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Dark Incarnate B1Ch3 "Hard Earned Lessons" 
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Dark Incarnate Chapter 3 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Hard Earned Lessons

A loud Disney alarm clock woke Kelly up with a shudder at the darkness. She jumped at the strange surroundings and warm body snuggling her. It felt right somehow, and she relaxed back into Candace's arms waiting for her friend to fully awaken. Though Kelly was in a strange place with a very new friend, she couldn't help but feel good. She felt it was the home she always wanted and never had. More importantly, Candace was filling a lonely void with more than even her parents could have offered. Not that they could ever be replaced, but in this new chapter of her life she found a different kind of fulfillment.

The girls pattered quietly down the stairs moments later in the pre dawn quiet. Kelly was still in her big oversized shirt, but had lost the PJ pants during the night somehow, but she didn't care. She was starting to feel more and more comfortable around Candace who didn’t think twice about such things. Her floppy t-shirt was just a bit too short to be without bottoms but it was just Candace. A quick rummage though the refrigerator for a cream cheese bagel and yogurt breakfast as the girls whispered and giggled.

"Come on, let’s take a shower and get our stuff ready. The bus comes really early here. Daddy normally takes me but I think it would be more fun to ride the bus today."

"If it weren't for the bus system I wouldn't get around at all,” Kelly rolled her eyes with a sigh. "Hey, you should ask your dad if you can come over to my place and stay the night."

"He might since it is Friday; he's a little weird about school nights. Maybe you should ask him. I was so surprised that he let you stay last night. I think he likes you."

"He thinks I'm a good influence on you... and I think he likes me too." Kelly giggled and dripped cold strawberry yogert onto her shirt. Candace reached out without hesitation and swiped a finger across her boob causing a jiggle and licked her finger. Kelly tried to ignore it, "Not too many grown men can resist a little girls puppy eyes." She smiled and playfully fluttered her long eye lashes. Kelly knew how to make her Father’s heart melt, but she didn't understand Tom had a very different reaction.

"He won’t be up for a little while, but that's good. You should go wake him up and ask. When he's half awake is the best time to ask. I'm going to pick out some clothes. Their room is just around the corner at the end of the hall past mine."

The girls tossed empty yogurt cups into the trash and bounced up the stairs with excitement. Kelly knocked on the oak door first to be polite, but she knew they were asleep and went in. The room was large and full of tall dressers and a full length mirror opposite the private open bathroom. She walked over to the larger lump under the covers and softy spoke his name.

"Mr. Chambers?" no response. She poked the large poofy covers with a ridged finger and still nothing. Kelly put both hands on the covers and pulled them down, and he finally stirred. "Mr. Chambers? Can Candace stay the night with me tonight?" He barely opened his eyes to see the big smiley face winking at him again with the tiny points of her perky tit's, taunting him.

"Sure honey," he said sleepily and pulled the covers back up and drifted off again. For the rest of the morning Tom Chambers, a well respected surgeon dreamed of a massive state-wide search for a missing girl and the whole time he had that smiley face t-shirt in his hands, trying to get rid of it.

Kelly went back to tell her new friend the good news and wondered if Candace knew about her unique home situation. It would make a great time for more testing. The whole idea of drawing something else gave her the creeps but she didn’t see anyway around it. She walked into the room self absorbed in her thoughts to find Candace naked.

"Ummm sorry, I should have knocked," Kelly turned red and started back out the door.

"No, silly it's ok, let's take our shower together." Candace said, stepping out of her panties and looking up at Kelly who just had shyed away but slowly turned peeking at her. Candace’s breasts stood plump and full on her chest held in the invisible bra of youth.

"I think I'll let you go first," Kelly hadn't been nude in front of anyone since she was a small child, and then it was her Mom and Dad.

"Come-on it’s girl time!" and she bounced over to the second door in her room and it opened into a huge private bathroom. Kelly followed unsure but she didn't want cause an awkward moment.

Inside the door, a huge mirror and a pink and white marble sink covered one wall, and the bath was built into the rest. The huge walk in shower dominated the room with double glass doors that hovered seamlessly in the air. The door's invisible barrier held a wall of rising steam. The shower itself was red tile, floor to ceiling, with an ornate gold and silver shower head and hose.

"It's beautiful," Kelly's jaw hung open in amazement.

"Daddy had it built just for me. I told him I wanted a sit down garden tub, but he said this would be better and easier for daily showers, and I can give buster one hell of a bath in here; you should see him!" Candace smiled ear to ear and swung the door open silent as a breeze and slipped inside. Her silhouette disappeared fading into the rising steam. "Get undressed silly, and come-on!" Her hourglass figure returned and closed the glass door before disappearing again.

Kelly watched as the enclosure soon became a solid steamy cube, but with a ghostly feminine figure tall an shapely dancing in the mist. She slowly peeled her panties down with a sticky wet pulling at the gusset from where her body betrayed her. She paused before taking her shirt off, it alone covered her nudity. She felt once she took her fathers shirt off it would be the turning of some unknown page in her life, and it made her heart drum in her chest. Candace had the life she always dreamed of.

Kelly's Father had always been a good provider and great Dad, but things always came from a cheap store or second hand thrift. Suddenly she felt her whole life was made from some giant casting in china, but this bathroom was something different. It wasn't "custom" ordered out of a catalogue, and stamped from a mold in china. It looked and felt like a dream; true custom built and designed from the ground up. One of a kind, Candace must really feel special.

"Are you coming?" Candace called from behind the wall of steam, little droplets of water rolled down the glass leaving trails like rainfall.

"You bet I am!" she said jumping out of the old raggedy shirt off letting it crumple discarded to the floor. She tugged a bit on a small rubber door handle and a notch gave way in the hinges letting the glass door and steamy air waft open. Kelly slid shyly inside, but equally excited as if skinny dipping.

Kelly found Candace covered in soap suds in the far corner. The shower itself was larger than the bathroom looked. "Go ahead the water feels great, I like it a little hot so be careful," Candace said as she rubbed her slick skin with soapy wonder. The water was hot, and after a short time Kelly's pale skin turned red. Along the corner was a shelf system that held more shampoos and conditioners than anyone could hope to use in a year.

"Check this out," Kelly heard a click then a spitting as new water came directly down out of the ceiling and far wall. Three shower heads!

"This is amazing!" Kelly replied to the world as she soaped up her own chest.

"Be careful not to drop the soap," Candace materialized out of the steam and moved into the water near her. Kelly was surprised and remembered she wasn't alone and stammered backward and bumped against the cool tile wall. Startled she did drop the soap. It hit the hard tile with a dull thud and zipped away.

"Well I did now, because you scared me! Why should I not drop the soap though?"

"Do you live under a rock? It's a prison thing they always say on TV and movies," Candace stepped aside from the fallen soap looking down waiting on her to take the bait. Kelly bent down to get it, showing her sculpted calves and tiny tight butt. The gentle crease of her butt cheeks and soft mound of her slit was just too enticing, glistening in the running water. "When the person bends to get it," Kelly paused wondering what Candace was going to say as she picked the soap feeling its dented corner, "they get RAPED!" And for the Second time Candace grabbed her. Her fingers pinched inside Kelly’s jutting hipbones as she clamped on. They were slick with soap, and sensual. Candace proceeded to hump wildly with crazy wet smacking sounds.

Instead of feeling strange Kelly laughed out loud at the silliness, and played along crying out in fake ecstasy waving her arms. When she stood and turned to face her assailant Candace stood firm, close, and didn't take her hands off Kelly's hips. Kelly who was a few inches shorter than the girl looked up into her face.

Candace smiled and moved one hand up Kelly's side and into the small of her back while her other seized a handful of Kelly’s butt. Candace pulled Kelly close and she felt her pronounce hipbones rub a soapy caress across her mons. Kelly returned the gesture and raised a hand to place on Candace's waist. They inched closer so their bodies became one, slithering together with the soapy water. Kelly's hard pointy nipples were like pencil erasers while Candace had much softer puffy nipples each rubbing together. As their eyes closed without a spoken word, their lips moved together and met.

Kelly's head was light and spinning. If it weren't for Candace she would have fallen over. More than just their bodies met and moved together like smoke from two fires. Their spirit or the embodiment of their electrical desire swirled filling the room and mixing like their tongues. Candace's hands turned Kelly's shoulders and Kelly knew she would fall. She was spun around facing away, but Candace clutched her close. She opened her eyes only to see the blurry steam and waking reality became a dream. Still dizzy she leaned into Candace who planted both hands on Kelly's small budding breasts. She rubbed the firm mounds of flesh into her chest as Kelly leaned back totally relying on her friend to hold her up. Aided by the soap she slid her hand down Kelly's soft tight skin at her belly and paused just below the panty line. Kelly's heart raced she had never had anyone touch her there. She stood quivering so unsure of what was happening. Candace's fingers slid down and pushed two fingers between Kelly's tight clammy lips, rippling her open and toying with her shaking body. The pleasure of those fingers running over her virgin clitoris exploded sending shivers of weakness up her body. She was too sensitive and her body gave an involuntary jerk and Kelly crumpled, held close by Candace who continued to work her magic. Kelly continued to buck and jerk away when she realized this was only the beginning. Candace's tantalizing middle dipped into her; the soft lips give way to her tight insides. Kelly went limp as her knees buckled trying to pull back, to deny access, and give her a moment to rest from the onslaught, but she had no such luck.

Candace easily held the weak and smaller girl captive with one arm around Kelly's chest, and the other between her closed squirming legs holding her up. Candace sank a long finger in and gave a flick. Kelly gave a defeated cry trying to shrink away.

Candace stopped the subtle teasing pulling back and began massaging Kelly's swollen and begging clit again. Her eyes only saw the dreamy red tile and she feared she might pass out as wave after wave of building pleasure washed up and over her from the smallest of places between her legs. She whimpered and moaned as her first orgasm built. Candace pushed her long middle finger back in. Kelly wanted to resist pulling her legs up to pull away, but she couldn't. Candace's undulating finger toyed past Kelly's virgin barrier trying to reach her sweet spot. Kelly knew there was no escape. The pent up pleasure exploded overloading her body's ability to measure stimuli and her blurry vision almost went black from faint. She saw stars and strange afterimages that fluttered like heat waves and mirages in the desert. Candace finally let her limp body collapse on the tile floor watching in triumph as the water beat down on the exhausted little body.

"That... That … was a first, um,” Kelly licked her dry lips despite the raining water. “What do you call it?" Kelly murmured meekly as she struggled to get up and out of the hot water.

"Orgasm? You've got to learn to listen to what your body tells you Kelly." It was almost an exact quote from when her father had 'the talk' with her years ago.

An hour later as they stood waiting for the bus and Kelly still felt a few sparks from the explosion between her legs. She didn't know such things were possible.

"I wish you would have let me give you an outfit, you should have worn something fresh," Candace said. Kelly had only brought PJ's so she was wearing the same clothes as when she showed up at her door. She had considered taking the offer, but all of Candace's cloths were too big.

"It'll be ok, besides that's the good thing about wearing black, no one can tell the difference."

"I guess your right and we have bigger things to worry about, like what were going to do in first period."

"You're right; I can’t draw or paint anything until we learn more. Can’t we just skip it?" Kelly wanted to spend more and more time with her friend. What happened this morning in the shower, Kelly decided, wouldn't change anything. They were still friends; and that was one friend teaching another friend about elementary parts of growing up. Kinda like forcing someone to try new a new food. It made sense when she thought of it like that. If her parents were still alive they would surely have had “the talk” and explained such things, but at least she had Candace now.

"I'm not like you, "Mrs. I can do almost anything with a pencil, pen, charcoal block, or paintbrush!" I can't skip or I might get behind; I barely got that bowl of fruit done yesterday."

"You know what could happen if I go!" The school buss's big diesel engine was rounding the bend with a loud acceleration.

"Yeah, but what if it's another instructional day? She'll just flail around acting like she is the best art teacher on the eastern seaboard?"

"And what if I have to paint or draw something?" Kelly said as the bus pulled up, and giggled when Candace winced at the blast from the air-breaks. She wondered if Candace had ever ridden a bus before. "Come-on it's not going to bite,” Kelly started up the steps.

"Who says anything bad is going to happen?" Candace looked at Kelly funny as she sat in the seat over the wheel hub with no leg room.

"I don't know, maybe because it's happened 100% of the time so far."

"Since when? Since you started counting? How many times has it happened in your whole life?"

"I'll go... but if I feel anything creepy, anything! I'm out of there; I'll go to the bathroom and never come back."

"See, that's not so bad, what's the worst that could happen?"

Wait, are you kidding! Everyone sees it, and goes nuts, then they'll cart me off to a secrete government lab never to be seen again. That's what could happen!"

"Now you’re being silly. You could come up with a thousand "what ifs" for something you simply don't want to do."

"What-Ever, but if something bad happens I'm blaming it all on you." The bus stopped to pick up a familiar raggedy looking kid.

"You're the one with the power, think of this as a live test."

Kelly eyed Billy, "Hey, you see that kid sitting a few seats up? See how he's looking back this way?"

"Yeah, isn't that, that kid from class?"

"Yep, that's Billy Mason, and he's looking up your skirt!" Kelly began laughing hysterically, her plan went great.

"What! Why did you sit on top of this freaking wheel I can’t un-crunch my legs... If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny!"

They sat for the rest of the ride with Billy constantly trying to find a new angle to see Candace's panties, and with Candace constantly trying to keep them hidden. Kelly laughed the whole trip, her troubles drifting far away for a brief moment.

Before class they went to 'the path to nowhere' and out in the small forest. Candace didn't really know what was going on, but Kelly found a patch of leaves that was disturbed. She got down on her hands and knees unable to stop digging because it was exactly how she saw it in her mind. She suddenly stopped when she found a milky white grub.

"Look, do you think it’s the same?" Kelly paused and watched the grub with anticipation.

"It looks normal to me, gross. I can’t believe that thing, was... was..."

"I keep having the feeling that this spot in the woods, something was out here. And I woke it up"

"I think you've been reading too many ghost stories."

"Maybe..." Kelly scooped a hand down and picked up the plump grub worm.

"Don't touch it! It might... you know, be bad!" Candace recoiled in horror.

"Last time one of these fell between your legs you said please! But relax this one looks harmless," Kelly said jokingly.

"I don't remember that!" Candace whined angrily, as the bell rang announcing the last five minutes to get to class and Kelly dropped the worm that hardly moved.

The two girls got into class quite early and chose their seats in the back. Mrs. Francis didn’t have assigned seats, but the slackers weren't happy about losing their seats to a couple a two-goodie-two-shoes. Mrs. Francis came in a few minutes after the late bell carrying a cup of coffee from the teachers lounge. Ever since Kelly came to Spencer Mrs. Francis had a holier than thou attitude that drove everyone crazy, including the other teachers.

"I trust everyone is eager to get their papers back so come up and get them, while I take attendance," Mrs. Francis flopped a stack of papers on an empty desk at the front. When everyone sat back down she began again, "Most of you did quite well. Today we will move on. You've studied depth, now its time to take that one step further: Depth with a twist. You are to draw a snake or ribbon, something long and skinny that is perceptively turned and twisted. Normally I would tell how some tricks, but I want to see where you all stand on the subject. Some of you in this class are far ahead while others are... lacking." She glared at Billy Mason who had also changed his normal seat. "I want to teach you all, so this assignment will show where you all stand. This will be graded on effort, so do your best!"

Candace and Kelly looked at each other with big eyes. Mrs. Francis took her seat and started on her large coffee mug again.

"Holy crap, I can’t do that! Could you imagine a snake actually loose in the class?" Kelly whisper screamed at Candace.

"Just calm down she's not even grading it, and remember how you said your thoughts might have been the trigger? Well, just don't think!"

"I can't! This is too risky; I don't want to get carted off. I'm skipping."

Mrs. Francis called from her desk, "Ok you two, let’s get to work and stop that chatter."

"Live test!" Candace hissed.

Neither of the girls noticed but Billy Mason chose to sit in front of Kelly along the far right side of the room. He had set up a good angle to see Candace's skirt, and also happened to be eavesdropping. He thought they must be playing a game. He laid his head down cocked back to get another look at her white panties. He could almost make out a faint crease in the middle.

Without thinking Kelly, thought... she instantly saw a coiled rattle snake in her mind and her eyes went wide. No way she’d ever draw that! What if she chose something very different from what she saw? She remembered a small garden snake her had father pointed out shortly after the move here. He explained how they were not poisonous and very docile. She got to work drawing some garden steaks with running bean shoots. She even included a small little garden center plaque that read "Big Boy Beans" after nothing happened thus far; it was time to draw the snake.

Mrs. Francis made a round again, and looked at Kelly’s paper. She paused but didn't say anything. Kelly had left her feeling cheated from the last assignment.

She drew a beautifully harmless tiny garden snake with a comical Disney character happy face in no time. There was still ten minutes left in class. Kelly leaned over and tugged on her friend’s shirt. But when Kelly looked back at her paper the snake’s expression changed somehow it was still the same smile but with sinister eyes winking at her like her shirt winked at Tom chambers. The forked tongue flickered and left a charcoal smear on the paper. She wanted to scream; maybe the others wouldn't know it was her fault. She finally stood panicked drawing the attention of Mrs. Francis and a few others in the class.

Kelly froze like a deer in headlights, what should she do? Candace watched the snake slither off the paper leaving a smeared trail. It knocked over the plant sign in the garden on its way out. Candace infused with bravery and intent on not letting this become a failure grabbed at the snake, but it slipped though her fingers and disappeared into Kelly's bag.

"Good heavens, what's wrong with you two?" The teacher called to Kelly who stood with her jaw dropped.

"It was a bug, a big cricket or something Mrs. Francis." Candace spoke up.

"I... I.. thought it was a spider..." Kelly started to relax. The snake was out of sight. She watched as her friend zipped her book bag closed. "Ss-s sorry, Mrs. Francis." Kelly sat back down wearily. And the room got quiet again.

"I freaking told you something would happen!" Utilizing whisper yells at Candace again.

"But it’s ok, it’s in your bag we'll stop on our way and let it out outside."

Kelly's eyes suddenly bulged wide, as she felt a cold slither rounding up her right ankle and the scaly scratching against her shinbone. With speed like lightning the small albino snake was under Kelly's skirt and stabbed around the elastic edge of her panties. Before the poor girl could move it was inside her. Candace saw it in her eyes when the head pushed inside.

Kelly stood up trying not to act crazy and grabbed her bag leaving the paper sitting on the desk. She didn't know where but, she had to get out of the room. She began walking to the front as calmly as possible feeling the scaly snake rubbing her insides raw as it coiled and twisted. She walked funny trying to hold her knees together in a futile effort to keep the thing out. The snake was much longer than she had drawn it, but on the paper the tail was behind some leaves. It continued to slither inside her. Candace watched and saw the long slender body of the snake swirling from Kelly's shoe all the way up her leg and under her skirt; it continued without a pause. She noted that Kelly tried desperately to maintain a calm face. No one else in the class could see it, or they would be screaming already. How could they miss the paper white snake wrapped around Kelly's leg?

Billy Mason, however; noticed something was going on, but he didn't know what. It must be something they were talking about earlier.

She paused at the front as Mrs. Francis who looked over with big surprised eyes at Kelly's cringing face.

"I.. I've got to... to go to the..." the snake poked its head, probing at her tiny cervix and Kelly’s face went as white as the paper she had been working on.

"Go on girl and don't faint," the whole class was watching now, but none of them saw the last bit snake curling up her thigh.

As Kelly turned and waddled out the door, Billy Mason finally saw six inches of white line, no bigger than a pencil disappear under her skirt as she rounded out the class door. The bell rang a few seconds later and Candace followed Kelly's steps just like the day before, and found her in the bathroom. Unlike Candace, Kelly had pulled the crotch of her panties aside and already held the tail.

She was pulling with all her weak strength and had over a foot of the snake out. Candace slid under the stall door and grabbed the tail without a word and started a tug of war to get it out. Kelly whimpered and cried as softly as she could but the thing was still pumping in and out of her cervix and the scales hurt. A few other girls came into the bathroom and chatted at the sinks, while another took the stall next to them.

Candace held the tail and after two feet of the snake was pulled out. She began to walk backwards stringing it out. Over four feet of un-natural thin white snake now stretched out taunt and bounced like a tightrope as Kelly squirmed. Candace's back hit the wall and she started pulling the angry snake like a rope. The toilet flushed and the other girl left, but the two still went on at the sinks.

The snake was nearly finished and ready to blow its un-natural and unworldly semen into Kelly's cervix when Candace finally caught up and its head popped out spraying oily black gunk out of its mouth and down Kelly's leg. Candace grabbed the head and held it wrapped around her arms like a small water hose, and she looked like some discovery show geek.

Kelly couldn't help but giggle at her friend through her pain and fear as relief washed over her face and body. The whole tunnel of her vagina throbbed with pain and tiny cuts from the scales and her leg was washed in gunk but she smiled and Candace smiled back unsure what to do with the snake in her arms. They smashed its head with Kelly's black and now oily shoe and fed it down the toilet. Kelly tried to clean the black stuff off and used half a roll of paper. The late Bell rang and the bathroom got quiet. They both breathed a sigh of relief together, they could stop the silence.

"I fucking told you that was a bad idea!!!"

"Yeah but we learned that no one else can see these things, when you went up to leave you had that thing running all the way down your leg and no one else saw it! How would we have learned that otherwise?"

"I didn't see or feel anything other than its scaly head fucking my uterus!"

"Look I'm sorry about that ok, but now we’re even. One of your creations got me too remember." Candace gave her a stern look and Kelly let out a long sigh. "At least we made it and we learned one more piece of that puzzle, right?"

"Yeah, well my whole lower abdomen is throbbing with pain," Kelly said still angry.

"You stole my panties and left me here unconscious on the floor!" Candace rebutted, and the argument was over, they each had sacrificed.

The rest of the day was uneventful, Kelly went to get some pain killers from the nurse and spent most of the day feeling the slow steady internal throb of pain. The pain had all but faded to a distant foul memory when the school day ended and she met Candace and boarded the bus home. Billy Mason followed them onto the bus trying yet again to look up skirts but this time he was focused on Kelly. Her stop was one of the last on the afternoon bus and one of the first in the morning.

You know both my parents are gone right," Kelly wanted to be sure Candace understood her home situation before she got there.

"Yeah," Candace replied not sure what else to say.

"We'll it’s ok I'm fine to talk about it an all, but I still live there."

"I heard your Aunt stays with you."

"That's partly true, well not really, that's only on paper. My Aunt lives down the street. She's really cool and I stay at the apartment alone, so if your dad calls or anything my aunt is out and we'll have her call him back."

"Will she call him back though? Daddy can be pretty particular sometimes and he just might call."

"Oh yeah she's cool like that, she’ll say she's watching us like hawks."

"That is soooo cool."

"That's what I thought at first, but it gets pretty lonely."

They walked up some small stairs to her condo and went in. Several miles away Billy, was looking up her address out of the phone book holding an odd paper plaque that felt a lot like plastic though it was just paper and read "Big Boy Beans". He knew she lived in the condos but needed a house number or at least a mailbox number.

Kelly showed her guest around the humble condo's living area and bedrooms. They both stopped at her old parent’s room and art studio. Kelly plopped down in the big chair while Candace "ooo'd Ahhh'd and ohh'd" around the room. Then she jumped into the big chair with Kelly, it was a tight fit but the two girls sat hip bone to hip bone.

"So what's the difference between when you painted before and what happens in class?"

"Well I've really not done much art work at all since my parent's died... I really kinda feel it’s my arts fault, they were on their way..."

"No, you can’t say that. But I've seen you draw stuff in Mrs. Francis' class before and nothing has happened right?"

"Not until that first day with you. The more I think about it the more that creepy spot in the forest seems to be the center. I mean look at that path to nowhere and the odd way the janitors and landscapers seem to avoid it. Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that it is some paranormal stuff, I believe it came from there. I was really super depressed and wanted to go curl up in those leaves and die, that's what I was thinking when I saw that grub worm in my mind and that's why I drew it."

"What if you attracted some kind of spirit, and now it's following you around torturing you. I mean let’s face it this thing doesn't seem to play nice."

"You can say that again," Kelly rubbed the sore slit between her legs, and they both giggled.

"Well, I say lets get comfortable and start running a few tests."

"I guess, but let’s be prepared this time ok?" Kelly showed her guest to her bedroom, "find something you can fit in to and I'm going to go take a quick shower I don't like what happened today. I just feel dirty, inside and out."

"I don't suppose I could join you?" Candace said half joking and half not.

"I'd rather be alone, but look around and find some stuff useful for our 'testing'."

Kelly finished up her shower a few minutes later and found Candace downstairs in the kitchen. She was wearing some of Kelly's pajama cloths, a very nice silk set her father got her last Christmas. The last Christmas.

"These fit quite nice and feel amazing, I hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all they were always a little too long for me," Kelly said, but deep down she did mind. She wouldn't wear those PJ's for a few more years assuming she got taller.

"OK, I think the kitchen would be great, there's the fridge if we want to freeze something, the sink's got a food grinder uper thingy, and we also have a sink and the doors to outside!"

"Wow, you are really excited about this aren't you?"

"Yeah kinda sorta, I guess I am."

"You forgot one of the most important things however," Kelly smiled and rummaged the junk drawer in the kitchen and pulled out several large rubber bands. She sat in the chair and started to fasten them to her pajama's at the ankle. "I'm not having that snake or anything else run up my leg again.

"Yeah I guess skirts haven't been the best outfits for this kinda work."

"And you can bet I don't plan to make the same mistakes again."

"True Dat," Candace said as she took a couple rubber bands. Kelly gave her an odd look; the slang language didn't suit either of them.

Kelly sat down at the table. It was simple and country styled wood frame with a white tiled surface. She took the pencil and grabbed a hard book to make a level surface to draw on. "What should I draw?"

"I don't know, draw whatever comes to mind," Candace looked on with anticipation as Kelly's hand moved closer to the paper and she closed her eyes. "But make sure it’s slow, I don't want another snake ok. Oooo and nothing too big or with teeth that might hurt us... actually draw something that's attached to the paper so it can’t get off." Kelly looked up at her with a no shit Sherlock expression. "No, I mean like draw straps holding it down!" Kelly hunched over the paper and closed her eyes again, she attempted to keep her mind clear and maybe the spirit would tell her what to draw. "On second thought I do have something I want you to draw. But I don't know how to ask..."

"Just tell me, you have to know by now that beating around the bush will only waste time."

"I guess, but I'm not sure. Remember what I told you in the field last night? I wanted you to draw something."

"You CAN'T be serious... can you?"

"Sort of, I mean, hey; each thing that's attacked us has gone for our... you know whats, and maybe it's a really horny spirit and just maybe if we give it what it wants it will go away?"

"That sounds like the worst idea I've ever heard; your thinking privileges have now been revoked."

"Please! I'll volunteer, you just draw a man's... thingy attached to the paper and I'll do the rest ok?"

"And what if you’re wrong and something really bad happens? This takes playing with fire to whole new level."

"What else are we gonna try? A cute little bunny rabbit that comes to life with fangs and attacks us; we have to try. You got any better ideas? This one just might end it all right here. Look, if it's attached to the paper and safe enough looking then what's the worst that could happen?"

"I don't know, you could get some kind of inter-dimensional venereal disease, or worst yet, do I have to say it?... Demon baby!"

"No, I'm on the pill so my body is not even putting eggs out, and I don't think paper has diseases. Look do you have any better ideas, and one that might make this thing go away?"

"You’re on the pill?" Kelly smiled shyly and looked away.

"Yeah, Mom caught me... "exploring my sexuality" and she made a decision, but don't tell because Dad still doesn't know." This was a little white lie, but it didn't really matter.

"You ARE a dirty girl!" Kelly blushed uncontrollably.

"Just do it ok..."

Kelly leaned forward holding the pencil again and closed her eyes. Suddenly popped them back open," Oh my god that's nasty, I wont draw that. I tried to keep my mind clear and this thing... just ... I saw this horrible thing..."

"Was it a penis!" The word sounded strange and felt uncomfortable and hung in the air. In her excitement Candace was a bit too loud.

"I think..." Kelly pinched her face like she just drank orange juice after a sweet doughnut. She shook her head trying to get the image out of her mind. But it was there every time she closed her eyes, huge and bulging with fat veins.

"Then it knows! A-aand that's what it wants! This just might be the end, and maybe I can get an inter-dimensional orgasm out of it too!"

"Candace!" Kelly rolled here eyes and went back to the paper. "Are you absolutely sure? I think you might change your mind if you knew what you were asking.”

"I. Don't. Care. I'm dieing with anticipation here. Just go, and if I change my mind we'll just burn it." Candace thumbed the child safety of a long grill lighter with no luck.

"You better give that to me; CHILD safety lock you know." Candace smiled and cocked her head with a ‘fuck-you’ expression as she finally got it to light.

"Here goes nothing..." Kelly bent back over the paper again and started working furiously. Candace watched and like a ghost out of the mist the penis was starting to really take shape. It was most of the note book papers length even at the angle Kelly drew.

Candace's heart began to race as she saw Kelly really make it come to life, so to speak. The tip looked mildly like a pointed angled suction cup with a small hole in the point. Candace didn't say but she recognized it almost immediately. The shaft was long bloated and fat and at the base Kelly really didn't know what she was drawing but tried to render it exactly as she saw. The base was a large round ball the size of a baseball which rounded off into a small tube like attachment that disappeared into the void. The presumed body was behind wooded planks with a locked latch with only the penis extending out.

Kelly was putting the final touches on it as Candace began to have second thoughts about the size. The shape, however; was totally familiar to her and probably only her. When she finished the bulging veins and swollen flesh, almost like clock work she lifted the page and it lulled out bobbing too and froe. The girls screamed and jumped back as the large weight of it pulled the paper out of her hands. The paper weighted down dropped and sat flat on the table with the large member pointing up to the sky like a monument. Candace held a pair of grill tongs like a warrior and poked at it.

"Why did you have to make it so big?" Candace's voice wavered as she pinched it with the tongs.

"I closed my eyes and that's what I saw, I tried to draw it to proportion."

"Well you could have down sized it!"

They both stared at the strange thing standing on the kitchen table. It continued to bob some but it pulled down into the paper, effectively disappearing from view then it smashed up again, they both heard a loud thud like distant thunder as the restraints stopped it from coming into this world.

"Like I said, it was a bad idea," Kelly lit a long grill lighter and moved towards the paper.

"No wait, lets watch it for a moment to see what happens for a minute."

They both got a drink of water from the refrigerator dispenser and stood watching the un-natural bloated horror bob in and out of the paper window; it was begging.

"Well I think we know how to trap things. Still doesn't help us much. Could you imagine me turning a paper in with a live snake strapped to it? Mrs. Francis would freak!" They both laughed an uneasy laugh.

"I guess I'll give it a try, it looks pretty secured."

"I can't believe you're doing this..." Kelly closed her eyes and covered her face while talking. She couldn’t bear to look at it, and was hardly able to believe she drew it. Candace walked over and pulled at the corner of the paper, and slid it off the edge and onto the kitchen floor. Kelly looked down at the thing, "There's no way that will fit, you better not try. And for the record I'm saying I think this is a very bad idea," She opened another drawer and got out a long kitchen knife and sat indian style on the floor in front of it's grotesque gestures. She slid the shiny steel twelve inch kitchen knife next to the small tube connector at the base. "It's all you, but I don't blame you if you want to back out at any time ok."

Candace slid the black silky pants down to her ankles easily then peeled off her panties. She stood nude from the waist down hovering above it ready to squat down, "Here goes nothing..." Candace slowly lowered down to meet the throbbing white and black penis sticking out of the floor. The tip had been drooling some sort of clear liquid lubrication and as the pointy tip met her soft lips sliding in with ease.

Candace toyed and teased, tickling her tiny opening with the tip, hovering just out of reach still. When she finally committed the tip disappeared eagerly inside and the shaft tapered slightly and was already almost too fat. She felt the throbbing veins that ran along the outside as she slowly lowered. Her body stretched and the thing's flesh squished enough for it to squeeze in comfortably. The middle of the shaft was fat and slightly thicker, she sank all the way down to the ball at the bottom.

Candace sat squatting on the kitchen floor gasping for breath feeling the strange pulse of the thing stretching her small tunnel. She looked up, eyes wide and bulging at Kelly. "It's so big, I can't believe it, but it slid right in! It feels... amazing, it's so soft and slick. I love it!" She continued squatting feeling the tip probing her deepest parts. With knees held wide and feet wrapped in the pajamas she shifted her weight to get more comfortable feeling the ball at the base pushing and threatening, though it was far too large. She felt the hard sharp tip poke the back of her limits while she rested on the base. The baseball sized ball knot pressed her labia wide. She paused facing Kelly who still held the knife on the docile demon's penis. "It's amazing, Oh my god you should try it!" Kelly looked at her friend like she had lost what few marbles she had.

Candace shifted her feet a bit more, but before she could lift off it, the penis sank back though the wood planks down into the papers black void and pulled out of the girl, and slowly pushed back up into her. Candace's eyes rolled, as the fat part of the textured shaft sunk into again and the sensation left her gasping.

Another push and pull, and she started to bounce her butt up and down without thinking. It did something then truly diabolical it dropped the ball under floor level so only the long shaft stood up. Candace was bouncing gently on the floor impaling herself with it. It was large and created suction inside her tight body; Kelly watched the lips of her vagina push and pull with each thrust on the huge thing. Candace's face was contorted in pleasure as she drove down harder and harder, and she began whimpering and crying out in ecstasy. Kelly was slightly jealous of her pleasure thinking of her first orgasm. Then another pang of jealousy stabbed at her heart it was confused but she didn't like her friend being this happy without her.

Candace was slamming her butt down on the floor and making loud hard slapping sounds. Her pussy juice started to make the drawing bleed, but the odd paper penis with all those running veins was soaked and the spongy embossed veins stayed clear. It started to pull back again, making Candace drive harder to hit the floor. She was smashing her body down with more and more force to push her flesh aside and take more of the white demon deeper, as she searched for release. She cried louder and louder knowing an orgasm was imminent. It knew what it was doing and as Candace slammed down her hardest the huge slimy penis which had been retreating slammed up into her, and a loud distant thunder was heard as the unimaginable body hit the window's restraints followed by Candace's scream as the ball at the base shoved inside her tight box.

Her feet came out from under her, and she sat gasping for air flat on the paper drawing. Her lungs bursting, she was holding such a deep breath and still trying gasp further. Kelly sat unsure what to do. Watching her quivering friends face wrenched in pain and odd forceful pleasure from the orgasm.

The ball at the base shoved in at her weakest moment, and began to instantly inflate, knotting the girl to the paper dick, floor, and other world. The guided tip stabbed into her stretching and forcing its way into her uterus. She couldn't get the thing out even if she tried, as it released large pumps of sickly black semen directly into her womb. Kelly could only watch frozen with fear afraid to do anything. Candace wasn’t responding and her body began to tremble. She leaned back holding her shivering body up on her arms while still sitting spread eagle unable to move off the floor. Kelly could see the strange bulge just above her clean shaven mound of her mons. The pointy tip of the penis was several inches into her cervical opening and dumping flush after flush of demon seed. The seed filled and stretched her womb like a balloon causing yet another visible turgid change in the girl’s stomach.

Kelly remembered the knife in her hand and regained her courage. The huge white ballooned knot was holding Candace's small opening wide, and she could see the tube that ran up to meet it. She should have gotten a smaller knife; carefully maneuvering around the milky skin took too long, but she got the tip of the knife along the tube and pushed violently severing the tie. The cut tube sprayed the room with a splattering gush of paper white-out before retreating back down into the nether below the locked wood planks. The paper was blank again.

Candace fell backwards immediately and nearly got cut on the huge knife. The huge knot and penis stayed lodged inside her body as she laid on the kitchen floor twitching. Kelly stood up trying to figure out a course of action and looked at her stomach, large and slightly bulging. She went for a better knife, and found an ice pick in a miscellaneous items drawer near the sink. Candace's pained moans filled the room. Kelly could clearly hear Candace admit she was wrong in those pained moans. But it’s not what Kelly wanted to hear. She was scared for more than just her friend’s life.

"Try to be still ok, I'm going to get this thing out!" Kelly tried to sound reassuring, but her heart was in her throat and betrayed her. If it didn't work, she would have to call 911.

Candace rolled onto her side and moaned, she had pulled her legs up crunching the thing inside her, but the fetal position made her feel safer. Kelly leaned in and the huge white knot still held the girl more than open so Kelly carefully placed one hand on Candace's butt to steady her, and began to move the ice pick closer, pushing into the gaping vagina and stabbed the swollen knot. A hot white stream of white-out gunk gushed onto the floor in an expanding puddle and Candace reacted with long breaths of relief. The pressure was subsiding.

Kelly reached back again with white hands and fumbled around trying to find a hold and pull the thing out. White out lubricant made the task near impossible despite the reduction in size. Candace could feel her friends fingers at work and she relaxed rolling over onto her stomach with her legs spread wide, knowing the nightmare was almost over. Kelly, however; thought her friend went limp from fainting. She finally found the bit of tube that had been cut and started to yank and pull. She finally succeeded in getting the still baseball sized knot out with a hefty tug of war type pull. With the knot out the rest followed. Candace felt like she had just given birth as her gaping body released more than it was meant to hold.

Kelly looked at the huge thing it was the almost the length of her forearm. They were both covered in white gunk. Kelly paused to see her silk pajamas ruined in a white flood. Looking at the her pussy she saw something else from Candace's gaping and raped tunnel, as the tip went out it left an oily black stream like a trail. Kelly who thought her friend was passed out pried her butt cheeks open to get a better look. The girl gaped open easily. Outside there was pure white fluid from when she stabbed it and it deflated, but inside Candace's vagina was filled with thick coagulating black gunk. Kelly's heart sank, what kind of trouble had her friend gotten into?

She held her butt cheek up and open and reluctantly reached probing with a few fingers and then sent her whole albeit small hand easily inside passing into the not warm but hot flesh. With a scooping motion she brought out a handful of the black oil.

"I could really use a long hot bath... I know..." Candace said, and Kelly jumped startled at the words and jerked her hand from the tunnel.

"Are you ok, I mean you’re not crying for the hospital after that?"

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. You'll have to help me though, I'm a bit weak."

Kelly pulled the ruined pajamas off the ankles and cussing at the useless rubber bands, and she helped her into the modest bathtub up stairs.

"Whoever thought to put the only bathroom at the top of the stairs should be drug out into the street and shot," Kelly tried to be light hearted, but with each step she saw thick black gunk and chunks rolling down Candace's legs.

She sat her down on the toilet seat and began drawing some water. By the time the bath was ready she heard the toilet flush and saw Candace using some paper to try and clean the worst of the stuff off. It left greasy black streaks on her tight smooth skin. She removed the messy splattered silk button down shirt and climbed into the water to relax and heal. Kelly could still see an obvious bulge in her abdomen as she stepped into the bath tub.

"You still look... uh kinda full."

"I feel it too." Candace reached her hands around and started to feel her destroyed vagina. Her once tight lips waved in the soothing water like loose curtains. She easily slipped four fingers in and waved clean water in. Spearing her hand she began to fist herself in an attempt to get the black stuff out. The water was a light grayish color.

"Kelly, could you um help me with something...?"


"It had its thing inside my, uh... womb when it, ya know, and I can't..." Candace struggled with the words. Though she had experienced something so traumatizing she was still the same cute young girl.

"I think I know what you mean," Kelly said and began to take her pants off to join Candace in the large garden tub, albeit Chinese mold made garden tub. She stepped into the warm water and got down on her hands and knees facing Candace whose knees were bent up and held wide. She was careful to keep her own sex out of the grey water not trusting it at all. "I'm going to try and reach in and stick a finger into your cervix and hopefully that will cause the stuff to flow out."

Candace nodded, and Kelly speared her hand and pushed it sliding easily into the girl. Inside everything felt warm and gently pressing her hand out with flesh. Kelly thought about the monsters thing and how it was almost the size of her forearm, and pushed her hand in further burying her wrist trying to find the tiny opening. Candace moaned her body was sore and swollen this was not pleasurable at all. Kelly pushed harder searching and stretching the tunnel out deeper until she found the bloated mound of her cervix. Candace tried to remain still but whimpers betrayed the pain she felt.

Kelly's ring finger found a slight indention in her swollen cervix, "Oh god, there, there... it is." Candace whined, and Kelly hooked her ring finger into the incredibly tight hole until she felt all the flesh open up into the reservoir. She pulled the finger back out and nothing happened. She squirmed her arm in Candace's body to get a better angle and pushed hard to get her pointer and birdie fingers in. Candace started to whine and protest until Kelly pried her two fingers apart and releasing the pent up black oil pressure.

Candace moaned finally relaxing with the release, while Kelly saw the black oil shooting out from around her arm stuffed vagina and invading the bath water like ink from a squid. Kelly held her open longer and used her other hand up to press on the girls stomach to push as much out as possible. She pressed where the bulge as been and felt more heavy gunk flowing out of Candace. The water was almost black now, and she slowly removed her arm from her friends body and pulled the plug letting the nasty water out.

Kelly took her own shirt off leaving the two girls nude together again but in very different circumstances. Kelly turned the knobs and thumbed the shower nob; the shower head spit and hissed alive with a spurt of pure hot water that soon turned to soothing warm. They both stood and Kelly washed her friend with the utmost care.

Kelly had a great idea, and took the shower hose off the hook. "Turn around and push your butt out, ok Candace." The weak girl who could barely stand did what she was told. She leaned forward putting her hands and chest on the opposite wall. Kelly tapped the insides of her legs and she opened them wide. "I'm going to run some warm water inside you ok?" Candace only nodded, and Kelly disconnected the shower head from the hose and pushed the hose into her friend. Sickly black water came rushing out. She held it until it ran clean. Candace clung to the shower wall.

"I know you’re tired and sore, but I feel this is necessary, just hold on a little longer." Candace was wobbling on weak knees already. Kelly took the bar of soap and ran it over her hand. When Kelly flicked the knob sending the water to the spigot instead of the nose Candace knew what she was doing. She slowly pushed her soapy hand up between her friend’s loose labia again. Candace moaned, the soap was slick and helped lubricate but with a stinging irratation. Kelly's hand was bigger as she held the shower hose spigot and pushed deep inside. She found the cervix again when Candace whimpered and she pushed the spigot inside. It was very uncomfortable and awkward, but after all she had endured this would be just one more step. Kelly twisted and with her free hand she thumbed the knob again returning the water to the hose.

Candace straightened and screamed as if she were electrocuted. This time, and much more naturally so, her womb spit out the hose under the increasing pressure and a flood of black water fell into the tub. Kelly wanted to do this a few more times but Candace was in no shape for another round. She had endured enough. All they could do was hope.

Kelly hopped out and began drying when Candace asked, "Would you run me another bath, I just want to lay here and relax a bit."

"Sure, then I'm going to go get some plastic Ziploc bags and try to get some samples from down stairs. We need to know what this black stuff is." Her friend remained silent as the clean warm water slowly rose engulfing the poor weak little girl.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:44 am
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