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Dark Incarnate B1Ch9 "Be Careful What you Wish For" 
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Dark Incarnate Chapter 9 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Be Careful What You Wish For

Class was going fine for Kelly. The whole day she was worried and took a deep breath after every pause of her pencil and it was almost over. She was starting to understand more about this thing. Her mind wandered to her dream again and again. It was the first real glimpse into the abyss of understanding this thing.

"First, you must draw the guidelines Kelly, then your shape." Mrs. Francis loomed. She had drawn a cylinder which demonstrated the concept perfectly, perceptively large and smaller at the farside. "Function before form class, remember that. It doesn't matter how much natural talent you have if you don't refine it into skill!"

Kelly rolled her eyes, maybe she should skip the class, what's the worst that could happen they'd put her in detention? She was too busy thinking about Tom Chambers to give Mrs. Francis more than a passing thought. He scared her worse than the monsters. He was a monster; she closed her eyes and shivered thinking about how his hard prick had pressed against her. No way would she be spending the night over there again! And poor Candace, she could only imagine what hell her friend lived every day of her waking life.

Kelly's eyes wandered over Candace who sat next to her. She had to tell someone about it, but if Candace found out she'd be furious. She would get over it. Candace was in her next two classes, History and Agricultural Science. She would have to try and skip her last class, Physical Education and go see the school resource officer, Mr. Higgins.

Candace didn't notice anything out of the usual Kelly was always self absorbed, Billy; however, was extra weird this morning. Candace was glad de knew to keep his mouth shut in front of people. Nobody knew they were friends at least. It didn't matter what happened over the weekend. She felt a blush of anger. He had been sending them little glances all morning, and mostly at Kelly. He was wearing clean clothes today, but his smell and greasy hair were back. For all of Candace's bravado and public stature she still felt threatened by him.

She didn't know what had happened, she had started to get the webcam installed then suddenly she was on the floor being used. It felt like her father had hit her at first. But coming out of the blackness to see Billy? That was bad.

Candace looked up to hear Mrs. Francis' comment about Kelly, and cut her eyes at Billy. He of course was staring at Kelly, and being notice he instantly shrank like a cowering dog.

Kelly took a huge sigh of relief as the class bell rang. She had gotten through the day. Normally she doodled throughout the day, but since this thing had gotten her she didn’t dare. She wondered if she could try again. Class was terrible with nothing else to do but listen.

"Alright, finish these for homework tonight." Mrs. Francis turned from Kelly's desk and went back to her chair. Candace packed up fast and waited at the door for her friend.

Billy had already shrunk out of the class somehow. He wanted to talk to Kelly, but both of the girls were acting weird. He had PE class next. He'd always had bad luck. The poor kids who have PE first or second period always had it worst. Most of the kids in his class didn't participate because they didn't want to get all sweaty. He enjoyed PE; some of the stuff they did was really fun. The big parachute in Elementary School was his favorite, but they didn't do that anymore. It was all dodge ball or baseball, and basketball; basketball was the worst, he loved it but played too hard. He read at the beginning of school that archery would be tossed in somewhere this year and he couldn't wait. PE was the only place he really felt accepted in school. Sure some of the same kids made fun of him, but it was the only place his natural odor seemed to blend in. And if he got too sweaty, so what! Not to mention sometimes the other kids forgot who he was and playing with him.

PE was all, show-off's, the not-wanna-be-there's, and the fat kids. Billy wasn't really fat, just big boned, but he fit in with the fatties. He wondered if they enjoyed PE for the same reasons. The show-offs were usually the sports kids; they never really applied themselves because they had practice and real sports to worry about. Most of them were freshmen, and just as new to the whole idea as he was, but they were DICKS! They didn't care to be half naked in the locker room and spraying cologne and deodorant after half-assing all day. The stuff smelled horrible to him. The thick smell and alcohol made his nose, mouth, and eyes burn. All that crap and it didn't matter either they'd still smell just as bad as he did in the next class but the girls didn't mind them. They said theirs was a manly smell, while he was just disgusting.

He jogged across the open basketball court to the lockers just as the late bell rang. Many of the other kids were already seated on the bleachers. Billy dressed slowly with this eyes glazed over thinking about Candace. After he had fought that horrible Bee into the cage he found Candace alone and passed out on the floor. He was scared to death when he first saw her, and his heart had nearly stopped. Kelly made it sound like she had just passed out as she ran for the phone. Then he noticed the soft curve of her naked butt in the open air and thought again about being all alone with her.

He started to get a hardon at the memory, and nothing was worse than pitching a tent in gym shorts. He had a good day despite the other kids; of course he didn't think it was possible to have bad days after last weekend. He would sometimes try to hurry after PE and see Kelly between classes. Not that they spoke but he like to watch her. He usually just wanted to get out of the smelly locker rooms as quickly as possible.

He tried to catch Kelly alone but Candace was there and gave him an evil scowl. He knew what it meant: fuck off. He lowered his gaze and shrunk into the shadows and made his way to his next class. 3rd period he was met with the same evil scowl. He managed to get out of 4th a little early and stood near the gym. Candace's last class was at the other side of the school and this was his last chance. If only he could stay at her house again. But she never came out of the locker room. His stomach turned with worry. Maybe she wised up and told an adult, or maybe someone found out.

Kelly left the school resource officer's office infuriated. She hadn't passed the point of no return because she didn't name any names. Her hypothetical friend would have to come forward; Kelly's word alone wasn't enough for an arrest. Mr. Higgins, the balding and very round police officer knew Kelly's parents and had no clue who the girl might be referring to. His hands were tied unless he had probable cause. He explained he would investigate if she would let him, but couldn't arrest or hold without hard evidence.

Kelly waited for Candace outside her last class as the last bell rang. Candace scanned the shadows expecting to see Billy hiding in the corner somewhere still following Kelly.

"So, I doubt my Dad will let me come over for a day or two."

"I wish you would tell him to go screw himself and come over anyway." Kelly didn't hear the pun until it came out. "I.. I'm sorry, I didn't.."

"You're fine, and he's just worried we'll get into trouble, he's really a good guy deep down."

"I'll bet...," Kelly felt her face flush red as her blood pressure rose.

"Really, I'm more worried about you." The girls sat down on a bench at the car-rider pickup.

"I'll be fine." Kelly’s voice wavered; she couldn't help but remember the monsters in her apartment.

Candace raised an eyebrow, "Really? You don't sound very sure. I hate to say it, but maybe you should get Billy to go in with you. Just for a minute. I can't help but feel he's... wrong somehow. I don’t like how he hangs on your every word, but I really don’t like the idea of you being home alone.”

Kelly giggled, "Wrong? I think we all know something's wrong with him, but.."

"I'm serious, he's more than just a few bricks shy of a load, something is really wrong with that kid, and I don't want you to be the one to find out what."

"He's just misguided, alone, and misunderstood."

"We'll talk later, I see my dad. Promise me you won't trust him, ok?"

"So do you think our little tripod of dysfunction might need to contact an adult about our... experiment yet?" Candace returned yet another annoyed raised eyebrow.

Tom's five series BMW pulled up with the passenger window down so he could wave and say, "Hi, Kelly." Kelly smiled with a sarcastic grimace and retuned a tiny wave.
Candace turned as she got in and said, "Just call me later, ok." The window started up before she even shut the door and the mobile prison cell drove off with its captive.

"SHIT," Billy looked up from his watch; his bus should be leaving any second now. He had to ride a different bus in the afternoon and it left pretty quick. Going back home would be bad, his dad would probably give him a whoppin, but crashing Kelly's house might be worse if Candace was there. His discolored sneakers gave a tiny squeak as he pivoted to run. His hands paddled and scoped air as he ran with everything his heart had. These girls would be the death of him. The halls were quiet, students dispersed, and the teachers fatigued from yelling at kids, so he made good time. Moving fast he had to slap the block wall to make the last turn into the cafeteria, he was almost there. It was a straight shot out, but the janitor had just begun mopping the tile floor. Billy slammed into the mop bucket and went flying. He had slid under three rows of tables and lay frozen like a bug in a trap of tangled chairs and soap suds.

"Billy? What the heck is wrong with you?" Kelly smiled and giggled. She was on her way out the double doors to the bus lot and paused in awe of the disaster.

Billy didn't hear her. Only the sound air breaks and diesel engines filled the room as the first line of busses let out. He relaxed and stared up at the ceiling feeling the mop water soak into his clothes and hair. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. The gig was up.


Billy opened his eyes and saw Kelly looking down at him with a smile and outstretched hand. He didn't ask how or why, or from where, he just took it and didn't let go as they ran out hand in hand laughing together.

Kelly got her hand back and they ran up the bus steps. It was almost full, but seeing Billy the first half-seat cleared out real quick. He sat down with a squish and Kelly joined him although she kept her distance.

"Quit laughing!" Billy felt lemon scented water dripping down his neck and into his shoes. "I was trying to make my bus by the way."

"I guessed as much." She covered her giggles with a hand.

"If you and Candace hadn't been so weird all day I would’ve been fine."

"She's... going though some stuff right now, just cut her some slack."

"Cut her some slack? She looks like she wants to cut me up! And what could be more important than what is at your place? Ya, know I still say..."

"Yeah, yeah go to an adult." Kelly rolled her eyes; she couldn't tell him why that wasn't an option anymore.

"Well what's your plan today? Go upstairs with tongs and a grill lighter again?"

"Something like that. And give Candace a little credit ok, she's the one who suggested I bring you along today."

"I will as soon as she give's ME a little credit!"

"We have to stick together, alright?" Kelly’s brow furrowed, so far their little tripod of friends was the only thing keeping her going.

"Fine, but seriously though, what's the plan when we get to your place? Assuming it's not crawling with men in white space suits." He looked out the window, it was a different route from the morning bus, but he knew they were getting close. "At least our troubles would be over."

"Maybe for you..."

"I'm sorry.. I jus-"

"Whatever lemon head, this is our stop."

Billy stood and cringed at the soapy squish in his sneakers. He stood and shuffled off the bus. The old brown seat kept his wet impression and was still damp the next morning. Mr. Cooke the driver worried it would be stained and it took nearly two days for the seat to forget the foul memory of Billy Mason.

They bumped down the bus stairs and onto the hot pavement of the parking lot. The memory of Tom's truck was still strong in Kelly's mind. Billy, however only wanted to hold her hand again, totally unaware of her true feelings and worries.

"Let me go in first and have a look around."

With everything on her mind Kelly was happy to hand over the key and wait patiently at the door. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him; he looked miserable and smelled worse. The lemon was bad and in the scorching hot sun she couldn’t imagine how he felt. It wasn't an appetizing or sweet smell, but a much more caustic smell that made her nose burn. It probably wasn't healthy for him either.

He called down and gave the all clear moments later and also said he would be in the shower. "Couldn't hurt." she mumbled. He'd probably taken more showers in the past few days than in the previous month. It didn't bother her at all. She mounted the stairs and picked up his clothes which he set neatly outside the bathroom door. He had also chosen to leave the door ajar.

"Hollar if you need anything." Billy called out seeing her shadow

"I'm sure I can manage," She rolled her eyes and pulled the door to. His clothes were twice as heavy. How could he have possibly soaked up that much? She looked down the hall to the makeshift lab and tossed his clothes in the wash. The lab seemed so far away. Candace was at the forefront of her mind. Her minds eye saw the car pulling away again. Tom was evil. Somehow he had managed to twist Candace's mind so she didn't even see it. Brainwashed. She started into the lab and looked at the cages and creatures. The evil was connected somehow. She had clearly felt the same darkness and intent. None of it made any sense, but somehow it did.

Kelly sat in the rolly chair, and looked at the bee. He cowered in the center of the dog crate vibrating ever so slightly and staring at her with big reflective eyes. She bent and picked up a broken piece of wing membrane. It was real alright, a true part of this world just like Tom. But somehow not. Civilized humanity banded together to banish people like Tom. He couldn't have been born like this, much as this creature wasn't born into the world via nature. The darkness had taken Tom somewhere in his life, and the same pure unadulterated darkness had birthed this creature. She hadn't done it, that at least she knew. She locked her eyes with the bee trying to understand its motives and purpose.

It listed heavily to one side from the two broken legs Billy gave it. It's wings were hopelessly torn and ripped. It would never fly again. One black antennae hung loosely and ready to fall, but it didn't care. It just returning a blank still stare, still sure of itself; confident in it's mysterious purpose.

"Hey, Kelly? Could I get some clothes?" Billy called out like a baby in the night waking her from deep thoughts.

She shook herself free from the black eyes, "Yeah... just a second."

In her room Kelly expected to find a pile of clothes he washed on her bed or tossed back in the bins, but found it clean. She checked the laundry bins and found them empty as well. "What did you... or where did you put them?"

Billy opened the door just a bit to peek out, "There's a folded stack just inside your closet." The foggy mirror reflected his nude figure with a very compromising boner waving about as he moved.

She didn't like that he had folded her clothes but when she saw only a few odds and ends on the floor she was infuriated. He must have put the rest up. The idea of Billy... Billy Mason handling her panties and rifling though her drawers instantly flushed her beet red. Candace might be brainwashed but she was still right about Billy. She stomped out and flung her some clothes at the bathroom where Billy ducked for safety.

"What the hell?"

"You went through my things!?"

"I.. I just... you've been so worried and stressed out I wanted to help."

"You know better Billy! Now, you better think of a way home because when your clothes are done you're outta here!"

"Look, I'm sorry I just wanted to help."

"I SHOULDN'T have to explain to you Billy, how or why to RESPECT MY PRIVACY!!!" on the last word she slammed the door to her room and locked herself inside.

She ripped a dresser drawer open and found her clothes carefully folded. Drawer after drawer she found the same thing. Even things he hadn't washed, he folded. The last straw came with her underwear drawer. Not only was everything neatly folded and stacked with obvious painstaking care, the corners of her panties were folded behind the gusset accentuating a cute design that was usually on the front.

Kelly started throwing everything in the floor. She couldn't look at it any longer; it was just too creepy. Angry to the point of tears, she collapsed on the bed wondering if he had slept in it or on the couch like he was suppose to.

Billy changed and came out slowly wondering what was next. She hadn't started the wash because he was in the shower. He couldn't tell how serious she was. She sounded more hurt than angry. The washing machine started to fill. By his estimates he had to cool things off before his clothes got done and she kicked him out for good.

He pleaded through her bedroom door for a few minutes and with no response decided to leave her alone and go note any changes in the lab.

It didn't take long for his mind to wonder. He was in Kelly's house again. Surely she couldn't be serious and make him walk home. He inevitably starting thinking about tonight, if he played his cards right would she let him sleep in the same bed with her? In a glazed trance he started to masturbate. Things were so much better here. His penis felt great, strong and ridged but soft and receptive of his strokes. He pushed himself to the edge not wanting to spoil any later fun, he slowed and rested his hand around the base. He actually liked the sight of his own penis. The head was strained tight like a purple apple wearing uncircumcised skin like a turtleneck sweater. If only Kelly could appreciate him... He paused to go put the clothes in the dryer.

Calling out to Kelly again, he got no more response than the first time. Maybe she was serious! We went back to the lab and pulled up mapquest. The roads he knew were quite a ways to walk; maybe he could cut a few corners in the surrounding woods. He pulled up her house and, bingo! Across the small creek in her back yard was a small patch of woods and just beyond that was the old train track. If it wasn't too far it would give him a way home, but more importantly a way back if she needed him. His hormone addled mind was overcome my mixed emotions. Consumed with guilt and self loathing and worry for her safety alone on top of passionate love he didn’t know what to do. She was so easy to love, and she didn't even know it. He closed his eyes inhaled the scent of her home and remembered her covering he mouth when she giggled earlier. Her cute dimples and brown hair lit up his world like the sun above...

Maybe he should write that down in poem and slip it under her door? But his hand was around his throbbing manhood again. Still trying to control himself but too close and overcome with desire he squeezed the base to make it angry and bobbed his hand to watch the skin rise and fall. If only it was buried deep in her body... it was too much and he passed the point of no return by accident. His testicles welled just short of a spasm. He screwed up again, but at the same time it felt great! No tissues or even a waste basket, but in front of him was the water filled fish tank. It was sort of his job anyway, he jumped up a second too late and the first string blurted from the taunt eye against the glass. It stuck and slowly started to slime its way down. The rest he pumped into the water leaving tiny ripples.

"She'll be mad I wasted it on the water, there's nothing in there. Why am I so stupid...?" The white glob was still running down the glass and Billy grabbed a scrap sheet of paper and scraped it off and shook it into the water. No ripples this time like the surface had turned to Jell-O. "Odd..."

The dryer buzzer rang. Kelly stuck her head out of the door to yell, "Get your stuff and just go Billy," and she slammed the door shut again. He tried pleading one more time, but it all fell on deaf ears. It hurt so bad, he was more embarrassed and angry at himself than ever before. He changed and slunk out the sliding glass doors, across the creek, and to the railroad tracks which he would follow home. He started walking with a heavy heart, hoping it was the right direction.

Kelly watched him mope across her back yard wondering what the heck he was doing. She ran downstairs and locked the doors. He wouldn't be coming back tonight if that was his plan.

Her apartment was quiet again. It had been too long since she'd been able to relax in the quiet. Most people get creped out and prefer to have a TV or radio blabbering away but not Kelly. She flopped down on the couch, eyes still inflamed from crying.

A silly thought popped into her head. Back in elementary school a drama teacher tried to teach the kids a little rhyme to help annunciation. All was lost on the children. But Kelly still found it amusing, "What to do to die today, at a minute or two till two, a thing distinctly hard to say but harder still to do." She started to giggle again just happy to be alone as the silly teachers face wafted in and out of her memory, "whether the weather is good, or whether the weather is bad... we'll be together no matter the weather whether we like it or not." Sobering thought, but she was alone again and preferred it that way.

Into the kitchen reminded of yet another sobering fact: she needed groceries. With all the excitement calling her Aunt to go shopping had been out of the question. It seemed unavoidable, but not tonight. Just one quiet night. She wouldn't get much quiet if her stomach didn't stop growling however.

She rifled through the cupboards and fridge. Amazing how you can have so much stuff, but no food. Finally she pulled a pack of bacon out of the freezer and tossed it in the sink to thaw.

Worried about Candace she picked up the phone and dialed. No answer, only the machine. No news was supposed to be good news but this felt bad. Frustrated with literally everything she went back upstairs with an exasperated, "Humph."

She never wanted to see that neatly folded perversion again but her clothes couldn't stay on the floor so she stared to stuff them back in the drawers in a familiar jumble. She slid out of her clothes but unwilling to wear anything Billy had touched, his fingerprints were still too fresh. She pulled the old smiley shirt out of her bag. It covered her nudity like a night gown.

She didn't want to go without underwear and picked up a blue pair with a unicorn prancing across a rainbow printed on the front. Stepping into them she noticed the gusset had a creamy stain, as many of her panties did; it was just part of being a girl. Some were worse than others, and a few had to be tossed out when she got surprised by her period. Billy had held this very pair and all the others too; she dropped them like a snake and stormed off back to the kitchen. The whole idea turned her stomach, not that there was much in there to turn at the moment.

That at least, she hoped to fix. Another annoyed puff, the bacon was still frozen. She really wanted Candace right now. Perhaps that’s what it meant to be together with someone, to miss them and wish for them to be there when you need a pat on the back. Running a sink of hot water she tossed the bacon in to speed thaw. She thought about the bee again, maybe she should pay him a visit and try to finish her previously interrupted thoughts. She felt she could almost communicate with it, given the sufficient concentration. Maybe communicate wasn't the right word, listen rather. Any clue as to why all this was happening to her would nice.

Her parent’s room, the studio, and finally the lab was always a few degrees colder than the rest of the place. It was slightly chilly on her bare legs and feet. The laptop was on the desk but the equipment was still overturned from Candace's incident, leaving the top mostly bare. she leaned against the desk half sitting. The leather rolly chair would no doubt give her a chill if she sat in it.

The two locked eyes again. Searching her feelings and asking in her mind did nothing, Kelly squinted her eyes, "What do you want?" she finally said aloud. The Bee finally moved, and hobbled over to the edge of the dog crate and pressed the tip of his abdomen out of a wire square. She had been startled by the sudden movement, but equally hopeful for an answer.

"Yeah, right buddy..." She turned to go get the .22 this thing was useless.

As if understand her intent it's bashed and broken wings fluttered giving Kelly a shiver at the harsh painful sound. But she turned and saw the tiny thin little pink probing tube. Maybe it was an answer of sorts. The faint memory or feeling rather that something was done to Candace came back.

She turned back, and plopped down in the chair with a shiver soaking up the cold into her bare thighs. The blank folder was one of the few icons and then the unnamed document which could have only been made by Billy. She hoped it wasn't some sort of dying love nonsense, but it was his list of events. He'd done a pretty good job, maybe they would have to all sit down and finish it. Assuming of course she forgave him.

-4:30pm Sunday, Candace screams in the lab. Kelly got there first, but froze. Likely out of fear but she believes something else may have been at work. I arrived from downstairs immediately and bravely tackled and fought the insectoid bee into the dog crate. Not exactly sure how it escaped from the 50 gallon fish tank with latches. Candace had been face down with the creature attached to her... ... ...

Billy recorded he got there too fast for something to have happened, but she just felt something else transpired. But what? Obviously not what happened with the paper... thing, there was no mess, white or black.

Kelly stood and carefully approached the crate. There was one way to find out. The pointy tip was still pressed through the metal cage. "You better not sting me you bastard." Kelly crouched low on the balls of her feet ready to spring and run, keeping her distance and reached out a hand to touch the pink prehensile protrusion. The open air kissed her privates but she felt safe enough.

As she closed her hands around the thin member the bee started to hum rattling its broken wings, but it produced an incredible vibration in her hand. It was slimy and easily coated her palm with slick lubricant allowing it to piston amazingly fast. The prehensile tip curved and searched blindly upon exiting her grip. It was warm too, how did the creature keep this temperature? She should be recording this, but the thought of being seen doing this killed her worse than Billy in her undies drawer.

Kelly tightened her grip. That seemed to be a trigger. The thin organ slowed and started to grow thick, fat. The tip went from pointy to flat, flared out with an obvious eye in the center. It hummed and pummeled through her hand like mad, poor Candace she thought. It grew even more, sprouting thick veins and rough texture. Kelly's hand started to go numb like holding a power tool. Finally it shoved a few extra inches out into the open air and she felt a bulge coming from the base. This was it. Kelly let got and fell back onto her hands to get away from whatever was about to happen.

A tiny splurt of clear liquid and a pink fleshy globule burst out and flew halfway across the room. Kelly had seen those angry veins flared tip before, when Billy tackled the bee off Candace the head had been so large it tugged Candace's body as it pulled free.

She jumped up scared, what had come out of it though? A shiny black slick was on the back of the leather chair and on the floor was a small pink worm covered with tiny nodules. Kelly almost got sick, but instead she brought her barefoot crashing down on it. A rubbery elastic bounce before its skin finally burst and she felt the warm satisfaction of the things blood sinking into the carpet.

That connection flashed the same she had felt it before. Last time she was sure the darkness or the dark intent cried out in ecstasy, that's how she knew something was wrong. This time, like a blink of a light, but not of visible light, just a feeling she felt it flash anger... She had to get Candace on the phone!

"This apartment's never going to be the same." She mumbled hopping around on one foot like she'd stepped in dog poo.

She grabbed the chair to steady herself, but it spun nearly toppling her but her hand caught the water tank and saved her. The flimsy lid buckled and broke from her desperate grab but she stabled herself. The water level was high and her fingers dipped below the surface. She froze and slowly turned to look at her fingers. The water was cold and wet, but she felt something else, a vacuum. Her pulse quickend at the soft suckling of her fingertips.

There was no fish, the paper fish had disappeared, but her fingers still felt in the mouth of some suckling thing. Kelly stopped the flailing dance, her foot didn't matter any more. Slowly she lifted her left hand watching in awe as the water stayed on the tips. Small tubes of water like mini waterspouts rose and followed her fingers never ceasing the suckle. Her heart stopped, what new devilry was this?

Her hand pulled higher into the air, and still the waterspouts persisted. Pointer finger, birdie finger, and ring finger three vortexes defying gravity and every other law of physics and rationale. Her mind almost broke. She snapped out of the trance and remembered to breathe. Seeing the strange sight resembled something she'd only seen in videos of zero gravity; globules of water squeezed from a pouch floating through air to be gobbled by an astronaut. At least she could breathe, which meant she was on earth and this was much more than water.

Jerking her hand away three long tentacles streamed across the room like whips, never losing the connection between the tank and her. Kelly’s eyes went huge disbelieving and her body began to tremble. The long streams sank to the floor, she could feel their lengthy weight pulling at her finger joints. Flowing, like through a siphon, water emptied out of the tank and collected on the floor. It was unbelievable she must have dipped into a dream or maybe the stuff squished on her foot was a hallucinogenic poison.

The last of the tanks water rushed out with increasing speed. The three lines emptied from the tank collapsed to the growing puddle on the floor and touched the toes on her left foot. Startled by the cool touch she stepped back pulling another string of water with her foot.

Kelly's chest hammered like a caught mouse. Violently she slung the strands on her fingers against the desk trying to get it off, knocking the computer to the floor again, but they never broke. The water squished and contorted like jell-o but reformed back into the same lines that connected her and the larger mass.

She turned to run the lines connected with the rest of her foot, and the upper three slapped against her arm. The sucking was stronger with the better connection. More surface area drew more water up into thicker lines. Kelly listed heavily to her left side nearly falling from the sudden change. Eight pounds to the gallon and thick ropes of three or four gallons pulled at her arm and foot. Frantic and scared she threw her arm with all her might trying to dislodge its grip. Almost all twenty gallons flew up into the air like a wild streamer and bounced off the ceiling. It jerked her footing out from under her. Had it not been for the heavy connection on her arm she would have fallen, but the mass jerked her forward and she fell in a different way. She caught on all fours like a cat, but the water enveloped her entire left arm, shoulder, and most of her lower leg. One hundred and sixty pounds of water suckled and pulled on her body. She couldn't stand, and she was barely able to hold herself up on fours. Slowly the water began to drain off and pouring down her arm and pooling on the floor spreading to her other hand.

Tiny mewling cries and whimpers for help escaped her, but she knew no one was there. Tears filled her eyes and her face scrunched into a tiny red ball of hopeless crying. The billowing shirt had been sucked up by the water as if by a vacuum, the dry part was pulled tight against her offering no comfort or safety. But what could offer safety? Even if she had the phone in hand and called the emergency services what could they do?

Tears streamed from her eyes and Kelly could barely see, but she felt the cold water touch the inside of her right hand. She jerked it away but another string slung out and pulled her supporting hand with it. She crashed into the puddle. Cold and forceful sucking pulled along her collarbone and chest testing her skins elasticity. More had spread to her other leg that rested on the floor. Tendons strained on her thin neck as Kelly struggled to push up but it was just too heavy. Lucky none was on her face, she knew she'd drown.

The water only stuck to her, the floor and surroundings were totally dry. She shoved up again pushing forward trying for the door, but only moved a few inches. She stopped moving, it was the only answer. And she was able to slowly maneuver her hands under her again. Muscles trembled with fatigue, as another tremor of crying shook her. Internal waves of water ran along her skin massaging and mauling her small breasts.

Her long brown hair was caught and pulled her head wrenching back in a painful cry. It was lucky though, she was forced to see the opened door right in front of her. The water blob ran up her hair and flooded across her back and neck. It didn't go above her neckline, whether this was luck or betrayed some intelligence Kelly didn't know. Arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and feet engulfed only her head and butt, which waved above the danger on weak knees, stayed dry.

She tried to calm herself. Breathing slow and concentrated, crying wouldn't help. As she stopped struggling things stopped getting worse, but that was of little comfort. Her red puffy eyes darted around scanning the room hoping for a lifeline, some answer. She found none. Only one thought came to mind and it wasn't a very good one. It would either drown her or wash the thing away. If she could get to the shower, maybe fresh water would weaken its hold, dilute the evil with a constant flow. It was a long shot but she had to try.

Kelly's wrecked face winced at a new pain as her nipples were pinched and pulled. Did it know what she was thinking?

She managed up onto her elbows but not far, it was so heavy. With her head low and butt still waving she took tiny steps with her knees and elbows slowly moving to the door. The water jostled and waved at her movement as if she were carrying it in a bucket. It washed against her chin and ears but didn't stick. At least that was good, maybe she wouldn't die after all.

Rounding the doorframe was more difficult every ounce of energy and moment she put into moving the water used to try and throw her over. Pausing mid turn proved disastrous, she had got too forward momentum. She could see the bathroom door at the end of the small hallway when the water swung hard and she started to lose balance. Like a large strong tree falling, she slowly toppled over. Angry violent water splashed and waves raced across the floor and against the wall, but like a rubber-band rushed back at Kelly's curled and defenseless body.

Nothing could have prepared her. People talk of falling through thin ice into a frozen lake. They say the water attacks you like a thousand needles, this assailed her with similar ferocity. The driving momentum didn't just hit her it drove into her. As if electrified Kelly went stiff then shrunk back into a fetal ball, but nothing slowed the assault. Her sensitive places were toyed with and pried open and coldness drove into her body. Lubrication was not an issue and it filled her as fast as her orifices would let it.

Kelly lost control, a primitive side took over she flopped wildly crawling, running, and swimming at once toward the bathroom. Water forced itself into her virginal cavity and easily invaded her womb, but that wasn't all. Her tight anus was sucked puckered open then forced into by a cold stream, first small but soon flooding her belly as if from a water hose. She kicked and pushed struggling for traction, driven with pure adrenal strength. The hundred and sixty pounds of water sloshed around holding its captive and continued to thwart her escape with its relentless assault. When she jumped and scrambled forward the blob pulled back like an anchor giving her cramping body a minor reprieve, but it slammed back again with doubled efforts like her orifices were a strong center of gravity.

Kelly defied her own ability and stood, lunging for the bathroom door. She felt the water pull away and drain; it released her upper body and arms allowing her breasts to bounce free and rest. She had left most of it on the floor, but thick strings clung tight to her hips and legs. Clutching the doorframe like a buoy in rough seas, her body gave a violent push expelling much of the demon, but the victory was short lived. The clear amorphous blob rebounded. It hit her so hard her feet were lifted up off the ground and sent her crashing face down into the bathroom floor. Her womb stretched from the force and three quarts of cold evil drove into her intestines leaving her gasping and bloated. The bathtub was her only hope.

One arm, then a second slapped over the lip of the tub. Kelly snaked her rounded stomach over the rim pulling attached blob crashing down into the tub with her. Another strong autonomous push rocked her body, followed by an equal shove back. She strummed the dials and watched the first spit of water ripple off the blob as if it were plastic. They weren't joining forces. The showerhead pelted the thing with streaming beads of pure, real, water. Kelly felt its cry. She was winning. Slowly the thin membrane that held the water weakened and melted finally dissolving and the giant balloon drained. Her rounded stomach which held nearly a gallon of water was allowed to let go.

Kelly, finally able to rest laid her head back feeling the sweet bliss of the being emptied.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:35 am
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