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Dark Incarnate B1Ch11 "Nightmare" 
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Beware! and if you insist on reading just remember I told you so!

Dark Incarnate Chapter 11 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Kelly’s Fall From Grace

Billy was working on the pig pin about two miles away. The old posts had rotted in the constant slop and mud. He was supposed to mend the cross boards, but the wood was like butter. He rolled his eyes as he pushed a ten penny nail through the wood in three different places. He had seen the problem coming and luckily his unconscious mind had worked out a solution. In the old barn were hundreds of pallets, he started dragging a few over to the pen. He could stand them up and lash a rope at the joints to make a new fence without the old posts. It was either that, or find the post-hole diggers. He had mud up to his knees when he heard the dog barking viciously in the distance. The sound made him shiver. Wolves and coyotes... He had been up there just the other day. His brother rounded the barn and smiled at Billy’s progress. Josh would never admit it but he was jealous of Billy’s ingenuity, and a little threatened. Why hadn't he thought of the pallets before? Soon the barking subsided and they both looked up at the mountain when the screeches and cries started.

"Dumb bird." Josh leaned against one of the old posts nearly falling into the muck as it cracked under his weight, "How does a bird get caught by a coyote anyway?"

Billy didn't like it. The switchboard was at least two miles away and it would have to be an awful big bird to sound like that. "I'm goanna check it out." He stood brushing the caked mud from his forearms and hands.

"You' crazy? Them ol' pallets was a pretty good idea, but after that Dad says you gotta get after those malfloura bushes." He looked back up as the sound died, then back a Billy with a smile. "See aint nuthin but a buzzard." Billy knew it was something more. He had spent most of his life out at the barn to avoid the house, and he had never heard anything like it.

Josh smiled, “Whatever it was, it’s dead now.”

Tom twisted the door open and carried her in. The building had been shut, before today, for over twenty years. The air was damp and heavy like a tomb smelling of mold and rotten wood. Tom had only gone in once before Higgins brought his prize. No light shone through the windows, they were thick encrusted with mold and moss. He kicked the door closed like a mule shrouding the strange vestments of history from the light again. An old coat rack, rudimentary cupboards and slots, an old pair of coveralls and hardhats with headlamps, all covered with age and corroded by the humidity. To Kelly it looked more like a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean than the civilized world. Tom swiped at a window near the door with a free hand. The few rays of light shone through like grace to a forgotten time.

It was the same vanishing act that gripped the whole town. Thrift stores with too much thrift, empty churches, bars, and gas stations littered the outskirts of the abandoned town. The only new construction since the 1970’s had been a Walmart and the housing development Candace lived in. It appeared as if most of the population just got up and left one day. This place was ground zero. When the mines closed it happened suddenly, and by the time the union members realized they signed their own death warrant it was too late, and the locks were up. New townies who arrived over the years felt the dirty underbelly of Spencer’s history but only the old ones really knew. The coal still smeared the Town like it had covered the thousands of faces and lives it destroyed. This building was a museum, an annual of forgotten history that none wanted to remember.

The old building was built like most old things, to last and endure. Long rafters and huge support columns with thick log walls made this soundless tomb a world of its own. Tom lugged her like a troublesome package and slipped a rope around her neck he’d hung from the rafters. Kelly turned to attack him, but he yanked the rope tight against her jaw pulling up against her ears and her feet left the ground for a moment. He strung her up choking onto her tippy toes and walked off into the black depths of the room. Kelly clawed at the rope but to no avail.

"That fat buss driver gave me a bit of a problem though," He wanted her to stew in the complexity of his plan. "Everybody's got a price. He gave me a bit of a scare. He was the driver on duty today, so I had to convince him. His price just wasn’t in dollars." Tom tied the rope off leaving her barely able to breathe dancing on her toes. "Funny, you would think a man in his position would be happy to get a blank check, but all he wanted was you.” The silence screamed in her ears. “I hope you don't mind, and if you do, perhaps you should thought better of my deal, but you'll be going home with him."

Truth was Tom didn't trust a man like George Caldwell. BigRed69 was begging to be caught, and Tom had a man to tie up loose ends. He would be easy to frame, and the case would be open and shut once Kelly was found dead in his basement.

"You see, you went to Higgins to spin your wild tale an’ he brought you down to the station this morning to take a report. Then hearing how bogus your claims were, he told you it was all hearsay and you stormed out and caught the town bus home. After that nobody would ever see you again. It'll be no surprise after they learn about your Aunt's lies too." He stood behind her, savoring the meal to come.

Kelly's thin stretched neck coughed gasping for air. She felt him, felt the black malice boiling in his chest. If only he knew, if only she could tell him what was really going on, if she could explain the evil inside him. She could draw him one of her monsters or show him her apartment and he'd understand that he wasn't himself. He willingly ventured into the darkest corners of human nature seeking his own demented pleasures, but something found him instead. He wasn't himself, and he wouldn’t see the cliff until it was too late.

In a way Tom knew he was going too far. With Candace his lifestyle was safe, because he stayed safe. He kept It in a box locked deep inside, like a heroin user hides his stash so not even he can get to it too easily or too often. Restraint and limits kept him safe, but he was drunk now. The darkness consumed him. He looked through half lidded and floating eyes lying to himself believing that he was sober and in control. Like the drunk driver who had killed her parents.

"Aww Kelly, I thought spaghetti straps were against the school dress code." He flicked a strap off her shoulder revealing a stiff cup of her padded bra. She swung wide to smack him but lost balance and chocked against the rope until she regained the precarious footing. He relished her resistance. "Hrmmph, back to work" he walked back off into the dark again. “Don’t worry, I’m almost done.” He called back over his shoulder, but never stopped to think how he could see in the dark; his human eyes couldn't. The thing from his box of guilty pleasures slowly emerged.

Kelly spun carefully in the rope trying to see, but beyond the soft glow of the window smear she couldn't see a thing. The cavernous room was huge. She could hear him well enough, a puddle, the crunch of broken glass, then he moved something large and began pulling... a desk maybe. The legs dug into the organic floor as he pulled, cutting across rotten wood and moss. She felt his every move sensed the unnatural disturbance. He worked forward with the same blind progress that she'd seen in Higgins, a robotic calm, slow and methodical. Why wouldn't he think and understand what was really going on! Tom thought he knew, but he also thought he had control over it. He was after all Tom Chambers: Master of his Domain.

She watched him drag the ancient desk into view just short of her. His eyes glazed over and she knew why. The tiny box enveloped his being with the same commanding voice Kelly had heard in her dream that night. Tom was losing himself in the dark. She had felt him before, felt his darkness. It was a part of him, something he dabbled in, but now it filled his soul like a sock puppet. He steadied himself against the desk as the last bits of Tom Chambers evaporated. Kelly understood now. She knew what it was, what it wanted. It was the darkest pits of human potential and malevolence. It moved through the world and the hearts of men fluid like shadow, but it wanted more. She had denied it thus far; left it with no choice but to posses and manifest itself in a puppet like Tom. She understood the creatures too, why they did what they did. It wanted life, and it needed her for that end.

She thought she was in danger before, but now the room was changing. It appeared to be the same bleak nothingness, but she was on It's turf now. The picture she drew for Candace had locked It's realm out, but it was becoming real around her, unchained. Kelly had power, rather it lacked power, but the world she knew was slipping away giving way to the void where she was helpless. She was that luminosity Darkness needed to survive, to contrast; it would feed off of her pain and grow strong. She gave it power through fear and suffering, enough power to come into this world once she was overcome.

Kelly's mind reeled as she broke her nails against the impossible knot of the rope around her neck. She had to fight; the alternative was a fate worse than death. Tom's eyes blinked; black pits of inhuman loathing locked onto her helpless figure studying her futile struggles like a curious insect. She lifted her shoes off the floor and double kicked the creature sending him to the ground. Her shoes grappled at the desktop and slid against the slick surface unable to get any traction until she kicked off to swung back hoping for a better hold. Her face was deep purple as she caught the second time. Carefully standing on the desktop she coughed her first strong breath into her chest. Tom's body rose by puppet strings. The slip knot could loosen with the slack and she almost had it off when a hand wrapped around her leg just above the knee. It was impossible, fingers weren't that long, they wrapped around her whole thigh. Her heart stopped and she looked down slowly and unbelieving.

Black shadow fingers in the dark looped around her leg and pulled her closer with impossible strength until the rope strained her neck again. Like a child working a square peg into a round hole, It learned the stumbling human puppet and released her. She dangled like a hangman clamoring for the desk while it reached out with an over long shadow arm and took the rope. Kelly caught the desk and took another breath before the rope went tight stringing her up again. She dangled freely in the air kicking wildly hoping to land another blow. The rope pulled higher until her head bumped the rafters. The tension in the rope spun her around to see the smudged window. The old Tom had done that, and she was thankful. Her eyes stayed on the sunlight as she feared the world would fade away entirely as her vision narrowed. He cut the rope and she fell back onto the desk like a sack of potatoes coughing air into her lungs.

She looked over at it. The creature was black food coloring, a squid’s ink, dripped into the air. It didn't move; it swam. The rope wrenched her head over the side of the desk and left her peering into the nothingness. She couldn't see the window anymore, only the dark depths of the room. Her hands clutched at the rope when Darkness washed over her, hugging her body intimately preventing any escape. The first person she had ever been close to was Candace. When they shared a bed their bodies and spirit intertwined to become one of comfort and compassion. This things inky presence pressed against her body like the embodiment of dread. It stole all the happiness and joy from her heart. She had never felt such panic. She didn’t cry, couldn’t, she could only breathe, gasping as it ripped at her clothes and tore at her soul begging to be let in.

Mrs. Francis had been there that night at the exhibit. It was really more her big night than Kelly’s. Kelly was proud of her work sure, but she felt embarrassed to have so many people vying for her attention and gushing at her works. Mrs. Francis tugged her around the room introducing her to countless old associates and journalists, but she just wanted to be left alone. If they wanted to play dress-up and gawk at her works then fine, but she didn’t need to be there. It was a dreadful night. Storms had been rolling through all week and that night was no different. Thunder rolled and shook the building while the rain fell in blinding sheets. Kelly was on edge and gave a frightened yelp when somebody popped a Champaign cork. Mrs. Francis had laughed and clapped her on the back, and that’s when she saw the officers stepping in out of the rain. She recognized them as her father’s new friends. They had been over several times first to help unpack, then a couple grill-outs and a Super Bowl later they were best buds. Their faces were grave, and tears immediately began welling in her eyes. She knew, just knew.

The desktop was soft, either from rot or moldy growth, and cold too. Her bare spine pressed against it as the creature lifted her milky smooth legs into the air. The position allowed her to breathe easier and even scream if she wanted, but she knew what was coming next. Her arms waved and slashed at it but never landed. Tom wasn’t there. Her hands dipped into empty cold currents. She had dipped into It’s realm. A child playing in the sun warmed water of the shallows would experience a similar shock when their toes touch a cold channel of deep water. That was a different world, one that kids didn’t like to think about, one of big fishes and unnamable fears lurking in the dark.

The thin cotton on her powder blue panties were swished aside as if by that cold water and she felt her nether lips wrap around the tip of Tom’s manhood. It was his, the same that had brushed against her bottom on the night of the sleepover. It paused, threatening the barrier of her virginity with slow and deliberate force. Unable to see anything but the black pitch of the room, the depths of the other side, she told herself it wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. She was paralyzed in a nightmare of fear and despair, unable to move in an odd grip of sleep paralysis. It toyed with her barrier, pushing, stretching, smearing; it was also the barrier of her mind; her will.

She had one glimmer of hope, like the blurry swipe at the window that allowed the sun through. Candace’s theory said that it couldn’t hurt her. She desperately wanted to see the sun again. She begged to see golden dust particles falling in the warm glow of a lazy afternoon one more time. But that was a different world, a lifetime away.

It knew her thoughts; how she lied to herself. Her useless delusions allowed it to appreciate her pain, her fear. The spirit was a dealer of death. It had been in the eyes of the Aztec High Priest’s who daily ripped out the beating hearts of children so the sun would rise. The sun would rise no matter, but it desired blood the lie was just a means to an end. So long it had waited; dancing in the shadows of men’s hearts, now It’s time had come. It would shatter her mind like glass explodes in a fire.

The flesh of Tom Chambers tightened his grip around her ankles and stretched her legs wide pulling her closer as she tried to shrink back. Inky currents slithered from Tom’s possessed spirit over her body like snakes clamping her hands down and circling her tiny breasts with potent icy diligence. Another slick murky phallus touched the tiny clenched star of her butt where it joined in trying advances.

Since the time mankind was gifted with self consciousness and made gods of the flesh, It was the prince of the air. She existed in the three dimensional world believing that the nature of reality revolved around visible light. With mild annoyance It would cure her naivety. Tom felt a similar inclination but the concept was impossible for his flesh to understand or replicate and was called pride and arrogance. Her body was ripe and harvest had come. Resistance was futile. The awful awareness and mind link disturbed her psyche and overwhelmed her body. Kelly finally screamed. Her whole body screamed, in fear of what would happen, in anger that she didn’t deserve this, and in despair because she knew she had already lost. Her cry betrayed as the forceful scream allowed the solid shadows to scoop inside. In an exalted thunderous cry It sent her mind flying into abyssal oblivion.

Her scream was cut short and her eyes went wide. The mental manifestation of Kelly’s self image scrambled on slick black volcanic rock that was the sky, the universe, a vast infinite expanse where the thin veil of her consciousness ended where she rocketed toward the crushing synthesis of darkness. She was flying with incredible speed out there somewhere, yet into nothing. Her imaginary hands and feet clamored at the impossible onyx tying to hold, trying to stop, to slow down, to understand. Her body was left gasping for more than just air; she gasped in harsh truth of fear. Her futile grasps at hollow faith left her with nothing, there was no escape, no refuge, no hope, only It’s dark purpose and plan.

In the revelation of its true evil she didn’t know why it paused pulled back from her defiled body, carefully smearing the oily slick. It would just assume slit her throat and drain the battery of her innocence in a flash of exaltation, watching the innocent blood bathe her naked breasts, than to give her this moment of respite. But It needed her for more than that. Tom pulled back, but the mysterious inky probe squishing through her tight sphincter continued forcing its numb decent into her bowels. The only part of Tom she knew still existed rubbed the flared head and rubbery foreskin against her clit. She instantly thought of what Candace had done to her in the shower, but she was far too horrified to feel anything now.

She sensed a wall, an end to the infinite space and time, and it was trying to smash her into that wall shattering her perception and feeble hold on reality. Kelly Evans would no longer exist. It planned to enlighten her consciousness, to change the nature of where she existed to something similar to a radio wave, but she wouldn’t have control of the band. Her body would exist, that’s what the van was for, but she would be forever lost in static.

It finally spoke with It’s unintelligible cracking thunder that hurt her ears and brought her back for a moment. She understood it. ‘Surrender’. Her head lulled back over the side flying at the speed of light toward her abolition with no point of reference. Did she still have a card to play? Eight, ten, twelve inches snaked into her clean colon. Her father had gifted her with a clear sense of right and wrong, good and evil. No deal or surrender to this pure unadulterated evil could be in her interest. It wouldn’t just be a failure to uphold her own sensibilities, but she would be betraying the cosmic forces of humanity to do anything it wanted. Her mind snapped back like a rubber band. Tom’s member took its place back inside her broken body gently pushing further each time she took a shallow breath. She was thrust back into the abyss at unimaginable speed. It used her own breathing against her; slowly she accepted it deeper and deeper until its blind eye kissed her uterus, waiting.

Kelly was frozen, paralyzed, petrified with fear and apprehension, but her mind was clear. Resist. Her hands slapped the cold onyx of space gaining a hold with her resolve. She seemed to have a power it couldn’t match, the ability to resist and fight. Kelly cleared and felt the rubberband snap her instantly back, safe from oblivion. The adrenaline and shock helped with the pain, but It couldn’t allow that. Her body’s fight or flight response pulled blood to her center, protect the vital organs and give the major muscle groups the fuel to fight. But It had something else in mind. The calm before the storm, it drew her like the buoyancy of air bubbles in water, aiding her circulatory system. Blood warmed her extremities again giving her body the sensitivity and knowing equal to that which it seeded into her mind.

In a flash of anger It undulated the inky tentacle and flexed the impaling rod. Could this be it, the end? Her face pinched begging for it to be over, wishing it away. The indomitable human spirit couldn’t be taken, only surrendered. Hypersensitive, she felt a gurgling thick flow reluctantly emanating from the members. It wanted her to know, wanted to savor her nightmare. Her mind’s eye was filled with images of her parents rotting in their graves. She blinked and closed her eyes but couldn’t escape the darkness. Their flesh churned with maggots. The first lumpy clog spurted into her most scared and protected place. The strong and virulent larva had grown fat off fetid flesh and squirmed within her searching for more.

Kelly kicked and screamed losing any sibilance of self control ferociously squirming in It’s grip and against the phalluses. The flow was continuous and unending. The tentacle buried in her bowels was better suited for the task and flooded her empty system. Tom’s penis, however; would clog until the building pressure spat them into her. Kelly’s small sex was wrapped around his impaling manhood like a stretched rubber band. Filled and overflowing, maggots tumbled onto the mossy desktop and spread in a hundred different directions over her milky skin continuing their slimy blind search.

She struggled and shook violently like a rabbit caught in a snare, but there was no escape. Tom’s flesh had pulled back to allow her vaginal cavity to hold more of the boiling mass. Besieged with the sensation her muscles finally went ridged, seized. The creatures weren’t violent or even painful intruders, rather constant and soft. The hot breath of the room and soft warmed table cradled her existence and left her with nothing but the sensation. Her body began to relax accepting the flow easier, only shaken by the occasional twitch. This singular wanton depravity overwhelmed her five senses and worked It’s magic against her mind. Their perverse writhing explored over her body and bloated her insides, wrecking her consciousness. The inhuman hands relaxed from her ankles and her legs slowly fell through the peculiar gravity of the inky darkness coming to rest on Tom’s hips. She didn’t have anymore fight left and barely noticed how her legs clung to him. She stared into the dark, overloaded, trying to make sense of it; trying to remember the world she came from, trying to hold on. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, she had no idea how long it let her marinate. Did time even exist in this place? Her wrists were also released and the rope loosened and slid over her head, but Kelly just stared blankly into the void.

Billy had just finished up with the pig pen when he heard the thunder. A few light clouds dotted the sky and he leaned against his new makeshift fence daring it to fall. It didn’t look like rain, but maybe it was the far side of the ridge. Surely Mason Sr. didn’t expect him to clear briars in the rain. Josh would. He scowled at the clear sky. Maybe it was one of the old mine shafts collapsing.

His brother wasn’t around and he headed to the barn for the clippers. What he really needed was a few gallons of Kerosene. He looked up at the old silo and a chill ran up his spine. He couldn’t stop thinking about that sound. It hadn’t sounded like any kind of bird to him, but he couldn’t be sure if his mind was playing tricks on him. Of course foxes made a funny sound and screech owls didn’t screech at all. It had just sounded so… human. But who in their right mind would be up there? “Wolves and coyotes, that’s who!” he muttered. None of it sat well with him. He had been up there just yesterday. On his way home from Kelly’s…

He wanted to go check it out. That had been his gut reaction when he’d first heard the sound, and still was. If his brother caught him ‘goofing off’ he’d kill him for sure, or give him a matching black eye. Without thinking his hand went to his puffy and swollen face. What’s the worst he could do to him? Surely his dad wouldn’t kick him out; he was still in High School for cryin’ out loud!

What if Kelly had followed his footsteps? She should have been in school, and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t know he was home. Not to mention, she didn’t know his address, and wouldn’t have anymore than his leaving through her back yard for a clue. He stood staring up at the mountain keeping an eye out for his brother. Billy wasn’t actually slow but when he thought, when he really got to thinking, you could almost see the wheels turning in his head. Another thing bothered him. Why hadn’t his father yelled at him for being gone? Josh was mad sure; he might actually have to do some work if Billy was gone. Was his silence a form of acceptance? A way of admitting Billy had finally grown up enough to be his own keeper. Just being around Kelly had changed him. He glanced over his shoulder once more, just to be sure, and decided to go check it out.

He rinsed the mud and pig slop off at the hand pump and swapped boots and started out. Wolves and coyotes… He turned back, one more thing. His grandfather had kept a pump shotgun at the barn. Back when they raised cattle, mountain lions had been the biggest fear. Billy thought if he ever saw a mountain lion he’d just lie down and die, but he’d moved the shotgun before his brother could pawn it. The gun showed a little dry rust, and checking the shells he found more rust and corrosion flaking the edges of the brass. As long as the primers and powder weren’t damp it’d work. He wasn’t much for social pleasantries but he was invaluable around the farm. He slid the stock under his armpit and his wrist hooked under the grip expertly. Sneaking around unnoticed was also his specialty.

It was time. The tentacle pulled back just plugging her butt gently and massaging the flesh that separated it from Tom’s cock which started to pump in earnest. She was rocked awake and back to whatever dimension this was. Shuddering gasps shook her as his tool sunk deeper plunging at the mass of larva. She had no thoughts, only deep seated biological memory. She was a woman. She was made to survive this, endure this, but her mind felt like a veil of fog. As if on cue the oily tentacle changed, morphed into a veined and throbbing penis. It was so clear; she felt the heavy ribbed veins of the bee’s strange sexual organ. It knew her. She had felt guilty and dirty for doing what she did. It was he same for Billy. She had done it because she had to, to get him to cooperate. The flat head of it rammed into her mashing maggots deeper. His cock was pistoning hard against her uterus while the new morphed phallus cranked up too. Her body clenched and pushed, but it was something else. The tingles of Candace’s touch in the shower, how it had exploded from the tiny place, but this was deeper harsher… wholesome. Candace’s distant memory felt like a drop of rain to the ocean. Her whole body tensed as he shoved harder and harder. The wave passed as her breathing increased trying to compensate. It hurt, plunging deep into her body, but it was a dull and distance pain easily accepted, it knew what she could handle. Her body tried to push back against the members get them out, to rest, but it only made it that much worse, and that much more intense.

Its thunderous voice shook the room, “Submit.”

What was it doing to her? Her sphincter rippled over the rough veins. Was it going to put one of those things in her? The questions distracted from another wave and she just felt the swishing and tumbling of the mashed and rolling worms against her inner walls. It was evil. Her head dangled and bounced waving her long brown hair as It picked up speed. The rope was gone, her neck was sore and she could barely lift it. But she could, if she found the strength. Tom yanked her knees back pinning her to the table at her chest and opening her wide. Another wave struck her, and her pale skin broke out in oily perspiration and red flushes. He ravaged her with newfound vigor until she crunched her head up electrified by stronger waves that she couldn’t understand. Her small breasts throbbed as they bounced freely. When had he released them? She cupped them in her hands and squeezed gently. They ached, throbbed, full of blood. Her areolas, her nipples—

A cresting wave hit so sudden her hands seized.


Tom smashed against her and held. His wiry pubic hair mixed with the worms rubbing them into her swollen labia and clit. Her legs were released and flopped lifelessly. His hands were around her tiny waist lifting and smearing her body against his pelvic bone. Corrupted black seeds of evil pored directly into her womb. Convulsions wrecked her until she finally relaxed against him. She wanted to pass out, begged for it just to be over. Half lidded she drifted closer to what felt like sleep. He dropped her and she slid off him back onto the desktop without a struggle. Arms, legs, and head lay limp over the side as she wandered into the darkness. Totally relaxed, maggots and black seed flooded out of her. The strange feeling inside was the only reminder of where she was, that her body existed. Her broken orifices clenched and spasmed around the lumpy mess in the aftermath.

She heard Tom’s voice. “I love it when they wink at me.” His finger poked her retching anus. It clenched on his fingertip mashing against squirming larva. Was he coming back, was he released? He wriggled his finger and her body pushed again, expelling a slimy wad over his hand. “To think, we’ve just begun.” He rolled her limp body over onto her chest as more slimy writhing maggots spilled down her thighs. He had taken the fight out of her and she was his now.

Sudden light flooded the room as the door opened. The mountain sounded like it was collapsing, painfully reverberating inside her skull. Billy shuddered back forcing his mind to believe what it saw. He had opened many dark rooms but never had the darkness fought back! As It retreated Tom’s naked hairy body stumbled back too, hand blocking the light from his weak eyes. Billy didn’t think, he saw the naked body slumped over the desk and bare legs that met pink tennis shoes. He could recognize Kelly’s shoes anywhere. He couldn’t be blamed anymore than water can be blamed for freezing and breaking a rock. He shouldered the shotgun and pulled the trigger.

A dry click echoed in his ears, but he pumped the shell out without a thought and the second fired. The meat on Tom’s right tricep evaporated leaving exposed white bone riddled with pellets of grey buckshot. Tiny pin holes of sunlight filtered into the room. One painted Kelly’s face and she rolled over on the far side of the desk, away from the harsh sound and away from the sunlight. Tom spun and cradled the wounded arm as darkness enveloped him. Billy’s eyes flared, his nose snarled as the clicked off a second dry round (chugck-chick). Billy would never say what he actually saw, but the dark figure seemed to flex and bulge pushing the sunlight back like a billowing wool blanket. A third dry click, (chugck-chick). Tom’s lips curled as the fifth and last shell exploded. The right side of his skull disappeared plastering the wall with white gooey fragments and flesh as he sank. The light rushed back into the room.

Kelly curled. The light was blinding and she couldn’t handle it yet. She wanted more than anything to see the sun again, but it was too painful. It hurt her eyes and her fear of being seen. She knew it was him, a sheltered part of her knew he would come, but she couldn’t look at him. Not yet. She wasn’t ready to come back to that world. Couldn’t.

The ‘not to tight, not too loose’ elastic of her blue panties closed over her privates as she strained her knees together. A part of her knew the nightmare was over, but a minute past midnight was still long time from sunrise. Not like this. He couldn’t see her. Her hand’s cupped her stomach, the real nightmare was about to begin. The mind meld with the creature gave her insight to things It didn’t want her to know. It had completed only half of the ritual. It had her DNA, a dark double helix cloned the parts it needed and corrupted her body’s fertile eggs with its purpose. Now It needed a man’s flesh.

With whimpering cries of apology, assurance, and sorries Billy rushed over and cupped her head and gently folded her limp arms over her naked chest. “It’s OK, I’m gonna get you someplace safe.”

She welcomed the loving arms through her embarrassment. "Higgins…”

“The school resource officer?” He felt something on her, it was impossible to tell in the dark, but he brushed the rubbery bits off. Billy never thought he’d ever caress her naked body or touch her pert breasts and stiff nipples but this was something else. Love and fear twisted together and surged through him with adrenaline. He would have rather fought a hundred wolves on the darkest night of the year with his bare hands than do this now.

“Tell him…” Her weak eyes lulled and blinked unable to focus.

“It’s ok, you can tell him later. Let’s get you outta here.” Kelly didn’t weigh much, and he lifted her gently holding her head against his collarbone and headed for the door.

Her arms hugged his neck. “The key,” he picked up the pace jogging into the sunlight. “Post office box, they have cameras, they’ll see him.” Each footstep hurt and jostled her insides and cargo and she shied away from the bright sunlight. “Tell him… make him clean this up.” She had to stop this from getting out. If the town knew that Tom had taken her, the rumors. Th-The maggots... “MAKE HIM DO IT!” She screamed echoing off the rock face. It was the same scream that brought him up here. His mind reeled, what had happened to her?

His hand comforted her weak neck. “Rest easy Kelly, you’re ok now.”

Her limp body bounced in his arms, Billy wasn’t terribly bright but he had a good heart. He didn’t know what else to do but try to listen and understand what she was saying. She didn’t say hospital or police, she was trying for something else. He had to get her safe for starters, and his barn loft was the only place that came to mind. He had always felt safe there.

She squeezed him holding on tighter and tighter. Her insides were emptying into her tight panties. The writhing mass still massaged her with unending stimulation inside and out. Billy didn’t notice his eyes were focused on each careful step over the tracks and slick pine needles that carpeted the forest floor.

Her breath was heavy in his hear, “They-they’re...T-too-ho… much” her moans chilled Billy’s soul. How could this have happened to her?

He shushed her quiet. His heart hammered in his chest. Her house was miles away and he’d never be able to carry her all that way. His house was much closer, she could rest soon enough, and he could find her some clothes. Two miles as fast as he could run was still twenty minutes and now he was carrying Kelly, but he couldn’t think of anything else to do. He didn’t understand what she meant about this Higgins guy, or what to do about the fact that he had just shot someone. His one track mind knew only to get her someplace safe, and fast.

Her body gripped him tighter. “Noo-“her voice was soft and wispy when she began to tremble. Released from the thing, shock returned, “Don’t look…” The cramps were stronger, but she was so weak. Her favorite pair of panties bulged with expelled and searching maggots. Their blind writhing boiled in the thin fabric until the elastic stretched to let some drop to the forest floor. Her crying sobs seemed natural enough to Billy; given the circumstances.

One arm still around his neck, her other cupped her stomach as another cramp doubled her over. She was delirious; a part of her mind was still fighting to come back to her world. “They, they couldn’t…be,” Her hand slid under the band of her panties and into the squirming mass. “My parents were… buried, sealed.” She bounced rhythmically as he jogged making her voice impossible for Billy to understand. “Embalmed.”

“It’s ok, you’re safe, don’t worry everything’s going to be ok.” He struggled not to sound so out of breath. He was almost to the loft and thought about the van. He didn’t have a license of course, and the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind, but he should have taken the van. Maybe they could go back. What was he thinking? He couldn’t ask her to go back, not yet anyway.

”It couldn’t have got to them…” Kelly forced her hand between her legs, trying to push the worms off of her sensitive places. They weren’t as lively as before. She pushed her panties aside and let a squishy mass fall. Her fingers brushed and dug at her newly loosened and sore pussy trying to get them all. They were everywhere, an impossible part of her that she couldn’t be rid of. She grew more and more frantic, regaining her mind and realizing what they really were.

Billy paused looking at the backside of the barn. The last thing he needed was to run into his brother. He finally looked down at Kelly who wiped at her crotch like there was a bee in her bonnet. He saw them, and almost dropped her in disgust. Yellowy white maggots clamored up her legs and over his arm that hooked under her legs. His eyes went wide and he was utterly dumbstruck. He did drop her legs to the ground and gently started to let the rest of her down.

She cried in whimpering sobs, “…hooo, don’t look.” Her feet were crossed and her knees rubbed together while she writhed like one of the worms. He couldn’t help but look at her panties; he had folded that exact pair into her drawer the day before. What had happened to her, where had the maggots come from? They dotted the fabric like terminates or ants and hundreds squirmed underneath. What had she been through?

He forced himself to focus on her words and look away. He lay down along with her and nuzzled his head beside hers trying to reassure her. The two of them were still inside the treeline. Trying to ignore her nakedness he looked around. Fat pines oozed fresh sap in the heat and the ground was springy with dead needles, but he needed to get her into the loft. He couldn’t leave her in the open. He got her attention and looked into her big brown eyes, red and tear streaked, “Just a little further ok? You’ll have to help me with the ladder but I can get you some clothes and then we’ll get you back home.” Her nose poured snot and mixed with the fresh tears. She was back. With a sniffle she gave a quick nod and Billy picked her up and started for the barn.

The barn was built half on a hillside and the loft was on the higher and sheltered side. Her weak arms struggled with the short and failing ladder and Billy pushed from below. He got an eye full of her backside; the maggots were coming from inside her, spilling out from under the thin cotton. It had to be the project. This was it; he wouldn’t allow them to do it anymore. Who was the other man and how was he involved. He felt a bullet of jealousy. What was she keeping from him? He reminded himself, he had to trust her. He couldn’t fall apart now when she needed him most.

He had played along up until now but something really bad had happened to her. It was different now, more serious, this was Kelly. His heart hurt thinking of the treachery, there was suppose to be something out there, some great wheel in the sky watching over the innocent. This couldn’t be happening, maybe to someone else, but not Kelly. The evidence was right in front of him, squirming under her clothes. It did happen. That man deserved to die, whoever he was, but Billy wanted more. Maybe he killed him too quickly. Kelly suffered while his troubles were over. It wasn’t fair. Not to Kelly, she had been through so much.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

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