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Dark Incarnate B1Ch2 "Warm Beginnings" 
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Post Dark Incarnate B1Ch2 "Warm Beginnings"
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This one creates a bond between two main characters but not a lasting fetish in the story. Monster on girl is much more fun than girl on girl imo.

Dark Incarnate Chapter 2 Book 1
By Mr. Black

Warm Beginnings

Kelly paced back and forth eyeing the phone and small phone book. Spencer didn’t have many residents. She thumbed through and found the only Chambers in Spencer; it had to be Candace’s parents. She dialed the number and listened to the receiver ring.

“Hello,” an older mans voice, probably her father answered.

“Yes sir, this is one of Candace’s friends from school,” Kelly sounded as cute as possible despite her ill mood.

“Oh, yes she just got in with her mother. Hold on, I'll get her…” Tom tuned and looked over his shoulder; he had no idea where his daughter had gone.

“Actually! I was just checking to see if she was feeling better. She wasn’t feeling well at all this morning.”

“Yeah, actually... ya know, I don't.. know. She’s been going though this ‘hates her parents’ phase right now and I'm not even privy to a good-morning from her anymore, but she seemed fine to me,” Mr. Chambers liked how the girl on the phone called him sir and hoped his daughter would hang around this friend more.

“Ti-hi,” Kelly laughed. “That’s the going thing. She’s always super nice to my parents, so I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it. You sound real nice to me and I don’t see how she could,” Kelly tried to sound like the stereotypical high pitched school girl. So far Tom Chambers loved her.

“Well that’s very nice of you, by the way what did you sa-“

“I was wondering if I might be able to come over later today,” she said purposely cutting him off.

“I don’t know, we're going to my wife's work… thing, or something…, but I doubt she’ll want to go. I guess so, why not? Come on over and keep her company.”

“Great! What time do you have to be going?”

“We’re supposed to leave around five. Say, what was your name again?” Tom heard only silence apparently the line got disconnected. This girl sounded really nice and quite different from the other little bitches his daughter hung around. Had he met this girl before?

Kelly hung up before he could finish and ran over to grab her backpack and headed upstairs to pack a few extras. She tossed in some sleep-over clothes and paused when she saw Candace’s torn panties, she should give those back. Once she left Kelly would have to stay over at her house or walk home. The last city busses ran at five which would put her at Candace’s house after her parents were gone. Her dad used to take her on walk's all the time as she grew up, but she wasn’t real sure where Candace’s house was yet. She and her Dad had been racking up the miles before they moved here. Kelly loved it, the walks gave her time to relax and think.

She ran out the door and across the street where a bus stop shed stood. In larger cities most people would have thought twice about a high school girl on the city buss or walking along the road alone. Worried citizens should have asked Kelly if she was ok, or called the cops to report the negligent parents, but not here in little Ol' Spencer. Most everybody knew her and the rest didn’t care. She had become a regular on the bus's and common sight side streets in town, not to mention she was a celebrity. Kelly knew all the bus drivers too, and they let her off pretty much when and wherever she wanted scheduled or not. A few times with the fat driver she even cranked up the girlish charm enough to get him to go off route.

Today was one of those days. Unknown to Kelly the fat balding bus driver was quiet the pedophile. His heart jumped every time he saw her at a stop. He liked to try and look up her many skirts as she sat on the bus seat. George Caldwell, better known as BigRed69 online even had a favorite skirt of hers and his chest fluttered whenever he saw the black and red pleated carmine skirt with the Chantilly lace that tantalized him. She had gotten into a gothic schoolgirl look after her parents stopped monitoring what she wore. Often the skirts were a little too short, and she naively liked the attention. She had hit puberty a little before her parents died and was learning the ways of being a woman alone in life. The short skirts were just one way she went a little off course and into people like George.

The driver stopped and let her off. She thanked him with a little kiss on the cheek, and hopped down the big buss steps like a bunny. Her skirt tossed up slightly with each hop but not enough to see anything. George got a rise out of it. Kelly knew she made his heart melt, but didn't know she also made other parts rise. Like she was just walking off the school bus she started up the nice paved road with her backpack slung over one shoulder. Holcombe Estates was the only real planned neighborhood in Spencer. There had been a very slow trickle of "big money" moving into town and they all wound up here.

People who wanted to escape or fall off the face of the earth were the only ones that liked Spencer. West Virginia was more than just back-country, it was the far far beyond. Sometimes Spencer would get Church outreach ministries who would came to help those left in the void after the coal mines closed. They liked to stay in Spencer. It was more than just a map dot to them, it was a great staging area for the surrounding towns. Big Preachers and Youth Groups would come up from the Carolinas alot. They showed up laughing and smiling doing their best to be friendly and match the town’s vernacular. By the time they left though, their eyes were downcast and indifferent. They were glad to be leaving and they didn't mind to show it. It was pretty common at restaurants to overhear them talking about taking a small jon boat to get to a house or a dirt path. Spencer was better off then most, but it didn't stop them from bringing canned goods and trying to cover all the windows in plastic every winter. Most people loathed the outreach programs but the truth was most places really needed it.

Kelly topped a small hill and followed the mail box numbers which would lead to Candace's house, odd on one side and evens on the other. The fresh blacktop and sharp curb met perfectly manicured grass and mulch, it was beautiful here. The houses all had a very new look and design along with picture perfect yards. Candace would tell her later that night about the utter hell of living in this heavenly planned neighborhood. Two boys were playing in a yard up ahead with water guns. The boys didn't just have any water guns they had water bazookas that could have only been designed by Dr. Suess. If she learned anything about boys she knew how carried away they get. She wanted to steer clear because being an innocent bystander wouldn't save her. As luck would have it the mailboxes lead away from the fray down a cul-de-sec drive.

A red mini van backed out of a driveway ahead; Kelly knew it must be the house. As it passed an aging man with grey streaked hair waved and smiled, it was Tom Chambers. Continuing down the street Kelly stepped onto the strong healthy grass of Candace's yard. A large new house stood three stories tall with a big inviting red door and expensive stained-glass. The whole thing looked out of a better homes and gardens magazine. Loud music thumped from somewhere inside rendering the door bell useless. Being a safe neighborhood, when the garage door acted up Tom just left it open; Kelly slipped under it. The large three car garage was neatly cluttered with miscellaneous junk that had no other place to be. She twisted the metal bulb of a door knob into the home. The thought never occurred to her that Candace might not be home alone.

As she turned to close the door the family dog came to investigate. A large lean spotted pointer went ridged watching Kelly and let out a low woof. Like an animal whisperer Kelly turned and smiled and like she was talking to a baby and melted the dog’s fears away, and he was soon lapping at her face. Even animals were susceptible to a sweet girl’s charms.

"Hello? Candace are you in here?" The dog had given her a brief scare and Kelly wanted to announce her presence to avoid any other surprises. Nothing but the sound of the music came down from the stairs. A strong heavy baseline beat thumped and Kelly followed it up. She hated rap music and everything that went along with it, but Candace was your standard spoiled little rich girl and loved it. The stairs were carpeted and muffled any sound, though she tried to callout again at the top. The dog followed her progress eagerly, as if maybe he hadn't done his job and wanted to be sure not to allow any trouble. It made Kelly even more nervous to have this dog at her heels and practically under her skirt. His wet nosed brushed her thighs more than once. Down a long hallway appeared what could only be a teenage girl’s bedroom door.

Kelly looked at the pink postered "punk" and "girl power" door trying to understand the words of the music that blared and drummed out in the soles of her shoes. The shy girl knocked quietly on the door knowing how ridiculous this trip was. Everything in her head screamed in embarrassment to just leave quietly and go home; no one would know the difference. Kelly remembered when she committed to the trip and got on the bus, there was no quick way home. Her small fingers wrapped around a polished bronze handle and turned to open the door.

"Candace?" She yelled. Candace who she had last seen laying limp on the bathroom floor was bumping and grinding with invisible dance partners to the unintelligible lyrics of some black guy pretending to be a thug. The dog darted into the room, fluid fast movement like a fish and it caught her eye. Candace turned screamed a bit and went ridged like she had been caught naked. She rushed to her computer closed out a video chat and shut the music off.

"What the hell are you doing here?" one hand was on her skirt as if the wind might blow it up and the other rested on her heaving chest. "You scared the hell out of me!" Candace hadn't been wearing panties since Kelly removed them earlier that day.

"I... uh felt we needed to talk, ya know about this morning."

"What the fuck is there to talk about?"

"You know what happened, and so do I. Well sort of..."

"I don't know what you’re talking about and this is really freaking me out," she said with sincere confusion. The dog sat down beside her, still unsure about Kelly.

"Wait," Kelly kneeled and spun her backpack off and started rummaging though it. "You remember these don't you?" She held up the ripped panties. If her hand didn't cover the charcoal smudge they might have noticed it. Candace shot a hand up and covered her mouth. Even the dog sensed the unease in the air and sat up.

"Where did you get those? Wait, how did you get those?" She remembered putting those panties on this morning. The same light pink and purple patchwork of squares around the band.

"Don't you remember? You were attacked, and I helped you. I picked these up off the bathroom floor this morning."

"No, I don't remember that much." she moved her other hand up to cover her face. "I knew something wasn't right. I felt raped and found myself waking up in the bathroom. How did this… how did you.."

Real unease settled into Kelly, it wasn't supposed to go like this, "It wasn't a who, it was a what."

Candace looked up though red teary eyes, "Please tell me why you have those panties!"

"No, you’re looking at this all wrong let me explain!" Both girls were on the verge of tears.

"What the fuck is going on!!! I know something raped me and I know I've felt horrible ever since, so you better fucking tell me because I'm starting think it was you!" Candace was near hysterical and screaming. A part of her had been able to accept the events as long as they stayed in the unknown, but this added twist of reality was too much.

"No, not at all. I'm just not sure how I can explain it, something really strange happened. Like something from a sci-fi movie strange."

"Tell me what the fuck is going on!" Candace stood with red eyes bubbling with tears and full of rage. Now and the pointer stood beside her alert and on edge.

"Ok, I'll tell you exactly what I saw, and you can try to figure it out, because I've been racking my brain ever since.” Kelly’s eyes begged. “Now this is probably not going to make much sense, but that's why I'm here." Kelly told her tale, and Candace sat back down and curled up in her chair unsure about the story. It really did belong in the fiction section of the library. It was just too far out. Candace didn't doubt Kelly's conviction or honesty, but she did doubt her sanity.

"Ok, then make it happen again. We’ll get ready and when I see it I'll believe it."

"I don't even know if it was me! I did the drawing, but I’m scared to death of what happened." Candace was holding a small trash can and a wicker hand broom and Kelly shook her head.

"Look there is nothing but this story of yours between you and what happened to me."

"I'll try; I guess it’s part of why I came over here. I have to figure this out, and I feel much safer with you here. I have no way to prove it, but I felt something possessed my drawing. I'll try it again, but I can’t promise anything. You better give me the highly technical disposal equipment,” Kelly motioned to the trash can and broom. “Last time you didn't see or notice until it was too late."

Candace didn't want to believe, but she remembered something strange between her legs and running like hell as bell rang for the bathrooms. It was easier to forget than to remember.

"Ok, I've got my art stuff in my book-bag, just get what you need." Candace turned and started her web cam again and set it to record, just in case.

Kelly closed her eyes and tried to visualize the little grub when it hit the floor and bounced. She watched its sickly movement with her minds eye. It wriggled and crawled across the floor, up onto the girl’s sock, then onto her bare knee. It paused then and seemed to look back at Kelly with demonic satisfaction. It was just like this morning in class. The odd scene made her heart race because it defiantly didn't come from her. It was like something was in her mind and took control for an instant showing her the creatures little wink. The same thing happened before, and that's what she drew! That's where the creature came from; it was never her idea in the first place! But whose was it? She shivered at the thought.

"Kelly, are you ok?" Candace sat across the room watching the computer monitor with the web cam placed on Kelly capturing her whole body and the floor below.

"Oh sorry just trying to retrace my steps, but if this doesn't work then what happened was some kind of cosmic prank." Kelly hunkered down and began drawing the blank outline of Candace's leg like she had seen. The charcoal pencil looked like it might catch fire as it scratched and moved around the paper. Because the little monster was the focus she drew it bigger and with more detail. As she worked Kelly felt dirty and guilty for drawing such a thing. Candace watched as Kelly seemed possessed herself. She had never seen someone so absorbed and focused.

Watching the screen she saw Kelly finish as she slowly stood looking down at the desk. The cam didn't show the picture at this angle. "Well, is it ... done?"

"Yeah I think you should look." Candace was already on her way unable to contain her curiosity.

"Oh my..." Candace again covered her mouth in shock. The detail and realism was astonishing and equally repulsive. The strange little girl who showed up at her house must really be nuts. The grub’s face had tiny serrated pinchers, and round bulbous segments with paper thin taunt skin stretched across the fat body, and even little defined knobby legs. Overall the plump, fat, and nasty nature of the picture almost turned her stomach. "It's so real, but I think your imagination is just too vivid." She leaned forward and picked up paper in a trance. She wanted to see more. It was so real…

"No! Be careful, that's what I did when the thing first came to life." But her words fell of deaf ears. Candace was mesmerized by the amazing picture and she picked it up anyways. Just as it happened earlier that day, the natural light in the room mixed with the subtle shading and the thing gained it's real shadow birthing it into their world. The mass of it tugged and rolled off the paper.

Both girls stood frozen watching it. The drawn grub took up most of the page and the real one's size was menacing. It rolled free of the paper it hit the desk, shaking a nearby lamp making the light shudder. Both girls let out high screams like they were five again. Kelly spun and ran back at the door, while Candace backed away and tripped over the chair. She landed in on her back splayed out and peering up at the desk fighting what she just saw. Kelly's heart jumped when she saw the neatly shaven pubic hair again. Why the hell hadn't she put any underwear on!

"GET AWAY!" Kelly screamed.

Candace sat propped up by her hands and feet looking up and amazed. In a trace she sat forward trying to see the thing again. Like an injured snake the huge grub writhed wildly off the desk and its plump weight bounced off the carpet without stopping the savage flopping. It nosed its way between Candace's spread legs. Her dog Buster loyally stood beside her barking savagely. He wasn’t mesmerized at all.

Kelly saw a dark smile touch Candace's lips. The smile had the same feeling as when the grub appeared in her mind. Candace betrayed her own mind and threw her head back slinging long blond hair into the air and pulled her knees up and wide. She was inviting the thing!

Kelly's mind raced, “Why!” Kelly screamed. What if Candace forgot this attack too? The odd colorless grub squirmed with amazing ferocity and speed closer to the open and waiting body.

Finally sure of his responsibilities the dog shot out and snapped his jaws on the fat grub. His teeth sank home splashing a thick white liquid like blood splatter, and he jogged triumphantly out of the room with his prize.

"CANDACE! Are you ok?" Kelly rushed to her side.

"Please, oh god, please I want it!" Both of her hands met at her crotch where she worked. Candace had been increasingly horney, and inexplicably so all day. The creature learned her body from the incident in the bathroom and its power lingered in her mind like an oily black splotch. It seemed to have accessed to her nerve endings and she had felt more sensitive and receptive since the attack. She had felt its fire, and been left wanting. In her last class that day Candace had nearly brought herself to orgasm by squirming in her seat. She had forgot the attack but stayed in a lust filled aura ever since. Slowly it was leaving her until she saw it again tonight. She lay arching her back on the floor again in pure desire. Her insides ached feeling empty and itching. Her hands were a blur of speed, one stabbing herself with fingers and the other rubbing her tiny swollen clitty.

"CANDACE WAKE UP," Kelly leaned down and slapped her new friend, frantically afraid. Slowly she came around smiling showing she was fine, maybe a little too good. Kelly remembered the web cam. "Come on, quit that! And let’s look at the video." Candace looked up and acknowledged the words, but didn't stop rubbing herself. Kelly tried to ignore her and turned to the computer. Candace joined moments later after some loud noise standing on weak legs as the waves of pleasure dissipated and finally ended.

They watched the video together, speechless... After it rolled off the desk the video was useless but it had gotten a great shot on the desk. You could clearly see the paper lifted then magically the huge worm flopped on the desk for a second before flying to the floor. It was good but not good enough.

A long quiet passed after it was over; neither girl knew what to say until Candace took a breath, "Where did Buster take it? I can’t sleep until I know that thing dead."

"We should be able to follow this," Kelly motioned to the white splattering of goo leading out.

"We... I better clean up too," Candace handed over some paper towels.

"You better worry about you first. I'm following the trail. This must be its blood or whatever It has for blood. Does your dog have a way outside or does he stay inside?" Candace looked at her confused, hit with another wave spreading though her thighs. She had always found Kelly kinda cute in class. She was so quiet and meek, it was like some aura followed her and no matter what Kelly was just so darn cute. Candace couldn't explain it, but she felt a new drip of her wetness roll down her thigh and she tuned away without a word.

Kelly rolled her eyes and turned to follow the trail though the extravagant house. The hardwood would be easy to clean, but the carpet in the bedroom and stairs was ruined if the stuff had any staining qualities. She shook her head, of all things why would white stain the hard to get out of white carpet? Kelly called to her friend when trail lead out a small dog door.

Candace composed herself and came out to the top of the stairs, "Come-on lets just clean up. I think Buster had that thing pretty good." It didn't take long before they stood looking down at her floor near the desk wondering how to get this stuff out, "Say, do you want to stay the night?" Candace crouched down enjoying the shiver as the air kissed her glistening privates. She felt naughty and couldn't deny it any longer; she wanted Kelly.

"I'd love to! We've got alot to talk about too. I don't suppose you have any ideas for what I'm gong to do in Mrs. Francis's class?" They both laugh uneasily and tried to get all the liquid paper up.

Candace looked over, "You mean tomorrow, or for the rest of the year, because I was thinking about having her wacked off!"

Kelly chuckled and her dimples made her smile irresistible, "I think you've been watching too many mafia movies, and it's just whacked, not..."

Tom Chambers pulled into the drive and slammed the van's door angrily getting out to open the broken garage. They both got quiet. "I guess I'll ask my dad and see if you can stay the night first." Her eyes downcast, she knew how her father didn't like guests on a school night. She knew she would have to play let's make a deal with him.

"Let me ask!" Kelly perked up, "I talked to him before I came over, and I think he likes me!" Candace gave her a skeptical look. "Quick, just put on some good music, George Winston music! He'll walk by and hear that and I'll guarantee he'll let me stay!" Hearing the first piano strokes of some classical crap Candace rolled her eyes but understood the plan.

"Let’s change into pajamas that always helps, let me get you some," Candace rummaged though a big dresser that stood almost as tall as Kelly.

"I guess I should tell you... I kinda took a one way trip here and already packed." Kelly didn't want to look like a creep. "I figured we'd make friends or I would walk home, I hope you don't mind." She started pulling an oversized shirt out of her bag. Candace just smiled, which made her feel better. She had been pretty far out on a limb today and that little smile made her feel more secure than she had felt in a long time.

They changed; Kelly had her blue fleece bear bottoms and one of her dad's old t-shirts. It had a giant yellow 90's smiley face with a wink on it. It was the last shirt saw her dad in before the wreck; when she got home it was on top of the dirty laundry. He used to wear it once in a blue moon to work or around the house. She remembered his face, always so serious. Another book quote, her life felt guided by book quotes at times, "Remember the face of your father." He wore the shirt to show people he was still human. After a few years it became legendary. Kelly kept the shirt close for a while because it still smelled like him, then it just became a part of her. Candace hopped into some matching pink "HelloKitty" PJ's.

"What are you so happy about?" Candace noticed the shirt.

"It's one of my Dad's," she said slowly understanding how silly the shirt looked. It was old now, and had been washed so many times. The green cotton was faded and thin, the yellow of the smiley face was cracking and chipping, and the spandex neck had long given up and hung in a large oval looped around a bare shoulder. "I guess it is kinda ridiculous."

"I love it," Candace said with an honest smile. She bought pre-faded designer jeans from the store all the time, and here was the real McCoy. Not only that, but her dad would love it too. "I guess we better go ask if you can stay."

Candace's father saw the little girl in the oversized t-shirt's coming down the stairs immediately. Her tiny pert breasts pointed the way and Tom was mesmerized by the ghostly tracing of her nipples underneath. The shirt was even winking at him! He simply couldn't resist letting this cute girl sleep over, even though it was a school night. He couldn't stop staring at the small thin figure and tight defined butt that must behind the teddy bear pajamas as the girls jogged back upstairs. Tom was left in an afterglow of curiosity about his daughter’s new friend.

The two girls tried to search for related stuff on the internet, but google failed to find anything similar. The closest they got was a bunch of crazy paranormal stuff about spirits and the even further fetched demon and possession stories. First these people were obviously crazy, but there were alot of crazy people banding together around these subjects, and second if the girls told their story they would be counted among the crazies too. One hit looked promising by David Icke, but after a few seconds of a video his big words and accent were soporific. Thirdly, well... their story was crazy, so the crazy they had to give this stuff at second glance and it didn't look so crazy after all. None of them had any real proof but neither did the nutjobs, but they could make surely make it!

"Come on, I want to show you something. And I want to get out of the house." Candace said after about three ghost stories.

As Kelly continued to read she went on complaining until Kelly gave up, "Yeah, I love summer nights, why not?"

"Ok, you’re going to love it! Looking at your shirt has made me think of this all night! Put some shoes on and let's go, don't worry your PJ's are fine." She led Kelly out the back sliding glass door, over the deck, and into the houses rather modest back yard.

"My back yard looks alot like yours, but without the hedges. I've got a creek!"

Candace looked over her shoulder, "Ignore the back yard, and follow me." Candace took her hand and continued so fast it was almost a run. She didn't want her Dad to see her going. She lead right though a small space in the hedge, it was Busters path. They hunched over and pushed though the trying branches. The far side opened into a huge grassy field that was almost dead flat. "Come-on," she pleaded and tugged at Kelly's hesitating hand. She led right out to the middle where they both laid back on the short grass and looked up at the clear night sky.

"Wow, you were right this is awesome. But what does this have to do with my shirt?" Kelly dropped her gaze and looked down at her chest. She thought, perhaps should have worn a bra. The thin cotton lay along every curve of her small breasts and nipples giving her a chill. She really hoped they were in private and glanced at the edge of the field where the main road was plainly in view. She crossed her arms over her chest.

"The people that own this property got into a dispute with the developers of the planned neighborhood. The developers wanted to buy this from the old couple, but they refused. So it eventually went court where they tried to forcefully take it, but old couple had deep roots in the town courthouse and pulled a few strings. The development got in some big trouble over some bad permits and got sued. Eventually they dropped it. So that old couple keep this field nice open and clean just to taunt the developers."

"That's pretty harsh, they don't mind us do they?" still glancing around trying to peer into the darkness.

"Oh, no not at all. But the best part is they old man used grow hay each year, but since he got such a big payoff he keeps the field mowed close, except for a huge smiley face that stretches from side to side!"

"No way! That's awesome! I want to meet these people now." The girls laughed hysterically melting away stresses and worrisome events.

"Not too many people know that little story. Since I've lived here I've been sneaking out though the hedges. I met the old man once, and he showed me a tire swing closer to his house."

"That sounds like a lot of fun, but I hate to be a buzz kill but we kind of need to talk about a few things."

"What more could we talk about? Some demon or damned thing is following you around trying to get us." Candace pouted and looked over at Kelly's concern,”I see how scared you are so I know it's not your fault. I have no freaking clue beyond that, so what else do you want?"

"In your room, you said something I want to know about."

"What? I don't remember except for what I saw on the video." Candace really didn't want to get into this right now.

"I know, I'm just trying to figure this thing out. You said you wanted it, and you even opened up for it. The first time you were screaming in fear and pain, and then you asked for it?"

"I just told you I don't know, I don't remember!" It was obvious Candace was hiding something; her answers were too short and simple.

"Ok, you said you were feeling different when I first showed up today. You said you had been feeling odd ever since the attack this morning; how?"

"You don't miss much do you?"

"Not a word, and I know your hiding something, so be honest. This is serious! If you don't tell me the truth, we might not be able to figure out what's going on or how to stop it."

"I don't see how this is going to help."

"It's just a piece in the puzzle ok, but without it we may never see the picture."

"You should be a psychiatrist," Candace said rolling her eyes.

"May be, but exactly how have you been feeling funny since this morning?"

"Or maybe a lawyer..." She put one hand up to her chin in a thinking gesture.

"Candace... Please!"

"hrmph.... I've uh well..." several minutes passed as the two of them stared up at the stars. Kelly wasn't going to speak until she finished. "I've been uh moving pretty fast into becoming a woman and I have felt, hot and horney at times." The last words were so hard for her to get out.

"And..." Kelly blushed, she was enjoying watching her friend squirm searching for words.

"I'm working on it... and since this morning when I was attacked I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I mean it was horrible and hurt but at the same time it's like it hit a magic place and started something I feel like I'm going to explode if I didn't finish."

"Oh, that's not what I expected. I thought you were going to say it had some kind of evil hold on you."

"Very funny, I'm pouring my heart out over here and..."

"No, I'm not making fun, I'm being dead serious."

"That's a good point, who says your gift is an evil thing? I mean, what if you could bring good things to life. I think we need to do some more experimentation." Candace had a rather naughty kind of experimentation in mind. It wasn't something she would normally think, but it wasn't the normal kind of feeling. This time it was her turn and she wanted it.

"I didn't see that thing in my head something else showed it to me, and I didn't make that thing attack you, twice, so I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"So what's your plan? You never going draw or paint again? How long before it takes your letters to? You said it you're trying to figure this out and you can’t do that by giving up."

"I guess you have a point. If I could control it, things would be different." They both just stopped not sure what else to say.

"Hey, Kelly?"


"Can you pwese draw me another little grubby wubby worm?" Candace pleaded

"NO way! THATS HORRIBLE, eeeeeewwww," Kelly shook her head in disgust, "Candace your soo bad!"

"I remember, and better than you think. I was fighting it, but it just felt good. I mean I can’t explain it. At first I wasn't sure what was happening. Then it grew. It felt so bad and so wrong I didn't understand what it was but it just felt icky inside my head like a bad dream. I was scared and started running, but then I almost fell in the hall when it started humming and kicking around hitting places... I've never felt anything like it."

"Sound pretty horrible to me."

“I’ve had experiences before, but not like that. I mean… if only you knew…” They both lay there for another minute in silence starring up at the night sky watching the moon as it disappeared over the mountains.

Kelly’s head was spinning, she hadn’t felt so excited in months. Candace was different, but she hadn’t had a real friend since they moved from Atlanta. Plus laying back looking up at the stars made her feel plastered by gravity to the giant spinning ball of earth.

"I feel so much better after saying that, just so you know. Today when you walked in on me I was chatting with some boys who were being very dirty. It made my heart race, dancing and teasing them. I don't know how but it was similar. And I don't think I could say that to anyone else."

"I think you just want an orgasm!"

"Kelly!" She shouted surprised and her mouth hung open, "You shouldn't say things like that!" It struck her so odd that quiet cute little Kelly knew about orgasms, and she squirmed her legs together cherishing the slippery feeling under her skirt. She propped up and looked over at Kelly seductively. "And what do you know about those?"

"You had that sex education thing in school right?"

Candace giggled, "Yeah, but it was sooo stupid. I mean they're all, "ok kids, sex is bad mmmK! Oh and take a condom, mmmmK" ONE freaking condom what the heck is that for, ONE!"

Kelly nibbled her lower lip; hers was still in the nightstand exactly where she hid it on the day she got it. Was that bad? She had never thought of using it. Not once. Actually she wanted to throw it away, but was worried someone would see her with it and that would be worse! "I mean I've had some warm feelings but, I'd never... not right now... I mean I could, but..."

Candace ran her eyes up and down Kelly as she lay. She had relaxed and rested her head on her hands. The neck seam had looped over her shoulder again and Candace eye'd the smooth milky skin along the bottom of her thin neck. She couldn't help but wonder what Kelly would think if she jumped down like a zombie and gave her a hicky.

Kelly stammered on trying to make sense of her "reserved" sex life, not trying to sound like the virgin she was. Candace was glossy eyed thinking of suckling her neck and how she wanted to sneak a hand in Kelly’s panties and show her what an orgasm was.

Kelly was too occupied thinking of how they gotten on this subject. It did seem ok, wandering off like this. Candace was easy to talk to. And she couldn't exactly talk to her Aunt or anybody else about this stuff.

Candace laid back down trying to cool off, trying to remind herself of the overpowering lust she had been experiencing. She didn't want to ruin the friendship if Kelly took it wrong. She actually wanted to ask her Dad what to do for the first time ever.

They sat in silence for a minute, but Candace wanted to ask something more, but couldn't find the words. Until she rolled over on top of Kelly straddling and resting her bottom on Kelly's hard mons mound.

"Can I help you?" Kelly said shocked and not sure what to do. She had never really had a friend since she was much younger and wasn't sure if this is how girls act. The weight on her privates combined with the soothing warmth of a close body felt good, which was only more uncomfortable.

"Yes, I believe you can," Candace said playfully. She arched her back rolling her own crotch down across the hard mound feeling something good in her loins and heart. She playfully threw her hands on Kelly's shoulders like a cat that had pounced her prey. Candace squeezed her taunt skin and slowly ground her crotch against her helpless friend. "I think one experiment we should try is something less gross than a grub worm, but still along the same lines that the spirit thingy wants."

Kelly was uncomfortable and hoped the punch line of a great joke was coming, "Like what?" Her face was confused, dry and expressionless.

"Ya know, a uh mans uh, thingy."

"Why the hell would I do that verses a nice little blue bird." Kelly felt she should be mad at her friend, but it felt good in her heart to have someone this close.

"Because it doesn't seem to care what the shape is, it just wants it wants... well for my ya know... so, I would rather make something that I want instead of a demon blue bird that's still going for my you-know-whats." Candace started to bounce her butt up and down onto Kelly to emphasize the point, "and I'm really really horney!" she trailed off with fake sobs and moans.

Kelly tried to ignore the rhythmic pounding and act normal, "I don't think your personal desire makes that a safe course of experimentation." Kelly replied like the biggest geek on the east coast.

"Come on where's your sense of fun," The bouncing caused her voice to sound even more pleading, "just imagine the possibilities! You've got a special gift, now use it!" Candace didn't know how much of a hold the darkness had on her as it used her like a puppet for It's dark purpose.

"Would you stop that, you're being silly." Candace got a wild playful look in her eye and reached up stretching to the stars putting all her weight on Kelly's crotch and started grinding with a feverish pace. Kelly had never seen hips move like that. "Ah, Candace... look, I don't.." Kelly was searching for words, her mind made blank by the oddly good feeling. She put her hand onto Candace's hips and started to push half heartedly away.

Candace looked down at Kelly's squirming body; she knew her thrusts were making the modest girl feel good. She just wouldn't admit it. Kelly's perfect budding mounds had popped nipples and jostled below the thin shirt with the grinding thrusts. Then suddenly Candace pounced down and planted both hands on Kelly's breasts and squeezed.

"Get off me!" Kelly said without much conviction. She wasn't too sure how to handle this surely Candace was just playing, but no one had ever groped her like this. Her tits were easily held and pinched pulled and twisted. It hurt like a hard massage but felt… different. As she tried to wriggle away Candace followed easily.

"Aww, ok I'll let you go," Candace paused and Kelly rested her arms feeling her blushed face and racing heart. But Candace had other plans. She took the opportunity and started to playfully tickle pinning the helpless girl making the game even more fun.

Kelly was kicking and jumping at the attacks, she had been tickled before and this was how the stupid game went, but did she have to be so rough? Kelly started to push harder against her hips but still to no avail. Candace jabbed all over with two wriggling fingers making her jump and squeal. Kelly remembered the open field and tried her best to stay quiet after she heard her squeals echo in the dark.

Candace finally jabbed the two fingers in Kelly's crotch hoping to find her PJ bottoms soaked. Kelly wasn’t soaked, but a warm humid heat betrayed her. A skilled hand latched onto her clit and began undulating. Still worried about the open filed Kelly wanted to stay quiet and submitted with a moan. After a second more Candace stopped and sat back up resting on her again, knowing they both had patches of wetness.

"Oh Boooo your no fun! trying to run away like that!"

"Are you done tickling me? This is not a very fun game." She refused to give in holding to her somber face.

"OOO lookie here, seems you are having fun after all," Candace snapped out and pinched her erect nipples though the shirt. Kelly squealed and bucked unable to throw Candace. "Your little nipples are so hard," Candace smiled with satisfaction. She was in control and loved it. She slammed her hips down onto Kelly one last time driving the fleece covered pubic bone into her own crotch again and finally let go. Standing nonchalantly and said, "come-on lets go back to the house I bet it's pretty late and if Dad finds out he's gonna kill me.

Kelly had never seen or felt anything like that, maybe that's just how girls are. Candace acted like it was nothing and Kelly hoped it was. Her body did react though and she did get excited, and the attention in the right spots felt like nothing she had ever known.

The Camber's house was noting short of incredible. Maybe they had run so quick before, or maybe it was the afterglow of the field, but Kelly didn't really appreciate the subtleties until now. The deep red's and purple paint, and even a forest green room, with beautiful white and gold crown molding complemented with light simple decoration was overwhelming. The house had several extra bedrooms and two just for guests, but Candace insisted Kelly sleep with her.

Candace smiled at the corner of her bed, "Have you ever slept on a water bed? She leapt back landing on the bed with a slap and sent waves though the covers. Kelly was in awe. Candace looked over and patted the bed for her to join. Each pat sent tiny gurgling ripples though the California king waterbed. Kelly still wasn't sure after the tense moments in the field, but Candace acted so natural and none of it felt bad in her heart. How could she resist? She slowly crawled over beside her friend.

"The thermostat thingy's been messing up. I usually have the bed pretty warm, but daddy's got me a new one on order. So it might get a bit chilly later on. Candace stretched revealing her toned tummy and secretly ran her finger over the dial on the far wall turning the thermostat down manually.

"Feel's pretty good to me," Kelly snuggled up under the thick down comforter. It was like a cloud.

Sleep came quickly for Kelly. She was exhausted with worry and stress. Candace lay awake on the edge but not quite sleeping. As the bed cooled off Kelly gave a little shiver in her sleep. On cue, Candace rolled over spooning her tightly. Kelly's unconscious body reacted to the warmth. Candace had never wanted anything so badly before. Most of her experience with sex wasn't very good. Actually she hated it, but something about Kelly her pure smile and weightless laugh made her irresistible. She knew Kelly was naive and probably never got much attention because of how quiet and self absorbed she was. Candace wanted to show her. She wanted to be her, in a way. Candace had lost any purity long ago and felt jealous of her friend. She wanted to rob Kelly of her innocence and see her begging for more. And for once, maybe now she could have what she wanted.

Kelly was in a deep sleep and held close by Candace's arms as a hand slunk down below her tantalizing teddy bear PJs. She felt the warm soft skin of Kelly's belly as she ran her hand down along her smooth hips. Candace cupped her tiny belly sensing the womb underneath. She knew it was fertile, never experiencing the nasty essence of a man. Her own fertility had been taken from her a long time ago. A touch of sadness blossomed into love and adoration for Kelly. She pushed her hand down over the slight empty dip and up onto her mons pubis. Candace paused and scratched gently with her nails, just a hint of peach fuzz. She rubbed the soft rubbery skin, so tight, so smooth. Kelly was lost in a dream.

A collection of my personal stories I've written in boredom on 3rd shift. CAUTION. Formicophilia, beastiality, and monsters in non-con Sci-fi horror. ... order.html

Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:48 am
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