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Dark Incarnate B1Ch7 "Train Wreck" 
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Post Dark Incarnate B1Ch7 "Train Wreck"
post comments on ch1

I think the story really takes off with this chapter

Dark Incarnate Chapter 7 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Train Wreck

Candace looked up at Kelly with red teary eyes, “Just give me a few minutes ok? I’ll be fine.” Kelly slipped though the door and back into the kitchen shocked. She slowly closed the sliding glass door with a heartfelt sigh.

Billy piped up, “I was thinking, we should wait and watch before trying anything else on them. We need to see if they die after a while, or if they have any other needs like water or food.”

The revelation of Candace’s situation made everything else pale in comparison. “Billy, how are you going to get home? It’s Sunday and the busses don’t even run on Sunday.”

“Ummm, well I hadn’t really thought that part though.” He said while looking down an to the side.

“Don’t you have parents who are worried about you?”

“Well... no, not really.” He would rather stay and never go home if it was an option.

“I guess I could wash clothes and you could catch the bus from here, but give your parents a call just let them know what’s going on. It’s going to be getting dark in a few hours and you know what parents say when the streetlamps come on.” Kelly tried to focus. Candace had lived with her situation for a long time and for the moment she was safe.

“No... What happens when the street lights come on?”

“Oh nothing, Pennywise the clown comes out of the gutters to play with the children, he helps the float!”


As Kelly laughed at her own joke a high pitched jingle was coming from Candace’s bag. Kelly’s eyes got big and she glanced back at the porch were she had left Candace crying. It would be her father calling, wanting to take her home, wanting her back. Kelly took a deep breath and went for the phone. So far she had a pretty good repoire with Mr. Chambers. She could convince him to let his daughter stay one more night. They would go to Officer Higgins in the morning.

Thoughts but no decisions raced though her head. What if he said no, should she just call now? How could she let her friend go back “home” to that? There must be some reason Candace hadn’t gone to the police yet, but why? The irony of the situation, if it had real teeth could kill; they were both playing with fire.

Kelly looked at Billy and gave him the kindergarten “be quiet” index finger cross the lips.

“Hello?” She answered hoping her racing heart didn’t resonate in her voice.

“Why hello there, I was calling my daughters phone what are the chances of speaking to her?”

“She-- just went into the bathroom.”

“Well I guess I’ll be headed over to pick her up soon, did the two of you have a good time?”

“Yes actually I, we... were wondering if she could stay one more night and take our project to school together?”

“I didn’t know you were working on a project? But I’m afraid we have to stick to our agreement which ends with her coming back tonight. You seem to be a very bright young girl, so I’m sure you understand. If we break agreements then why do we ever agree to them in the first place?”

“Umm, right... Do you think we could make a new agreement?” The word felt wrong and dirty like Mr. Chambers had tainted it.

“What do you propose?”

“Maybe I could sleep over there?”

“It is a school night and usually I’m against anything like this. There is no substitute for good quality sleep!”

“We’ll be good, I promise.”

“You seem like such a nice polite girl, I just can’t say no to you.”


“But I have a few terms of my own you should know about. You’ll have to sleep on the couch downstairs. We can’t have you two giggling under the covers all night.”

“Ok! Sounds great.” Kelly gave out her address and expected him within the hour.

“Billy it’s a good thing you’re here. I’m going over to Candace’s tonight so you need to guard the fort. No more funny business, ok?” She gave him a furrowed brow scowl. Billy held up his hands like she had a gun on him. With a deep breath she hurried out to the porch to tell Candace the new turn of events.

Billy wandered off like a moth to warm glow of the television. He had been riding a cloud; a high that never seemed to let him down as the girls ran up the stairs. Candace didn’t like the idea but reluctantly agreed? Her dad wouldn’t be able to try any funny business while a friend was over. She went to the lab to set up the webcam while Kelly split off to her room pack. She could upload the live feed to her blog and watch from home.

Kelly had been so busy she still hadn’t done laundry! She cursed with a cute pout staring at the overflowing laundry bins. The closet and dresser drawers were filled but with clothes that were either too small, or what she called junk clothes. Somehow every time she went shopping a shirt, skirt, or a pair of cute jeans would look fantastic, but as soon as she got home they magically transformed into something she would never wear in public, thus the junk clothes collection grew but never got tossed out.

“Billy,” she barked pausing to hear a response... instead she heard his footsteps on the stairs “Your fine stay there but, I need you to do one thing for me while your here.” She frantically searched for anything passable to wear.

“You mean other than taking care of the tiny alien monsters?” She rolled her eyes at the response and crumpled the awful purple and rhinestone blouse back into the dark drawer from whence it came.

“Yeah, can you toss the clothes in the dryer after the washers done, and finish the rest?” She gave up on the fruitless search and planned to use some of Candace’s clothes. At least she wouldn’t ruin Candace’s favorite PJ’s with black alien essence...

“Sure, no problem.” Life couldn’t get much better for Billy. He had spent the whole weekend around Kelly and now she was asking him to do her laundry. He felt they should be dating and he should go ahead and move in. Kelly made him feel so confident and good about himself despite his constant screw-up’s. Better than his own family, or school, or anybody else in the whole wide world ever did.

She lugged the overflowing laundry to the washer in a closet alcove between her room and the Lab. Billy was below looking at her backside in an unblinking stare. If only he had super human vision he could just zoom in and peek around the hem of her ridged shorts.

Like broken glass, a scream from the makeshift lab sent shivers up both their spines.

Kelly dropped the basket and got there first, Candace was face down on the floor with a giant hornet the size of a medium dog clinging to her back. Her carmine skirt crumpled up on the small of her back and the shredded remains of her clean white panties lay loosely against her thigh. Her baby smooth butt was clearly the creatures focus. Its front legs held her throat and chin wrenched up off the floor in a painful looking stretch. She could barely breathe moreless scream again. The middle legs fought her wrists pinning them against the floor, while the bottom legs slowly split the soft curvature of her butt open. Looking for a stinger Kelly saw a thin fleshy pink appendage that surged and stabbed with prehensile searching. It weaved and bobbed, smooth and glossy and looked more like latex machine appendage than anything organic. The strange erratic movement was pure evil, it stabbed forward and retraced back into its fleshy orifice a flash. In an instant its wings whirred to life lifting the creature’s body and stretching Candace further, only to slam down shoving its long conical abdomen Candace’s prone buttocks. Such brute force not only buried the sharp appendage, but the tip of the hard exoskeleton spread her labia wide. It held her so tight any movement was too painful for the girl. Kelly could see it in Candace’s poor face too. She was too twisted to scream and her breath was short and wispy barely able to utter a moan in protest. She flushed dark red helpless to gain control. Veins and tendons popped out on her stretched neck as more flushed red patches broke out across her pale skin. Even her feet curled and tried to fight looking like she was electrocuted.

Her face lit up, wretched in some new horrible surprise. Struggling to move she thrashed side to side but couldn’t shake her attacker. Kelly was paralyzed afraid to move imagining the horrors she couldn’t see. She could only see her friends soundless mouth begging for it all to stop. Gasping for more air than her lungs could hold, her eyes went wide before going limp in the creatures clutches. The oddly familiar hornet held fast as its victim finally relaxed, no mercy. It was just sitting on her contorted body, very still and hardly moving. Kelly’s eyes got even bigger, the monstrous creature was still but something else was moving. Candace’s limp body bumped and pushed against the carpet by an unseen force. The creature’s ovipositor continued to thrash and pump inside the limp victim playing her body like a puppet. Her head and chest were wrenched tight off the floor, but her breasts bounced to the creature’s rhythm.

Billy burst in and without hesitation shot into the room tackeling the creature. Kelly’s own heart skipped a beat as the phallus was ripped out of her friend as it went down. Through all the commotion Kelly clearly heard an audible pop, but somehow she felt it too, like the creature beamed it to her mind as the incredible length and head pulled out. The tip of the exoskeleton and what must be it’s sexual organ was dark red and purple, a surprising contrast to the colorless body, and soaked with lubrication. The tiny thing had grown huge and fat, glistening in the open air it was anything but smooth. Thick veins ran along the shaft by the hundreds and a ring around the flat head flared out like a hammer. Able to finally rest Candace’s body rocked back into limp peace, face down and unmoving.

Kelly broke her paralysis and rushed to her side grabbing her by the shoulders. Her skin was hot and sticky with sweat. Billy was successfully fighting the creature into the dog cage. Its face had harsh looking pincers, but he grappled the stiff creature easily. The large wings tried to beat but crackled and ripped making a terrible sound that filled the room like static. Candace’s face was terrifyingly emotionless and plain, her blue eyes still and serene. She looked so beautiful, like a doll. Kelly wanted to kiss her like sleeping beauty, but checked and her vitals which were strong and true. She was alive, and either just fainted or paralyzed by some poison. Her bottom and crotch was red and swollen, especially around her gusset where the creature forced itself on her. There were no signs of either white or black gunk this time. Candace’s bodily fluids dribbled, arriving to the fire a bit late.

Kelly had a bad feeling gnawing at her mind. Her eyes were focused slits trying to understand the dread that had held her down earlier. She knew something was terribly wrong but couldn’t put a finger on what.

She didn’t know what else to do; she ran down-stairs and grabbed the phone. Just as she picked it up off the receiver it buzzed to life in her hand ringing. It made her stop and think. This was a delicate moment for her; maybe the truth coming out was what she really feared. If she called an “adult” or even told Candace’s father she had no idea what would happen only that it would be very, very bad. But right now she had friends, unlikely friends, but real friends that she could count on and she didn’t want to lose that. So far they had helped her though this and she couldn’t help but feel that adults, any adults, especially from the town wouldn’t give two shits about what SHE wanted or needed. Mrs. Francis was in the forefront of her mind. But what cost could she ask her friends to pay? Candace had been so kind and given so much without asking for anything in return but love. The phone let out another long ring. She shuddered at the thought; what the heck would her dad do if he found out what was really happening?

Another painful ring resounded in her ears, even if Candace came forward about the abuse and for lack of a better phrase “told an adult” this incident would overshadow everything. Who would care about her accusations when there’s a mutant circus with a bunch of kids for ring leaders! Kelly felt early tears burning her eyes as she desperately wanted Candace to tell her what to do. Candace was the brave one and she was the one who wanted to continue, but the one thing she couldn’t stand up to was her father. Kelly had to help.

The phone continued to ring in her hand, nobody else would be this persistent but him. “Hello?” Kelly tried to sound out of breath.

“Ah yes, there you are.”

“Yeah, I guess my Aunt went to the store already, I just barely got the phone.”

“So you two are alone?”

“Yep just us girls.”

“I would like to come in, but you didn’t give me your apartment number. I’m out here in the parking lot.” Kelly didn’t want him to come in, even if it weren’t for the monster circus upstairs.

“Oh silly me, I’ll be right out.”

“He-” Kelly hung up on him, it was so effective. Old people never knew if not saying goodbye was a new thing or not, so they usually just left it in the “play it cool and not ask questions” category.


Kelly took a deep breath and started out. Even in the few encounters she’d had with Candace’s father he was an asshole, a rather pushy and impatient asshole at that. He was easy to spot sitting in a huge tan truck in the middle of the long parking lot. The truck was pulled across four parking spaces, but the lot was surprisingly empty. With the biggest smile she could muster Kelly went out half skipping to meet him. He started out of the truck looking rather annoyed. He paused half out of the truck standing on a side step surveying the parking lot like a sea captain not quite ready to disembark.

“Wow Mr. Chambers, what a big nice truck!” The big diesel engine roared, he must be in a hurry to not even cut it off.

“Thank you, now shall we go in?” Dark sunglasses made it impossible to see where he was looking.

Kelly looked away from the truck for only a second and at him, “Yeah sure,” she said offhand and uninterested. “I’ll be taking drivers Ed in a year or so, and I always kinda wanted a truck, but if they’re all as big as yours Mr. Chambers I’ll have to get a punch-buggy!”

He hopped down and smiled, “Tom, just call me Tom.” He looked down at her thin sleek body and small firm breasts that wouldn’t need a bra for a year or two. She could wear a bra most young girls did for show, but she wasn’t. He thought about that big smiley face T shirt she wore, it was in his mind winking at him again. His fantasies were satiated by his own daughter, at least that’s what he told himself, but this girl was different. Something about her drew him. “It is pretty big, but I think you could handle it.” The double meaning game with the naive girl never failed to draw him out.

“Me! No-way, my feet would be dangling just trying to reach the floor.”

Tom had to look away from her hardly able to stifle a smile. He imagined holding her up by her tiny waist while her feet dangled unable to reach the ground. He looked back at her with a sly smile, “You wanna give it a test drive?”

This is exactly what Kelly wanted, but she too naive to understand what was going on. “Would I!” her big brown eyes wide with excitement. “You’ll have to teach me, ok?”

Tom smiled back her, the evening sun was just going down and the warm rays lit her long brown hair up with golden rays blowing lightly in the breeze, and turned her milky smooth complexion solid gold. “It would be my pleasure!”

Tom stepped aside waving an arm like a matador, “Step on up!”

Kelly looked up... the truck was huge. A side step ran along the edge for just this purpose and with a big step she started climbing. The seat was still chest high even with her standing on the step. She was unable to swing her leg over the seat like she could in a car. Tom’s eyes glazed over in desire as she bent over and tried to pull herself inside. Her lean legs and firm tight ass under the tantalizing white shorts was too much.

“Here let me help you.” Kelly looked back over her shoulder to see Tom coming up behind her. He placed his hands on the tops of her pink tennis shoes and slowly ran up over her shins and feeling her calf’s. Kelly suddenly remembered what kind of pervert she was dealing with. He continued up over her knees then around the back pushing up through her thighs.

“Ah.uh-hah, I uh. I can...” His hands flashed and grabbed just below the buttocks when his thumbs pressed hard on the inside of her legs just below the short’s hem. Kelly felt the squeeze pull her tiny slit open under the shorts. Tom leaned close trying to smell her body’s perfume. Her face instantly flushed and her heart raced! He lifted and pressing his thumbs further into the crevice of her leg tendons. Kelly got motivated real fast and climbed away from him more than into the truck. It was a good thing, just as she pulled away he was about to discover her lack of underwear.

“There you go! It might be intimidating at first, but you’ll get used to it.” He hopped up with ease as Kelly rolled over and sat up feeling trapped. Tom had done this sort of thing before. Never how to drive, but he knew to hold a carrot in front of a stubborn mule to get it to move. He believed the girl truly wanted to learn to drive and would put up with a few uncomfortable moments that could be easily explained away.

She looked over at him obviously shaken, “I guess, but just tell me about it first?” Kelly didn’t even notice she was clinging to the far door, which happened to be locked.

“Naw,” he waved for her to scoot over and patted his lab. “The only way to do it is to just hop in the driver’s seat.” He watched thinking his plan was working its magic. She was indecisive but not unwilling.

Kelly looked out the window at her apartment worried about what was happening inside. Tom’s dick ran down his leg rock hard and leaking clear pre-cum when she finally succumbed and looked over at him with big hazel eyes. How bad could he be, right in the parking lot like this, “Sure!” Tom smiled and patted his lap again as she scooted over.

He hooked a hand under her armpit and helped her up. Kelly kept her knees tight and sat on his lap stiff as a board. “Here,” he gently laid his hands on her legs. “You can’t steer with our legs all bunched up now can you? The steering wheel has to be completely free. I’ll do the gas and breaks and you do the steering.” His hands slid down to her knees and started to pull apart. At first she resisted but he gently persisted her legs fall on each side of his dangling wide, unable to reach the floor.

“That’s better; now sit up straight so you can see.” Kelly looked around curious. His strong hands again slid up her legs like snakes and grabbed her hips pinching a little just inside her hip bones making her wince and retreat. Rolling her hips forward and forcing her back to arch she was where he wanted with an opened crotch; he pulled her close. Kelly didn’t think she could do any driving in this obscene position.

“Here we go,” Mr. Chambers reached up and rolled the transmission drive and gave a little gas.

She couldn’t see much pavement at all over the trucks huge hood. The truck looked fifteen feet wide. She tugged on the steering wheel and felt how little affect it was having. She had to throw arm over arm to get much at all.

“I know, I know, it just looks bigger than the road, but it’s designed to fit quite nicely. Now aim for the main road.”

“The main road? I can barely see the parking lot!” Kelly squirmed in his lap trying to peer out of the window. She had to pinch her legs against his to get any lift at all.

“There you go, see your getting it,” he said as he gave the truck a bit more gas and it lurched forward while her arms penwheeled trying to turn the monster quick enough aiming for the stop sign.

“I don’t... I don’t think this is a good idea Mr. Chambers.” She squirmed and ground her butt against this crotch even more just trying to see, no doubt his plan all along. “No, I don’t think I want to do this anymore... I really can’t see enough.” There had to be another way to stall this bastard. Maybe she could “lose” her house key, or hopefully Candace was already up and waiting.

“Aw nonsense, let me help you a bit.” His big arms came up and encircled her taking the wheel, without looking he rumbled onto the main highway going very slow on the straight road. “See it drives itself, and I’ll be here to take over if you need help, so go on take the wheel!”

Kelly reluctantly put her tiny hands on the wheel. She careened her neck and looked back at him. He held his hand up like “don’t shoot copp’a” she was beginning to get the double meaning game. The gesture said, I got it hands off you, and it’s all you driving now. Still struggling to see anything but the pine trees and a tiny ribbon of blacktop road, she squirmed and stretched. Mr. Chambers gave it a little more gas. For his credit the road was deserted and he was going twenty miles an hour or less. Kelly couldn’t deny in that moment she was enjoying it, she felt powerful and special, but for only a moment. The only other adult that seemed to know she existed was that fat city buss driver.

Up ahead Kelly knew there was a sharp turn and saw a small car coming out of it. “I really can’t see, please just take me back to the parking lot” Kelly pleaded softly, trying not to demand, which might make relations tough.

“Here I’ve got an idea. You just hold onto that wheel, alright?” Before she could take a breath in resistance his right hand was on her waist and slid down across her stomach and bellybutton showing no signs of stopping. Kelly was scared to death the car was almost on them and he refused to take the wheel. If she crashed now the whole house of cards would come tumbling down. His hand never hesitated and continued down over her open crotch where it clamped like a vice. She let out a tiny squeal as he lifted her up and pinned her by her delicates against his chest.

The position was more than awkward, it was just wrong, and anyone could see that. The car passed and Kelly actually could see and navigate alot better. Her eyes reached out trying to catch the other driver pleading for help, but the car was so much lower than the truck she couldn’t even see their face or gender. The curve was approaching and he let off the gas as Kelly struggled to drive. Tom knew exactly how helpless she was. In the middle of the turn a one sided grin stretched across his face. Slowly he began to undulate his hand trying to pressure the girl’s clit for a pleasurable response. Her face was already flushed from embarrassment but now she felt raped and too scared to do anything. She ran out of the road, losing control from the traffic jam of sensual overload. He applied the brakes gently and with perfect timing came to a safe stop.

In a dashboard alcove his cell phone came to life. He immediately dropped the eighty-five pounds of primed teen into his lap and took the wheel. He was halfway in the road and didn’t care a bit and took the call from his daughter. Kelly took a second to recover looking for an escape from his lap. Candace had manipulated her the same way in the shower Friday morning and now she had mixed feelings about both encounters.

“Yes, hey! ... I was teaching your friend to drive ... No silly, we’re just round the corner ... Be right there.” Kelly could only hear half the conversation and used the chance to slip out of his lap like a prostitute who’d seen a cop.

He looked over at the scared girl huddled in the corner; it was a sight he had seen many times before. “Well that was fun. Maybe we can have another lesson later, but Candace is a daddy hog.”

Kelly was a coiled snake daring him to try anything again. “When was the last time you gave Candace a driving lesson?” Kelly hissed with a forked tongue.

Tom Chambers snapped his head over at her with eyes of fire. No one talked to him like that, not even his Boss who was some eight thousand miles away most of the year. This little girl was more than she seemed. It was clear to him that Candace had talked a little too much. Maybe the girl had put two and two together, but doubtful.

“She’s never really shown much interest,” He relaxed, roaring down the road looking to turn around. This little cocktease would learn her lesson soon enough if she didn’t watch her mouth. Candace kept fairly quiet, and he could take care of this little girl easy enough too.

The ride back was short and awkward. Kelly just stared out the window wondering which situation was worse. She really wanted to talk to Candace and let her make the tough decisions. She looked over at Tom who seemed quite normal; maybe Candace wasn’t the best decision maker. Billy couldn’t be counted on either. The image of his swollen purple penis as it erupted into her face made her shiver. No, certainly not Billy. Maybe there was such a thing as fate and it was playing a horrible joke on her.

Candace was standing outside with her arms crossed annoyed when the truck pulled in. She had a pretty good idea what her dad was up to.

“Hey honey, I was starting to worry.” She gave him a go-to-hell stare. “Ah, so good to see your shining face again.” He finished sarcastically. Without a word she stomped off to the truck where he sat.

Kelly didn’t want them talking too much or getting into a fight, not yet. The girls needed to talk first. She ran in and didn’t want to waste time. She just grabbed her bookbag near the door and shouted over her shoulder, “I’ll call you later Billy, just make yourself at home!” And she was out the door in a flash. Just in time too, the passenger door shut on the truck. Kelly ran over and climbed up with Candace’s help this time. Candace gave her a look asking if she was ok, and Kelly returned an, I’m fine nod.

They rode quietly into the familiar neighborhood and house. Kelly got to use the front door this time. They were immediately pounced by Buster her dog. Candace tried to beat the canine off.

“Candace be nice! He just misses you. He’s been moping around all weekend looking for you.”

“No Dad, I don’t care!”

“He just wants to play.”

“Not right now,” she gave him an evil scowl.

“Alright, but only because your friend is over.” He took the dog by the collar and led him away.

Candace grabbed Kelly’s hand and took her quickly up the stairs to her room.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

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