensitive mound underneath. She threw both hands trying to knock it away but the creature ripped small tears in the gusset as it went.

Kelly looked down at her own open legs and tattered defenseless panties. Her brain in a primitive fight or flight mode continued to kick scuffing her shoes on the floor but her back was against the wall. The grub flicked off spearing between her legs again. Her head fuzzy she felt the pointed head brush against her nether lips trying to get in. Another shove like that and it would be buried just like it had been in Candace. Her hands pushed down blocking and then grabbed the creature. It was much stronger now; it took two hands to contain its insane thrashing. She got it to the toilet and shoved it head first into the water and flushed. The wild tail splashed water as it disappeared threatening to clog as it finally got sucked down.

Kelly sat back hard on her butt stabilizing herself with her hands on the greasy cold floor. She looked at Candace who was still out, then reached over and slid the useless panties off Candace’s ankle put them in her pack and ran.

Classes had just started and luckily no one was around to see her. She didn’t run back to class or to the school resource officer Mr. Higgins, she just ran away with teary eyes, hurt, confused, and holding a sense of dread she had never known.

Home was several miles away and it seemed shorter on the bus than it did on foot. It didn't take long before she slowed to a walk and really started to think about what had just happened. It all seemed to surreal like still like a dream, but with her panties in shambles and the fresh air brushing her raw body the events were undeniable. The whole ordeal was unsettling and halfway home she began to sweat in places that made thinking unbearable.

Just inside the town, which consisted of only one main street, she saw a City bus stopped at the library. Kelly ran over and asked the driver for favor and walked onto the empty bus. She took a seat halfway, careful to cover her bottom with the skirt from the public seat. Mulling the events over and over again in her head she tried to make some rational sense, something she could tell Candace tomorrow. Surely Candace would understand that Kelly wasn’t responsible. The grub’s mere existence changed everything, like an artifact from a forgotten time in history, the rational world as they understood it had to change. Candace didn't know the whole story as she did, but did that change anything? Kelly was still unable to believe it herself.

Nearing her street she realized it wasn't even time lunch yet and she couldn’t stop thinking about Candace. Would she be able to finish the day? The idea of Candace sitting quietly at lunch pretending nothing happened bothered her. But what could she do? She walked off the bus and with heavy foot steps started walking to her Condo hurling insults at herself. Kelly couldn't imagine trying to explain anything, from the incident to her own actions. The universe owed her an explanation. She had to simply tell her side what she saw and what she knew. Honesty was the best policy. But all of this was her fault one way or another. From the guilty feeling she had when drawing the picture, to skipping school, and everything in-between. Another flush of embarrassment hit her thinking of the torn panties in her backpack. Candace weighed heaviest in her mind, why had she just left her? So many things had just turned out disastrous for her. She played with the key in her pocket wondering if the weather would ever change for her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to smell the leaves again.

Her parents had moved to Virginia for her Dad's job. The Condos were supposed to be temporary housing until they found a real place. Then getting a real house was filed under the lost dreams section of the filing cabinet. It was a good enough neighborhood, but the Condo was really too small for the three of them. Kelly’s Aunt Sandra lived nearby so they did it anyways. Sandra was the reason for picking this shitty little town.

Kelly walked up the small concrete steps baking in the morning sun and unlocked the front door. Inside she tossed her bag to the side, and took off her shoes glad to have the air conditioning. It was quiet, dead quite and only her sock feet thumping on the white carpet pounded like her heart as she walked into what was once her parent’s room. Her Aunt had turned it into an art studio for Kelly shortly after the funeral. Both of her parents died in a car accident six months ago on their way to see her new art exhibit. She sat on the big comfy chair in the middle of the room looking at her works and let out a pained sigh. She couldn’t run forever, and she put the thought of facing Candace at the back of her mind.

Spencer, West Virginia wasn't much at all. It adjusted better than most to the disappearing coal mines. The whole state was like a dried up riverbed in her mind, and if you looked close enough you could still see the fish bones in the cracked mud. There were several long roads that connected at Spencer which helped, but it was still just a dot on a map. So naturally when Kelly’s art gained some national attention the town tried to incorporate her into its ‘historic tourist appeal’. They opened an art exhibit just for her at Chestnut ridge, which was a recent add-on to the library that was supposed to honor the Town’s history. Her parents were running late and a drunk crossed the center line making sure they never arrived to see it. Kelly insisted they take the exhibit down after that, she felt it was her fault. Her aunt had been her next of kin and helped Kelly as much as she could but always at an arms distance.

Truth was, her Aunt Sandra didn't care too much. She did in a way, but a very immature way. She did help Kelly; she helped her lie and stay at the Condo alone and unsupervised. It worked for Kelly well enough; she was very mature for her age and handled the responsibility well. Better than her aunt Sandra in most cases. Losing her parents left a pretty big hole in Kelly with nothing to fill it except the groveling town, which only cared for her Artwork and skill.

She had been “discovered” almost a year ago. Everyone in her family knew Kelly had a gift when she was growing up, but they didn’t know how extraordinary she was and no one really acted on it. Until the new art teacher at her new school, Mrs. Francis, wouldn’t stop gushing. Without her parents permission Mrs. Francis sent a few works off into the mail. A few weeks her Mrs. Francis's old college buddy came down to meet Kelly personally. After that, Kelly’s life was an avalanche. Mostly because there wasn’t much going on in the news cycle and the Country loves heartwarming example of back country hidden talent.

Kelly was originally from Atlanta, but the news read West Virginia no matter. It was like a set of dominos falling, once one story broke about her talent others picked it up not even taking the time to meet Kelly or even look at more than one or two pieces of her work. They simply cannibalized the original story and embellished more. It didn’t take long before her parents decided it wasn’t healthy for a girl her age and took the fuel off the fire. The city helped, happy to keep their jewel confined to the city limits. Kelly’s Dad Mitch, being the new Police Chief, conspired with the Sherriff and soon out of towners were harassed in speed traps and with traffic violations. They were told if anyone wanted to see her new works everything would be on display at the new exhibit opening at Chestnut ridge.

All the hype and harassment died with her parents in the accident that fateful night. The simple people of Spencer never let Kelly forget any of it though. In Kelly’s mind she equated what happened with her talent. They were one in the same, cause and effect. Her parent’s death stared her in the face every time she looked at one of her paintings and every time some local yokel jabbered at her about her talent. She was trapped in every sense of the word to this shitty little town and to the constant painful reminders.

Her Aunt was the coolest guardian anyone could ask for. She kept the bills paid and gave Kelly a rather large weekly allowance. Sandra took Kelly to the store every week and on any other errands the town’s public transportation system couldn’t handle. The Town only ran two busses on four different routes, excluding Sundays, but it was enough for Kelly. She wasn't adjusting well at all, but nobody knew or cared to ask.

The apartment had a modest livingroom and kitchen downstairs and up a thin stairwell to the two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry alcove. Her room was the smaller, and the new “studio” was in the master. She paced back and forth looking out the front window into the parking lot and then out the back kitchen sliding glass doors onto the porch overlooking the small crappy yard and stream. The stream was a big attraction for this place. The real estate agent loved to mention it when selling the condos, but the truth was it was more of a rain overflow ditch than a stream. The events of today were like puzzle pieces, and she had to fit them together before she could approach Candace again. But the puzzle dipped into another dimension that Kelly had no way to understand.

She changed into her pajamas, a spaghetti strap teddy bear top and matching bottoms. Her panties were torn out in an awful reminder, so she tossed then into the waste basket and didn’t bother with new ones. She headed outside to sit on the small deck pausing briefly to look disappointed in the refrigerator on her way out. The turmoil in her stomach couldn’t be fixed with food. She sat out on the deck and tried to think, but her wandering thoughts never went where she wanted and always to her parents. She came back in after a few hours of daydreaming, crying, and napping to make some chocolate milk. Other than the bizarre events, it was a normal day. The clock was pushing after three and school would have let out. Time was up, and she still didn’t have anything to say.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

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Post Re: Dark Incarnate B1Ch1 "A New Dawn"
Not trying to toot my own horn but wanted to self bump ch1 to the top real quick. Sometimes I'll scan the comments of a story before I read it (why I ask all comments go on Ch1) But here are a few comments I've gotten, good and bad. My story is huge and I probably wouldn't read it blind so here:

-Good story, solid development. Tasteful eroticism. As for Grammar... No one who reads this will care too much, this is your first set I've read, and I have to admit, your writing style made me a fan. Reminded me of a young Oliver Wilde with its passionate imagery. TL;DR : 9/10 would read again

-wow this is getting interesting, been waiting for this to come out and the mist, really love the whole insect impregnation story suspense behind both of these

-Awesome story. Read Book 1 til 6 in the morning, to finish it after 6 hours of sleep and loved how it seems to develop in book 2.

-That was... the most awesome short story I've ever read. I'd buy your Book o_O

-My opinion doesn't matter, so I won't say I lost interest at the 4th sentence.

-This story is one of the greatest stories I've ever read! I loved it! Even in a non-sexual way, this story is amazing! You have skill and I would love to immerse myself deeper into this world! Give me more!

-A good story but one issue with the ending: 'evil' is in the eye of the beholder and outside of a very few things, there is no consensus in humanity on what is good and evil AND on those consensus things, there are too many exceptions to the rule.

-well I read about 5 chapters and decided that it was so damn stupid and disjointed that it was a waste of effort to read any more

-Well written but too dark for my personal tastes. I found myself skimming through huge chunks of story or stepping away for a couple of hours when it got to be too much to absorb.

-This book was amazing. There were some small errors in the writing, I'm assuming that it was just some mistypes (Mostly spelling errors) but otherwise it was a solid book. I am really interested in seeing what happens next. This new angle, of their being more dimensions, is quite intriguing. The idea of her being able to see both the darkness and the light is interesting as well, and this book definitely has a lot of potential. I would keep up the writing if I was you, you did excellent so far!

-Huge lurker here dude, but just had to let you know I started this story with the intent to read the first two or three chapters then go to bed a finish the rest the next day, but it is so captivating that I had to keep reading. I'm still not finished and still cannot go to bed. This story drags me in and won't let me go. Thank you for the piece of literary entertainment. All the content thus far is right up my ally of fetishes. An excellent addition to my collection of warped literature.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:58 am
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