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Dark Incarnate B1Ch13 "Consummate" 
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Dark Incarnate Chapter 13 Book 1
By Mr. Black


Josh spent longer in the loft than he really needed to and almost fell twice, but when he found the panties he had to look further. Billy must have gone dumpster diving for them. It was the only explanation. His wondered what else his brother was up to. He didn’t find out of the ordinary. The floor creaked and threatened to buckle under his weight and he never got close to where Kelly fell. His mind worked in simple terms; check the loft then the mud, because Billy was covered in mud. If that left him with nothing he guessed he’d have to fetch a rope and make a deal with Billy.

Billy was still hollering from the silo as Josh rounded the corner on his way back to the barn. The mule followed him with skeptical black eyes as he came in and continued down the hall. Josh had never been very friendly to the animals. The airy barn smelled of forgotten animals and ruin. It had once been a lively place; the old barn had born witness to many animals from birth to death. Each stall he passed held more and more water. He hated the back of the barn, most of it was a junk pile covered in bat droppings. He didn’t like bats, didn’t understand them. The dirt hall was packed hard and the place was eerily quiet but halfway into the dark building he found the drag marks easy enough, and his eyebrows scrunched up in amazement again. “That weren’t no pig…” His mind raced. Josh had a low enough IQ to be classified mentally retarded and he knew it, so at times like this he chose not to think. He turned and started to go ask Billy what the hell he was up to but paused near the double door exit and looked at the tackle room. The untrusting mule was tracking his every movement again and jumped when Josh slung the door wide.

He couldn’t help but stare in awe. His mind turned and whirled but he could find no explanation. Billy wasn’t the sort to DO something like this, but at the same time he knew Billy wasn’t the sort to HAVE something like this. The body defied any manner of logic that Josh understood. How did it get here? Certainly it didn’t belong to Billy. Even if he did find it, somehow the idea that it belong to him was impossible. The body had a layer of mud with a dusting of fine dirt and looked like a powdered donut; a very shapely and tasty powdered doughnut. She looked like a life-sized doll. Kelly lay on her side not showing anything indecent but the nude round of her butt. Josh used to play with Barbie dolls when he was younger. He would comb their hair then masturbate into it. He still had several of these dolls in the cellar, though they had all lost their hair. His mind immediately made the connection, but struggled with whether it was a person or not. A person wouldn’t be here. He didn’t know the expression but the non-sequitur stopped him cold.

After a fairly long time Josh blinked and finally stirred from his thoughts, “I guess it’s mine then.” He had never thought of having sex with a dead body before, but her legs looked soft and supple and he felt the familiar stir in his trousers. Even if it wasn’t any good he could still cum in her hair for a while.

He stepped closer and took a grime covered foot pulling it up close. Kelly rolled over onto her back and the other leg lulled lifelessly. Her body was still fighting the foreign invasion and the discharge kept the mud wet between her legs. It spread her crotch wide but he was more interested in her foot at the moment. It had to be the same foot which fit in the shoes from the loft. Running his hands down her calves the dried mud gave way to lithe, soft, and warm flesh and tiny toes that curled when he tickled them, “Huh, it’s alive…” Josh’s face crinkled for a moment longer before spreading into a vicious smile, “Even better!” He knew just were to take something like this. Butch would be proud too, but he had to clean her up first.

Kelly had been knocked unconscious by the fall, a minor concussion. She had a few fleeting moments of fear as her vision narrowed and darkness overtook her. It wasn’t a blank sleep or an unconscious void, she was back in that impossibly large room paralyzed by It’s nightmarish presence.

Josh bent down and laid his hand flat in the middle of her chest between the dirty mounds and hard nipples. Kelly’s petite size made his hand look huge. Gently his hand rounded over her nipple where Billy had already been and hooked under her ribs to pick her up just as Tom had done. His pants stood with an obvious ‘stiffy’ as he called it, but he didn’t take any pleasure in touching her. Not yet. Like fetching a pig for slaughter, you couldn’t start cutting until after you killed it. He had learned this lesson the hard way and Butch had hit him so hard he fell to the floor where he watched his dad fix the mistake. He had to get her cleaned up and to his cellar before she was truly his.

Kelly fought the darkness, fought to see the light, to open her eyes. The unnatural force held her still. She managed a moan from time to time and felt strong hands, cold running water, and being moved all of it was hazy, unclear, she was unable to focus. Her eyes lulled half open. She was being held by one man, it wasn’t Billy but could it be a paramedic? Then she saw the older man and locked onto his emotionless yellowing eyes. Something was wrong. His face was wrinkled and one eye lid drooped exposing red irritated flesh and his lip trembled. He wasn’t trying to speak, he just was. Kelly rolled her face away from the gaze into the chest that held her before she faded away again. Butch and his son hadn’t said a word. Father and son shared an unspoken understanding that Billy never would, and turned down into the cellar.

Kelly fought the paralysis with everything she had but her body refused to respond until suddenly, like the bursting of a balloon, she was released. She gasped and tried to sit up all too quickly. She couldn’t sit up and fell back awkwardly. Candlelight flicked behind two hunched figures. Her breathing picked up to a feverish pace; it felt like another nightmare but too real. The room was cool and she was on some sort of bed, the fabric thin and gritty and the springs poked her shoulderblades and lower back. Thick damp air assaulted her nostrils. It smelled of death.

Butch who had done two tours in the Vietnam War and took pleasure in teaching his son. It was a common thing for their platoon to rape a few women after taking a town. The soldiers’ brutality was so famed some Vietnamese woman would stuff their vaginas with broken glass. Such was life Butch thought. Sometimes they would leave women for the next wave of soldiers, and sometimes they would move into an area and find such gifts left to them. It was simple really; they would tie their ankles high and wide to a roof beam. Sometimes they had to bind their wrists or neck but usually after a few days, or a beating the woman just accepted the torture. Kelly was small enough Butch didn’t feel the need to bind more than her ankles. He taught Josh how circle the rope around her ankles several times before tying it off. Just one loop would cut off the circulation and shorten the life of the prisoner. He had done this once on his first tour and the effects were horrifying within hours, not to mention the woman would never shut up.

Kelly tried to sit up again but gave up. She tried to reach her ankles or kick free tugging at the old mattress. Still to fuzzy she searched for her voice with pained moans and whines. The figures turned noticing she was awake. The older man motioned to the younger. Josh walked over unsure of the rite of passage. Kelly saw he was naked in the pale light. The dark triangle of black pubic hair and the jutting penis helped her find her voice. Her scream shook dust from the cobwebs, but didn’t affect Josh. All she could see was the figure between her vulnerable split legs approach. He followed her retreat easily, patting his penis on her vulnerable slit. She grabbed and jerked against the mattress trying to crawl away. The rotted underside and rusted springs of the bed had fused to the dirt floor of the cellar. He began to work his hand up and down the long shaft of his manhood when he looked back over his shoulder to the get the last bit of encouragement from his father. He tried to push into her.

Kelly was wild again overtaken by more than any normal fear or struggle. Her mind had already been twisted, warped, and left fragile. Josh tried to nub his penis in at the odd angle and checked his father to make sure he was doing it right. He used his hand to force the head in as her body accepted it the way nature designed. Josh felt the head of his penis was on fire with her body’s heat; he’d never felt anything like it. He began to push forward and his penis nosed down into her savagely stretching and forcing against her g-spot oppressively. It seemed to stop and the tightness even hurt Josh, so he pulled out smearing wet fluids and tried again with more luck. Her body was so hot and tight that Josh wasn’t sure he liked it, but has he continued and the enveloping warmth and suction of her body soon drove him mad. The odd downward angle and new sensation made him so hard it hurt. He picked up the pace sinking his member to the wiry pubes at the base of his dick.

Kelly was in a nightmare, worse than a nightmare. She didn’t know where she was, who these people were, or even what reality this was, but she knew what was happening. It hadn’t finished with her. Was this another part of It? Had she ever left the other place? She couldn’t think, or even feel. Numbing fear and panic clouded everything but the unbearable sight of what was happening.

Josh began to get close, his balls were on fire with anticipation, but he didn’t want to end just yet. He stabbed as deep as possible bruising the end of his dick and paused savoring the moment. He had never seen such an arousing example of a woman. He ran his hands down Kelly’s ankles, calves, and thighs pinching her butt cheeks wide just letting her swing against his impaling rod. His eyes rolled, he never thought he’d get a women. But she was his now. He looked back at his father who sat in Josh’s chair. Butch had a fifth that was half empty and stared into the dark like he was waiting at a doctor’s office. He had chosen to share with his father it was natural to him, but the first pang of anger hit him. It would be the only time he shared. Maybe he shouldn’t have told the old man.

Josh leaned back slowly letting his dick slide out. It popped free and slung a string of slime covered lifeless worms onto Kelly’s chest. His dick was covered in her juice and the creatures. It was too dark for Josh to see, but he wouldn’t have cared. Kelly wrapped both arms around her face crying and sniffling with muffled sobs.

Her body was incredible and Josh sunk his thumb hooking into her well clamping to her mons. He didn’t understand the odd power her body had over him; she was just a piece of meat. He gave her a light tug and swung her body gently by his hold. It was curious to him. She was like a pig in essense, but somehow so much more. He replaced his dick into her warm sleeve aiming with his hand. Once the head slipped past the initial resistance the rest leapt in with slimed ease. His hips started to work against her. Butch had been right; they didn’t need to bind her hands or neck. It would have been easier without trying to chase her down, but she was quiet now. His balls took a collective breath before the blast. He bottomed himself in her again. He had never had such and orgasm before; just as he had never had real sex before. The flood of semen that emptied from his balls was nothing less than pure rapture. Nothing in his simple life could compare to this new high.

Kelly felt his dick twitching the last few drops of semen into her. This is what It wanted, what It needed, what It hadn’t got a chance to finish. It had been right all along. She had been so stupid to trust a hope. What was happening to her? What was she?… Who was she? What was happening inside her? Kelly shook her head violently side to side trying to refuse, trying to remember hope, life and joy.

Josh slowly slid his penis out as it softened. He stumbled back on weak knees still overwhelmed by the crazy liberation that left his balls tingling. His heel caught the corner of the spongy mattress and he fell back on his bare ass laughing. Josh looked up and saw his father stern faced and waiting, he felt like a little kid again and jumped up brushing his hairy backside getting out of the way.

It was all a familiar sight to Butch. Seeing his son get his dick wet for the first time wasn’t even much of a surprise, he’d seen countless new privates that came to replace the dead have similar revelations. He readjusted the ropes to fit his size with the same unexcited stupor. Billy was a pretty big kid for his age, and Josh was impressive, but Butch was just plain tall and standing six foot four. Kelly was hauled up until only her neck and head rested on the mattress. He took his place just off the bed and wrinkled his nose sniffling loudly. Even the damp cellar and fresh smell of sex took him back. Some of the ugly little rat hole’s Charley used to hide in had really been rank, especially if they used a flamethrower. It revitalized him in a way, made his heart beat a little stronger and sharpened his alcohol dulled body. Butch’s lip stopped quivering and slowly curled into a smile. His old liver spotted hand reached out and patted her wet sloppy crotch, then his thumb rubbed and teased her clit in a way that only Candace had done before.

Kelly’s weak defeated body started to twist, curl, and resist with a pained moan. Butch intensified his efforts never focusing his eyes. His nude body was shriveled, but his prick started to come alive for the first time in years. Kelly’s body was raw and hurt. The thumb only caused jumps and twitches of over-stimulation. It was a trick he’d learned from a guy named Krugler just outside Tai Pang. After about the fourth or fifth good fuckin you had to stimulate the girl to get her to tighten back up, or else you might as well go get two pieces of warm salami and slap em’ together. Kelly’s face was in a pained cringe at her involuntary jumps. Her body gurgled a large spat of Josh’s semen out. It rolled over her clit and Butch’s toying thumb to fell onto her face and open mouth. She breathed some of it in and had a fit of coughing as more rolled out lacing onto her face and chin.

Butch stepped back and waited for her to end the tantrum. What had happened to Krugler; he couldn’t remember. He stepped back up and slid his half limp dick in like a long skinny snake. It had been so long since he’d had a woman. He picked up the pace as his prick slowly hardened. It had been soo long…

“Claymur, it’z-a claymore that got him,” Butch’s speech slurred but his resolve was strong. Josh looked up from where his father had been sitting at the strange words with a hint of fear in his eyes.

He picked up the pace further and his dick got harder. He seemed to be drawing energy from the girl, he hadn’t felt like this in years. He grabbed her by the waist and with more strength then his old arms had pulling her hips up to meet his. Only her hair was on the bed now with her back arched and head bobbed limply at the savage raping. He hadn’t done this since the year he was sent home in 1971. It felt great to have strength again, and he ravaged her with all of his former glory.

Kelly had drifted into a numb sort of trance, but the sloppy sound in the hands of the madman threatened to drive her mad. Worst of all she could feel his heavy sagging sac full of his nasty essence patting her butt with the same feverish pace. But Kelly wasn’t aware of her own rhythmic whimpers.

The old man had found the fountain of youth. Kelly’s body had begun to react as it was designed to as he drove on. He was taking so much longer than the first, Kelly wished for it to be over, begged for him to stop, but in the end she began to break out in red flushes as her body responded in kind. It was unstoppable waves again, but instead of mind wrecking pushes these were slow building and torturous. They built and built until her whole body was tensed and dissipated only to build stronger next time. Her mouth was wide sucking in the sickly air and smell as if she was doing all the work. Butch was a madman and seemed driven by an unstoppable steam engine. The mounting pleasure built and built again until Kelly was gritting her teeth and holding her breath. It dissipated again, and she was left gasping and flopping limply until the next.

Why wouldn’t he just finish, even thinking of the contents of that nasty sac didn’t bother her, she begged for it to be over. She couldn’t hold much longer. He was insane, it was impossible. Another monumental wave threatening to crest, she couldn’t think, couldn’t remind herself of the situation. He was robbing her of everything she had. Kelly slapped her hands onto his wrists at her waist holding on for dear life as her hips buckled and the wave finally crested. She lost all control of her body wrecked by uncontrollable spasms, but he still refused to stop.

Kelly’s consciousness was rolling in an endless tidal wave. Every muscle was ridged or bucking wildly and the tunnel between her legs radiated incomprehensible stimulation that blinded every sense of fear or repulsion with electric insanity. She was being driven to a place of no return.

Even through her electrocuted body she felt his dick bulge with release, and though she was unable to form words, her cries echoed recognition that her begging pleas had finally been answered. It was over. Kelly felt every strong youthful squirt as he emptied his long stored semen into her. Her mouth was dry and her voice cracked as he let out one last puppy whimper and looked up to see him as he dropped her to the bed.

Butch had poured what strength he gained back into her and shrank to become the shriveled old man again. He would have fallen but Josh was there to catch him and help him back up the stairs.

Every muscle in Kelly’s body relaxed and she felt the huge reservoir of cum pooled deep inside. It was an odd feeling she didn’t like, a mental battle of sorts. It was so strange like it still held power over her. It was the culmination of something that she understood to have driven her insane. It was still semen. The essence of a man that had just raped her, but what had just happened to her. Part of her wanted, needed to try and push it out, rid herself of the poison, but part of her didn’t. She was so exhausted and part of her wanted the last remnants of that insanity to stay away, to just be calm, to stop and rest. It was comfortable to rest and just end the fight. If she pushed it out it would fall on her chest and face again, and she preferred it to stay put instead of that. Her eyes began to close but she couldn’t stop thinking of the nightmare inside her. A dark sense of brooding twisted her face. What had happened to her? She couldn’t believe it, she would rather the semen stay inside the most delicate and special place a girl’s got than… What role did the darkness have to play in this? What had it said to her, that it would do to her, that she was? Not that any of it really mattered, it had told her that too. Her future was set. It had done what it set out to do; all she could hope for now was that it was over. She took a deep breath feeling the pool pull deeper.

Kelly swallowed hard. Her tongue felt like a drying sponge, she had really been breathing hard. The foul taste was still with her but it had become just a part of the ambient rank of the cellar. Being hung like a piece of meat in an obscene spread left her feet cold while her heart throbbed a steadily slowing rhythm in her head. At least she could see the flickering candlelight; it helped keep the darkness at bay. She wondered at it, at the Darkness. She understood what had happened but there was something more to it. She couldn’t hear it anymore. It was still out there or maybe in her now, but she couldn’t feel it. She didn’t have to move her head to look down. Her eyes rolled lazily looking at her tummy where it met her mons pubis. Was it in there?

What she didn’t understand is that It had won. It became a part of her on that first day. Latent it hid, seeing through her eyes and pouring itself out bit by bit through her hands. It chose her because she was supposed to be weak. A willing candidate almost ready to give up on life, ready to curl up and die in the leaves, but something changed her. Darkness had bore witness to the incredible and infinite power of light since the first dawn but it was over now. She was defeated. The useless sack of Butch’s flesh had drawn her power, her life’s potential energy, and poured it right into her. The dark incarnate would have it now. It needed that super powered protein. Darkness itself had no power. It had to convince light to leave, and there was no more light in her eyes.

Kelly turned her head to look away. Her neck was starting to get sore at this angle and resting her cheek against the soiled bed didn’t help. She was pretty sure something had died on it. Her eyes pinched as she asked herself if she would be next, but she knew better. Even if she wanted to die others had plans for her. It’s an odd feeling not many people ever get to understand, knowing that your life isn’t yours anymore.

A spark of curiosity brought her back. Where was she? Kelly tried to look around the room. The pale candlelight shone more than she would have expected, but everything was still shrouded.

Darkness fears the light, and the flash of her curiosity threatened It.

How had she gotten here? Her mind was fuzzy, she was so weak. When was the last time she ate? What was the last thing she ate? She thought of the bacon, such a silly thought, but remembering the carefree world she once lived in helped.

IT couldn’t let these uppity questions continue. This was a delicate moment, and even It didn’t have much power left, but it had more than her.

Kelly’s body tensed as her deep stomach rumbled, but not in hunger. “Nooo-No-Noo-ooo-hoo-noo please nooo,” She slung her head side to side as if the gesture would help. It didn’t stop. She began to hyperventilate. The silence in the room was screaming in her ears as the churning started again. The shallow breaths jostled the reservoir of the old mans semen from where it settled in the bottommost depths of her gaping vagina.

She couldn’t understand, they had died, maggots needed air just like everything else. It couldn’t be. They died already! The stirring picked up to a feverish pitch. Her mind kept repeating an expression and she couldn’t make it stop, “butterflies in your stomach.” It sure wasn’t butterflies.

She finally screamed, somehow she’d held the worst of her irrational screams in, but now she was losing her mind. With a deep breath filling her lungs she sucked the sickly pool deep and forced it out as her throat began to scream. Fate it seems is not without a sense of humor. It’s own brutality sabotaged It’s plans. Half a cup of warm viscous essence spat forth sloshing off her clitoris and into her screaming face. She sounded like she had a traffic cops whistle stuck in her throat until she nearly choked on the deluge. Her body was already in a primal state and by instinct she swallowed instead of drowning in it. Her broken mind didn’t register or care any more. It could have been water or motor oil and it wouldn’t have stopped her screams as they rang through the hollow earth. She wasn’t forming words or ideas or even pleas, she couldn’t, she could only scream.

Several more thicker sticky globs of semen pushed out and strung down onto her face lacing across her lips, chin, open mouth, and cheeks, but Kelly just screamed like a banshee. Her body cringed and pushed against the creatures with her cries. The first of the tiny larva worked its way up and began massaging her sphincter from the inside like it was a dog asking to be let outside. More worked up and joined it slowly building writhing pressure. Her screaming body was helpless to let them out anymore than someone could gently pass gas on a roller coaster.

Josh burst through the door at the top of the wooden stair. He was still naked. Bright natural light spilled into the room into in rays around his silhouette. Kelly’s screams caught a new pitch seeing him, and worst of all his face, for the first time.

The farmer in Josh ran down as fast as he could as if to a hurting animal, his pet. He didn’t understand that he was the problem. He wouldn’t have listened if she was able to tell him either. To listen to her or even ask her a question was to admit she was human. She was nothing but an animal, a doll to him.

Kelly’s understanding was back, clearer and sharper. It fed her panic. She didn’t know how she knew, but she just knew. This was Billy’s brother, half brother actually. He was the twisted retarded result of an incestuous relationship between the older man, who she knew was his father, and his sister. Billy had been a legitimate offspring by a more natural mother. She didn’t have to question her intuition. The resemblance was incredible when she looked for it.

Josh stood trying to figure out what to do. This girl had nearly killed his father. Butch was upstairs resting now. The screams didn’t bother him. He just watched her curiously as she struggled. He ropes against her legs were solid, but she was turned scrambling with her arms to get away. He reached up to check her feet. His dad told him she wouldn’t last as long if the rope cut off the circulation. Her toes were just above eye level as he tried to push his fingers between them. Her feet were chilled but not cold and certainly not black. He noticed she was even more frantic when he touched her. Maybe her feet hurt. Butch has raised her up pretty high.

The ropes around her ankles fed into two separate eye bolts and joined to one where they with a tie off. Kelly calmed down watching him untie the knot, though the larva in her bowels did not. Josh retied the ropes in her new lowered position. She was still tried to get away, but she seemed happier to him.

Her lower back was still a few inches off the bed but she had more freedom. Kelly dug her nails into the dirt floor; she could almost reach the wall. A few rudimentary shelves had rows of canned vegetables in mason jars. If she could reach one she could bust it on his head. Suddenly she calmed down and rested against the bed again, broken glass could cut the ropes. She would have to wait until he left.

Kelly grew still, clutching the far edge of the mattress with her hands behind her head. Josh felt confident he had done the right thing. His hands worked over her smooth legs, up and down her shins and over her knees pushing closer down the V of her luscious thighs. Kelly let go to cover her face with her arms again and swung back to the center of the bed cringing as her back slid over the gritty fabric. She understood there was nothing she could do.

Josh was hard again. He had made his pet happy, his doll. Years of furious masturbation left the uncircumcised skin loosely draped over his dick. He had jacked off so hard once he ripped the connective tissue at head of his prick. The underside of his dick was marred with scare tissue. Even as hard as he was, only the soft rounded tip and obscene eye poked out of the tortured sheath. Kelly could see that dark dot, the eye of his penis, and cringed knowing what would come out of it. He eagerly got down on his knees and moved close to her on the bed. Josh’s hand worked the loose sheath shaft working a bit of leaking clear smegma.

What was left of the maggots had all collected in a writhing ball testing her clenched exit. Her lips trembled trying to hold them in a little longer, just until he left. She couldn’t imagine a more depraved and embarrassing accident then to let them out now. Billy had seen, but Billy understood. He knew about the project, knew that there was more to the explanation than what it looked like. Kelly understood this creature in front of her to be knuckle dragging cave man. She shouldn’t care, but did. It was her spirit of resistance, her personal self image of pride and dignity and it was the only thing she had left. The old man had taken it from her, and she was determined to not let her mind go again.

Josh tried to imitate what he had seen his father do. He clapped his hand over her privates and massaged his thumb around with no real knowledge or experience of a woman’s anatomy. Kelly’s face was wrenched in a tortured expression again and her chest heaved with whimpers and sobs, but she had no more tears this time. This thumb worked over her sore labia smearing the last remnants of semen. Kelly quietly endured the humiliation.

Josh couldn’t get enough of her body and would stop to just run his hands over her small breasts and stomach before returning to her pussy. When she gave a gasp when he dipped his thumb in, he understood it to be a good thing. Indeed the gentle massaging foreplay had softened her up a bit. Her hole was so sloppy wet and warm, it accepted his thumb with ease. He couldn’t stand it anymore he grabbed her legs pulling her close slowly sinking his dick in savoring her incredible body.

Kelly was clenching her bottom so hard her kegel muscles clenched him. She was sore, horribly sore, especially deep down where they had bashed and beat her uterus. The novelty pain and fear was gone and she couldn’t help but feel something else as he slowly eased in. It was wrong, all wrong, horribly and disastrously wrong, but it felt somehow right or perhaps just ok. He hated herself for the thought; it wasn’t good, but acceptable. When he finally bottomed out pressing against her hurt depths, she relaxed a bit reminding herself that she was made for this made to endure. She would survive. Maybe it was exhaustion or the long train of nightmares but her mind couldn’t take much more fear and she tried to simply accept it.

Josh was gripping her thighs holding her tight. He released her and Kelly gently swung off his prick back to the center of the bed. His face was wild, crazy and she knew that no words would ever be able to convince him to let her go. Josh sent two fingers to probe her pussy. What made this girl so amazing? He sunk in as far as possible and began to kick his two fingers in the sloppy wetness. Kelly moaned and tried to pull back but he followed her retreat. His thumb naturally fell against her sensitive clit.

“Ahh-Ah-Noooo, please…” Her body was responding and her kegel muscles overwhelmed and started to relax and clench again to stop the creatures exodus. His prying fingers stabbed harder into her. The boiling larva squirmed and forced against her spasming sphincter trying to push out. She pinched her eyes like a singer in a high note of a song; the worms were squirming in the ring of her anus. When she forced down she only felt them more. She wasn’t aware of how her chest and breath heaved or the sloppy sounds that echoed. Josh jerked his hand back letting her swing back to center again. He was happy he got her to make the same sounds his father had.

His dick was cool and drying, it was time to warm it back up again. He walked on his knees closer and poked at her crotch with his manhood. Kelly was still as he sank it in again. He pushed and started to bottom out when she gave a pained moan and Josh got the hint and pulled back. A part of him cared about her. He felt her heartbeat beating with his and her body clenching on his. He supposed he loved her. He had no other way to explain the fluttering in his chest. Love was a foreign concept to Josh but he felt this must be it. He started to bounce his hips against her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her erect nipples and how the small mounds bumped with each thrust. Yes it was love, was else could it be?

Billy had nearly yelled his voice out without any reply. His dad might think he’d just taken off again and there was a good chance Josh would forget about him, and he had to get to Kelly. The idea that Josh might find her or had already found her hurt his soul.

He looked around in the muddy water but he had nothing, only his clothes. The Silo leaned to one side but not enough for him to climb or even crawl up. He didn’t understand it; he had thrown so many big rocks and even cinderblocks in over the years. They must have sunk.

He yelled and sat in self pity and loathing for most of the day but when the sky began to darken, he finally came up with a plan. He took his shoes and socks off to keep them somewhat dry and waded into the muck. The rocks were in there somewhere, he just had to find them. He was afraid he’d find a big nasty snapping turtle that would take his fingers off but his care for Kelly trumped all.

A cinderblock was hiding just under the surface of the mud. That would help keep him dry. He rinsed it off, turning the watery mud into a soup. He couldn’t see anything but felt a big rock with his foot. It was almost the size of his head and he had trouble working it out. He remembered tossing this one in with an odd sense of nostalgia and fate. The odd shape would work perfect. His plan was simple use the rock to break into the hollow of the blocks in the wall for a hold and climb out. He had no idea what to do once he got to the top but the lean of the structure would help. Maybe he could get to the other side and slide down.

It took Billy nearly and hour for his first hold. Each hit sent cement shrapnel into his face. Billy had never been so thankful to have glasses. Darkness fell before he could get a second.

Kelly’s tiny butt worked uncontrollably, winking a reverse funnel of larva out. Josh had taken a little longer this time but still finished quickly and left just as fast. He wasn’t like his dad and only gave a little squirt of glue before running off and closing the cellar door. Many of the worms fell to the bed, the rest searched across her body and explored her spread vagina.

She was desensitized to the revulsion of it. He was gone and they were out, and she could finally rest. Her plan was still there, but she just wanted to take a moment to rest, regroup. She licked her dry lips and closed her eyes drifting instantly to sleep.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:27 am
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