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Dark Incarnate B1Ch5 "Billied" 
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Dark Incarnate Chapter 5 Book 1
By Mr. Black


Kelly hit the bottom of the stairs and smelled something she hadn't even considered, food. Over twenty minutes passed in what felt like a matter of seconds while she tried to understand and resist the obvious implications. She felt betrayed by Candace, but she couldn’t be sure.

"We might have to keep Billy around after all. He makes a pretty good manservant." Candace walked out of the kitchen and back to her couch. Kelly thought about how seductively she walked. She placed each foot in front of the other, which gave her a wonderful figure and made her hips sway as she walked. Kelly saw like a biology split Candace's perfectly formed womb between those hips, then the saw semen which was somehow in there on the day of the first attack.

"Yeah, I think he might be more useful than we could have imagined." Kelly said with a smirk, Candace looked back quizzically.

Billy brought her a bowl of steaming macaroni and cheese, "I didn't want to make a mess or use any of your stuff but, I thought you might be hungry and it's something simple."

"Thank you, Billy its fine." They joined Candace around the TV.

Billy plopped down in the big fluffy chair by himself while Kelly and Candace shared the couch. Candace had adopted the coffee table as a footstool while Kelly leaned against the far side looking at her, Candace returned a funny look. Kelly wanted to have full view of her body language as she told the events from upstairs. The story went pretty much exactly as it happened except Kelly decided it would be best to leave the panties out of it and pretend Billy used tissues instead.

"That is interesting. And I still say bringing Billy along is a big mistake, but apparently he has helped." Candace seemed unexcited and either didn't understand the connection or didn't care.

"We’ve got to test out if it's just grubs that grow, and what causes them to grow. We need to take our next step." Kelly who had never had a bad grade in school understood scientific method very well. This should be a very controlled, slow, methodical, and precise process but she had to know, as fast as freaking possible!

"So what do you propose? Because I just heard you mention about four different experiments, which I find odd because not long ago you were against ever picking up a pencil or paintbrush again." Candace sounded calm and callous.

"What are you afraid we will find?"

"Nothing, but just remember you’re playing with fire."

"That's a very different attitude from what you said a few hours ago..."

"I don't want to say you were right, but you might have been right. I don't feel so great and I'm going to go lay down. If you and junior explorer here, want to play with Pandora's box all night fine, but just let me know so I can lock the door!" Candace calmly got up and started slowly up the stairs with both Kelly and Billy admiring her hips as they swayed up and into the bedroom.

Billy's eyes were wide again, "What was that all about?"

"Nothing, she's just sore that's all."

"So... what's next?"

"I don't know I've got to think of something small, slow, and unthreatening to draw, then we give it a choice of some hamburger or... your... see- stuff." Kelly didn’t like to even say the word it felt so dirty and wrong.

"I know which one sounds pretty tasty to me!" Billy said rubbing his stomach.

"Mmmhrmm me too!" Kelly licked her lips, and they both laughed hysterically. Billy knew with every bone in his body it was a joke but one bone stirred again. "So I gather you must be hungry for more than macaroni? We could work on that while we think, and on second thought I might actually want some hamburgers." They both broke into uncontrollable laughter again. Laughing made the whole mess feel better, and outside of School Billy wasn’t so bad. He was just another kid.

The smell of grilling burgers was almost as good as eating them, and one of the best parts of summer. Kelly couldn't stop thinking about Candace upstairs; she really hoped everything was alright. Any manner of nightmares could be going on inside her. The word that stuck in the back of her mind like used chewing gum under the table, was “growing.” It didn’t matter what Candace said pill or not, there were no rules anymore. They had gotten careless, but really they had been lucky so far. Her hand moved to her tummy she was pretty sure she was safe so far but that thing had still been inside her.

"So have you thought about your next masterpiece?" Billy had already eaten two burgers and wouldn’t stop with the compliments. Kelly was glad he was finally slipping into a food coma and stopped gushing.

"Not really, I'm pretty worried about Candace."

"Is what you said earlier, really true? I mean are you and her.. ya know together?"

"I guess, I mean I've never been together with anyone before so I don't know much about it, but she and I have shared some special moments."

"Well everyone shares special moments with other people. I mean, I'm not telling you what to do or anything. I was just wondering if you said that so I would go away."

"Billy... you are nasty and perverted not to mention childish and a little slow. If I had anything to say to you I would just say it ok?"


"We got to really think about this because the consequences are... bad."

"How about a sheep?”

"A what? Did I actually hear you say a sheep? Like one as big as you and me or just a little one? Say, how are we gonna get rid of a giant black sheep after we're done! Are you gonna hack it up and stuff it down the food disposal in the sink? Wow, Candace was right..."

"Ok, wait maybe that wasn't such a good example. A rabbit then?"

"Fast as hell and don't forget they are the ones who made the expression, fuck like rabbits... NO Billy and anymore of that and I'll revoke your thinking privileges."

"Well let’s hear an idea from you then!"

"Here's what I'm thinking. It's got to be an invertebrate, which keeps it small and with no back bone. We can't have any water creatures or god forbid spiders! So that leaves us with worms, mollusks, and I guess insects. If it's too fast it could easily get away or get ahead of us. If it's too small it would be too easy to lose. But we have to remember the grub was initially very small but after it began consuming ... your, uh stuff... it grew way larger than the meal it consumed."

"You've not answered your question yet."

"I think any insect beyond an early larval stage would be a bad idea, and I would hate to see what that giant grub would have turned into anyways. A snail sounds promising, but I don't like how they use slimly suction to crawl up a flat wall. Even though I really don't like the idea, an earth worm is probably our best bet."

"We could do the picture on the sink and drop him right in the bowel so it can’t escape."

Kelly sat staring at the sink, "Ya know, on second or third thought I would like to know what that grub would turn into or if what we saw was it. I mean why would we start out with a whole new mystery creature when we have experience with the grub?"

"You've got a point, but I would like to keep my thinking privileges so I'm just going to agree from now on."

She looked at Billy with contempt, "I want to contain it though, so we can see what happens. Up to this point we have done nothing but run. I want to put IT behind bars and make it fear us! I happen to have just what we need; I don't know why I didn't think of it before!" With a big smile she started down the porch and into the yard. Billy still confused followed like a lost puppy. Kelly hunched over and dove into some junk under the porch. Billy's hardon returned as he looked at her spandex clad bottom down on all fours. He was admiring a small but clear cameltoe when she started to back out.

"I found it!" Kelly drug the old cat carrier out from under some old boards her dad had stored. "This will be perfect," Kelly said to an empty yard. She found Billy sitting on the stairs waiting. "Here, be useful for once," and she handed him the carrier. "Go wash this off with the water hose.

"Yes'sa massa, does it need a wax'n too?" Kelly scowled and threw the carrier at him instead. Had Billy's reflexes been just a little slow it would have hit him square in the face. He took it and moped off to go wash it.

Kelly went inside to get started on a new drawing. A grub worm would work fine. Inside the makeshift prison they could test it as much as they liked. Billy came back inside and Kelly felt safe to finish. Like clockwork she lifted the page over the opened gate and the worm dropped in.

They sat for a few minutes staring in wonder at the pure albino creation that blindly worked its way around the enclosure. "It doesn't look like it can see much," Kelly finally said.

"Maybe not, but it knows which direction you’re in so it must have a great sense of smell." The grub had been working up and down the wall near her. The carrier had perforations all over but it could only escape through the front gate. With the carrier stood on end it could only clamber at the walls.

"Let’s swap places and see." Sure enough it didn't disappoint. After a minute the grub followed and started working the wall near her. "I wonder if it's the limitations of this creature or if they all have similar senses."

"One step at a time, right?"

"Right, but maybe you should get a pad and paper and write all of this stuff down."

"Yes'sa..." Billy slid off his chair like a snake and moped into where he left his book bag. Kelly smiled and thought she could get used to this.

"Billy, why do you walk like that?"

"Like what?" He turned to look back curious.

"You know, like a scalded dog sent to bed without supper."

"I guess that's how I fell sometimes..."

"Stand up straight and pretend you’re a little happy and you just might start feeling it."

"I guess I can try, but only because you asked me!"

Over the next three hours they poked prodded and tossed stuff into and picked things out of the carrier. The only thing the grub seemed to be interested in was Kelly. It had taken a slight interest into some wet soppy mud Billy scooped out of the steam but that was short lived. It was dark outside and Kelly wanted to check on Candace.

"Ok, I think it's time to go grab those panties from upstairs and see what happens." The idea of having her underclothes out in front of him was embarrassing, but she didn’t see any way around it. Billy let out a long yawn while shaking his head and Kelly caught it too. "Maybe you should make a pot of coffee, it's in that cabinet at the end of the counter."

Kelly trotted up the stairs and cracked the door to her bedroom," Candace?" No answer. She continued in and sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over feeling the girl’s warm body under the blanket and wrapped her arms around her and gave a slight shake. “Candace?" She was curled up in the fetal position facing away and Kelly gave another tug.

The girl came to and rolled over in a sleepy daze, "huh?"

"I was just checking on you, do you feel ok?" Candace responded by rolling over more and pulling Kelly down onto the bed with her.

"Yeah I'm fine just sore, but mostly I feel tired. I haven't slept much at all since I first got attacked."

"I’m worried, that's all," the girls were whispering nose to nose.

"Awww," Candace pulled Kelly tighter in an odd half intimate half hanging off the bed hug. "Why don't you come to bed with me?" Candace's warm breath and words lingered on Kelly's ear.

"I umm, we're working downstairs, me and Billy... we've learned so much and I..."

"Leave him to play with himself."

"I'm not too tired I want to figure this thing out, ok." Candace let out a long disappointed sigh and rolled back over. Kelly slowly stood and reached into a clothes bin and got the panties and went back downstairs.

The smell of fresh coffee lifted her spirits, and as she rounded the corner into the kitchen the coffee pot coughed out its last bit of the drip cycle. "Coffee's done!" Billy pointed out.

"Yay, mugs are over there," she motioned behind her without looking and walked up to the cage and opened the top hatch and dropped the panties in.

"What's wrong, is she ok?"

"Yeah she's fine, she's just being lame. I hope she's in a better mood tomorrow."

"I was thinking," Kelly looked at him and rolled her eyes. "We should go to the store and get another cage. It's not good to just experiment on one, we need a control."

"I think that's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say." The idea hadn’t escaped Kelly but the idea of control was obtuse in this situation.

"I do make pretty good grades in school," he said as he poured coffee into two different mugs.

Kelly just sat watching the grub. The semen on the panties had long since dried but the grub went after it anyways. It didn't grow like before but it pushed and tugged them around. It was trying for the gusset where the female scent was the strongest. Kelly took a cup from Billy and sipped. He seemed to understand he shouldn’t look too much at the panties. He was just as embarrassed as Kelly.

"Black? Are you kidding," and she went for cream and sugar. Billy seemed content with his black.

"I just don't understand, why does it go after girl’s... ya know."

"I haven't the faintest idea, but see if you can get those panties back out of there, and for god's sake be sure it stays in!" A tingle tingle of her spoon swirling in the coffee was the only sound in the room for a moment. Billy fished them out with some effort to keep the grub off and handed them to Kelly with the tongs. Kelly sadly dropped them into the trash. Another one bites the dust... she mused. They had to be discarded, she had hoped to wash them clean but they were tainted with more than the washing machine could get out.

They both stood looking at each other in silence until Kelly spoke up, "I think it's time to try the real stuff." Billy flushed three shades of red. She grabbed the carrier and put it on the floor and opened the hatch. "Well go on then..." she said as the crossed her arms. Kelly found this whole idea of Billy and his thing disgusting and hilarious. But deep down in a place she tried to ignore it was intriguing and she wanted to watch. After he had embarrassed her so, what could he say?

Billy looked up at her beet red, "I can't I'm too scared."

"You didn't have a problem upstairs."

"That was different, you just don't understand, you can't put me on the spot and just say do it."

"Fine, I'll go in here..."

"No," Billy said a bit too quickly and Kelly looked at him with wide eyes as he stood uncomfortably. "I mean, before your panties where... ya know, there and they were yours and it was interesting, I mean I need something to interest me. Your orders aren't going to do that."

"You're so nasty," she said as she went over to the trashcan for the discarded panties.

"No, not the item...It's... you don't get it at all do you?"

"Apparently not..." Kelly said fighting to keep a straight face; she actually did understand a little which made his situation even more comical. Why had she never toyed with boys before?

"Maybe you could just... I don't know... give me something to think about and make me interested." The mere thought that he was saying something like this to Kelly made his manhood stir, but he didn’t want to show his cards either.

"Boy's are so terrible! And YOU Billy are the nastiest of them all!"

He was looking down like a beaten dog, "look, nevermind..."

"Hey, I'm sorry. I was just joking. And if it weren't for this crazy situation which only happens once in a million zillion years..."

Billy looked up; indeed the situation had changed as he felt another stir in his crotch. She looked so slender and cute in the skin tight black tights, and her nipples were poking though the tank top. Suddenly he felt different, he could do it. Then his mind went another direction, what could he get her to do for him? And he got a full fledged instant boner, but he hid it from her.

"So... what is it Billy?"

"Maybe you could help a little, I don't know... what you did in the shower was..."

"Oh, I see." Kelly unfolded her arms, "let's get this over with." Kelly had an idea of her own and it seemed pretty appropriate for the situation. She walked over and stood in front of him.

Billy actually was a pretty big kid for his age and was much taller than her and a little taller than Candace too though the girls made him feel tiny all the time. Kelly extended her small hand and put it on the inside of his thigh as he stood. Billy swallowed hard as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. She moved her hand up and felt his already hard penis below her father’s shorts and started to caress it. She unzipped the fly and reached in feeling the hot air in side. Grabbing the base Kelly tried to pull it out but after a tiny yelp of pain from scraping the head against the metal zipper she stopped. Billy pulled it out for her, complete with testicles too.

Kelly looked down and saw it. A deep seeded feeling inside her betrayed her hatred for Billy. Looking down at his manhood she couldn't imagine a more picture perfect penis. "Looks like you're doing just fine Billy, are you sure you need MY help?" Just because some part of her really wanted his dick didn't mean she had to let him know about it. He was unable to respond with more than a "deer in headlights" look. Then she wrapped her hand around the base of his thick cock and squeezed. Her hand barely covered a third of it and the head now flared full of blood with popping veins. Slowly she moved her hand up and down watching with awe as the uncircumcised skin worked over the swollen head.

Her body knew what it wanted no matter how much Kelly told herself otherwise. Her own flower was begging now. Kelly bent down crouching on the balls of her feet and continued to play his instrument eye to eye. A wet patch at the gusset of her tights betrayed her. His penis was so warm and meaty; it extended like a tower of flexed muscle. She knew theoretically what older people did and had heard of such things but she was scared and unsure of what to do, just like Billy. He leaned back against the counter and his hands gripped the edge in a kind of ecstasy only experienced once, your first.

Kelly paused; her hand gripped the base with all her might forcing blood to fill the veins making his penis look like an angry monument. Slowly and carefully she leaned forward. Billy's heart stopped beating when he felt her breath, and he blinked like he might just suddenly die. Trying not to think of who this penis belonged to Kelly let the tip of her tongue touch the bottom of his thing. It was warm and fleshy, and she licked it again like a curious lollipop. Slowly and carefully she opened her mouth wide and lifted up to take the thing in. The wet warmth of her mouth closed over the head of his penis like a blanket. Kelly ran her tongue around again and again feeling the ribbed head. She felt the uncircumcised skin covering it and as she created a suction running her tongue under the skin and around again. She continued moving her had up and down the shaft again, while still exploring the head with her mouth. It was exhilarating, she had never felt so naughty and yet enticed in all her life. There were boundaries of course, what she and Candace had was different and this was… a singular thing. A thing she wanted to try. She moved without care of compassion for the person the thing belonged to but explored the new experience from afar. Billy had an entirely different experience.

Billy might have clinically died for a few moments, and then he remembered to breathe in shallow gasping breaths. If he had been more experienced or maybe if he wasn't frozen in an odd combination of fear and ecstasy he would have known better. But with his eyes glossed over under his coke bottle glasses he was in a trance. He knew what was about to happen but simply was unable to stop it. Billy felt way down deep in his balls that he was about to cum. Nothing in his previous life could have prepared him for this moment. It was working up to be the best orgasm he has ever had. Without any warning to Kelly he felt the tubes inside his balls fill with semen to the point it almost hurt then his cock spasmed and began to empty into her mouth.

Kelly's heart leapt when the thing in her mouth flexed and jumped. It shot the first long thick stream of semen like a water gun into the back of her throat. She didn't know what to think, she didn't even know this could happen. She pulled back immediately as another explosion shot onto her teeth and upper lip. Wincing like she was being slapped another shot hit the side of her face and ear.

When Kelly winced she turned facing the cat carrier and luckily remembered what she was "helping" Billy do. She kept her head and without hesitation spit though the bars and into the cage. Billy, however; forgot and had wrapped both hands around his member and was working it slowly as he shot another thick stream into Kelly's hair. He was lost in surprise at how great the orgasm was and how much he had cum. In the whole of his life he had never see so much cum. Most times it was just a dribble or one even two half hearted shots. He finally began to relax and come back to reality.

It was like he just woke up. He saw strands of his semen in her hair, on the side of her face, and long strands supplemented by her saliva poring out of her mouth. He knew he was in big trouble... "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I didn't... I...iii"

"Just get this stuff off me and put it in the cage," Kelly coughed no matter how much she spit and tried the stuff wouldn't come out. It coated her throat and gave her a dry cough that wouldn't stop. She desperately tried not to swallow but couldn't fight the reflex. The only thing worse than the cough was the taste that coated her throat. She wanted to puke. She made a conscious decision to be mad at Billy later if she could just get though this and get the stuff off her and into the cage. Billy had some napkins and was carefully wiping her down furiously and tossing them into the cage. He was careful not to get any of the stuff on himself though.

The grub had began to grow already. "I think that's enough... watch it, I have to go to the bathroom." Kelly struggled to speak and she sounded hoarse and her words wavered. She had been leaning on the cage like a drunkard but now that the grub was growing she stammered away.

Billy looked down at her pitiful attempts to stay strong, "If there is anything I can do, I never meant to..." Billy sounded truly sorry.

"Help me up." Billy reached out his hands and she took them and lifted up coming face to face with him. Kelly felt her stomach take a turn as she looked into his eyes. The awful flavor in her mouth was the essence of this perverted dweeb. She turned and buried her face into the sink puking, holding onto the edge like a life raft.

Billy felt horrible watching her. He was responsible. He could have just told her to leave and done his thing by himself. He looked up at her like a bad dog, slouching in the table chair. Her knees where bent weakly barely able to hold her meager weight. Part of his human nature got the better of him as he looked up and down her backside clad in the tights. She looked great no matter how bad she felt. Kelly's thin legs and wide hips made a nice gap; Billy could see the white cabinets though her legs. He noticed a small dark patch of wet tights between her thighs. For a moment it looked like she peed herself. Kelly shifted her legs, painfully emptying out her stomach into the sink. As she moved Billy saw plainly that she was simply wet. The tights conformed perfectly to her body. Because she had be couching down a cute little cameltoe mound was clear between her wonderfully rounded butt. His mind went wild he felt a little better about what had happened; she much have got some enjoyment out of it. Billy wanted to go over and suck the moisture out of those tights as she stood.

If he touched her, she would likely murder him, so he turned to the cat carrier. The grub had grown immensely in size. It was almost a foot long and larger than his wrist around. It was still eating but no longer growing. Kelly seemed to be feeling better, and without a word she stomped off upstairs.

The creature in the cage shrieked and let out a long eerie hiss as it threw its weight against the cage. Billy took it out to the porch covered it with a blanket and put a cinderblock on top. He stared longingly at the stairs wondering if Kelly was really mad at him as he fell asleep on the couch.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

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