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Dark Incarnate B1Ch4 "Drawing of the Three" 
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Dark Incarnate Chapter 4 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Drawing of the Three

Kelly went back to her room first. The whole ordeal left her feeling grimy and tainted. A shower would have been best, but change of clothes would help. Rifling through her clothes she cursed herself for not doing laundry and chose to forgo panties because she just didn't have that many and most were dirty. Her dresser drawers were looking empty, and the only thing that made sense was a pair of black spandex pants and a black tank top. She hadn't worn the spandex in a while but they would have to work. Feeling quite refreshed in clean albeit skin tight clothes, it was time to get to work.

She ventured downstairs carefully avoiding the dribbles of black gunk and went into the kitchen. First she grabbed the magic window to another world and the grill lighter and stepped through the sliding glass door to the porch clicking the lighter, "Note to self no more ‘windows’..." and the paper went up in smoke.

The general disarray of the crime scene in the kitchen was even more disheartening, but she had to start somewhere. Like a crime scene investigator she carefully collected goo samples in quart sized Ziploc bags and placed the inanimate paper mache demon penis in a gallon bag. She dumped this all into a grocery bag and tossed it into the freezer like holiday leftovers, and begrudgingly pulled out the mop and sponges for scrubbing the floor and carpet.

The tile had been easy but the carpet on the stairwell was proving more difficult when the doorbell rang. At the worst possible moment Kelly ran over to peer out the picture window. Who could it be? Why the hell would her aunt come over now? But she got a nasty surprise, it was Billy Mason.

Kelly tried to just hide when he called out, "I saw the curtain move. I know you’re in there Kelly, I just want to talk ok." His voice was muffled on the other side of the heavy door, but he seemed sure of himself. She wondered if he wanted to give her the love picture he had drawn in class.

"Look I saw what happened today ok, so just open up!" Three loud bangs rattled the chain and locks. When did Billy get so pushy?

Kelly's heart raced, "What did you see." She called out without opening the door. It would be the last resort to let that filthy rat in here, and especially right now!

"I saw enough; now let me in so we can talk. O-oor I'll tell someone what I heard in the girl’s bathroom," Billy began to beat on the door again.

"Ok what," Kelly snapped as she opened the door just enough to peer over the chain at him.

"Are you ok?"

"Just.. freaking.. fine.., now is that all because I'm busy right now!"

"Are you sure, because you don't look fine... I, I mean you look good but," Billy's eyes couldn't help but drift down to her braless chest and sleek tank top. "Hey is Candace in there with you?"

"Yeah we're having a sleepover, and I don't remember inviting you!" Billy wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he knew he had some kind of leverage because she wouldn’t have even opened the door otherwise.

"I know, and I'm sorry to bother you, I just can’t help but feel something's wrong."

Kelly began to get the idea that Billy was fishing, "Nope, just.. freaking.. fine.." she said again and started to close the door on him.

"I overheard your conversation in the bathroom today... after the late bell rang. Aa-aaand what you two were talking about in class. Now are you going to tell me what's going on, or am I going to have to go to an adult?" Billy would probably still use such language as "going to adults" when he was thirty. Kelly softened and started to admit and fight the defeat at the same time. "Oh and here, I think you dropped this," Billy poked the paper plaque that strangely felt like plastic through the door, it read: "Big Boy Beans." It worked like a key and she reluctantly let him in.

"Ok, Billy you’re in, and I mean more than just in my house. You're probably not going to be in on everything, but you've asked for it so you’re in."

"In on what exactly?"

"I thought you knew!” she said sarcastically. “Look, tell me everything you know and if I feel your lying or not telling the whole truth I'll kick you right back out that door."

"Please don't do that, I caught the last bus over here and I don't have a ride home."

"You did what?"

"I figured, ya know your Aunt or someone could give me a ride home or at least I hoped so."

"No they... aren't here, but anyways spill the beans," Kelly held up the paper garden plaque.

"I over heard you talking to Candace, something about something you were scared about and just going to leave then something about a snake then at the end of class I saw you almost run out of the room scared.” He paused and looked down trying to gather the courage to mention the slithering tail under her skirt. “And I think I saw what you were scared of…”

"What exactly do you think you saw?"

"It sounds crazy..." Kelly gave him the silent treatment forcing him to finish. "a umm well a thing.... uh..."

"Something about something... erm hrm and uhh... go on," Kelly tried to make him feel crazy and maybe he would just leave on his own.

"Well then I saw Candace run to follow you into the girls bathroom and I went in to the boys. And after the tardy bell rang…” His eyes got big; he hadn’t planned on telling her how he knew. “I uh... Ok listen, you have to promise not to be mad, or tell on me!"

"Ok fine, whatever."

"I climbed up into the hung ceiling and over to the girls side when I heard you yelling."

"AND, what else did you see you little pervert!" Kelly couldn't believe it, but this is how the American and Soviet spies must have worked. They got the dumbest people you would never expect.

"I heard you say something about your uh girly parts and then something about ‘your creations’ and then how it was all a puzzle or something. I thought you two were just playing a game or something than I heard you say that your belly was throbbing in pain, and then I heard Candace say that you stole her panties and left her unconscious on the bathroom floor the day before. I started to look down on you two and saw you wiping some black stuff off your leg and she was doing something in the toilet." Billy's eyes were downcast and he trailed off mumbling. He would rather die than have to look into her eyes right now. He knew she was furious.

"Well I thought we were in private! But I can see how you might take some of that out of context." Billy looked up, but still didn’t notice the stains on the stairwell carpet.

"I don't care you’re not getting out of this that easy, now where's Candace is she ok? And what the heck is going on between you two."

Kelly let out a long sigh and hoped Candace didn't come downstairs anytime soon, "What I'm going to tell you is not fiction and it's not a game. If you choose not to believe, well, I don't blame you, but if you do you're in over your head already. You're free to turn around and walk out the door and never turn back, but if you stay I'm not going to entertain any stupid childish questions or bothersome nagging. If you choose to stay, you will be our quiet obedient assistant, and you are to watch and learn without a word. Eventually you will figure it out, and I or she will fill in the gaps as we go, but I'm not going to waste time trying to convince you of anything. Got it?"

"Yes... Ma'am," Billy swallowed hard his palms were sweating and his heart raced. You could almost see his heart beating in his intense gaze. He had always had a crush on Kelly, and just the chance to spend time around her was worth any danger. What kind of MAN would he be if he ran away anyhow? He sniffled and wiped his nose with his whole arm as he took a big step forward as Kelly flopped down on the couch tired from cleaning.

"Ok... I would just assume you walked back out the door and left us alone, but I suppose if you’re willing to help it couldn't hurt. Two days ago in Mrs. Francis' class...," Kelly went on to tell almost the complete story. She left out what the creatures actually attacked and she also left out today’s fiasco.

"Who are you talking to?" Candace's voice drifted down from the top of the stairs.

"Stay here, and don't go into the kitchen," Kelly told him and glancing at Candace who was wearing nothing but towel that barely covered her wet body, "Actually don't get up at all... or move.” She raced up the steps to tell Candace that they had a visitor.

Kelly drug Candace into her bedroom before she could see who it was, "We've got a problem, but I think it might just work out. That's Billy Mason down there, and for better or for worse he's noticed more than he should have the past two days at school."

"That filthy rat?" Candace said as she picked though Kelly's clothes again.

"Yes, that nasty perverted shit stain of a rat, has put himself into the middle of this whole thing. He thinks you and I are in some kind of abusive relationship or who knows what. I told him the basics of the truth, but I don't know, I figure he will end up stalking the heck out of us both if I didn’t. He even threatened to go and "tell an adult" at the front door. He's confused and thinks we're in danger... normal danger."

"Well, the only way to convince him otherwise is to show him." Candace held up a pair of jeans that would never fit her hourglass hips and tossed them back.

"And... that would only make him more curious. I think we can use him. I'm not sure what for yet, but he could be useful."

"We could see what those things do to boys," Candace and Kelly both laughed out loud at the idea. Billy was eavesdropping at the bottom of the stairs and took it as a good sign.

"I'm sure that another opinion couldn't hurt, and in alot of ways who could be better, he's had a crush on me since the sixth grade. He’d never question me."

"No offense, Kelly but I think he's had a crush on anything that wears a skirt since the second grade," the girls giggled again. Candace felt a slight pang of jealously, she didn't like Billy liking Kelly. She didn’t feel threatened by him but it wasn’t something she could ignore.

"There is one big problem though, he's going to be in the way of our experiments, I mean he's a guy! I did tell him the basics but, I mean we couldn't have done that test today if he was here." Kelly gushed with excitement, having Candace’s support meant the world to her and she wanted her to know that she wouldn’t jeopardize that.

"You're right, he will be constantly trying to get close and hit on us too... and you know, be generally perverted and immature." Candace found some sweat pants that were too tight but decided to keep them due to a lack of options. She would have been just as happy to stay in her underwear, or go nude, but she couldn’t even broach the subject with Billy around.

"Assuming, what happened earlier didn't make the spirit happy and sent him back to sleep for another hundred or so years out at the back of the school," Kelly said sarcastically, as a quick I told you so.

"No, you're right, it was a long shot and I'm pretty sure it's sill out there and hungry. I have an idea that may work.” Candace didn’t want Billy around at all but it did provide her with an opportunity. “I'll admit this to you and you alone ok, you can’t tell anyone and especially not Billy Fagface down there."

"Sure, what is it?"

"I've really been maturing sexually, my mom hand "the talk" with me two years ago, and then this year birth control pills. She even brought me a little paper bag with a small rubber penis and vibrator," Candace whispered the last part as if someone might overhear the already quite conversation. "I've used that thing down to its core, and I've been wanting something more for so long..."

"You're one of the most beautiful girls in the school, Candace you could have any guy you wanted!" Kelly whisper screamed in disbelief.

"But that's just it, I don't really... oh gosh this is hard, please don't let this change our friendship..."

"I promise cross my heart and hope to die," Kelly smiled.

Candace smiled right back and bent her knees to sink a few inches to be eye to eye with Kelly she leaned forward and took Kelly's hands and leaned into her ear, "I don't want a BOY." Candace squeezed Kelly's hands and made sure to breathe some hot breath into her ear.

Kelly took a step back with a shiver and goosebumps staring at Candace with wide eyes, then she narrowed them into a smirk and peck kissed Candace on the lips squeezing her hands back. They smiled at each other with mutual understanding and started down stairs to meet Billy.

Billy looked up, his heart racing to see the girls bouncing down the stairs hand in hand. Candace felt like she was floating even though her insides still throbbed like a dull toothache. They sat across from Billy on the sofa.

Candace spoke up, "So Billy what exactly do you plan to do to help us?"

"I... don't know; anything you ask me I guess."

"And if we asked you to leave us alone, because I think that's the best thing you could do." Candace played the bad cop.

"But, Kelly said," he looked to her and found her face stone cold. "She said I was in, and that I could help?"

"And I say, I think you smell bad AND you’re useless." Candace retorted the pleading look with angry eyes.

"I.. I don't know, what she said sounds so crazy and I really think you two could use some help." Billy's adolescent voice squeaked nervously as he spoke.

"May-be, but if you stay you have to understand what's going on here is no joke, and if you prove to be annoying or unhelpful in the least you’re out understand?" Candace and Kelly looked at each other, "And remember we're girls all we have to do is say you touched us and your in a lot of trouble, but you'll sound crazy if you try tell anyone what's really going on.”

"So, what is going on..." Billy asked.

"Good question, what's the next step?" Kelly asked. Candace seemed to have the only real sense of direction.

"Well I'm not going to spend another minute around Billy here until he takes a bath!" Candace's vitriol hate lashed out with an acid tongue. Billy like a beaten stray dog cowered and looked down waiting on more.

"Come on Billy I'll show you the shower and get you a change of clothes." Kelly felt Candace was a bit too harsh at times. Billy looked up over the rim of his glasses with adoration. "Oh and there is one big thing you need to know Billy. Candace and I are... well together. So you can just take your heart from its sleeve and put it back into your chest." Billy looked between the two girls confused.

Kelly led the way and Billy followed with his heart fluttering no matter what they said. He couldn't believe he was here alone with the two hottest girls he had ever seen. His face was turned down like he was looking at the steps, but his eyes followed Kelly's butt in the tights. The strange blots on the carpet were so distant to him that if it were a snake it would have bit him.

Candace headed into the kitchen to survey the damage. Kelly had cleaned like a Mexican housekeeper, and the kitchen looked like a summer day. She wanted to find the penis thing, it wasn’t in the trash or sink like she would have expected. She found the hard paper penis by glancing in the in the freezer. Kelly had done great, but the outline of this thing was so obvious. The object held an odd sort of power over her, it had also sent her higher than anything before, now that she wasn’t afraid of it anymore, and she was sad it lost the soft spongy feel. How could she tell Kelly she wanted to keep it? With her eyes closed Candace’s hands went unconsciously to her throbbing womb and the terrifying and exhilarating flood.

Upstairs Kelly closed Billy in the bathroom and went to find him a clean change of clothes. After her parents died her Sandra had done a great job of erasing their presence from the condo but, with their bedroom went all her Mom’s and Dad’s clothes. Sandra felt it was best for Kelly to just move on, and the quickest way was to make them disappear. Kelly was able to sneak some reminders away though. She grabbed a pair of her father’s shorts for Billy. An old pair of brown cargo shorts he used to wear exclusively for doing yard work and a faded Carolina Panthers t-shirt. He had always pulled for the Panthers even though they lost most of the games. He had even taken her to a football game one season when the Panthers were actually winning a few. The Panthers made it all the way to the Superbowl that year, where they lost.

Kelly walked over to the bathroom door where she knew Billy was naked behind taking a shower. She had an odd feeling knowing he was behind the door. She hated Billy for everything he was, but something strange stirred inside her as she thought of her classmate nude behind the door. She turned the knob quietly and slowly opened the door careful not to make it squeak, which it inevitably did but it was a quiet slow squeak. The maintenance responsibilities were Kelly's now, and she wasn‘t up to the task of oiling squeaky hinges.

She slowly popped her head inside and saw his nude shadow behind the shower curtain, and had a wild fascination and desire to see his thingy. Though the semi opaque curtain a dark triangle of black hair was all she could see. His face and hair were covered in soapy suds. "Here's you some cloths, I hope you have a belt I wasn't sure about the size." Billy froze surprised to hear her gentle voice in the small room.

"Oh ooh ok, thanks I'm sure it will be fine." he had a raging hardon since following her up the stairs and as soon as he had closed the door he whipped it out and began to masturbate. Billy was hopelessly in love with Kelly. The girls were right; first and foremost Billy was a pervert; and a bad one. He had immediately begun to search the bathroom wishing to find a pair of dirty panties or even a box of tampons would have sent him over the edge. With one hand on his manhood he searched the cabinets and even the trash can, but the bathroom was completely clean. He found himself about to cum but he didn't want to waste it on a tissue, the idea of his semen on the gusset of her panties as she unknowingly pulled them up to wear would have kept him hard for weeks, but there was nothing. His dick was hard as a rock just thinking about her panties made his balls ache for release as he searched for anything other than toilet paper. Billy reached out and grabbed two tooth brushes from off the sink. He hesitated and had a better idea. He would cum into her shampoo. He had to force himself to stop and as his heart calmed and he went mostly limp. He put the brushes back and turned on the hot water for his shower and climbed in. The thought of Kelly squeezing out a handful of what she thought was shampoo into her small hand and smearing it into her hair made his dick so hard it hurt again. As he washed his own hair he visualized her eyes closed while his semen washed down over her face, lips, and nude body.

"Do you need anything else? I know the shampoo and stuff is girly but it's good I promise." Kelly's curiosity caused her to push further into the bathroom, where she noticed his dirty cloths on the floor between the toilet and sink.

"Nooo, no everything's fine," his teenage voice wavered again.

"I'm getting your clothes; I’ll toss them in the wash once you’re done they’re ready before you leave." She pushed the door the rest of the way open and walked completely inside. The bathroom felt alien to her. She bent over to pick up his filthy cloths. A clear stench of body odor rose and filled her nostrils as she disturbed the pile. "You really should try to keep cleaner. I think that's why people don't like you at school."

"Is that why you don't like me?" She felt odd like on hostile territory, she knew she shouldn't be in here and her eyes searched for a good reason to run.

Kelly still bent back over picking up the last sock like it was irradiated and looked up. She just happened to be eye level and looked straight at his crotch; her eyes strangely drawn there. Behind the orange bath curtain a flesh colored shadow stuck out from his midsection, for a moment Kelly thought he was holding a shampoo bottle. Suddenly aware of what it was, her eyes went huge. She shouldn't be here and defiantly shouldn't be looking at that! Billy was rinsing the shampoo out of his hair while Kelly stared at him.

"I...uh.. I don't know... I've uh," Kelly was unable to stop looking at the thing while it waved like an empty paper towel roll. "I've never seen you..., I mean,” She swallowed hard and reminded herself of hat she was trying to answer. “Ya know, without greasy hair and the thought's never crossed my mind." Billy turned and his wand eerily waved with him. He grabbed the edge and popped just his head.

"Well? What do you think now?"

"If it wasn't for your glasses I'd say you look like a drowned rat. What the heck are you doing in the shower with your glasses anyway?"

"You're just being mean," Billy ducked behind the curtain again and Kelly started to go. The voice in her head was screaming she shouldn't be here. "Hey!" Billy called to her as she left.

Kelly turned and saw Billy's cupped hands appear from behind the curtain as water splashed out of them. It hit her on the side of the face and ran down. She stood jaw dropped feeling the wet water in amazement. Billy smiled as the water ran down the side of her shirt making it stick to her skin. He didn't get her shirt that wet but he was happy with wet side boob, which made him want to play this game even more.

"That's ok! I got something for ya," Kelly snatched up the dirty and clean clothes and ran tossing them into her room. She returned to grab the towels leaving Billy stranded. She ran down stairs and explained the situation to Candace, who beside her trauma felt a little playful too. They got a large tea pitcher filled it with ice water and they both ran back. As Candace started to run she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and decided to sit this one out, her insides were still a bit too sore for running around.

Kelly rushed back into the bathroom and in her excitement slung the curtain back and suddenly forgot what she was supposed to do. She saw Billy's thing, he was holding it with his right hand wrapped around it like a hose. It was huge and purple suddenly she was transfixed starring at the tiny slit in the middle and the large flared ribs behind his uncircumcised skin. Billy jumped back trying to cover himself, as she remembered and doused him with the ice-water.

Candace leaned back on the couch and thumbed the television control and let out hearty laugh as she heard Billy scream like a little girl upstairs followed by fish out of water flopping sounds.

"Wha, what th, what are you doing!" Billy cried as he scrambled to get up off the tub floor were ice cubes darted this way and that with slick speed. Kelly stood laughing so hard at the whole situation. She had to sit down on the closed toilet not to fall down. Billy was trying to cover himself, get away from the ice, close the curtain and pretend he wasn't beet red with embarrassment at the same time. None of which worked.

Kelly’s harsh laughter slowly abated and sat amazed that Billy of all people had such a huge thingy! He got the curtain closed and was back in the warm flow of water. "I bet that was real funny! Just so you know I'm starting to think you really are crazy!"

"Well at least I'm not the one at the mercy of a crazy person. You've got no clothes or towels until you apologize for what you did earlier."

"What? You got me back with ICEWATER! I shouldn't be the one apologizing."

"Well all right then, I guess it'll be a long cold walk back home... naked."

"Alright, I'm sorry." He said sarcastically.

"I don't believe that was very sincere."

"Oh-my-gosh, ok, I'm really sorry I shouldn't have wet you after your being so nice to me and all. There, what else could you want?"

Kelly's heart fluttered, this was the naughtiest thing she had ever thought but she tied to play it confident," It seems Mr. Mason you are quite the male specimen. And I a student of ... biology want to inspect you, I've only seen such things on paper before." The irony of foreign words she said started to sink in.

"wait... what!!!"

"No need to get excited! You've been very naughty and I wouldn't want you to get any enjoyment what-so-ever out of this. It for the purpose of furthering my education," somehow she had gained an English accent. "Here, dry off behind the curtain of course," she tossed a towel over. "When you are finished I want you to wrap the towel around your head and face, and then reach up and hold onto the curtain rod with both hands."

Billy did exactly as he was told not saying a word. His dick was throbbing just like his heart. He placed his hand on the shower rod as she pulled the curtain open slowly.

Kelly just starred in amazement at first. It wasn't quite a paper towel roll but it was impressive. He had foreskin that ran all the way out and created a loose lip around the tip of his penis. He stood utterly still and Kelly watched as she could see his heart pumping blood into it. She reached out a small hand and gently put two fingers on it to pull the skin back. What Kelly saw was horrible and beautiful at the same time, she had seen a live birth a few years back and this was like that. Everything in her screamed to run away and be careful but some deep itch forced her to keep looking. It was really a thing of beauty like the afterbirth covered newborn baby.

She pulled at the skin carefully watching the ghostly sheath slide forwards and back off the flared rib that ran around the head. It glistened standing strong and powerful. She wrapped her whole hand around it trying to mimic what she had seen him do. Squeezing she felt the hot tube of blood flex and give as she began to work her hand up and down. She felt the strong rib under the foreskin as her hand passed over it again and again effortlessly.

Kelly thought about Candace downstairs on the couch or in the kitchen and felt sad that their relationship was suppose to be restrictive. Kelly had no real idea of what a relationship was anymore than she knew about Billy’s thingy in her hand. Billy was quivering moving his hips slightly and that meant enough was enough. Hearing the TV she knew what Candace would say, relationship or not, and she dropped his thingy watching the dead weight bob for a second before running off.

Billy stood frozen not sure of his next move. He slowly opened his eyes and the world looked strange. Somehow everything looked picture perfect. He wrapped the damp towel around his waist because there were no clothes, and walked out into the wonderful brisk air. The surreal carpet felt like rabbit fur under his feet. He looked around and leaned on the banister of the stair curling his toes into the wonderful carpet. "Hey, do I still have to walk home naked, I didn't see any clothes."

Billy followed her instructions and found himself in her bedroom. It was a treasure trove. Unlike the spotless bathroom Kelly's room was organized but still very messy. Clothes, books, stuffed animals, boxes, bins, dresser drawers half open and overflowing with all manner of things he would never understand. His heart was pounding and he felt the race of excitement yet again. He desperately wanted to start searching for a prize. Deep down after the tinder moment in the bathroom something inside his heart instead of his pants told him not to. He wrestled with the thoughts, one wanted to defile while the other wanted to protect and hold her.

With a deep breath he walked over and picked up his new clothes from the scattered pile on the corner of her bed. She hadn't given him any underwear and his really were nasty and in the wash, so he wore the shorts against his bare skin. His penis was rock hard and hurt when he shoved it down into the denim shorts leg. He sat down on the corner of the bed confused. The clothes were great and he had never been higher on life. But he had to take care of something. He didn't want to be spending time with the girls trying to hide a boner. Perverted Billy won.

Thoughtlessly discarded next to her dresser were Kelly's panties. They were white with small hearts on the front. Billy held the small bit of cloth close to his nose and took a deep breath. The smell was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was like a musky pleasurable body perfume. He couldn't stop thinking about them on her cuddling her private parts with every move she made. Billy just sat right down in the floor and tugged the larger shorts down around his ankles. Still holding the cotton panties he wrapped them around his waving pole and began masturbating like his life depended on it. He neared his climax and held the panties a few inches away; his right hand clenching his manhood and rabidly jacking off. He paused and had a small seizure as a long thick rope of semen laced onto the fabric.

"Billy? Do they fit ok?" Kelly called up.

One thought shot though his mind, he was about to get caught. His penis still tingling with pleasure began to go limp with fear. The thick white semen lay along the gusset. He didn't know what to do; she might walk in and find him any second. He shoved them in a cargo pocket and started out of her room after jerking the shorts up.

"We were about to send a search party." Candace said without looking up from some MTV show.

"There you are," Kelly walked out of the kitchen. "Your job is to find out what this stuff is. I don't care how you do it, who you have to talk to, or what it costs, because this is your job if you choose to stick around." She held out two ziplock bags, one looked like ink and the other whiteout. Billy took them bewildered.

"I think we need to show him first." Candace seemed glued to her new home on the couch.

"You're right; I guess I could do a grub worm again. At least it’s slow."

Candace's head finally moved from the TV, "Well then I'm out, or I guess I'll just watch from afar!"

"We can do it. I think it's best for you to just relax anyways Candace. Come on Billy follow me." Kelly lead him into the kitchen where she handed him grill tongs, a giant grill fork, and a long grill lighter; while she carried more ziplock bags and quart mason jar and lid. "Let's go upstairs, Candace is not... felling very good."

Billy gladly followed her into her old parents room or her new art studio. He helped her as she moved some of the tri-pod's away and cleared a good working area and she ploped down wide legged with a sketch book between her knees. She leaned back closed her eyes and jumped as the image popped into her mind and went to work. Billy was so enamored with how beautiful Kelly was he didn't even notice what she was working on.

"Ok, when I finish I'm going to walk back and you’re going to lift the page and the thing is going to come to life. I have to tell you something first, we know what it does to girls or what it tries to do, but we don't know about boys. You're not getting to see this for free ok, you are a ginny pig of sorts."

"Assuming it works..."

"Right...," Kelly handed him the tongs and she kept the lighter and fork. She gingerly put the last finishing touches on it and jumped up and moved away to the door frame. "Ok, when you’re ready just pick it up and look at it." Billy gave her a look that said she might be crazy, which was fine by her if she really was.

Billy reached out and picked the paper up by the corners. He was struck with how amazingly lifelike the fat little grub worm was. Then like his eyes were playing some awful trick on him the shadows changed and moved. He knew it was some sort of joke or game that everyone would get a real big laugh out of. He glanced back over at Kelly with big eyes expecting her to be holding a camera, but she only wielded the grill fork and lighter. It didn't seem real until he felt the plump weight hit his lap. Billy came alive like he was stung by a Japanese hornet. He moved so fast it was like time stopped; to Kelly he looked like a blur. He was beating his lap while standing up in heartbeat.

The grub clung to him still. "STOP! Just wait a second and watch what it does..." Kelly grabbed his flailing arms.

"You are crazy!" His arms fought weakly but he didn't dare fight her grip.

"I think you're ok, I've seen what it does to... girls and it looks confused now." The grub moved eerily around from the front of his shorts to the side where it started down along the pocket. "See it's not interested in boys, it's crawling off on its own."

Kelly spun to go get the jar, a live specimen would be invaluable and may mean it would finally be time to... in Billy's words, go to an adult. Billy's eye's left the thing and followed Kelly for a split second, when he looked back the colorless grub was gone.

"Holy shit, where did it go?" he said, and Kelly turned eye's wide and afraid. She slowly dropped the jar and repositioned the lighter and for in her hands clicking fruitlessly at the child safety.

"What do you mean, where did it go?" Kelly finally got the lighter to work and held it for dear life. Billy saw real fear in her eyes.

"I turned to you and it disappeared!" Both of them were frantically searching the floor, and Kelly stopped to inspect his back and seat of his pants.

"Candace will kill us if she finds out it's missing! Ok, wait... maybe it's in your clothes, take them off." The words hardly left her mouth as Billy reverse dove out of his shirt. "Stop, there look in your short's cargo pocket." Billy's heart jumped into his throat and his stomach sank to his knees. He turned and saw the pocket where he had hid her panties was now bloated and much larger than the grub had been. "I think maybe you better carefully slide those shorts off, just wrap that shirt around you to cover up. I'll try to dispose of this thing now. Billy managed to jump out of his shorts without touching them. Kelly giggled when she saw how small this thing had gotten; it looked so funny and scrunched up.

The shorts lay crumpled up on the floor but the pocket was now bulging, the thing inside was growing. Maybe the grubs just grow, the one that attacked Candace did the same thing, but under very different circumstances. She used the fork to pull the flap off the cargo pocket carefully. The thing inside was pulsating like a caterpillar. The grub appeared to be flexing like an athletes arm but enlarging with each flex. It soon grew larger than the pocket and its segmented back bulged out of the pocket obscenely.

"I don't know what it's doing..." Kelly reached for Billy's dripped tongs. She used them on the grubs back like a large pork loin and pulled it out. "Oh my god, BILLY what the hell?" She saw the grub attached to, and apparently eating her very own panties. Looking closer she saw it wasn't eating the panties, the cotton was untouched but it was mouthing them and apparently getting something to eat and grow off of. "What's going on Billy?"

"I.. III Don't know.."

"Well you know something! What are my panties doing in your pocket?"

Billy knew there was no way out of this, he had to tell the truth, "I'm a guy ok, and certain parts of me work no matter what I want or don't want. I knew if I was around you and Candace I would have a really awkward time trying to hide... you know... a hardon. Sooo I was changing in your room and decided to take care of it..."

"That does not explain why you had to steal my panties you pervert!"

"I.. um got some of... you know... my stuff... on them and I couldn't leave them or even take the chance of throwing them away so I had to." Kelly shook her head and went back to the task of killing the monster before it got any stronger.

Kelly's hand went covered her mouth in disgust, the thing was eating Billy's semen. A messy line of chunky white glue strung across the fabric and like a slow and steady caterpillar the grub was eating along the line. Its body continued to grow and grow much larger than any previous specimens.

"Billy you’re a sick bastard but you might have made a discovery here." Billy only sniffled and wiped away a stray shameful tear. Kelly separated the grub from the panties with the tong and fork, throwing the panties far away from it. The thing was too large to fit in the jar and therefore too large to be kept alive, but she had to watch to be sure it didn't just eat anything.

Like an experienced snake handler she kept the monster at bay for a bit longer. It didn't go after Billy only her, and the panties. It didn't grow anymore or eat anything else. She held the mid section with the tongs and pushed the fork down into its neck with a poping squish the prongs sunk and hit the floor. She picked it up and motioned for him to take the heavy fork, "Put your clothes back on first Billy. Dispose of this... in the food disposal thingy in the sink downstairs. Don't tell Candace anything, but that I'll be down in a minute."

Kelly walked slowly into her room. A stabbing question weighed heavy on Kelly's heart. All the evidence was pretty circumstantial, but it also looked convincing. The thing ate semen to grow, maybe it was just high protein substance, and maybe it was just a coincidence, but she couldn’t look the other way. None of the other creations have grown like that except for the one that attacked Candace; and it only grew after it got inside her! Deep down Kelly somehow just knew. Which left one huge question: whose semen was inside Candace when she got attacked...

She had to tell Candace what they had learned. There was no way around it. But Candace was volatile and there was no telling how she would take the news.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:43 am
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