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The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (Chapter 4, parts 1 and 2) 
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Post The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (Chapter 4, parts 1 and 2)
This is the first chapter of a D&D-ish story I have been working on for some time. I've posted more of it elsewhere. It's nowhere near complete, but I thought it would make a good introduction.

The story does eventually meander its way to things like tentacles, impregnation, and so on, but it's pretty tame by /d/ standards. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Running and Fucking

Sex: F/F (implied, incest) M/F (oral), M+/F (interracial, bukkake, prostitution, double penetration, anal, oral, triple penetration, double vaginal, double anal, double oral, prostitution), M+/F (beast, creampie, bukkake, prostitution), M/f (implied, beast), M/F (implied, incest), F/f (bondage, implied, incest)

Xayara Xex opened her eyes.

Beside her lay her sister, tall and naked, muscles still glistening with sweat from their lovemaking, beautiful in sleep. And Xayara was going to leave her. It felt wrong, somehow, but she couldn't stay. Her sister, sweet and wonderful and passionate as she was, wasn't enough compensation for living in what Xayara thought of as hell.

Taking care to move silently, she crept out of bed and went to her closet. She'd had to move quickly earlier; it wouldn't have done for Sil'da to walk in on her while she was packing. Her sister cared for her, but wouldn't take kindly to her leaving, even if Xayara invited her--and she couldn't, not now. She was still too...innocent. A strange thing for a drow, and only relative to dark elven standards else she would have been dead decades ago, but it was true. She would not understand.

She thought O'rache'el was a good thing.

The real work had been in deciding what to bring. While she'd managed to find a backpack that could hold a ridiculous amount of material, though it wasn't unlimited. Trying to find one of those magnificent sacks that could literally contain everything one needed to set up a lavishly-appointed bedchamber would be more trouble than it was worth; getting this relatively inefficient backpack without letting anyone in the house know about it had been hard enough. At least the purveyor had been the lecherous type; the kind of merchants who were wealthy enough to acquire spare room bags, as she called them, were in general too clever by half to be swayed by pretty tits and a tight pussy. Even ones so pretty or tight, respectively, as hers.

She shouldered the pack, still surprised at how light it was. Such magic always seemed strange to her, but she supposed it was little more than the reversal of other, only slightly more common spellcraft, which tended to enhance what was there. A magic sword would aid one in striking more truly, but it would not actually alter one's real skill. The pack diminished what it carried, in a way, yet similarly left it untouched.

In the end, aside from the clothes and cloak on her back, she picked a bedroll; quite a lot of clothing, including a disproportionate amount of lacy, leathery, or otherwise eye-catching underwear; soap and other hygienic implements; a few toys and tools, including her favourite dildo and whip; a block of some rations that may well have been edible for a few minutes after they were assembled, and a large metal jug of water; a pen, plenty of ink, and the notebook she'd started keeping recently; and of course, the preventive and protective concoctions that were the key equipment of any whore who didn't want her work...disrupted. She wished she'd been able to get more of those, but even with her ass backing her up, the pack had all but cleaned her out, at least with regards to such expensive things as potions and magic.

That might be a problem, depending on how well her studies were coming along. She'd been burned by theory before.

The house was quiet, and she managed to avoid the guards; they were looking for threats from outside, not in. Which bespoke how badly the family finances were coming along: anyone better than a disposable meat shield would, in a drow house, be twice as paranoid about attacks coming from within. This didn't mean they would expect to be hurt in those attacks—dark elves preferred assassination to war, as assassination could have rules yet still make sense—but someone who "got in the way" of an assassin wouldn't live to see their next coin. And attacks from within weren't really attacks, merely the resolution of family disputes.

Xayara found dark elves sadly funny, though if she weren't drow she'd probably just find them sad, or perhaps just funny.

The real trick was getting past the door guards. That was what the hooded cloak was for. For once, she blessed drow foibles. She had little doubt that anyone in a shape-obscuring, face-concealing cloak would be painfully obvious in almost any other society, but dark elves were paranoid enough that someone walking around with his face uncovered would be targeted for attention ninety-nine times before someone in a cloak was once.

"And where do you think you're going, friend?" the guard captain asked. She hid a wince. She knew the captain personally; he was at least halfway competent. But he hadn't recognized her yet, and in fact seemed to be addressing her as though she were male. Aside from being a good misconception to use, it was also good policy for males. A male who thought he was addressing a male could get away with being a little disrespectful; such an excuse had saved the lives of probably hundreds of drow men over the years when the female decided to exercise her right of superiority.

"Back home to count what coppers I escaped with," she said in a rough voice, aided by her own naturally low (though a good deal softer and more sultry) tones. "Bitch," she muttered, just softly enough that he would make it out, and spat. She didn't have to pretend to put hatred into the word, since she was talking about her mother.

There were two ways the captain would go now. If she knew him as well as she thought she did--and it was going to be a blow to her pride if she didn't, since he'd been one of her most regular clients since the week her mother hired him, and if you couldn't judge people you slept with on a regular basis you couldn't judge anyone--he would take the way that made it easy for her.

"Call the Mistress a bitch, did you?" he said warningly.

She considered recanting, then raised the bet. "And what if I did?"

Abruptly, his scowl disappeared, features schooled to blankness. But he couldn't hold it; one corner of his lip twitched up in the most circumspect smirk she'd ever seen. "You got out with your life," he said softly. "Be grateful for that."

"Oh, I will," Xayara said. She turned away and allowed herself a smile of her own. Guards came and went, siblings moved up and down in favour, the family fortune waxed and waned, but everyone from the youngest child of a slave to Xayara to possibly Mother herself...hated Mother.

She was cautious moving through the city, and did not get less so when she reached the travelers' quarter. More than anywhere else, the city's thieves stalked the shadows of the travelers' quarter, because there more than anyone else, they reasoned, they would find someone unsuspecting. Xayara had always been surprised at this; she figured anyone who came to a dark elven city would be so paranoid they would need a priest to heal their minds by the time they left, perhaps so much so that any footpad or cutpurse would leave the crazy person talking to herself well enough alone. That the thieves were more often than not right and she was wrong was somehow disappointing. It was like a fly happily and forthrightly buzzing into a web, without even being asked to come into the parlor.

Luckily, the caravan of deep dwarves--or as they preferred, duergar--she'd dealt with knew this. They kept numerous torches lit around their wagons to dispel shadows, and kept keen-eyed guards wearing nothing more obstructing that a metal skullcap on watch at all times--even now, as the rest of the caravan was packing up.

She waited until the duergar she remembered making the deal with came out to the perimeter to speak with the guards; in the light, she had to recognize him by his clothes, not his face. When she saw him, she stepped out boldly, no longer bothering to hide her face, or figure, with her cloak.

When he saw her approaching, the caravan master barked, "Ho, lads, we've got a--"

"It's all right, Master Gemkeeper," Xayara called, letting her hood fall back. "It's only me."

Squinting--duergar didn't like bright lights any more than drow did, despite the torches--he said, "And you are?"

"Xayara Xex. You do remember our deal, I hope?"

He recognized the name, if not her face. "Aye, well...how much are yeh paying?"

"Not much in the way of gold or other valuables, I'm afraid," she said, "but there is me." It was a lie in a way; her small amount of money would be enough to keep most people going for a year--if not stylishly, then healthily. Xayara, however, had expenses to cover. And, compared to a duergar caravan master's personal fortune, it was certainly "not much". The trick to lying without lying--a useful skill when magic could discern outright lies--was to remember that perspective was everything.

He snorted dismissively. "What's that supposed to mean?"

She withheld a grin. Dwarves of all kinds liked to pretend they only cared about gold, jewels, other valuables, and family (in that order), but there were two universal languages she knew. One she was conversational in, and as boring as it could be it was exceedingly useful; and the other she spoke like a native, because it was the most fun one could have while still living.

"I'm always open to new experiences, Master Gemkeeper. And it is such a long trip. I imagine it gets lonely." She did smile now, broad and dazzling. Her smile, she had been told, could make a succubus weak-kneed. She hadn't been told more than once; she hated hyperbole. "I'm not four feet tall with axehandle-wide shoulders, but I can make you overlook that fact." She lowered her voice and whispered in his ear, "In short, Master Gemkeeper, I can and will do anything you can imagine. And probably some things you can't."

"Yeh're offerin' yer body?" Gemkeeper snorted. But his eyes gave her a once-over as he spoke.

"I know women are allowed on caravans, but duergar women don't have facial hair, and I don't see a single one of you without a luxurious beard." Some moaned or twitched at her drawing out luxurious; dwarves weren't very much into erotic fixations, but the way they felt about beards came close. "And how long have you been on the road without any company?"

Gemkeeper himself seemed more interested in her proposal, though the only sign he gave aside from a shift in tone was a little twitch of his lips. "Aye, well...thing is, yeh'll be the only woman on the caravan, like yeh said...but there's a lot o' men. Two score, though not all're off-duty at once, o'course."

"I've satisfied more than that in one night." She added, after a moment, "Granted, they didn't have a dwarf's stamina, but you'd be surprised at mine. Everyone in the caravan will get their turn, I promise."

"Well, then..." Gemkeeper paused and licked his lips. "None o' me men're gettin' paid till we get to our destination, so ye'll have to wait, too."

For a second, it seemed as though everyone was holding their breath. Then: "Value given for value earned, I've always said."

The duergar were suddenly all smiles. "Right!" Gemkeeper shouted. "Come on, lads, get a move on!" The caravan master turned to Xayara, and said in a low voice, "Best get in the front wagon, milady. It's the best-protected, and the wild Underdark's dangerous."

"I'm sure," she said, thinking she knew just what he was talking about. "And we can...hammer out the details of our deal?" she added, arching an eyebrow.

He actually looked surprised. She gave him credit, either as a good actor, or as genuinely concerned for her safety and flummoxed by the insinuation. Likely, there was at least a little of both, but his being a duergar master merchant, she would have put money on it being heavily the former. One didn't achieve the rank of master anything if one was a duergar without being hard to read.

She got into the wagon first, making sure that he got a good view of the shape of her legs and backside as she clambered in. Another satisfied smirk found its way to her face as he moaned, too quietly for any but an elf to hear.

The caravan started to roll, and he grunted, "Yeh'd better get back in there," as he took the reins.

"What if I wanted to see how it's done? I imagine it will be awfully cramped in there. And I could keep you company."

"Got to have yer wits about yeh when yeh're drivin'," Gemkeeper said. "Don't need no distractions. Plus, it gets a little rough on the outside o' the wagon."

Her estimation of him rose a little more. "Very well," she said, climbing in back. To her surprise, not only was it roomy, but the worst of the wagon's rocking subsided. She looked around and saw nowhere designed for one of her height to sit, but if she moved a few things...

She made herself a sort of chair with a reclined back out of crates and boxes, with a stool for her feet; it was not particularly soft, but there was something cozy about it. She let the rocking motion put her to sleep.

A sharp bang startled her awake. The wagon wasn't moving anymore, and there was shouting outside. She tensed, thinking they were under attack, but there weren't screams--just angry bellows. Some sort of accident, most likely.

After a while, the caravan master came in the back door of the wagon, slamming it almost as loudly as the noise that had awoken her. "Ah, Master Gemkeeper. What's going on? We seem to have stopped."

"Noticed, did yeh?" he growled. Accident, she quickly decided, with his foul mood yet lack of worry as additional evidence. "I hand the reins over for one bloody minute and we run over a rock. Gotta replace a damned wheel. We got plenty o' spares, but it's an hour or more." He rummaged around, found a bottle of some foul-smelling dwarven drink, and took a mouthful. "And I couldn't take one more second of them damned fools takin' even longer. Figgered I'd take me a break."

"And a private show to go with it?" she asked, shifting position.

"Show? Ha!" He gave her a toothy, lopsided grin. "Don't want none of that dancin' shit. Yeh're gonna use yer mouth on me, and not a word o' damn protest."

"I had no intention of even hesitating, Master," she purred, pointedly omitting his name. Through eyes closed to slits, she saw him lick his lips again. "Would you like me naked?"

"Nah," he said carelessly. She hadn't expected otherwise; he wouldn't find her particularly attractive unless he, like her, had deviant notions of attractiveness. But she could excite them through word or motion because she was sexy; there was a certain universal quality to all sensuality that she'd carefully studied and honed. Drow were perverted, gnomes were inventive, dwarves were stolid, orcs liked it rough; but they all shared certain notions of body language, words and phrases, and facial expressions for what was sexy.

"Hands and knees," he said, unbuckling his breeches. As she obeyed, he pulled out his cock. "Now crawl like the beast yeh are." He added, as if on sudden inspiration, "Crawl to yer master."

She kept herself low; it wasn't necessary, but it would make him feel powerful, a height advantage over this tall, sensual creature. That, she knew, was what he was in the mood for.

She smiled as she saw his cock, an impressive thing even without taking into account his size. She knew dwarven women tended to remain very tight, and more than once had been impressed how their males were at the same time fairly well-endowed.

She kissed his cock from head to base, then licked along the underside, tongue piercing running over a thick vein, until she reached the tip. He was already beginning to sweat, but said in a rough voice, "No time fer foreplay. Get to suckin'!"

She smiled sweetly, and swallowed him into her throat in one stroke.

Xayara didn't have to see his face to know his eyes would either be squeezed shut or bulging; most likely bulging, given that he wouldn't have expected her to have so easy a time with a cock of that size. She slid him out so that just the head remained in her mouth, tongue caressing the tip, the stud tickling, then engulfed him again. Moving rapidly, giving him a thorough throatjob, she squeezed him by swallowing every time she had him in her esophagus. When she took him deep, she extended her tongue to lick at his balls, the piercing almost tangling in his thick pubic hair; when she let go, she worshipped along the sensitive underside with her tongue, and when she held just the tip between her lips, one hand pumped the shaft and the other stroked his balls.

"Bloody...hells," he gasped in the gray dwarf tongue. "Hands behind yer back!" As she obeyed, clasping her wrists at the small of her spine, he took a tight grip on her hair and cupped her chin with his other hand. The dwarf waited another moment to savour the working-over her tongue was giving him, then forced his cock deep into her throat with a thrust of his hips.

He pumped at her mouth, not fast, but hard, balls slapping her chin and her nose pressed into his wiry pubes with each thrust. She made noisy slurps, letting drool spill from her lips, down her chin, along his sac, sticking in the hair or dripping to the floor. He was grunting and gasping, sounding not unlike he had been eating so voraciously he forgot to breathe. Her tongue swirled around his thick pole as it pumped in and out of her throat, her mouth treated like a cunt...

Goddess, she loved it.

His grip slackened as he came in her mouth, hips jerking forward a little with each spurt. She let it collect and linger on her tongue; it was very salty, much more so than she remembered duergar cum being. The mildness of elven fluids must have ruined her memory of it. Releasing his softening cock from her lips with a last kiss to the tip, she gave him a glance at his seed, then gulped it down, sat back on her haunches, and went to sit on her makeshift "big people" chair. Pausing as she bent over, giving him plenty of time to see her like that, she said, "Did you want anything else?"

"Nah." He tried to sound nonchalant, but his voice was shaky, if only a little winded. "Just take a nap, I think."

Xayara allowed him to go to sleep first, giving herself a chance to grow used to his epic snoring so it wouldn't wake her. She'd need all her energy for that night--or if not, she would need to get used to working nights and sleeping days the next few weeks.

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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
"Stopped fer the night," Gemkeeper said, jostling her awake.

She stood and stretched, amused to see his eyes on her cleavage as she bent over. Turning, she smirked as his eyes refused to leave her ass. "So," she said, bending backwards and catching herself with her hands on the floor, "when should I come out and start the show?"

"Anytime," he said. "Should eat a little somethin', first."

"Do I have enough time for a bath?" One reason she'd chosen duergar was that she knew they kept their deals. Another was that they were dwarves, which meant they had at least one exceedingly clever engineer who could design wagons that had all the comforts of home, including luxuries like bathtubs and a steady source of hot water.

"Think so," he said. "Start wi' me, when yeh do come by."

"Don't like sloppy seconds?" she teased, completely the flip and ending up with her back to him, her ass almost directly in front of his face, a few feet away.

"Nope," he grunted, shamelessly. "An' the boys trust me. If I'll bare me nethers to yeh, they'll know yer good to work with."

"And that my pussy doesn't have teeth?" she asked, features merry. At his blank look, she said, "Old drow myth."

"Huh." He apparently decided not to dig further, and left her to her own devices.

With aid from two dwarves on guard duty, she had a quick bath, making sure to get all the orifices she'd be using clean as she could. She briefly toyed with the idea of dragging the tub in plain sight of them, but discarded it just as quickly. Even assuming they'd be distracted by a shapely, glistening ebony leg sticking straight up out of the water, distracting them wasn't exactly a smart thing to do, never mind putting herself close to the perimeter in the wilds.

She decided to go naked, a perfunctory toweling leaving her skin moist, droplets of water glistening like little jewels in the firelight. The wagons were arranged in a circle around the center of camp--which was not the fire, but another, well-fortified wagon. Off to one side was the fire, the duergar surrounding it in clumps. She crept carefully between the wagons, spotted Gemkeeper, and then circled around so she'd approach from his front; most of the dwarves were facing him, so she'd be coming up behind them.

"That felt so good," she moaned, stretching as she carefully picked her way between them. Already smiling, she didn't have to hide it as conversation stopped and all eyes slid over her body. She might not have been built like a dwarf, but a wet naked woman would get anyone's attention. "Nothing like a bath to get you in the mood, and I hear there's a fine body of dwarves here who need some relaxation."

When she arrived at Gemkeeper’s seat, she sat cross-legged in front of him, then leaned back on her elbows. "How do you want me?"

He grinned, pushed her legs open, and dropped his pants, his already-hard cock springing to attention. "This'll do," he said, pushing into her cunt without ceremony.

They groaned together as he sank into her cunt. Rocking his hips lightly, he started pumping. Her legs tightened reflectively, but she forced them open again, as though inviting everyone to take their shot.

It took them a moment to decide what to do, but it all happened at once when they did. As one, they stoop up and encircled her. She heard buckles and buttons working as they pulled thick cocks out. She allowed herself a broader grin, then lost it as Gemkeeper's member went deeper inside her, and locked eyes with him.

He leaned over her, nuzzling and licking at her tits. She let out an appreciative murmur, turning to squeaks of delight as he shifted to bite her pierced nipples. He took the rings between his blocky teeth and gave each a tug in turn as his hips thrust faster.

She lay back fully, slipping her arms around his back, as he sped up, permitting a happy groan from her lips as his cock made use of her cunt. She carefully timed her muscles' squeezing so she tightened her pussy as he plunged into her and didn't relax until he was half an inch from stopping on the way out.

He finished quickly, perhaps to give his fellows a turn, or maybe he had yet to recover from the earlier blowjob. In any case, he buried himself balls deep in her, gasping as he dropped a load of spunk within. She kissed his bald dome before he pulled away, looking well pleased.

The one next in line rolled onto his back after he'd pushed into her. "And what's this in favour of?" she asked as she sank down on his cock.

"Bin workin' all day," the stout one said carelessly. "Yer turn."

She laughed, saying, "Gladly," and began to ride him, rolling her hips up and down, back and forth. He grasped her round ass with rough hands, then moved one to rub at her clit.

She purred encouragingly as he matched her rhythm, lifting to meet her downstroke, thick hands pawing her smooth dark flesh--but always at least one finger stroking at her clit, making her shudder. She sped up, bucking atop him, breasts jiggling in time with their fucking. She gave a happy sigh as he matched her again, hairy balls slapping against her pussy and ass. Her hands stroked his beard as she sucked on her lower lip, and when he began groaning, cooed, "Yes, you stud, like that, yes, give me your cummm..."

He held on for a surprising amount of time, considering how she was working him over with her muscles. Fascinated, she focused on his face, trying to pinpoint the exact moment...

There, she thought, as his mouth twitched; his eyes widened immediately afterward and in the next instant he gurgled. She felt his jism splatter inside her, mingling with Gemkeeper's, and she quickly wrapped her legs around his, keeping him locked within until the last of it dribbled out, then released. He squirmed out from under her as she kissed over his chest, belly, and cock. He looked almost startled by the affection.

She gave the impression of it, but was not surprised, when the next fellow came up behind her promptly started to fuck her rothé-style.

Se gasped and groaned and growled, exulting in the feel of his cock slamming into her. This was what dwarves were built for, and it showed--his motions were smooth and powerful, efficiently machinelike. His loins slapped noisily into hers, and she loved it, loved getting it hard from behind, especially when he neglected to play with her clitoris. It felt good, but wouldn't set her off early; she could go for hours like this.

As she noted this one's pace wasn't flagging in the slightest, she knew she'd need all the tricks she had of extending her endurance and pleasure thresholds. The first two, she knew, had been lucky breaks, and even then had lasted longer than average--and both of them were already lining up again, Gemkeeper's cock seemingly harder than ever, the other's more erect than not.

It seemed like her current mate had found his groove; if his pace had deviated in the slightest she couldn't detect it. His thrusts were perfect, slamming hard into her, using the momentum to pull all the way out again with minimal effort. She started to drive her hips backward, meeting him halfway, exercising that fine control of her muscles she was infamous for back home. She was trying to make it an effort to pull out but easy to drive back in, exactly the opposite of how he was operating. She shivered from the extra friction, but let out a happy, triumphant moan when his pace became uneven.

He still had tremendous control, though, and lasted many long minutes before he busted his nut with a cry, actually doing so as he pulled out, so most of it ended up on her ass. She took the moment as he backed away to catch her breath, noted they weren't approaching, and looked over her shoulder. They looked nervous, as if worried the cumming on her had been offensive. She swiped up the largest glob with her fingers and slurped it down, then sent a look over her shoulder that could only be described as smoldering.

The next dwarf's legs were almost a blur as he approached, and he practically dove into her cunny. She gave a happy sigh, then decided to stack the deck slightly in her favour. She lifted her legs from the ground, locked them around his waist, holding him inside, and balanced on her hands...then on her hand, beckoning to the next man and licking her lips. He approached, and as soon as he was in lunging range she went for him with her mouth, bobbing her head and releasing the fellow in her pussy to fuck.

She groaned happily as he started to pound away in that steady dwarven rhythm, taking her time with the cock in her mouth, closing her eyes and slowly easing in more and more with every head bob. The head pushed at her throat, and he gave a little moan each time, but she decided not to let him, choosing to tease; she even started to take him past her esophagus, only to force him back out again. She didn't even have to work her tongue to have him panting in moments.

Meanwhile, she was making muffled cries and grunts as she was rhythmically filled; she wanted her clit played with so badly, yet needed to last a while, so she took away temptation and busied her hands by stroking the cock she was sucking and playing with his balls as her head bobbed. This proved to be too much for even duergar stamina. Seconds later, he'd shot off in her mouth, drizzling her tongue with hot, salty jism. As he staggered backward, she showed it to him, winked, and swallowed.

She turned her attention briefly to the dwarf fucking her, moving with him and making animal grunts with every thrust. It was pleasing, but his hands stayed resolutely on her hips as her cunt muscles worked him over. She took out her frustration on the waiting males. "Well?" she barked. "Someone get another cock over here!" The dwarves were not used to being ordered around by naked elven prostitutes, and it showed in their expressions, but there was no arguing with Xayara's tone.

She showed no mercy to the first volunteer, sucking him into her throat, tongue with its smooth steel stud swirling around the pole. Her hands caressed his sack as she gulped him to the hilt, nose pressed into the hair on crotch. Inspired by her aggression, the duergar fucking her sped up, hammering so hard it stung, but she let out a muffled cry of pleasure anyway, redoubling the efforts of her mouth.

There was no real chance for him anyway, but even so she was surprised at how quickly her victim came, shooting his cum straight down her throat. When he'd emptied his balls, she pushed him away. Trying to sound at once playful and dismissive--no meant feat with a dwarf savaging her cunt, piston like--she panted, "Nothing but a disappointment." Meeting his gaze defiantly, she murmured, "I wanted to taste it."

It was an effort to time it just so, but she used the sounds made by the man fucking her as a guide...and when she finished speaking, as his breath was almost coming in wheezes, squeezed...

Gasping, the dwarf erupted inside her, slumping briefly across her back before staggering away. To her horror and delight, they seemed to be conferring, as if planning a skirmish. She felt a shiver that had nothing to do with chill; individual dwarves were respected as warriors, but when they gathered for war, they were feared...

Eventually, Gemkeeper swaggered forward, standing in front of her. Rather brusquely, he took her hair in one hand, throat in the other, and forced his cock past her lips, over her tongue, and into her esophagus with one push. Her eyes bulged with surprise, more so when he didn't let go, but simply throatfucked her purposefully, taking no heed of her. Her hands pressed against his short, thick legs, but only half-heartedly.

There was a trick to maintaining a throatfuck almost indefinitely, one she knew. A straight line, a predictable rhythm (not too fast), and clear sinuses. She had two of three...and after two false starts, when she managed to suck in a lungful of air and immediately expel it a moment later, two and a half.

As her eyes watered, she glanced up at Gemkeeper; he seemed surprised she had held on so long. Given the speed of his thrusting, so was she. With barely a quarter second on the in and out combined, she was breathing.

It was not, though, perfect. She wasn't getting enough. Even as she exulted in the smell and taste of him, as his cock made her mouth yield, as his balls slapped her chin, she saw spots begin to dance in her eyes.

She held it as long as she dared, then pulled away. Or tried to; he wouldn't let her go. He was too in to the moment, she realized; even when she dug her nails into his thighs, at most it only excited him. She considered her teeth, but decided to save that as a last resort. He sounded close... She continued to desperately suck in little puffs of air that felt smaller every time as she threw herself into his pleasure, tongue working madly, hands stroking his balls and ass. Her nostrils flared, her eyes began sliding closed...

Bellowing, he came, and the instant he did, Xayara pulled away from his suddenly slack grip, not noticing that most of his cum streaked into her hair. She sat up, gasping for breath, finally free. For three seconds.

Gemkeeper had taken advantage while the others talked, but now they were taking action. She was surrounded, too dizzy to fight back even if she wanted to, and a cock was forced into her mouth as another slipped into her cunt.

These were more gentle, though: she was rolled onto her knees as the male fucking her shifted onto his back. Another cock pressed against her face, almost insistently; she stroked it, as if telling it to be patient, then switched, using her hand on the one that she'd been sucking.

She moaned long and loud as the cock in her pussy picked up speed, only those pricks she happily traded in and out of her mouth keeping the noise from reaching the perimeter guards. Not that she would have minded... How many duergar had encircled her? A score? Two dozen? She didn't care. She'd take them all on--

Her eyes widened as a slippery cock was thrust rather sharply into her asshole; she managed not to bite down from the shock. It was slick and slid into her with surprising ease; it must have been one of the half-dozen cocks she'd had in her mouth by then. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she gave in, hips thrusting down on both poles as she tried to force both rods bobbing in her face into her mouth at once. She bent forward slightly to be fair to both, shoving her tits into the face of the duergar underneath her, giggling as he nuzzled at them.

The first two came together; she gulped down the sperm from the first while the second painted her face white. "C'mon," she purred as they caught their breath. They seemed strangely hesitant, and even the two filling her other fuckholes were starting to slow. "Mmm," she moaned at the feel of them, and hoped she didn't sound like she was whining as she said, "Don't tease me."

Then, the whole setup abruptly rolled. Xayara found herself being assfucked slowly from below while a duergar standing between her thighs drilled at her pussy.

She bit her lip, then whimpered helplessly as the cocks stabbed deeper. As she did, a cock was pushed into her mouth; she sucked and licked eagerly, accepting it into her throat, only to gurgle for breath at the bad angle. She pushed him out reflexively; a second dwarf laughed and took her hair, guiding her to his own cock. He said, "Ha! Looks like she can't stand the taste o' yeh, Anvilbreaker!" There was laughter, and in truth, due to the angle, she was able to take his easily.

But she didn't like that laughter...

After a moment to let him groan, she pulled away and said, "Actually, mm, he's a little, ooh, b-big for me." She turned back to Anvilbreaker and gave him a wink. "I'm willing to give it another try-yi-yi, if you're careful," she added, her tongue darting out of her mouth briefly to lick at her lips.

Anvilbreaker grinned triumphantly and eased his cock between her lips, allowing her to take her time, groaning as she pressed the head against the opening to he throat...

"Nope," she said, backing off again, "can't do it." There was more laughter, this time sounding much friendlier, the key being that Anvilbreaker joined in.

Even with two cocks in her and two competing for her mouth, Xayara was running the show; the double penetration felt wonderful, but almost all of the time missed her sweet spot. On top of that, they still weren't paying any attention to her clit. There were the occasional spikes of pleasure, making her squeak or shudder, but those were easy to deal with. Unless there was a lot going on, without either of her rothé's-eyes getting targeted, she could hold off orgasm almost forever.

Not that she wanted to, but it was nice to know she could.

She switched back and forth between the cocks in her mouth easily, abandoning the running commentary until Anvilbreaker shifted his position by about a foot; the angle improved so she could finally deep throat him without any trouble. She wouldn't have commented even then, but the duergar actually cheered; after she let him go a moment later, hips rocking, she said smugly, "Knew I could do it," and was actually patted on the back by someone.

Dwarves, the stereotype went, weren't very deviant when it came to sex. Xayara found herself doubting this; at the very least they had the exact right attitude for an orgy.

The male fucking her cunt sped up, gasping and leaning in as if trying for more force; the change made it so he jostled that sensitive point inside her several times, drawing a twitch from her hips each time his cockhead rubbed over it. It was inexpertly and probably accidentally done, so while she couldn't ignore it, she could ride it out, using it as a spur to better performance.

After a surprisingly long last flurry of thrusts, he erupted inside her pussy, remaining balls-deep for a while afterward, gasping, then finally pulling out at the insistence of one of the waiting dwarves. Taking a quick glance around before the next man slid between her thighs, she saw they weren't looking very impatient...but she had been spending rather a while with the same two pricks in her mouth. It was time for a change.

The cocks in question were almost twitching; in her inimitable way, she'd been teasing them, coaxing them closer and closer to cumming, but never letting it actually happen. Once, Anvilbreaker had even started to lose it, a spurt of precum landing on her tongue, but she'd backed off, fingers taming his prick to obedience. She had remained silent, but his expression was worth the effort.

One reason she'd kept them twitching thus far was that was she wasn't sure what to do with the cum. Certainly, swallow, it, taste it, let it cover her face--but which one? If only there'd been a third...

She almost laughed and immediately decided. A third? She was on the third, and the fourth, for that matter. She'd already swallowed some, and let it linger on her tongue. It was time to get messy. But, because she was Xayara, she let Anvilbreaker, who was undoubtedly closer, stew while she brought off his friend. He came in a torrent, thick heavy gobs raining over her nose and mouth, oozing down her cheek.

After she sucked the last drops from the tip, she turned to Anvilbreaker. He looked like he was going to explode. Or perhaps, she thought as her hands pumped up and down on his shaft and his semen pumped onto her forehead and eyelids with startling force, the word we're looking for is erupt.

She wiped just about the minimum off her eyelids allowing her to see and sucked it from her fingers. Her smile was dazzling as two more thick cocks presented themselves for her inspection.

The time for play was over; the five of them moved like a machine, steady and rhythmic. Another advantage of dwarves--they were efficient and good at teamwork. Through a mouthful of cock, she moaned both in quiet pleasure and disappointment, knowing she was losing one of her friends when she felt hot cum shoot into her ass; it turned into mumbled surprised when he slipped out, her shoulders supported by the two she was sucking, hips by the man buried in her pussy. She took the hint, hooking her legs over his shoulders until the next had scrabbled underneath her. He was slimmer but longer than the last, ideal for assfucking, making her squeak when he pushed into her and she felt the two members rubbing against each other through the thin wall between her two cum-slippery orifices.

She was trying, and almost succeeding, to take both cocks in her mouth at once when a heavy weight settled on her chest, though it was slightly alleviated a moment later. Twisting her head around, she looked up into the grinning face of Gemkeeper, sliding his cock into the channel he'd made by squeezing her firm, ample tits together. As he pumped his hips to fuck the slot, his grin widened, white teeth glistening almost as much as his sweaty face.

"I got the set," he said. She raised her eyebrows, hoping it communicated her polite confusion. "First one," he panted, "to do all four."

She let the cocks she was working over with her lips and tongue slip out, though she put nimble fingers to work so her charges didn't complain. "That, unh, was you in my aaass?" she asked with a moan.

"I wiped it off," he said defensively, and she shrugged, going back to her sucking. In truth, it didn't bother her in the slightest--she'd taken it up the ass and promptly sucked the member into her mouth afterwards. She took pains whenever possible to keep every orifice she had clean, and she'd had a bath before the orgy started. What did she care?

The collective ravishing, though, was starting to catch up with her. More often than not, they weren't stimulating her sweet spots, and when they did it was plainly not intended, but the fact was she had two good-sized pricks invading her, a pair of dicks filling her mouth, and one sliding between her tits. Gemkeeper had started tweaking her nipples, using the half-circle rings to great effect. Her legs started coiling around the waist of the dwarf fucking her cunt as she felt an orgasm sneaking up on her.

Her quiet moans and cock-muffled sighs had changed to cries and yelps of pleasure; she knew it probably wouldn't have happened if not for the attention to her tits, but it was a moot point now. Those invading her bowels and womb were picking up speed, their own orgasms approaching, Gemkeeper's hands were mauling her boobs (in a good way), and she was almost managing to fit both cocks into her throat; their owners were moaning and whimpering helplessly, finally cumming, one after the other.

She gurgled on the jism as it filled her mouth, riding both cocks fucking her vigorously, and finally gave them her hard-earned climax. Her pussy, coaxed to cum over the past hour and with the last few rough minutes egging her on, managed a generous squirt of girlcum over the cocks and balls of her duergar lovers.

They slowed as she came down from the high, giving her time to recover, only to speed up again when she didn't relent. Her clenching womb seemed to be the last thing the duergar fucking her cunt needed on top of the merciless pace; he came with a surprised squeak that she found adorable.

He was replaced by a duergar who leaned very far forward--so much he could look around Gemkeeper, still gamely fucking her tits. "Excuse me, lass?"

Gemkeeper looked sidelong at his subordinate, seeming annoyed, but the young dwarf--Lass indeed! He's probably younger than me!--ignored him. She eased the cocks she was trying to swallow together out of her hungry mouth.

"Yes?" she panted graciously, idly licking the cocks her hands were playing with.

"Well, me and one o' the other lads had an idea, and I wonder if'n ye'd mind. It might hurt a bit, see..."

As he explained, she felt her heartbeat quicken. She'd done it before, but only rarely, and never with others involved on top of it. He looked excited when she gave him the go-ahead.

"Don't ye worry yer pretty head; we'll be careful." He put himself up on his toes, waving another of the younger-looking duergar forward. The other came up behind him, aimed carefully, and pushed in.

She let herself cry out as the second cock stretched out her pussy, then engulfed the cocks she'd been gobbling before. The only other option would have been to burst out laughing at the expression and position of the young dwarves.

Those two were crafty, though—not only to come up with their idea, but the one in front was rubbing at her clit. In order to fit better, and with how filled up she was, he was pretty much guaranteed to hit that other tender little spot, too...

With a grunt, Gemkeeper gave a half-dozen last strokes and popped, thick white cream splashing over her throat and chest. She whimpered at the heat of his semen, and was cumming again in moments, her body primed and ready for it and now being overloaded with ecstasy. This time she let loose enough to cum to give the cocks and balls of both those in her pussy and the one pounding her ass a good soaking.

Now they knew what to expect, they didn't let up, and the steady, constant pumping--except in the brief lulls when dwarves swapped out--was threatening to make her cum again in minutes, and harder still this time. She fought back, but had two weapons forced to other targets as another pair of dwarves took her hands and moved them to their pricks, leaving just her mouth to please the two alternating in her throat. She stroked the newest two, blinded by the forest of gray flesh but still skilled, rolling her hips, squeezing her cunt and ass around the dwarf cocks molesting them...

The ones she was sucking let loose, filling her mouth, too much for even her to swallow; she snorted as a bit squirted out of her nostrils. That caused the rest to back off, even when she threw herself into satisfying every one of them. She tugged the cocks in her hand into her mouth, gulping one and then the other down her throat while fondling their balls. The sudden oral assault was more than they expected, and before long she was taking their jism across her face and on her tongue.

The duergar seemed stunned at her sudden resurgence, leaving her hands and mouth unmolested. She was free to work over the man who'd taken over for Gemkeeper, squeezing her tits into a tighter channel around his cock. With each thrust she favoured the head with a kiss, lick, or suck. The dwarf didn't last long, but Xayara would remember him for a long time; his first massive shot left a foot-long streak on her face, and the remainder painted her ebony tits and throat white.

She squeezed her cunt around the pair of cocks pumping inside it. "Fuck me," she purred at their owners. At their stunned looks, she started moving her hips with their more vigorously. "I said fuck me!" she growled. Faced with her intense, smoky-eyed gaze, her words somewhere between demand and plea, they found themselves responding, hips pumping furiously; without anyone in the way, the foremost one was able to lean forward, which allowed the other to fuck her harder.

Round, firm breasts bouncing lightly each time their loins slammed into her, Xayara moaned, hands busily fondling her own tits, delicately tugging and twisting the nipple rings. She bent forward, taking a ring between her teeth and pulling back hard, then licking the cum from her peaks.

Lustful as she was, the duergar seemed to be driven by their surprise, and even a little by fear of what she might do if they stopped. But while such emotions were good for motivation, they weren't for endurance; with a gasp, the dwarf in front erupted.

Xayara cried out, as if in triumph, and wrapped her legs around the gray dwarf's back, pulling him down to her chest and holding him deep inside her, hips still pumping reflexively. She kissed his forehead; rather weakly, she thought, he nuzzled and nibbled at her tits.

The other gritted his teeth, eyes squeezed shut, as he fucked her as hard as he could. There was exquisite fullness, from the two dicks in her cunt and the one steadily pumping into her asshole, but she held on. She probably could have cum if she let herself, but she had a demonstration in mind.

"Fuckyeah!" the second shouted as he came, pausing halfway inside her as he ground to a halt with a last few twitches of his hips.

Groaning, the two dwarves pulled out together, stumbling away and leaning on each other for support, cum dripping in a faint trail from their dicks. She eyed them shrewdly, a definite idea coming to her.

A stab of pleasure in her ass brought her mind back to the task at hand. She nodded to herself, sitting up and rolling her shoulders as if preparing for a run, all the while maintaining her rhythm on the cock in her bowels.

Sliding a hand between her legs, she stroked her clit with nimble fingers, making little whimpers as the familiar tingle ran up her spine. Reaching back with her free hand, she moved his hands one at a time from her waist to her ass, giving them a squeeze as a hint. He took it, grasping, stroking, even--she yelped in surprise, pain, and delight the first time--slapping the round cheeks.

She sat up fully, putting herself onto her knees, fingers probing into her cunt and finding that sweet spot like a hunting spider; she squirmed and thrashed atop the dwarf sodoomizing her, her face twisted into an expression of barely tolerable pleasure. Thumb working her clit, her fingers wriggled in her pussy, the longest relentlessly rubbing at the target. Her other hand juggled the duergar's balls and rubbed the base of his cock, anus tightening as he withdrew and relaxing as he plunged back in, his quiet moans rewarding her efforts.

The drow whore bit her lip, so close she could taste it, wondering if she'd overstepped...and then shivered with relief as she saw his toes curl and heard him gasp, felt him shoot into her back door. She'd been holding back, but a brief dance of fingers and a twist of her hand...

With a wordless scream, she came, leaning back as her pussy squirted again, more violently, the get of girlcum going six feet at least. Even after her pussy stopped, she continued to twitch and writhe as the orgasm continued. After what felt like an eternity in heaven, or at least a few hours, she slumped back over the dwarf beneath her, panting.

Then she pulled herself off of him and looked around, spotting a hard cock that looked like it hadn't seen the inside of her yet. Scrambling on her hands and knees, she fairly tackled him, managing to bear him to the ground despite being outweighed by a hundred pounds. Her mouth engulfed his member, and she made noises like an animal being territorial over its kill. She shuffled her hips sideways, all the way around, and twisted her torso to an angle so her crotch fell directly over his head. He dove in, thick mustache and beard making her giggle as it tickled her pussy and thighs, but his mouth and tongue surprisingly deft while he ate her out.

As she worked his balls over in her mouth, she rubbed his cock in one hand, and when she felt eyes on her, raised her head to meet them. Gemkeeper was staring at her, cock hardening again--as if he'd only just seen her.

And as a duergar came up behind her and slipped effortlessly into her well-lubed asshole, she realized she might have been a little arrogant in offering to take them all. She'd known about dwarven stamina--or thought she had--but hadn't anticipated that they could cum so many times without resting. She'd never seen anything like it, never met a male who could go more than twice without needing to lie down, and Gemkeeper was on his fifth hard-on of the night, and he didn't even look tired, though he didn't push his way to the front of the line as he had the other times.

She cried out in shock and pleasure and (the reason for the shock) pain as a second cock was eased into her back hole. She was half-crazed with lust by now, but thought they felt familiar; sucking the cock in her face from the side, she glanced over her shoulder and saw the familiar face of the young one who'd been so eager to have his friend join him in her cunt...

Their recovery time stunned her, and she actually paused until the duergar eating her stopped to mutter something and, apparently in response, the eager-faced youth took her head in hand and forced her mouth over the throbbing prick she should have been sucking.

Dwarves! She thought with a mixture of lust, amazement, and self-mockery. What kind of idiot would get herself gangbanged by dwarves?

She impressed herself, though. Through the hours of fucking to follow, the buckets of cum and the small mushroom forest of cocks, and enough groping to give her light bruises all over, she endured, even triumphed--outlasting all but the last few, whom she tired out at the cost of her own stamina.

She would pay for it the next day, she knew. She wasn't worried about her pussy or ass being a little too well-used--even old elves were almost impossibly elastic, and she wasn't even a hundred and fifty, so the fact that when she walked upright her ass still felt like it wanted to gape open didn't worry her--but elves weren't built for quick recovery. For at least a few days, and longer if she worked them, she'd be plagued with sore muscles.

She found, before retiring themselves, that some of the earlier ones she thought she'd drained had set up a very comfortable bed for her. She didn't bother to dig out her night clothes from her pack, simply toweling off with a cloth provided by one of the sentries coming off duty and snuggling under the covers.

Elves, including drow, didn't need much sleep; four hours a night was usually enough. She didn't wake for six, when the smell of a surprisingly good meal coaxed her to wakefulness, and she realized her little cot had been moved into one of the wagons when the convoy got under way. Her placid dreams hadn't even been disturbed by it.

Duergar caravans, as much for safety as efficiency, didn't stop except so that they could rest (once a day, for seven hours) or water the rothé when they needed it (once a week, for about ten minutes). But if a dwarf could find the agility to clamber between caravan wagons while they were moving, so could a highly-trained elf. It was slightly more difficult than it looked.

She was surprised when she saw so many of the dwarves she thought she'd exhausted out and about. They smiled and greeted her cheerfully, as if they hadn't spent the pervious night almost fucking themselves to sleep. She didn't say anything about it, though, until she reached the head of the caravan, where she found Gemkeeper, looking bright-eyed as she'd ever seen him, sitting in his customary seat. She reminded herself that he was one of the first to retire, and so it shouldn't surprise her that he was so alert.

"You look well," she said.

He nodded. "Feelin' well." He gave her a sidelong glance. "Yeh're lookin' a mite stiff."

"I feel stiff." She rolled her shoulders, moaning softly as the tight, overworked muscles protested.

"Stayed in bed a mite too long, I'm thinkin'," he said, with the air of someone who'd been where she was.

"Worked a bit too hard before bed, I'm thinkin'," she returned, trying to make her voice rough and deep as his. It didn't really work; it just made her already smoky voice sound much too low, as if she were pretending to be seductive in a comedic play. He snorted.

"Master," said a rough voice. She turned, and found herself staring.

She tried to stop as the duergar who had poked his head out from the wagon explained a situation she didn't bother to try to understand in her stunned state. Gemkeeper replied in calm tones, and the duergar vanished.

She was quiet for a moment. The young fellow had been the last one she'd handled; it had taken almost all her strength, but she'd sucked him dry and let him watch his cum ooze down her throat. He'd actually fallen asleep on his feet and collapsed after taking two steps, had to be carried to his bedroll by some of the pickets coming off duty. And he was looking better than Gemkeeper was. He hadn't even yawned.

"You and your people have recovered better than I expected," she said lightly, to cover her discomfiture.

"That so?" Gemkeeper seemed to think about that for a while, then finally spit over the side and said, "Then yeh really don't know much about duergar, do yeh?"

Xayara considered that. Everything she'd seen that morning was counter to her expectations of the night previous. She supposed she didn't know that much.

But she decided that she would learn.

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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
Niarlarnen loomed against three of the walls of a cavern even larger than that of the city she left, the city's dim light reflecting on the black waters of the river that gave it its name. The River needed no other name; it was the largest known in the civilized Underdark, widening at points into a veritable underground sea, but was freshwater, and so was all the more crucial. There had been wars fought over this particular stretch of cavern for centuries before a few unusual members of the drow, duergar, and svirfneblin agreed it was to be neutral ground, the name of the cavern, and later the city, taken from the respective words of each race for "water"--in fact, translated to any other language, the city's name literally meant "water water water".

Before long, though, it was not merely "neutral ground", but a city of merchants, where race was secondary to coin and dark elves, deep dwarves, and ghost gnomes lived side by side--grudgingly at first, but eventually peaceful. Most wouldn't have much good to say about the other races if asked, but among what few compliments they gave would be "good neighbours, at least around here".

One could supposedly find anything for sale in Niarlarnen, short of that which would never be for sale (in such cases, there was often information on where one could find such things). Weapons, magic, books, art, transportation, and slaves were available, just for a start. Strangely, though, most slave-trading went on within Niarlarnen itself; those of the city weren't fond of selling to others. The reason was that Niarlarnen slaves, while definitely property, were well-treated property--a drow who thought he knew how a goblin should act and be treated would be shocked by the creatures he found in Niarlarnen. They were worked hard, and weren't paid, but could in time earn freedom, and were not unlike horses on the surface, in that one did not treat them poorly if only because good ones were so expensive. Such a slave being bought by a stereotypical drow master might die of shock before she died of the inevitable beatings, or lash out at an unreasonably harsh mistress, losing his life in the process.

In recent decades, those wiser than most realized something about Niarlarnen. Alien creatures like the Deep Ones used extreme caution when approaching the city, and even then only did so to engage in trade. At least a third of all commerce in the Underdark passed through the city at some point. Humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes were, if not exactly welcomed, then allowed, so long as they had money and didn't raise a ruckus. Drow magic and duergar steel and svirneblin cunning and well-trained, well-cared for, and unusually loyal slave-soldiers protected the city, and anyone with sense wouldn't want one of those turned on them, let alone all four. With its combined arms, vast wealth, and willingness to ask for help from what would have been a traditional enemy had the citizens not been so relatively egalitarian, Niarlarnen was probably the dominant power in the known Underdark.

Xayara, happy though she was to see a city again, and particularly this city, which she'd longed to visit since girlhood, was a little disappointed. They'd made good time, and soon she'd be leaving her clients.

It had taken her nearly a week to fully recover from the first night, but she'd picked a different dwarf to bed with every night she was convalescing, and to her delight had proven his superior in sexual endurance every single time. Those were mere warmups, though, like taking a walk to the bakery was for a distance runner. Eventually, she felt ready to try something harder.

The duergar rotated their guards on duty, so she waited until everyone who had been on watch the first night was off, and then staged another orgy. Xayara was better prepared this time. So were they, but they hadn't expected her to go back to group sex so quickly--and they'd expected that when she did, she'd play it slow at first, like she had the first time. Rather than wading in, she dove, pulling out all the stops, using every trick and position she knew and some she made up on the spot. She ended up covered in dwarf cum, her belly almost swollen from the amount she'd drank, her mouth and ass and cunt oozing jism.

And Xayara was the only one left standing under her own power. It was exhilarating; she imagined victors on the battlefield, gazing over the corpses of fallen enemies but still too high on bloodlust to feel disgusted, experienced much the same thing.

She felt stupid in the morning, and not because she felt vaguely nauseous; one of her concoctions took care of that. But had it been a caravan of elves, or even humans, she would have had endangered them with her pride. That they were dwarves meant they could recover quickly enough that there wasn't any real danger, but she'd actually wanted them to be bleary-eyed and half-asleep.

The drow whore had never felt shame--shame was for those who were embarrassed--but she did feel humility, when she was wrong, and did so now. She apologized to Gemkeeper, who shrugged it off with a, "No harm done." After negotiating a particularly tricky street corner, he added, "I'm just surprised a smart lass like yerself didn't figger out the rules earlier."

"Rules?" She was confused; the diminishing of her pride, however temporary, had her head quite thoroughly mixed up.

He ticked them off on his fingers. "Don't try to fight dirtier'n a dwarf. Don't hit a dwarf o'er the head. Don't expect to get the better of a dwarf in a deal involvin' gold. Don't think yeh can outlast a dwarf." He shrugged, returning his second hand to the reins. "Simple, really."

"And yet wisdom for the ages."

She hadn't tried a big gangbang after that, at least not with the entire caravan. It would have been fun, but it would have been too dangerous (or, to be precise, too dangerous for Xayara's enjoyment--sex was dangerous by default, she knew). Mostly it was more conventional little trysts with the various caravan members, a few satisfying orgasms, and the occasional three- or four-way. But it had been a very enjoyable and productive trip, nonetheless. She filled several pages of her journal, came up with a handful of new techniques, had at least two orgasms a night, and had even tried something new to her, though she'd contemplated it before: double anal penetration, with those brave, inventive young dwarves from the first night. It had been delightful, if a little painful, and she did it again several times, trying with a number of others.

But the trip was over, and it was time to move on. She was running low on potions, and thought she'd spend some time in Niarlarnen before moving on to the surface; supposedly there was an exit only five miles away. She'd never been with a human before, and the thought of bedding with surface elves, with pointed ears and agility like her own but with skin that wasn't ebony, would have been exciting just for the exotic factor, never mind the danger involved with someone who should hate her on sight...

Still...she'd miss the duergar. They were...she searched for the closest word, and found it in the trade tongue of the Underdark: cooperative. They didn't get jealous, at least not when it came to whores, and they were more than willing to work together to make sure everyone had fun.

As she packed, Gemkeeper came up to her, hands on his belt, robes jingling suspiciously. "Well, time fer payin'," he said. He looked a little nervous. "Er...what had we agreed on, again?"

She smiled. "Value given for value earned." She knew Gemkeeper probably had intended to use the time to think of some kind of excuse to pay her less than she might have asked for at he start, but that his appreciation for a good deal was going to force him to be fair, if not generous.

"Aye, well uh..." He gestured for her to follow him, and rather circumspectly took her to the wagon she knew to be their treasury. He looked both ways, opened it up, and pulled out a huge chest, exceedingly heavy judging by how he struggled with it. Eschewing her offer of help, he bade her stay in front of him as he dwarfhandled the chest over to where she was packing up, and set it down breathlessly. "Right. Well. I, uh, put a chest together after the first night." He paused. "This ain't it, 'cause you kept on workin'. This is one of the chests we got from a buyer here." From within his robes he took a heavy key and unlocked it, then heaved the lid open.

She winced and glanced away as the light gleamed off of hundreds, thousands, of silver and gold coins.

" 'sall yours," he said. "This is what we agreed on as a group, mind, so I'd like yeh ta...uh...well, here's somethin' from me." He reached into his robes and pulled out a large sack. It was bulging. She glanced inside. The coins were silvery. Her surprise must have shown, because he said, "Platinum, actually. Worth about eight times a gold piece these days."

She nodded, and put it inside her knapsack, where it fit nicely along with enough possessions to fill a good-sized closet. She got the feeling that the pack was still rather empty.

"So, um...pleasure doin' business wi' yeh, Mistress Xayara," he said, shaking her hand briefly.

"Mistress?" she asked.

He snorted. "Ya don't think ye've earned it?"

"Not precisely that," she said, "but traditionally, great whores are called madam."

He nodded. "Well then, madam, pleasure and honor, and all that. If you're ever around here again...it does get lonely caravanin' in the Underdark. Never noticed, till you pointed out how unlonely it can be." He looked surprised at his own relative eloquence, and backed away as if he was expecting something bad to happen.

She only smiled.

As she scooped handfuls of coins into the pack, and a smaller handful into her money purse--finding that most of the "silver" ones from the chest, too, were platinum--another duergar approached her. Not unlike Gemkeeper, he seemed nervous and uncertain, and offered her a small bag, though it was dangerously full. Inside were some of the most beautiful gems she'd ever seen, sapphires and kings' tears, rogue stones and diamonds, emeralds and rubies. She thanked him, tied the strings carefully, and put it in the pack with the majority of her money. She decided she'd have to learn how to appraise such things, in case future clients wanted to pay and she didn't trust them as much as she did the dwarves.

She was expecting the third visit, the young dwarf she thought was an engineer, who had been so inventive that first night. He gave her several little disks that, when opened, each had thirty little tablets inside. Looking a little embarrassed, he explained what they were for, that he was actually an alchemist, and that any alchemist worth the title would know, from a sample of one pill, how to make more. It was a truly dwarven gift, she told him: valuable, useful, and tailored to the recipient. He blushed all the more.

Ten more visits occurred by the time she was done, most of them from groups of the stout folk, as if they were finding bravery in numbers. Anvilbreaker, who as it turned out was a smith of skill that belied his name, gave her a dagger that, he said, could "shift metal", in case any werewolf, demon, or other creature vulnerable to certain materials got too forward. A group of seven handed her a specially-designed case, filled with potions both normal and exotic, and some that she was surprised they knew the names of--they seemed more embarrassed by the contents than the alchemist had been with his special pills, so they had to know what the concoctions did.

By the time the last pair walked away, having gifted her with a small jade idol of some surfacer peoples' hermaphroditic deity of lust, she was almost ready to just toss it aside, as she was running out of room. But it was a finely-made statue, and really quite exciting to look at. She decided to spend a lot of the more space-intensive silver on something frivolous but small.

But, she decided, that would be later. They had been very generous, far beyond even her best night back home, and she decided she would make up the difference...

The fire was roaring, the stew was boiling, and the ale was flowing. There’d been talk of whores, but it had been agreed that after Xayara it wouldn’t be the same, at least not for some time.

There was no one on guard, this close to Niarlarnen; attacks were unheard of, and anyone who would steal from or attack celebrating duergar was either stupid, crazed, or powerful enough to wipe them all out in one go. And even if it had been as dangerous to be unguarded there was it was in the wilds, an orgy was all very well and good, but ale was ale. Perhaps, then, it was the ale that stopped from noticing the rothé at first.

“Animals got loose,” said one, when they were finally spotted. Then, he looked up past the animal’s shaggy shoulders and head and saw a slender, black-skinned figure holding the traces. “Drow!” he cried, reaching for his axe, which was stowed in a wagon fifty feet away.

“You wound me, Grint Axgrind,” said a familiar voice, sounding so hurt Axgrind actually found his eyes watering slightly in sympathy. “Is that all I was to you? Just another drow?”

Squinting in the relatively bright light, Axgrind saw that it was indeed Xayara. He expected his loins to twitch with excitement, but they were frozen, apparently torn between lust and terror.

“What’s wrong, madam?” said Gemkeeper, from somewhere near the fire. “Did we short you?”

Axgrind blinked. The words themselves should have been offensive—the only time dwarves made short jokes was when weapons were about to be unstrapped—but Gemkeeper made them jocular, even self-effacing. Axhind couldn’t figure out how it worked (in fact, had he been sober he would have seen it was a simple choice of words and tone, but he still would have marveled at how Gemkeeper made it look natural while slightly drunk himself). He supposed that was why Gemkeeper was caravan maser, and he wasn’t.

“Not at all, not at all. In fact one might say, if one wished to insult a gift-giver, that you were perhaps too generous.” The elaborate language and playful tone told the duergar that there was going to be some sort of show, and they settled down to watch.

They had no idea how right they were.

“But that’s neither here nor there,” Xayara said. “I realized, however, that I had not lived up to my end of the bargain. I said I’d please everyone in the caravan.” Idly, she patted the rothé’s broad, shaggy gray shoulders. The duergar generally didn’t name their work animals beyond things like “Hey You” or “Smelly Beast”, but she called this one Graybeard. When the duergar heard this, they’d laughed: rothé in fact grew darker as they aged, so Graybeard was the youngest of their small herd. “But I missed some.”

There was silence, except for a muttered oath or two from the quicker or more sober of the gray dwarves. “Ya mean,” Gemkeeper said, who had in fact been one of the first to pick up on it, “with…the animals.”

“Hardest workers in the caravan,” she said brightly. “But I must admit that I’ve seen what I’ll be working with, and it will take some effort. I’ll need some more pay, from them.” She managed to not laugh as she said, deadpan, “In fact, I insist.”

There were snickers. If the rothé had anything they owned, it probably amounted to fodder in various stages of digestion, though if that were counted then they technically had stockpiles all over the Underdark. And then the quicker ones remembered the harnesses, custom-fit constructions of leather that would come apart in a second, but only if you knew which tie to undo—if you didn’t, they seemed to have been fused with the skin. They could entirely arrest the movement of those wearing them with a careful tug, and didn’t really cover much of the animals at all, allowing the wearer’s fur (or skin…) to breathe.

And they remembered the predilections of drow, and how this one was about to do something they’d wager even other drow would find perverse.

It would not, in fact, be Xayara’s first time with an animal, or even a rothé. She hadn’t been stupid, at least with regards to picking the animal; she chose the run, having seen how big the full-sized ones’ members were. But her keeping track of Mother had left much to be desired. She’d been discovered, and whipped not raw (if someone was bleeding from a whipping the nerves might be exposed to damage, and then it wouldn’t hurt anymore, so what would be the point), but red, her entire back turned into a welt. The hardest part had been having to hide her repeated orgasms, though her screams had seemed to help.

Ah, to be fifteen again. Everything was so new, and Sil’da hadn’t been born to experiment with at that point, or even old enough for twenty years when she had been. (It would have been sooner, but Sil’da had always been a little immature emotionally; Xayara had had to proceed delicately.)

“Uh, well…what’re ya…gonna do?” Gemkeeper said, flustered.

Xayara let herself look surprised. “The same thing I did with you fellows, I suppose.” She scratched Graybeard’s ears. “Let them have their way with me.”

Thankfully, the dwarves seemed to find that claim, against the reality of her riding most of them into unconsciousness, funny rather than facetious.

“Now, I’ll need you to clear a space,” Xayara sed, and led Graybeard into the center of the ring that resulted. Kneeling beside him, she reached up between his legs, fondling balls nearly as big as her fist, and rewarded with the sight of a thick pink shaft sliding out of its sheath. She hoped it wasn’t just because it had to piss, but as more slid out, it didn’t droop. She was relieved at knowing the universal truth—a hard cock can’t piss unless there’s something wrong with it.

Stroking the glistening shaft, she marveled at its size; it was probably as long as her arm, and even a little thicker. The point was tapered, though, not bulbous—that was a relief, and something she’d forgotten about rothé and similar animals. It had been too long. She’d have to make a habit of it after this.

Gently, she stroked the shaft, quieting the beast when it seemed nervous at her touch. When it grew used to her fingers, she added her other hand, the soft touches becoming more forceful rubbing, squeezing with her fingers and sliding along the shaft to the tip. She bit her lip, then blinked in surprise. That was real excitement; her heart was beating faster and her nipples were already hard. Arousal she was used to, but excitement before the act itself normally took a while.

The game plan shifted; she had been going to rub Graybeard’s balls, perhaps start with soft kisses along the shaft, but she was getting impatient now. So she took a deep breath, inhaling the beast’s scent, and closed her mouth around the tip.

The narrowness of the tapered front end was deceptive; it quickly became almost too thick for her as she took more into her mouth, and she backed off, taking it more slowly, Graybeard’s hooves shuffling excitedly. This time, she got enough for the tip to poke into her throat. She hadn’t considered that; the shape of the cock would actually make it easier to deep throat. Spurred by that though, she tried to take more, but still wasn’t prepared for the thickness; for what had to be the first time in decades, she really gagged on a cock, her throat rejecting it.

Strings of spit dangled from her mouth as she fought off the worst of the gag. The audience, as she’d come to think of them, groaned with dismay. That was frustrating. She’d thought her libido had killed her gag reflex years ago. She glared at the cock. It bobbed in front of her face, taunting her.

Right. She wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. I’m not taking attitude from a prick like you. She was angry enough to not even notice her own pun.

She got on all fours underneath the rothé, directly parallel to his cock, and worked her jaw around in a circle, stretching the muscles. Then, just to let it know what she thought about it, she spat on the member, then rubbed her saliva all along the first five inches or so. Finally, she opened her mouth—as they watched her jaw fall open, several of the watching duergar crossed their legs, completely involuntarily and without realizing it—and engulfed the cock.

The tip poked into her throat, and she paused to gather herself, relaxing her esophagus as much as possible and actually closing her mouth a little—she’d learned that opening one’s mouth too wide could make it difficult to swallow.

She drove not only her head but her entire body forward, scurrying a few inches forward. The momentum helped, and though there was no chance of her being able to breathe, she’d manage to force a few more inches down her throat.

The audience made appreciative noises, and actually applauded when she started bobbing her head. For her part, Xayara was proud of herself, and the thought of what she was doing would have made her very wet if she wasn’t already. She couldn’t keep it up forever—as much from the discomfort and strain as the lack of air—but she knew she could do it again.

She released Graybeard, panting, precum and saliva dribbling out of her mouth. She stroked on of her thighs, shivering even through the leather.

Then she grabbed his cock and swallowed it again. She concentrated on taking more this time, and by her estimate got over a foot before the tapered member simply became too thick. She might have been able to get more, but she’d have to dislocate her jaw.

Graybeard was lowing appreciatively, but the duergar were reacting more like it was a form of performance art. That wouldn’t do at all. She slid a hand down over her belly, between her thighs, moaning through the thick cock. The vibration seemed to do Graybeard good, as he let out another bestial moan.

Her head bobbed, mouth slurping noisily. She let him go to nuzzle and lick the member, then took it back in. She growled and moaned, making sure she got enough volume in it that the dwarves could her and know she was enjoying it.

She needn’t have bothered; she son felt herself turned slightly sideways, a pair of stubby-fingers hands running over her ass, then undoing her pants and pulling them down around her calves. She ignored them except to spread her legs wider, still on all fours.

But she would admit to being surprised when a tongue and mouth and very ticklish set of whiskers was pressed against her pussy. The mystery duergar lapped and kissed her folds as she sucked the rothé’s cock.

Her cunt was dripping by now—if she hadn’t bothered to take them off before hand, she would have worried about the state of her panties. She was oddly thrilled at being so close to cumming almost without any stimulation; her toes curled in her boots, but she fought it off, focusing on her job.

Still, the next time she took a short breather, she growled “Fuck me!” at the dwarf eating her. He obeyed, dropping his breeches and pushing a hard, thick cock balls-deep so quickly she almost choked on Graybeard’s member. She groaned, cried out, yowled—or would have, if not for the cock stuffing her throat—as the dwarf, who as far as Xayara was concerned at this point could remain nameless, pistoned his hips. One hand snaked back down between her legs, jiggling her clit, sometimes rubbing his balls when he was deep inside, or as she drove herself backwards onto him. The cock she sucked was so thick and hard she didn’t even lose her balance when she grabbed Graybeard’s balls with her other hand.

She had to put the hand back down when she let him go to breathe, at which point she was truly aching to cum. Her pussy was beginning to spasm, and she was crying out loud enough, she knew, to be heard in the city outskirts.

“Oh…I’m…I’m…” She took a deep breath. “I’m going to make you cum,” she growled, throwing her self back against him. She ignored her clit in favour of his balls and shaft, and along with her cunt, suddenly much tighter as she squeezed around him, he was unloading in seconds.

With him taken care of, she returned her attention to Graybeard and her own pussy. Her finger worked over her clit as the duergar’s cum oozed out of her pussy. She tried to take Graybeard deeper each time she bobbed, but he just got too thick, and her over-focusing on deep throat meant she probably wasn’t giving his cock as good of a suck as it deserved.

She put her free hand to work, caressing his shaft and huge, furry balls, as her studded tongue licked along his cock, lips and throat tightening around the member. She had to time it carefully, so that she wasn’t pulling on the wrong part of his cock as she took him out of her throat, but for her such was child’s play, or at least adolescent’s play. Panting with lust, achingly close to an orgasm , she was delighted to see a stream of precum dribbling from the tip of the beast’s prick. She lapped at it, then swallowed, allowing the clear fluid to pump straight into her belly.

Graybeard was loving it, and she was careful to watch his shuffling hooves as she pulled back once more. “You’re close, aren’t you?” she murmured, licking and teasing the head before swallowing him again. His next groan was so perfectly timed it may well have been an answer. His cock was fairly vibrating, and after taking a deep breath, she sucked him into her mouth one last time—but stopped before taking too much. Her tongue did a frenzied dance over the tip, mirroring her fingers in her pussy, and she made a muffled cry of triumph when he came first—and then the taste of his cum set her off, pussy squirting over her fingers and onto the rocky ground. She let it go, rather than trying to ride the wave and make it longer or better. She gulped his jism greedily, trying not to let any escape but failing due to sheer volume, the remainder splattering on her bustier and down her cleavage.

When his balls finally emptied, she wiped her chin, sucking the excess jism from her fingers. She sighed, looking at the bustier, muttering, “That was leather.” She wiped a bit sperm off it and ate that too, before shucking the garment and tossing it aside. At least, she thought as she kicked on her pants, I have something to spend money on. She watched Graybeard fondly as he sumped away, short powerful legs a little shaky. Then, she went and took Snoop’s traces, leading him to “center stage”.

Snoop, for a rothé, was playful and curious, though this meant his curiosity was limited to “What happens if I poke this with my nose?” and his playfulness to repeatedly poking things when he liked the result. He liked the amused giggles and startled yelps the tall black twolegs made, and now she wasn’t covered with the secondskin the noises were even more entertaining.

He was briefly disappointed when the twolegs ducked out of his muzzle range, but that changed when he felt his cock being stroked and massaged. His eyes half-closed with pleasure as his prick swelled; he anticipating a mounting, though there wasn’t a cow to be seen.

He was quite surprised when he felt a wet mating hole rubbing against the tip of his member. They hadn’t even put the cow in front of him, but he could feel it like he’d already mounted her! Curious, he tried to look under him, but could only see part of a dark twolegs. He wished, if rothé could wish, that his neck was more twisty.

Abruptly, he felt a prod in the back of one of his hind legs. The prod meant it was mating time. Cows didn’t do that; the short gray twolegs did, but they were all well back, doing something with what looked like a stunted third leg. He could feel the hole, ready for him, but there was no female he could see, and no short twolegs.

It considered this, but when the prod came again, decided it was worth a shot. Mating felt good, and didn’t come along that often. He pushed forward.

This was not mating! But, after a moment, he decided it was still good. The hole was much tighter than he was used to, and the noises the ostensible cow made were not the same. They were in fact interesting noises, like the tall-dark-two-legs made when he prodded her, but louder and more shrill. The hole’s excessive tightness felt very good, and he eagerly drove himself forward, fucking harder.

The noises changed, becoming louder still. Strangely, some sounded deeper, almost like the grunts a cow made during mating, but they were mixed with the funny, high-pitched sounds.

Rocking back and forth, the hot wet hole tightened further around his prick, and the noises became ever more interesting, and warm liquid gushed over the majority length of his member that wasn’t in the hole. Snoop did something odd, then—he stopped being curious. It was hard asking questions when you were having the time of your life.

Xayara wiped her eyes of jism and sucked it down, left the rest of the cum covering her ebony skin with ivory untouched. She loved cum, loved it on her, and the show was becoming as much about her enjoyment as the dwarves’.

She'd cum, hard, on the end of Snoop’s cock, and the spectacle had apparently been too much for her audience—which had grown, as people from the outskirts of Niarlarnen had been driven to investigate by the sounds. Drow and gnome spectators, male and female, had joined in the crowd, and Xayara was secretly glad of it—even if she didn’t end up working in Niarlarnen, the reputation of her capability might spread, if only in urban legend. So would the “knowledge” she was a filthy slut that would fuck anything with a cock, but she’d beaten such reputations before. After all, it was only a matter of changing “slut” into “whore”…

The next beast was, if rothé did get darker as they aged, probably the oldest of the group. Black as the unlit caverns from heel to toe, he was surly, stubborn, and withdrawn. She’d named him Valash, after her older brother, who’d been of much similar temperament. He surprised her by remaining grumpy, even as he grudgingly enjoyed what she was doing.

He hardly moved as she coaxed him to hardness, and only barely bothered to fuck her, forcing her to do most of the work, throwing herself back on his cock and then sliding herself off. She didn’t, in fact, mind, as it allowed her to dictate the pace and power, which was critical with a cock this big…

It felt like the times Sil’da had shoved her hand into Xayara’s cunt, but only if her arm had been half again as thick. She bit her lip as he finally started to get into it, pushing still deeper, but had to open her mouth to suck in air. She slowed down, giving more of the burden to him, the pleasure of her tight cunt overriding his natural dour state.

Exactly like her brother, in fact.

“Oh, Goddess,” she panted, resting her head on crossed forearms while his cock pumped in her womb. She’d miscalculated, having hoped he’d remain withdrawn the whole time, but his getting into it meant she’d lost control. She’d do what she could, of course, but while she might have been all right even with another rothé, it would take as much effort to stop Valash as it did to start him—if not more, when he was enjoying what he was doing.

She could see her audience; they were all stroking away, even the few females with a hand busy between their legs. The concept of dignity among the crowd watching a prostitute fuck a beast of burden did not seem to exist, and she didn’t see a single person not rubbing it if they had it. She even saw a drow woman on her hands and knees, eyes locked on Xayara and Valash, getting it hard from a deep gnome.

The thought that her perversion might start an impromptu orgy, even knowing the dangers of such a thing, excited her no end.

Sweat and cum ran down her face, pouring off her chin, trickling around and between and off her tits. Valash sounded very into it, and he was acting it too, giving her as thorough a fucking as anyone ever had. She raked hair back from her face, moving more vigorously, making sure to keep herself as tight around Valash’s cock as she could (which wasn’t hard when he was so thick and so deep inside her). Valash was grunting on each thrust, even as she started taking back control, by dictating a pace that was faster but not as deep. Without his rearranging her guts every time he pushed in, she could easily handle him, while the rapid pace gave him an intense working-over.

Which wasn’t to say she wasn’t enjoying herself, but she was better able to endure it.

She breathed a sigh of relief that turned into a long, low, pleased moan as he filled her with hot, thick jism. She hadn’t wanted to cum with all of them, though Vanash’s sudden energetic turn had threatened it; it would simply be too draining.

Aside from the next beast forcing a quick orgasm out of her well-primed body, the next two were not particularly noteworthy. It was pleasurable, certainly, but it was perfectly average sex considering she was fucking animals with cocks nearly a foot and a half long.

That left Frenzy. There was one in every group. Rothé were dependable, patient, and not very dangerous. Frenzy wasn’t too dangerous, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. He was impatient, aggressive, greedy, and temperamental. She’d handled worse, but none of them were nearly so big.

She bit her lip, bracing herself. She could probably get away with just sucking him off. The duergar, at least, would understand. But if he reacted as she expected him to, that could kill her; and while she could also die while he fucked her, she’d rather die with a cock in her pussy than one in her mouth, given an either/or choice. One didn’t hold much more dignity than the other, but it would be more enjoyable, at least in theory.

Finally, she gave him a reluctant prod in the back of the leg with her foot, and every domesticated rothé—which included Frenzy, if only technically—knew that as the signal to start mating.

His cock as not as big as some of the others, thankfully, but the force of his thrusting was phenomenal; she grunted each time he stabbed into her, actually moving forward in the hope of reducing the impact. It didn’t really work, but at least, she noted (when she could think clearly), there was less chance of injury.

She grabbed his forelegs and gritted her teeth, feeling ashamed when a tear ran down her cheek from squeezed-shut eyes (at least, she thought it was a tear, but it was hard to tell with the fresh sweat and old cum mingled on her face). It wasn’t even all that painful; mostly it was discomfort from such deep penetration and a slowly building ache.

But, to her mild surprise, there was real pleasure. Frenzy was probably going deeper than was safe, and she was enjoying it. It was a bit confusing; she’d cum while being raped, but hadn’t realized it until afterwards, the fear and disgust having been enough to prevent her enjoying it. Aside from the emotional pain, the rape had actually been less uncomfortable than Frenzy’s energetic fucking. Yet now she was able to recognize and enjoy what was being done to her.

Through a haze of steadily growing pleasure, she tried to figure it out. Even with the pain keeping her from a total pleasure high, though, it was hard; body and mind were in a mood to fuck, not compare and contrast past and present, even if both were sex.

Before it became too much to really do anything but fuck, she wondered if it was as simple as consent.

Reaching for her tits, she gently squeezed the mounds, deliberately ignoring the pierced nipples (the fucking provided all the pain she could handle pleasurably and then some), trying for less overwhelming ecstasy to offset the massive cock invading her womb. The combination was wonderful, reminding her of an orc slave the family had owned, who’d fucked her like a demon but caressed her as though worshiping an angel.

Wordlessly, she came hard, actually driving herself backwards onto his cock as her pussy squirted clear girlcum over it. The orgasm seemed to excite her partner, and he somehow fucked her harder; she was crying again, and this time it was understandable. She wriggled forward once more, but this time he followed, seeming eager to make her his cow.

By bracing herself against his front and back legs and then moving forward, she kept him from coming forward after her. Unable to pursue, he seemed to lose heart, calming; he wasn’t even fucking as hard as he had before her orgasm. The easing of pace allowed her to enjoy herself again, and she fucked his cock expertly. Firm breasts heaving, her ecstatic cries resumed. She could feel his precum filling her up, even washing out the splooge of the other beasts who’d fucked her. She licked her lips; she was close, if only he could hold on…

But, as always, she was her own worst enemy. In this case, she was too good, and Frenzy came well early of when she’d wanted him to, bellowing as he dumped a massive load of sperm into her pussy, so much that it didn’t all fit in her along with his cock and overflowed—his final, sluggish thrust displaced so much sperm that the squirt was as impressive as any of her messiest orgasms.

She would have kept fucking him, but he seemed to want a nap, pulling out and stumping away without so much as a friendly nudge, and one thing you learned as a whore was not to press anyone for sex. The trick was to think of a male bothering you when you were tired, and how you felt when he wouldn’t leave you alone.

But now she was on fire. She swallowed nervously as she glanced at the spectators. They stared back, the men stroking cocks, most of the few women servicing a lucky handful of males and looking very much into it.

Xayara’s hand snaked between her legs, and she began rubbing at her clit and pussy. It was actually sore, which wasn’t something she could say very often, but still, she found herself excited at the thought of yet another gangbang.

She groaned in lust, frustration, and a little fear as they seemed to reach a group decision; except for those already occupied with another member of the audience, they came forward in a mass, surrounding her, but stopped well back. She made a pitiful whining noise in the back of her throat, and only managed to stop it when she saw their expressions. They were close, never mind with her, they wouldn’t last five minutes in an orgy.

She knew what they were going to do, and the though sent her fingers into high speed, burrowing into her cunt and wriggling for her sweet spot. She ignored her clit, but kept her finger poised…

With a groan, a duergar shuffled forward, shooting over her tits. She purred wordlessly at him, and either that or his jacking over her was the pebble that started the rockslide—or, in this case, the flash flood. She’d been in bigger and messier cumbaths, but never by herself, and had she known it would be so much fun to be the sole center of attention, she would have gone alone to those engagements.

She didn’t bother to count how many there were, because she knew what would happen; it always did in any cumbath worth attending… There, she thought, as a particularly thick and gooey load was globbed across her face, pasting her eyes shut. She was blind and being drenched in cum, pussy still drooling the sperm of an animal…the finger found her clit. As a succession of three, no four, five cumshots found her open mouth, she gargled “Oh Goddess!” and came, squirting out so much as she shook violently that she almost washed her thighs of rothé spunk.

When the orgasm passed, she wiped her eyes clear, eating the jism, just as a straggler, a youthful drow, added his contribution to her belly, which mostly pooled in her navel. He looked almost terrified, probably due to her hungry expression. He was handsome, though he probably hadn’t seen twenty-five. She hoped he lived in Niarlarnen, as she had a mind to stay a while.

Looking a little glazed (metaphorically—not literally, like Xayara herself), Gemkeeper approached. “So, er…” He hesitated. “Anythin’ else ya want?”

Xayara, breathing heavily, thought. She thought that she’d drooled, squirted, and sweated a lot. She’d even a cried a little bit. Voice hoarse, she said, “Could I get some water?”

Some time later, Xayara was mostly cleaned off, a towel draped over her shoulders, and was greedily drinking a third small jar’s worth of water.

“But ye can’t—I mean, we’d already—but—” Gemkeeper sputtered, trying to find an argument that she hadn’t already defeated.

“I won’t say I can’t use more money, Master Gemkeeper, but I can’t carry anything else. Now if you have an enchanted money pouch…”

“Ha! If only,” he muttered, and resumed pacing. “I don’t know if you get this, but I have a reputation…to main…” He stopped, and turned to face her. She was certain he was blushing.

“Do you need me to point out the stupidity of that statement?”

“No, I can do it myself. Problem is, it’s still true. I’m a merchant. Underdark ain’t like it used to be. If ye were a ruthless bastard, didn’t matte so long as ye were the only one ‘round. Now, ye could be tryin’ to figger out how to sell to slimes and oozes and yer not the only deal in town. So ya can be tough, but ya gotta be fair.” He sighed. “If it gets out I had a perfectly honest madam put on a show for me like that and I didn’t pay her after, well…” He smiled, mirthlessly. And stopped when he heard her laughing.

“You just called me a madam!” she laughed.

“Well, yeah,” he said. “You told me to.”

She swooped down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “My dear Master Gemkeeper, I was only teasing,” she said. “A madam is a woman who owns a brothel. She doesn’t even have to be a whore. Though it helps.”

He shrugged. “Still, you’ll be one soon—”

“A few centuries,” she said. “I plan to travel a while before settling down.”

He nodded, looking suddenly comprehending. “And travelin’s expensive.”

“Certainly,” she agreed.

He frowned. “I still gotta give ya somethin’!”

“Fine,” she sighed, and pretended not to notice his eyes on her breasts as they heaved with the sharp breath. “First, I would like to meet whoever designed the harnesses for your rothé.”

“Done,” he said, fully expecting such a thing.

“And do you think you could cover the price for a week at a luxurious inn?”

“Easily,” he said, resting his hands proudly on his belt. Not-so-casually, his hands brushed a bulging money bag tied to it. She decided to imagine he was drawing attention to his privates, not his money. He could be just as proud, if not moreso, of his genitals, she decided. Anyone could become rich, but barring magic no one could end up with more, as it were, than they started with.

One might argue that earning wealth was of more merit, as opposed to being lucky enough to grow nice tits or a big cock. And this was true. But wealth could be inherited, too…

“What?” she said absently.

“So that’s it?” he asked.

“It had better be,” she said sweetly, but with an edge. She rubbed her eyes. “I apologize. It’s been…a long night.”

“It has,” he said, clapping her on the shoulder. “C’mon, let’s get yerself to an inn.”

“I thought I’d stay the night with your lads,” she said. “Just one more night with my old friends?”

Gemkeeper’s smile turned brittle. “And, o’ course, that don’t count for part of the week I’m payin’ for.”

Her eyes widened in mock-dismay. “You wouldn’t charge a friend room and board, would you?”

“Why not?” he growled. “You’re gonna be.”

“That’s completely different,” she said, delighting in the game.

“Don’t see how.”

“It’s a previously agreed-upon business arrangement. And you’d feel guilty if you didn’t, considering how you protested and insisted.”

“Guilt I can deal with.”

“A week of the upscale inn is ‘easy’, but one more day of an extra cot and dwarven rations isn’t?” She pouted. “You must not like me at all,” she said, inserting a tremor into her voice.

He glanced around, looking panicky, then said in a low voice, “Of course I like yeh.” It was in the soft, gentle tone people used when they were sincerely trying to boost another’s confidence. His expression hardened again when he saw her face turn merry. Without another word, he stomped away, grumbling under his breath.

Xayara went to bed happy. She only ever played with someone’s head when she thought it would be difficult. She’d put if off with Gemkeeper, waiting for the opportune moment, and it had been much simpler than she expected. She closed her eyes, and slept peacefully.

The next day was busy, and much less full of sex than she wanted, but she figured her poor, overused pussy could use the break.

Gemkeeper took her to the gnome whose ingenious leatherwork had created the rothé harnesses Xayara was so fond of. He was surprised—but not as much as she expected him to be—when it was suggested he design one for a biped. He was also very professional, even when he was measuring her bust and hips (she suspected ulterior motives for his asking her to disrobe, despite her tight clothing, but if there were any they never came up while she was with him). He told her to come back within the week and he would have it ready for her.

The day after, she and the duergar went their separate ways, with handshakes and backslaps (though, even given the height of the duergar, a disproportionate amount of those turned into backside slaps) all around. The caravan left, heading to a gnome city, deeper underground.

And Xayara went to work.

Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:33 pm

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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
well damn this is awesome

Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:12 pm

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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)

Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:00 pm
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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
Well, I finally sat down and read through it, and I have to say...very hot. I'm proud to have this story on this forum. ;)

Xayara is a very interesting character. It's neat to hear all her thoughts about stuff. In fact, the bit where you go into the rothe's viewpoint for a moment...I think I understand why you did it, but I'm not sure it was the best choice; I think it would be better to stay in Xayara's viewpoint the entire time, and that outweights the novelty of the viewpoint switch. Well, that's just my opinion anyway. ;)

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Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:41 pm
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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
Yeah, Xayara tends to make things about her when I write. :P Even when I was starting out, I knew it, but when I was writing this part I didn't realize how much it was her story. The rothé thing was an experiment, which on balance was not successful.

Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:02 am
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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
She does have a very strong voice. :D

Nothing wrong with unsuccessful experiments, that's how we learn!

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Patience - To ascertain the results.
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Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:05 am
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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
She's like the literary equivalent of the girlfriend who wants you to pay attention to her while you're focusing on something else and so starts doing something sexy juuuust in the corner of your eye.

Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:28 am
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Post Re: The Misadventures Of Xayara Xex (longstory is looong)
That is absolutely awesome. :D

Daring - To attempt new things.
Patience - To ascertain the results.
Insight - To discover what works.
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